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'Mature' runners.

Posted: 31/08/2015 at 18:26

Ray - being 'old school' I had to convert your 60k into 36mls before I was able to think "Well Done" for a good week's running! Mmmm .. shortbread.

BIW - 41C! (splutters) - I don't usually have my sauna much hotter than that! Well done re being up to speed on the exams.

HS - thanks for the tip about syncing Garmin Connect with Fetch. I may well do as you do and update Fetch manually as it's the main record of my running and I would like it to be as accurate as possible. Strava doesn't need to be spot on as it's really just for seeing updates on what my running friends have been up to. Although I have a smart phone I won't bother with Runkeeper or anything similar - the battery already runs down too quickly and I'm happy to wait until I'm back home to upload the run info and pore over the results.

Red - hope your marathon went well and you didn't get too wet.

I've done as promised and fitted new shelf in the larder and the living room mirror is finally up on the wall instead of leaning against it - resulting in one happy Margaret


'Mature' runners.

Posted: 31/08/2015 at 12:10

JJ - I've not read "To Kill A Mockingbird" either - but I already have enough 'not read yet' books to keep me going without buying any more.

RF - glad the lurgy has gone and well done re your 28mile week.

HS - I heard about the flooding 'darn sarf' - glad to hear you managed to keep your feet dry. Re the peacock - one of my friends had a phase of always seeing a pheasant on one of her routes. She nicknamed it 'psycho pheasant' as it always chased her (territory-related?)

Red - yes, its the same skinny-dip Hipps did last year (think she's doing it again this year). Fancy joining us then? As its for charidee 'n all (just not your favourite one) Well done re your 2hr plod over fields - hope the yoga-induced aches have gone away.

Ray - well done re 8.5ml run (our 'long' runs are about the same at the mo). I have the same problem with heights - I climbed the harbour bridge in Sydney when we were in Oz and had a couple of wobbly-knees moments.

Columba - glad to hear the knee appears to be healing up. Hope trip to Bristol/Greenwich is enjoyable.

BIW - that "Weinstrasse Tag" sounds great fun - can't think of anything similar here in the UK. Hope for your sake the temperature doesn't climb to 35C. Good luck with your 'homework' learning the rules for the dog exams.

My planned Friday LSR didn't happen so I did 8mls on Saturday instead. I've just been out in the rain and done a 5ml run - nice to see a few other runners out and about - one guy in particular who I crossed paths with three times as he looped around town in the opposite direction!

A running friend recommended Garmin Connect. I tried it in the past but it was horrendously slow. It has improved and my friend also pointed me towards Strava (for logging runs, routes and comparing training). One good thing - Garmin Connect will synchronise with Strava and Fetcheveryone and automatically update them for you (you can even sync Strava with Facebook should you wish to do so)

Margaret and I have decided we've had a long enough break from sorting the new house - so we're getting stuck back in to the various jobs. Margaret finally has a mirror up in the bedroom - hopefully by the end of today the living room mirror will be up as well and she'll have an extra shelf in the larder.

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 26/08/2015 at 18:55

BIW - well done re yesterday's morning swim.

HS - well done re your forest hill session. I see you (and others) mentioning never-ending rain. We haven't had too much here (Cheltenham) - wonder if it's to do with the landscape?

Columba - sorry to hear about your fall - well done for carrying on and hope your knee recovers soon and the other bruising/aches and pains go away. Yes, a skinny-dip in Northumberland on 27th Sep at sunrise. Its going to be cold (I did say we are barmy!!).

JJ - I've yet to make room in my garage to allow me to get my treadmill going again - same goes for my sauna (which we've decided won't fit in a shed alongside the house after all).

The bookshelf I mentioned arrived safely - no books in it yet as other furniture also has to be moved around.

And the second (smaller) tree taking light from our neighbours is down thanks to Mrs WM's son who popped in today and wielded a saw while I was out playing golf!

Off to see my son tomorrow for more house-sorting .. hopefully will manage to get out for a run on Friday.

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 25/08/2015 at 11:35

4ml pre-breakfast run done & dusted - just saying

HS - hope tonight's hill reps session goes well.

Rayl - I don't mind rain but have struck lucky recently and headed out when it's not been raining. I don't imagine my luck will last much longer.

I've just had a phone call from John Lewis to say the bookshelf we bought last week is being delivered in the next hour or so. Hooray - that means we'll be able to empty a few more boxes.

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 24/08/2015 at 19:14

Columba - perversely I enjoy running in the rain. I have one of those thin hi-viz jackets but haven't needed it for a few months now. But I like the fact I can remove it and tie it round my waist when I've warmed up and/or the rain has stopped.

BIW - and remember to stay clear when Charlie has a good shake after his swim! On a more serious note, well done re the run and swim. Yes, I've never understood the business of not swimming in the rain either.

HS - well done re your 19ml forest run in the rain. Chopping down the remains of that tree was just one of those things that had to be done. I didn't really have the energy but just had to get on with it. I was very weary that evening - all the more reason why I was surprised to do an 8ml run the next day without it feeling like too much effort. It's odd how the weight has been dropping off recently. I may no longer be sat in the office all day but don't feel I'm that much more active Anyway, I'm not complaining!

Red - those new neighbours are useful to know because as locals, they have lots of useful info to pass on and 'contacts' for various jobs. When we told Liz next door the tree was going it was the way she raised her arms in the air and said "Yes, there is a god - my prayers have been answered" that amused us no end. We've never seen someone so happy for ages! My partner Margaret is usually an early-riser unlike me .. I seem to stay up a bit later and am usually in bed until 7:30-8am.

My partner Margaret is out all day tomorrow and we're having a bookshelf delivered. I've not checked what time she is planning to leave but hoping I'll have time for an early run beforehand (assuming I don't ignore the alarm and am up early enough a la Redhead).

