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RW Forum SIx – 3.30 – 4.00

Posted: Today at 15:21

carter; you've definitely got decent mileage in your legs so you shld be confident. Guess it's kind of hard to predict how an ultra will go regardless of training done?! Not sure re having a crack at the PB. GWR half is somewhere between 600 to 800 ft ascent so a pb course it ain't! I'd like to put in a good showing and be around 1'42 mark if possible (1'40'10 is my pb). But who knows, if it's going well on the day and I'm feeling good I will go for it in the last 3 miles perhaps. just don't want to go out too fast and blow up.. good work on yesterday's run by the way

Nell; yes you're right, sometimes you just have to accept a run as a bad job and mentally put it in the shredder!

PS; hope you're getting plenty of sleep? 23c is pretty warm but hopefully not the end of the world. is it humid out there or not? not long now...

Carl; how you feeling? raring to go?

Did my last run this lunchtime before the GWR half in 11 days time. Pressure was on as it really felt like the key run I had to get right and happily feel like I did. Was aiming for 7'20 - 7'25 pace but legs felt heavy after first 2 miles so adjusted my target to 7'20 - 7'29 pace which think was a good on the go change. Anyway ended up doing 9.3 miles @ 7'24 pace which for me is pretty darn good going! So feeling pretty confident for the race on Sun 18 Oct. Still don't think it will be a PB effort due to the amount of ascent but happy to be going well at least generally speaking...

RW Forum SIx – 3.30 – 4.00

Posted: 05/10/2015 at 23:22

Great pb ali, massive congrats. We all need a 'yellow man' in our racing lives!! Haven't been on my little adventure yet, this coming weekend... The wife is delighted...

nell, that is very weird! Well done on equalling your pb off limited training, very impressive!

big change carl. Sometimes you just have to grasp the nettle right? Bet it will be the best decision you could have made..

so did my 12 miles at 9'05 pace tonight in the dark and rain (carl, the old railway track really not fun without head torch!). given this shld be an easier run for me rather disconcertingly it felt harder than I was expecting! i hardly exerted myself in terms of breathing except on the ups but the legs felt really heavy... I think me and Monday night running just don't get on.. I didn't eat a snack either pre race mind you, I usually have an energy bar around 5 ish at work but didn't bother today, did feel like I was running a bit hungry... Hmmm. Just see how the last key run this Wednesday goes now. 

RW Forum SIx – 3.30 – 4.00

Posted: 05/10/2015 at 17:40

and then am due 9 miles at faster than HM pace on Wednesday so going easy tonight to protect Wednesday’s run. And that’s basically it until Great West Run on Sun 18 Oct.. happy running all and good luck again to the racers this weekend

RW Forum SIx – 3.30 – 4.00

Posted: 05/10/2015 at 17:39

Hello all

Sorry I haven’t got online for ages – this past weekend was swallowed up by the eldest’s 6th birthday. Carnage as I’m sure you can all imagine!

Lots of races about to happen which is exciting, they’ve come round quickly!

There is a lot of taperdom flying around the forum right now ;o)

I’m gonna say all my good lucks now as I’m off climbing in North Wales Fri – Sun this week so won’t be able to check back here till Monday. BEST OF LUCK to all racing – I believe it’s traditional to say in this forum at this stage ‘don’t be shit’ (blame Carter if I got that one wrong)!! Seriously though I’m expecting great things and will be thinking of you all from the side of a welsh cliff!

Rob: in the taper for Abingdon! Bet that’s a RELIEF! Great parkrun there, shows you are totally on form…. 3’50 seems a very sensible target, go for it, am crossing everything for you – 8’45 pace sounds good – don’t do what I did at Edinburgh and run the first half in 1’46 only to blow up big time in the last 10k!! Finsbury Park ‘a flat course’ – someone is having a laugh! That’s my parkrun (when I’m doing them) and it has a bit of a monster hill and a couple of long steady ups… definitely not flat at all! Well done indeed to Mrs R for going the extra mile and nailing it and on such a tough 10k course..

PS: HM race, great effort – well done on taking it easy… and love that medal!! Can’t believe this Sunday is Chicago marathon already! I’m sure you’ll do brilliantly – your training has looked so so strong on strava, just remember that when the going gets tough and dig in.. What pace are you targeting? I would put the Boston QF time out of your head, don’t think it will help you whilst running Chicago… REALLY GOOD LUCK FOR SUNDAY

Carl: thanks – yes feel like am on good form at the moment. You look to be going really well, must fill you with confidence for Chicago on Sunday? Your training mileage is as ever so impressive, I know you are going to smash Richmond time. Just remember how hilly that was any time it feels tough in Chicago. Can’t wait to hear how you go but I’m sure you’ll do a great time. BEST OF LUCK MATE

Carter: Really glad to hear Mrs C is ok following the op. How are you, ready for your ultra wk after next??

