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Comrades 2016

Posted: Yesterday at 18:56

Almost time to go to war with this race. 3029km of training in 2016 so can't say I'm undertrained!

Safe travels everybody. Hope you all get what you're aiming for.

Who          Pen  Number       Time Targets

Bike It       B       49072           (a) sub-9 (b) around 8:30 (c) sub-11

Peter         C       47902          (a) sun-9 (b) finish

SBArab     C        27241         (a) Sub 9 (b) sub 9:51 my CPB (c) Finish 

John1948  C       18237          (a) sub-9   (b) sub 10:33  (c) finish

Becca7     C           20607       (a) sub-10 (b) sub 11 (c) finish

SlowDuck C          9436          (a) Bronze (b) Vic Clapham

lowrez       CC    10878           (a) finish (b) sweeper wagon (c) bar

Pip            CC    20462           (a) finish (b) sweeper wagon (c) abandoned on road side

Marty74     C     20885             (a) sub 9.30   (b) sub 10   (c) sub 11

McHilly.      D      12749.          (a) sub 11 (b) finish

wilfmannion    C    18378         (a) Bronze  (b) Vic Clapham  (c) Not permanently injuring myself

Old Shadowfax B     32363       (a) sub 9 (b) bronze (c) finish

caashford          A        33130  (a) silver   (b) bronze    (c) finish - first ultra!

mac3               C         24824  (a) sub 9 (b) bronze (c) make start line, and finish

WarrenK          A     45023       (a) 6:29  (b) 6:54  (c) silver


Comrades 2016

Posted: 05/05/2016 at 08:53

Haven't been on here for a while. Debra, that's awful news re your stress fracture. Sorry to hear it.

I've been cranking up the mileage so my body is really looking forward to the taper. I had a slight knee niggle in April that prevented any speedwork and made me miss a few days of running but clocked in a few 200km plus weeks for a monthly total of 754km. This week is the last week of big mileage although I am cutting it slightly to about 165km.

Here's hoping everyone stays injury and illness free over the last 3 and a bit weeks!

Comrades 2016

Posted: 30/03/2016 at 20:55

The first 56km of the Down Run are very tough compared to Two Oceans, in my opinion. I haven't come across a tougher stretch of road than the bit from the bottom of Inchanga to the top of Bothas Hill. It seems to hold some sort of mental block over me! 

The legs seem to be recovering well since Two Oceans. Good thing that, with the big training in April just around the corner. 

Comrades 2016

Posted: 26/03/2016 at 18:29
Two Oceans was very enjoyable today. The weather was great and the crowd support was fantastic! Happy enough with 3:48 at my first crack at it and left a little in the tank with one eye on my Comrades training. Seeing Caroline Wostmann come flying past me at about 48km was surreal. She was absolutely flying! As beautiful as the scenery is, I still rate Comrades as my favourite event. Well done Dannir and Becca.

Comrades 2016

Posted: 23/03/2016 at 08:47

Good luck to anyone else doing Two Oceans this weekend. Looks like the weather will be nice and cool but may be a little rainy and windy. It will be my first crack at it so I'm really excited as to what the day has in store.

Comrades 2016

Posted: 06/03/2016 at 17:52

Terry - very sorry to hear of your problems. I have seen it in my family so I know it is very difficult. I hope your son gets all the help he needs.

Bike It - well done on a good run at Vaal. 

We could do with some English weather down here in Durban at the moment. It's been cooking hot for the last month or so. I got lucky at the Maritzburg Marathon last Sunday as we finally got a cooler day. I had a really nice and relaxed run and ran the easiest feeling sub 3 I've ever run with a 2:50. This morning was the first longer than marathon distance run of the year with 50km on the route from Cato Ridge to 45th Cutting. It just reminded me of how tough that section from Drummond to the top of Bothas Hill is! 

My training seems to be going generally well. I've clocked up about 1380km (about 855 miles) so far this year and it seems to be feeling easier.

Comrades 2016

Posted: 22/02/2016 at 17:17

I've also joined the Strava club. I've used strava for years and I quite like it. If you check out my profile you will notice that I'm slightly obsessed with running!

Comrades 2016

Posted: 15/02/2016 at 17:16

I hope all of you in the UK are still managing to train well despite the winter weather. A lot can be said for the mental fortitude that training for Comrades through the British winter gives you. I recall the monstrously hot 2013 run when I had just returned from nearly 6 years living over there. People asked me how I managed a silver that day when many sub 7 hour runners blew up badly and thinking about it, I had to believe it was a case of mind over matter to a large extent. Huge mental reserves were built up by those lone 50km training runs in freezing conditions around Box Hill.

Back to the present, glad to report that I sorted my qualifier this weekend with a nice and easy 2:58. My only gripe was that I didn't slow down enough towards the end to run a 2:59 and add to my range of times between 2:38 and sub 3.

Comrades 2016

Posted: 24/01/2016 at 18:29

SBA, well done at Dubai! The elite race was fascinating but you always had the feeling they just went out too fast. Running a marathon at a much slower pace than your PB should be fine 4 weeks out. I think it's what Lindsey Parry (Comrades coach) recommends in his silver training plan.

My running has been ropey to say the least since I had to take about 6 weeks off with a back problem. I've been back on the road for 6 weeks now since the injury break. I'm only now feeling like I'm starting to get to a reasonable level of fitness again. Going to be trying the Two Oceans and Comrades double this year so lots of hard work to do in the coming months.

Comrades 2016

Posted: 24/06/2015 at 19:13

I'll definitely be back for number 7. Still never got this down run right so hopefully next year is the year.

zulu, if you are heading back to Durbs, I'm sure we will bump into each other on the local running scene. Drop me a mail at warrenkidgell@yahoo.com if you are keen for me to put you in touch with any of the running gurus here or if you are just keen to go for a run with some company when you make it back to Durban.

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