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GULP just entered my first half marathon

Posted: Today at 13:34

I added an extra out & back loop last night and ran 4.25mls. And was pleased to see this afterwards ..

Split Summary
1) 1m - 10:51(10:51/m) 136/149bpm 162cal
2) 1m - 10:37(10:37/m) 146/154bpm 163cal
3) 1m - 10:29(10:29/m) 148/153bpm 169cal
4) 1m - 10:06(10:06/m) 152/157bpm 165cal
5) 0.22m - 1:59(9:08/m) 156/157bpm 34cal

Nice to see after just three runs I'm already getting back to my pre-injury/pre-walk pace and hope the training continues like this

'Mature' runners.

Posted: Yesterday at 13:55

Red - re typos, did you really mean to mention cross-training and poo picking in the same sentence yesterday

JJ - our C2C guide made everyone slow down and take smaller steps when walking uphill to conserve energy and it worked a treat.

HS - someone's advice to me when running downhill was to relax and let gravity help and not try and hold yourself back too much. Or more succinctly, "Brain Off, Brakes Off" I'd temper that by saying I'd leave my brain switched on enough to keep me safe!


GULP just entered my first half marathon

Posted: Yesterday at 13:42

Toby - after so long with no regular running I'm finding my feet again and seeing how (un?)fit I am. I'll try a slightly longer run tonight (4-5mls) and see how that goes.

B&T - I equated the walking to LSR runs .. lots of endurance required while not pushing too hard. And with the number and size of the hills we encountered I reckon I did lots of 'hill work' as well. Slightly different technique though - when I run up hills I keep my leg turnover speed the same and shorten my stride. Our C2C guide made us slow down as well as take smaller steps to conserve energy (and it worked). Lovely photo by the way ..

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 28/07/2014 at 17:31

JB - I'm fairly new here so we've not 'met' before. I'm 62 and hoping to keep running for a few years yet. I don't think I'll ever worry the faster runners of my age group - I was just happy to go sub-30 (28:26) at a 5k last year. I had a hernia myself a few years ago - got cabin fever while I waited for the all clear to start running again. I had a problem at the start of the year which stopped me running for three months. I thought it was my achilles - luckily for me my physio discovered it was soleus muscle (base of calf) and a stretching/manipulation regime sorted it out. Turned out there was a specific stretch for that muscle - but in all my years running no-one had ever shown me it (which was why the muscle was so knotted and needed lots of stretching).

HS - it was noticeable when doing my walk training recently, how a 'tide mark' would form on my walking trousers. So yes, intend to keep drinking the OJ/water/salt combo after every run. Good advice from you there to JB

Columba - am impressed with being out by 6am running (I think I'm doing well when I get out before 7am)

Red - re hills, I shorten my stride and try and keep the same leg turnover speed and try and visualise myself 'floating' up the hill or being pulled up it. Don't know if HS uses similar techniques during his hill work. I read on further .. see you also managed a pre-6am run as well.

BIW - well done to your friends re triathlon results. I have to be careful with the sun - I can go brown but have to use plenty of suncream or I go a bright shade of red!

I did another 3ml run yesterday morning (did my short loop into town and back). Interestingly (and happily for me) I felt fine and in fact, speeded up over each mile (including the half mile uphill in mile 3). So that bodes well for the future and I hope I can get start upping the distance very soon. I need to put together a training plan for my 10ml run in mid-October).

GULP just entered my first half marathon

Posted: 28/07/2014 at 16:51

Yvonne - and there's me thinking it's only us blokes allowed to do the thigh-rub a la Vic & Bob 

Toby - well done re 10 (make that 12) mile run. Hope that will be me before too long. I need to draw up a training plan to make sure I'm up to 10 miles by October.

CW - well done re 9 miler. Hope podiatrist shows you same stretch as me for tight calves.

I went for another run yesterday (did my short 3.25ml town loop). Interestingly (and happily) I didn't struggle at all and in fact, speeded up on each mile (including the 3rd mile with 0.5ml uphill). Think that bodes well for my return to running (and hope I'm not putting the mockers on things by saying so!)

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 25/07/2014 at 06:51

After stepping out of my car yesterday and deciding it was too warm, I went with Plan B instead and ran on the treadmill in my garage. Managed 3mls at 10:52 pace so as a first run back after a break I'll take that. Got woken in the night with a cramp in my left calf so note to self .. drink even more after the run (now have the orange juice/water/salt combo post-run as suggested on here) and keep doing that stretching.

GULP just entered my first half marathon

Posted: 25/07/2014 at 06:38

B&T - after stepping out of my car (with air-con) and instantly feeling like I was being baked at Gas Mark 4, I chickened out and used my treadmill in my garage instead. Managed 3mls at 10:52 pace so I'll take that.

Em68 - glad to hear your hip is better. Round here, tapering mainly seems to consist of sitting around eating cake.

Interesting footnote .. did my 3ml treadmill run, went to bed feeling a bit dehydrated. Got woken up in the night with cramp in my left calf. Note to self - get used to drinking a bit more now you are running again; keep doing that stretching!

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 24/07/2014 at 13:40

HS - it was a tad warm for walking the C2C but not uncomfortably so - I'm just glad I'm not walking this week instead. I was trying the various local brews on the way across as it seemed rude not to. Your training session sounds like the description of my multi-terrain race ".. there are bumps and lumps and stumps and branches and all the hazards of the countryside. You know that, that's why you are doing the race .. Pitstone Hill (just after the second water station) has a lot of rabbit holes; don't go down one."

Columba - yes, C2C was anything but a doddle. I think it would still have been hard work even if I'd been a lot fitter.

Redhead - did wonder if it was shoes you were running in and not heels then saw later posting - recall a 'race' in high heels from a few years back but am pretty sure that was some sort of publicity stunt.

I've been too knackered/too busy for the last few days but planning to (gasp!) go for a run after work today. It's my first run for six weeks so will try my 3.25ml into town and back route and hope I'm not struggling after half a mile

GULP just entered my first half marathon

Posted: 24/07/2014 at 13:19

Re the C2C - thanks everyone!

I've been too knackered/too busy for the last few evenings but today I plan to (gasp!) go for a run!! It's been 6 weeks since I last ran though so I have no idea how I will get on (or how fit or otherwise the walking has made me). I think I will probably try my 3.25ml route into town and back and if all goes well I won't be struggling after half a mile

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 23/07/2014 at 08:11

Hi everyone - just popping in to say I am back from my two weeks off doing the C2C.

We completed the walk on Fri afternoon. Walking boots were dipped in the North Sea, pebbles from St.Bees were flung in the sea .. then we went to the Bay Hotel to sign the C2C book and have a well-earned beer. Have to say the C2C was even tougher than I had imagined. I was really worn out after 13 days walking - its taken me a few days to feel like I have recovered properly. No blisters - but I do have two additional bruised toenails to add to the pair I already had.

Now the walk is done I can get back into my running. I checked and what with my calf injury and then concentrating on preparing for the C2C I've managed to run a grand total of 53 miles this year! There's the small matter of the 10ml multi-terrain race I am doing mid-October to train for so that will be my target for the next few months.


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