Washwood: 1’33 for 12.1 miles – speedy as! Great racing, you shld be targeting 1’38 for sure this weekend at Oxford – have a great race and best of luck,. Oh and well done on the VLM place you jammy get ;o) London is a great race if you’re not chasing a time!!

Sean: Best of luck to you too mate racing Royal parks. Is the ankle ok now?? Avoid the congestion at the start and I’m sure you’ll be on for a great time – it’s a pretty flat course and some stunning scenery as well, most enjoyable

Ali: you are doing a lot of racing! It’s good, looks to be having a big benefit with that 10k time, excellent work.. how was your half yesterday?

Hi Nell! Good to hear from you! Hope you’re well…

So I had a pretty decent wk last wk on the running front with my 2 runs. Did 13.4 miles last Monday @ ave 8’42 pace – took it easy generally but pushed hard up the big hills as my HM race is hilly. And then Thursday went out fairly quick to see what sort of 5k time I could do on the track. Surpised myself by clocking 20'53 and unofficially knocking about 40 secs off my 5k pb. Was hungover as well, not sure what lessons to learn from that to be honest?! So all good basically. Am going to do 12 miles tonight but v easy ie 9 min mile+ pace an

RW Forum SIx – 3.30 – 4.00

Posted: 23/09/2015 at 16:28

Rob: nice 5 x1 miles there. take it easy with your 18 miler if you're into the taper..

Carter: How long does it take to adapt to the fat burning way of life? Best of both worlds - stay in on the sofa with the lights off and a headtorch on?! acclimatise in comfort!

Put in a key run at lunch today 3.5 wks out from the race so pretty happy. Was hard going today on tired legs following 35 miles on the bike sunday, 8 mile decent pace run Monday and 25 miles on the bike yday in total. Managed 7.6 miles at lunch at quicker than target half marathon pace (7'21 min miles ave pace). wasn't quite on form but stuck with it so happy with that. felt hard - had to lie down at the end for a minute..!! onwards - one more key run to go in 2 weeks like that one - 9 miles at the same sort of pace...

happy running everyone and hope you're having good weeks generally speaking

RW Forum SIx – 3.30 – 4.00

Posted: 22/09/2015 at 13:15

Carl: I ran with headtorch not on the heath but on the railway track to fins park. Got some funny looks! But it did really help actually seeing where I was going! Excellent 20 miler on Sunday, must have been tough after the 10k race!!

Ali: great 10 mile race and wow on that last mile at dead on 7 min mile, great work.. I’m in for Brighton.. go on you know you want to! Think they have actually just released increased allocation (they emailed me about it) so you shld check asap on the website. Sorry your race didn’t pan out as hoped – sounds like a toughie though so don’t beat yourself up about it.. I’ve been there with the curry tummy on a run day and it’s grim…

PS: I’d take your wildlife over the, ahem, ‘wildlife’ in Finsbury Park! Great 20 miler at 8’33 ish pace – well done. Not sure what to say re the blistering – Carter’s suggestion sounds good, why not give it a go?

Carter: Great West Run is in Exeter. 21 mile run with 2,400 ft of ascent – brutal! Well done for getting it done. Fair play on the double run days as well – I’ve got injured when I briefly tried this a while back so be careful! Re your comment on interval training I think I’m going to bin it from next year’s brighton marathon training schedule… am thinking probably an MP paced run building from 9 to 18 miles (add a mile per wk) and a long run at 9 min mile pace building to 22 or 23 miles. Drop mileage down every third or fourth wk. think I shld be running 4 times a week but not sure what the other two runs shld be?! Am going to design my own schedule though and probably 13 weeks this time round… any thoughts from all much appreciated! Re your 25 miler, that is an awesome effort! 25% is some serious hillage… I think the fat adapting perhaps may be difficult whilst also increasing training load?? Just a thought though, I know nothing about it really..

Sean: You are on amazing form! Sub 19 min 5k and sub 1’30 half. Just brilliant, really well done. Inspiring stuff although I would just take a sub 21 min 5k and sub 1’40 half myself ;o)

Rob: you in the taper now?? Wow, love your brighton write-up. Thanks for sharing. I can only imagine how gutting it must have been to miss out on sub 4 by 3 seconds. Argh. That’s the only appropriate word I can think of. I can empathise re the cramping. I got terrible quad cramps at Edinburgh this year and ran the last 10k at a much slower pace than the rest of the race. I think it was down to lack of electrolyte infused water.. in fact I really didn’t drink enough full stop… lesson painfully learnt for sure, won’t be making that mistake again

Washwood: jeez, 10 miles at sub 7’30 pace on an undulating course. That’s some really good going right there! Well done, fantastic stuff

