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GULP just entered my first half marathon

Posted: Yesterday at 21:13

Hi everyone

CW - watching videos about technique is the easy bit but putting it into practise is a different matter.

Toby - well done re last week's 10ml run and good that rain stayed away. Sorry to hear about hip problem and lost mojo - hope you find it again soon. But see you did another 10ml run yesterday so maybe it's back already?

Em - I'm lucky with my race that my family enjoy watching me and it's easy for them to pop up at 3mls, 6mls and the finish to cheer me on and take photos. Shame Jon (other half?) kept missing you. He had better take up running as well before the next one or get a bike!  

B&T - saw on your blog how 'proud' you were to get muddy legs!

*waves* to Yvonne (who is presumably busy on grannie duties)

I also chat on a 'Mature' thread where I'm (gasp!) a young 'un. An ex-coach on there mentioned about lifting knees and kicking back heels to increase stride length and pace and avoid 'old man shuffle'. I tried that during 3ml treadie run on Thu. Ended up averaging 9:27 pace (instead of usual 10:50 pace). So it definitely works but I was knackered afterwards! I went out on Sunday and did just over 7mls - was at a much more sedate 10:40 pace

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 17/10/2014 at 17:27

Hi everyone

HS - before I forget I'm returning the wing you sent me as you will be needing it for the Salisbury Half on Sunday *wheee*  .. I saw a photo of the "Oasis Of The Seas" - as you said it's huge!! Impressive pace at that club session. Nope - afraid "The Apprentice" has no interest for me, not even for comedy value.

Columba - you'll have gone by now but hope Lourdes trip goes okay.

Rabbit - I have the same problem keeping up with posts on here. Well done re first run - hope there are plenty more to come.

DianaD - see the club session went well despite conditions and well done re 10ml forest run.

I've been on the treadmill twice this week. Did 3mls each time and on last night's run, upped the pace and tried to lengthen my stride as suggested by JJ to avoid 'old man shuffle'. Will get out for a LSR sometime over the weekend.

Computer was running slow earlier- discovered it was the Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service to blame (using 50% - 80% cpu). Found out how to disable it so hope computer will improve now. 

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 14/10/2014 at 19:52

Hi everyone - playing "catch up" as promised,

Matsmum - you asked if I was doing the Ridgeway Run with friends this time - afraid not, they both had "chitties" to get out of it. Well done re Bluebell Dip run (sounds like great hill training). Shame your right knee always gives you trouble.

HS - thanks for the wing for the Ridgeway Run - as you will have seen, it worked. Shame you are not a bit nearer as yes, you probably would enjoy this route. I love it as it has lots of variety. Chuckled at those race numbers you've had (666 & 118). I too am still holding on to my LP collection although most have been superseded with cd's or downloads. I used to tape stuff off the radio as well - got quite expert at fading out before the dj started talking. I think you need one of those umbrellas that fit on the head next time you are shopping in the rain

Columba - well done re Saturday's 7(ish) miler

BIW - glad to hear Charlie is responding to changes re digestive problem.

JJ - I think the current fitness has been helped by me doing the C2C walk in July. Hoping to use this recent training as a good base to work on for the Bath Half in March. Well done re longest run yet. Interesting reading your points about avoiding 'old man shuffle' - will try and 'watch' my running next time I am out to see how I do. I always try and run relaxed - interested in whether I am doing the other things you mentioned. £594 bleeping pounds for a service - yikes!

Red - sounds like the terrain I ran on was better than yours - black mud - eewww. You'll be relieved to hear I've stopped posting photos now so your FB feed should slow down!

Exhausted - I thought it was interesting seeing my race photos and the guy I sprinted with at the end was nearby throughout the race. Hope you get rid of that cold lurgy soon.

DianaD - having captured my five Gore-rillas for October I am currently in 'smug' mode where Fetchpoint is concerned.

Glad you all enjoyed my race report. I've done a 3ml treadmill run at 10:50mm pace and pleased to report legs still seem to work! In races I always seem to start steadily and gradually speed up - normally end up doing a negative split and passing people towards the end (which is a great feeling).

GULP just entered my first half marathon

Posted: 14/10/2014 at 19:06

Hi everyone,

B&T - I remember sprinting the last 1k at Corsham - think I have a "both feet off the ground" photo from there. Well done to son for cross country result. Sounds like you may have worked out the cause of the falling off your bike (not the wine then?)

