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Optimise your training with the right soundtrack and get the result

Posted: Today at 17:51
PJFrizzle wrote (see)

what everyone else does! wear them altho i wouldnt advise it on a Tri  


PJFrizzle wrote (see)

Indeed Wilkie - one of the benefits of democracy is choice, everyone can make a choice, take the risk and accept the consequences.

Anyway the thread is about optimising marathon training rather than ignoring race rules and wearing an ipod.  


Optimise your training with the right soundtrack and get the result

Posted: Today at 16:07
Ja5onW wrote (see)

How about 'essential part of your marathon training' is to be mentally able to run without aids?


What do you do if you've ignored the "no music" rule in your race (because, after all it is just a silly rule), worn your earphones, then get disqualified?

Outside running to Treadmill

Posted: Today at 12:05

My experience is that running on a treadmill is dire and boring, and I can't wait to get off it.

It's also really easy to get off it, so I tend to find a reason to!

I can run faster on a tready, but that's probably part of wanting to stop.  

Not much help, but something of an explanation.

Dr Nick's injury clinic

Posted: Today at 11:27

Dr Nick,

I can't run at the moment, so how can I acquire a running injury?


Are rats really that bad?

Posted: Today at 11:23

I wouldn't mind the rats in my loft if they didn't chew the electric wiring.

They love the poison and eat it up, then die in inconvenient places.  Maggots coming through the bathroom lights was not good.

just purchased a garmin forerunner 210 wise move ?

Posted: Today at 09:43

Shouldn't you have asked this BEFORE you bought it?

Trail shorts

Posted: Yesterday at 11:59

In what way are trail shorts different from other running shorts?  And why?

10 th Race s of the Poppy Coutry

Posted: Yesterday at 11:52

Phillippe, acceptez-vous la licence Compétition de England Athletics en place du certificat médical pour les coureurs anglais?


Looking for some quick help takes 2 seconds

Posted: 22/04/2014 at 19:43

You joined this forum just to ask for votes? 



Parkrun Marathon to be established

Posted: 22/04/2014 at 19:38

Or a fishy one?

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