Bad running week last wk. was under the weather and just made it home on a supposed 14 miler after work last Monday that ended up with multiple stops and chocolate ingest. Kept at it and did 12 miles but felt terrible. Must learn when to give in and get on the tube! Intervals weren’t much better last Thursday – just did a 3k at pace in the end but again felt awful.. Thankfully yesterday’s 8 mile tempo was completed without incident and feeling fairly normal again which was a relief! Happy running everyone – some big races coming up eh…

RW Forum SIx – 3.30 – 4.00

Posted: 13/09/2015 at 09:43

Good run yesterday carl. Confidence boosting with the lack of any reaction. Reckon the rest may have had a positive effect possibly??

re running on the Heath in winter I have a v good headtotch and am considering for my mon evening runs sticking to my route up parliament hill and then over to kenwood circumnavigating it in the dark. Might be a bit spooky but would rather stay off road if poss. I would then come down the old railway path to fins park. What do you reckon?! Hopefully I wont get attacked!

RW Forum SIx – 3.30 – 4.00

Posted: 11/09/2015 at 12:09

Washwood: interesting that you only go the club once a week – I guess I could do that.. I think there is a club at Finsbury park (Heathside?) and I keep meaning to investigate..

Rob: sorry about the huntingdon thing!!! Abingdon is 18 oct yah, exciting. Wow,  7th marathon – good effort. Interesting to see how it goes with the different training regime. What’s your pb? Nice 9 miler on Wednesday by the way…  maybe give it a rest and don’t run tomorrow? Better to look after yourself for the long run as it’s way more important..

Ali: Thanks! Still getting very decent mileage in I see, well done. Happy Birthday!! Good luck for the 10 mile race on Sunday – is it hilly? What sort of time are you aiming at?

PS: looking strong on strava, keep it up.. sorry about the continued blistering, sounds painful and frustrating, and the 3 year old vomit, what can I say! At least it didn’t happen the night before your long run?! Small mercys and fingers crossed you miss the bug…

Carter: does fat adapting = empty stomach for a run? My idea of hell but seemed to make you v strong for your marathon earlier this year even though you switched to carbs some wks in advance? Is it because you sort of need that body training for the ultras?

Carl: glad you are better, what a relief eh

My training is going pretty well. Cracked out a 45 min 10k as a tempo run yesterday which is definitely a first by a long way for me (my pb going hell for leather, feeling sick at the end, having to lie down etc etc is 44’58) – must be doing something right I guess!

Re the strava segments and challenges I quite like the cumulative distance challenges for the bike as it makes you do a couple of extra laps when commuting. It’s quite motivating! Am up to 2,250 metres of ascent on the bike for September and I reckon half of that is down to the 9,000 metre climbing challenge I’ve taken on!

Carl you can add Brighton Marathon to the race list for me - Sun 17 April 2016



RW Forum SIx – 3.30 – 4.00

Posted: 08/09/2015 at 21:27

Washwood, marathon training and club sessions seem to have massively worked for you! I would definitely join a club if I could commit the time... Maybe when the kids are a bit older..

yes the cycling seems to be having quite a benefit for me at the mo and strava is dangerously addictive in terms of segments and mates followed etc! I am also way too competitive!

v good fast reps session there, have given you a follow on strava 

RW Forum SIx – 3.30 – 4.00

Posted: 08/09/2015 at 16:33

Sean: following you on strava - you are looking very strong I have to say. sub 90 for a half has got to be well on for you I reckon. Glad your knee has sorted itself out. also 5'29 for that mile race, great time. I can imagine the lungs would have been burning like nothing before!

PS: Seems like the 'blister' is on the mend now? No pics required thanks! Saw your 20 miler on strava - great pace. you seem to be on better form now than your last marathon. What time are you targeting for this forthcoming one?

Carter: 3rd male at the ultra and finishing with the ITB issue is a great effort - well done indeed. Hope Mrs C is ok and that your running is getting back on track (no pun intended!)

Ali: My HM PB is 1'40'10 from Reading this year. that is a v flat course though so don't expect to get near that at the Great West Run really..

Rob: Sorry I meant Abingdon not Huntingdon!! Durrr! Your training sounds like it's going well - is it your first marathon? Great work with that 10k time

Carl: Sounds like really bad luck again. You will have put in so much mileage already though right? And I think in the past you have triumphed out of adversity so I think there is every reason to be positive... hope you are on the mend regardless and not too frustrated. seems like you have a bit of time till the race as well?

Washwood: 'Good splits'?! Brilliant time for a 4 mile race and a 1'10 pb for such a short course really is pretty stunning. well done

I got up to 24.5 miles last wk which was quite high for me out of marathon training season. threw a cheeky 5 mile run in prior to a wedding Saturday in Northern Ireland to take the mileage up. Have been out today for a long progression tempo - 7.5m @ 7'50 average pace. Felt pretty good which was encouraging.. apologies to those on strava that see lots of cycling from clogging up their feeds - I stupidly signed up to a 'climbing' challenge and am now trying to gain 9,000 metres of ascent on the bike during September!!

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