We've just booked ourselves 11 nights in Fuerteventura at the end of October - this will be the 'proper' holiday we promised ourselves after our house move. We're having a week away at the end of September before that. We're heading to Northumberland for a charity skinny-dip (yes, we're both completely barmy!) and visiting friends in Lincolnshire and relatives in Newcastle on the way.

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 23/08/2015 at 17:41

HS - my friend Alan and I both keep records of our golf scores (and joke we still use spreadsheets despite being retired). Good 'classic' club session there especially as it included a hill on a sprint section.

Red - have only seen a kingfisher twice. Re nuisance calls - TPS is only a voluntary scheme so 'they' can ignore it if they choose (and they do). Best to research the latest phones which now have call handling/intervening/blocking features built in.

Columba - enjoy your tapering and don't be tempted to overdo things.

Ray - good idea to do some 'run as you feel' sessions .. hope you enjoyed lunch with the family today.

JJ - congrats on the new addition to the grandchildren.

How to make friends with the new neighbours - chop down an 8' conifer that makes one of their rooms dark. They will be so pleased they'll bring their trailer round so you can load it with the branches and they'll take it all away for you! The neighbour the other side was also applauding me attacking the tree  - she sees it from her window and has always hated it

Surprised myself earlier - after yesterday's energetic pursuits (sorting the garage at my house then chopping down the tree) I went out this morning with no great expectations. I managed 8mls for #buggeralleffort and I think that's the longest run I've done for quite a while. Even better, because I was out early I missed the heavy rain. And when I jumped on the scales I had lost another pound and am now 13st 9lbs (the lowest weight I have been since 2002 when I started tracking my weight).

Off for a swim soon (well, more of a leisurely paddle and chat in the shallow end if I'm honest!)

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 20/08/2015 at 18:17

(edited at 18:19 as Columba cross-posted)

HS - yesterday's score of 65 wasn't as bad as my worst ever (67). I'd had several weeks of scores in the mid-fifties so was a tad fed up - but my friend reminded me being out playing golf beats sitting at a desk working!. I know the areas I need to work on (pitching onto the green and getting out of bunkers). I keep a spreadsheet to record each week's score per hole - my 'miracle' round would be 42 - my 'nightmare' round would be 86!

Columba - thanks for explaining a progression run. I think I sometimes do that anyway (apart from the 'easy' bit at the end) as I always seem to start slowly and gradually wind things up. In races, it motivates me to be overtaking towards the end. 

Getting back on topic .. I've been out and done my 5ml route again in a similar time to Monday. It was warmer and muggier than I was expecting. 

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 19/08/2015 at 19:15

Red - good idea to get out for a run and not get deafened by the chainsaw-wielding men.

HS - luckily the Beefeater visits are a occasional treat so I have something out of the ordinary (rib-eye). Well done re those hilly training sessions - great pace!

RayL - so sorry to hear your sad news but glad it was a peaceful end for your wife. Thoughts are with you and your family ..

Columba - well done re 13k progression run (presume that means faster bit in the middle?)

JJ - running coming along nicely and glad you weren't tired/sore afterwards.

I've not run since Monday but I played golf in the rain today. The weather was rubbish and so was my golf - 'nuff said. Hoping to get out and repeat that 5ml route again tomorrow morning.

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 17/08/2015 at 20:54

HS - glad to hear your shoulder appears to be sorted. "The Voice" - my reaction of "Zzzzzz ..  " tells you all you need to know - in fact I don't watch any of those reality/talent shows. You mentioned your belt slipping - I don't know where you normally wear yours but mine always seems to settle in front of my right hip.

RunningFox - I've warned Mrs Wm not to click on the invitation to install Win 10 until I am good and ready (and the initial bugs have been ironed out).

Columba - I remember being in Norfolk on the beach once when it started to rain. Everyone scarpered but we just wrapped our clothes/towel in our plastic bags and carried on as per normal.

Red - been on the Prosecco too I see

JJ - good to see you got out for a run - you'll beat those hills another time.

BIW - good luck with that river swim. Weirs eh? Good luck negotiating them (I'm sure you'll be fine!).

RayL - glad to hear the hospice nurses are providing you much-needed support.

My (ahem) 'long' run of 6.5mls went well on Saturday and I'll be increasing the distance a bit on my next LSR. I did a faster 5ml run this morning and managed 10:00mm pace all the way round - unheard of!

I had £40 worth of Beefeater vouchers that expired this coming Saturday so we went out for lunch today. The vouchers made for a very cheap lunch for the two of us (£3.60) and although the pint of Guinness, rib-eye steak and 'Rocky Road' sundae were lovely I hope I don't regret it when I run again! To make Mrs Wm's day perfect, there were several retail parks near where we ate so we went 'shopping' after lunch. Not real 'shopping' though as we did actually come back with some things  

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 14/08/2015 at 20:38

JJ - every little helps .. well done.

HS - hope you manage to get out tomorrow now your shoulder is better.

BIW - well done re the swimming. I don't see anything odd about swimming in the rain - you're wet anyway aren't you? Nothing wrong with fish, chips & peas either - as long as its not every day!!

Red - glad to hear you are doing okay after your mara-fun. Retirement might be said to be busier than work. But this afternoon Mrs Wm and I have been relaxing and knocking back the Prosecco (celebrating it being Friday or something or other  )

Columba - I think we did Corn Dhu and Cribyn (sp?) on the same day as Pen-Y-Fan. Glad to hear you didn't get completely lost on your 'off road' run.

I shall get out for a run tomorrow/Sunday depending on which day I go and see my eldest son (about to text him). It's only 8 weeks until my 10ml race and my long (ahem) run is currently only 5.5mls .. so I need to start building the distance on my LSR's starting this weekend.

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