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PF recovery and minimalist shoes

Posted: 17/10/2012 at 22:30

Can you use orthotics with the Hoka's?

plantar facilitis what now

Posted: 01/10/2012 at 21:16

Sorry to hear that Ted.  I'm back trying to slowly build running having had 5 months completely off.  Going ok so far but PF def not completely gone.  Physio said to tape the foot up and continue to run as it would take ages to go completely.  So I'll keep doing a bit of running every other day provided things are not getting worse/more painful.  I've been wearing fit flops a lot - no idea whether they help at all but they are DEF comfy.  Btw - am seeing NHS physio now and to be honest he's not really treating it (no ultrasound or anything) but is advising me and also looking at any weaknesses I may have in that leg etc (all seems to be ok - just overtraining led to PF).  Don't give up!  Have you tried taping?

Plantar Fastitis

Posted: 26/08/2012 at 18:39
Barry, when you say you used tape for 2 weeks do you mean whilst resting or continuing to run?

plantar facilitis what now

Posted: 22/08/2012 at 18:38

Hi Beth - just back from hols so thought I'd look in here.  No running at all for me.  Most of the time I am fine then there will be a day or so when the foot aches, mostly randomly as far as I can tell (i.e. not related to what I've done).  I'm stretching, doing lots of strength exercises - and also cycling, aqua jogging, spinning, using cross trainer...(admittedly getting more lazy with all this as time goes on though).  I finally get to start NHS physio at beginning of Sept (having been referred in July) and was told when I was referred if I was not back running in October then they would do ultrasound ad look at other treatment options (i.e. cortisone injection).

So given all the stretching etc effort I am putting in, the complete rest from running for nearly 5 months now I am VERY frustrated that I still am feeling it.  I have very down days when I doubt I will ever get back to running, it seems to be an injury with a life of its own and what I try to do to improve it doesn't seem to help....

Sometimes I wonder if I should just try a run regardless and stuff the consequences.....

Good to hear from you anyway Beth - let me know if you manage to continue to increase the run times?

Whinging on about PF...

Posted: 09/08/2012 at 22:21
Jennn that sounds encouraging, must admit I am on month 5 of this PF now and have been getting lazier on stretches and exercises. Maybe it is worth the effort!! I have been keeping active with swim and cycle but no running. Feeling a bit disillusioned, will it ever get better? Most days it is pretty fine but will then randomly start to ache, very boring!

Good to have some company on here tho.

Whinging on about PF...

Posted: 08/08/2012 at 22:52
Talos why do the reeboks help if they are flexible? I thought you needed loads of firm support and protection for PF to recover?


Posted: 07/08/2012 at 21:09

I'm out with Plantar Fasciitis and have found myself swimming & cycling.  I go to a 'masters' swim session once a week then once or twice on my own. I'm not the fastest either but really enjoy focusing on technique and trying to improve.  I suspect there's a lot more room for me to improve swimming whereas in running my PB's will be difficult to beat! I don't know how long I'll be out of running for but it's great having other outlets and in future I think I'll continue all 3 rather than going overboard on the running.  Particularly after watching the olympic triathlon this morning!

Finally took the plunge....

Posted: 23/07/2012 at 21:38

Great - just been for a spin on my new toy!  Good tip on relaxed grip as found I was tending to tense up.  Got the puncture resistant tyres.  LOVE IT! Felt it wanted to go faster than I was brave enough to (for today).  Out for another ride tomorrow as soon as I get the chance.

Got a feeling there's lots more kit I'll be wanting....

Aqua Jogging - how to/what workouts

Posted: 22/07/2012 at 21:47

If you look at the aquajogger website there is an article on 'form' that I found very helpful. It's pretty straightforward once you get going.


Finally took the plunge....

Posted: 22/07/2012 at 18:29


Also worried about potholes....is it best to avoid completely - or is there a way through (guess will have to if car alongside!)....

24 hours to go!

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