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Adidas adiStar Control 4

Posted: 14 November 2008
Overall: A shoe that will suit heel strikers but one in which you can easily run midfoot too. For the latter runner the sole is just as thick as it can be without making the shoe unsuitable. Ideal shoe to clock up the miles in before stripping back to something lighter for a fast race.

Mizuno Wave Idaten

Posted: 18 October 2008
Overall: A racing thoroughbred, can easily take an efficient runner swiftly to half marathon distance and maybe further.

A real winner for those people who run ergonomically and swiftly enough to benefit from the sleek stripped down design and low profile to the road.

Saucony ProGrid Triumph 5

Posted: 18 October 2008
Overall: From the Triumph that version 4 of this shoe, version 5 is a huge backward step.

There is extra unnecessary engineering in the sole, taking the feel more toward the weetabix-strapped-to-your-feet school of shoe design that Nike Vomero users may be used to.

More than this thought the toe box is smaller on the inside of the shoe (big toe side) where it cuts in far more sharply than the previous model. If you must buy a Triumph 5 you might consider whether you need to go up half a size to compensate. Of course if you go up half a size there may be other fit issues to contend with.

My third issue with this shoe is the much wider archlock. This is a band that crosses from the arch to the instep on the shoe. On the Triumph 4 it is a centimetre wide strap. On the Triumph 5 it is a 3 inch wide piece of plastic. My friend and I both own Triumph 5's and we have had to pack in wearing them following strain in the foot caused by this 'support'.

So in summary, and with great regret, Saucony have snatched disaster out of Triumph with the Triumph 5.

Saucony Grid Fastwitch 2

Posted: 26 January 2008
Overall: Better luck next time eh !

Adidas Adistar Control II

Posted: 21 September 2007
Overall: This shoe works best for a midfoot runner despite its design as a control and support shoe. The adiPRENE+ in the forfoot and the geofit memory foam both help you stay comfortable on long runs when on your midfoot. The shoe is fairly laid back so will suit anyone who likes a flat feel to the road, but might be a little too squashy on the outside of the heel for heavy heel strikers to feel at home.

With this model, having been superseded, now available in places such as the 'McArthur Glenn' discount shopping centres it is a good buy, pick a pair up for as little as £35. If you are a midfoot or chi runner you can't go wrong.

Saucony Progrid Triumph 4

Posted: 24 August 2007
Overall: This shoe will run and run, Saucony's best neutral shoe yet. This shoe will eat up the miles and still deliver every time.

Inov-8 Terroc 330

Posted: 04 March 2007
Overall: If you are running off road or on a range of tricky terrain then you will not do better than this grippy little number. Light and nimble for a trail shoe and equally at home on stretches of tarmacaddam, paths, mud, stream beds or bog.

With its responsive and flexible sole, you will find that if this doesn't stick nothing will. Outer of the shoe holds your foot snugly so there is no chance of sliding about inside. In my own tests it was not only far and away better than the Pegasus Storm but easily out-gripped the New Balance 845.

Tested on races like Race the Train and The Terminator this shoe was always coming back for more and its effortless ability to stick to the terrain left me with plenty of steam to finish each race in style.

Saucony Grid Tangent 2

Posted: 06 September 2006
Overall: Everyone should try it.

Saucony Grid Trigon 2

Posted: 07 June 2006
Overall: Good but need to change often.

Garmin Forerunner 301

Posted: 07 March 2006
Overall: A fine bit of kit, but don't forget that the main event when running is the use of your muscles. It is all too tempting to get trapped in the spell of your Garmin. Looks like the 305 will greatly improve things as the satellite reception is supposedly much better. Chest strap on the Heart Rate Monitor does my head in, but I guess most get used to this.