CW - 70-80 lengths is good going, especially if you felt you could do more.

Toby - glad to hear you've worked your way through the rubbish and it's all been taken to the tip.

*waves* to Em

Glad you enjoyed my race report. I've done a 3ml treadmill run at 10:50mm pace tonight and pleased to report legs still seem to work! In races I always seem to start steadily and gradually speed up - normally end up doing a negative split and passing people (which is a great feeling).

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 13/10/2014 at 17:18

Just popped back to say I've posted some photos from my race on my blog. It was only while posting the photos I noticed a few of the people at the finish enjoying watching my tussle with "Mr Orange" (# 109). Will do a proper catch-up tomorrow .. promise!

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 13/10/2014 at 12:18

I've put my race report on my blog: http://wtnmel.blogspot.co.uk  Will catch up properly later ..

GULP just entered my first half marathon

Posted: 13/10/2014 at 12:01

Tring Ridgeway Run 2014 (Part Two)

I was starting to feel tired but knew I had the chance to post a good time so kept pushing along and trying to keep up with the ‘cheeky girls’ who by now were disappearing into the distance. In the last mile I found myself running along with two other guys and we were swapping places all the time. I had started trying to speed up but they were doing the same and overtaking me. So I stayed behind them as we approached the finish together and readied myself. Crossing the road with 50yds to go, the marshal said “There’s a finish line just through that gate – come on, let’s see you go for it!”. We were running abreast by now and I was in the middle. As we ran through the gate I took my chance and set off between them hoping to catch them unawares. One guy fell behind but the other came alongside me. I pushed again and he did the same and I sensed him coming past me again. With a final effort I got ahead of him and beat him to the line. We were all smiles afterwards and agreed there’s nothing quite like a sprint finish. I had remembered to stop my Garmin as I crossed the line and was delighted to see a new PB of 1:43:02 (5.5 mins quicker than last year). Checking afterwards my split for the 9th mile was 09:55 and 09:15 for the last 0.7 of a mile.

I collected my technical t-shirt – this year it’s bright yellow and will be great for Winter training – then met up with my family to re-live the race and be told I had been looking good at 3mls, 6mls and especially in my sprint finish. Some more photos and they wanted to know if I’ll be back again next year. I certainly plan to be there - I think I can improve some more, especially on the hilly sections. And if I can get faster on the flat sections there’s less chance of being held up in the first few miles. 

GULP just entered my first half marathon

Posted: 13/10/2014 at 11:58

As promised, here's my race report. I seem to have wittered on a bit so sorry it's so long!

Tring Ridgeway Run 2014 (Part One)

As I sat having my breakfast porridge at the hotel, the mists were slowly clearing and I could see Incombe Hole in the distance, part of the route I would be running a bit later. Breakfast over, I collected my gear and made my way to Tring Park Cricket Club where the race is based. Arriving early (8:50am) I nabbed a good parking spot. Wandered over to race control to pick up my number – a very efficient setup and I was on my way back to the car within a minute or two. The weather was warming up a bit and there was no rain forecast – so decided to go with shorts and t-shirt and hope I would be warm enough. Did a bit of stretching, pinned my number on, paid a call of nature (toilet queues weren’t too bad) then it was time to ditch the fleece and to walk to the start in Marshcroft Lane, jogging and jumping around a bit as I did so to try and warm up a bit.

I positioned myself towards the back of the group and at 10:00am on the dot the race started.  I settled in to my own rhythm and ignored various people running past me. The first mile is flat and my split was 10:45. You cross a road and follow some narrow footpaths through woods – there was a hold-up ahead and we had to walk. There’s also a small climb to negotiate - I passed a few people who were already walking who I had seen run past me at the start. Checked my watch – mile 2 split was 11:33. You emerge from the woods, run alongside a golf course, cross a road and run through a farmyard and then the track ahead begins the first big climb. I ran about halfway up but then (like everyone around me) when it got to the steep section, decided to walk. I started running again towards the top when it flattened out – saw my family here for the first time and waved for photos. Checked my watch again – mile 3 split was 12:20 and although I was breathing hard I felt fine. The 4th and 5th miles are on a broad track along the ridge through Ashridge  - I settled back into my rhythm and was passing a few people and my splits were 10:42 & 10:47.

Shortly after the 5 ml point you follow a footpath then make a sharp turn at the top of Incombe Hole – this is steep at the top but flattens out gradually. I let gravity take over and felt great as we approached the 6ml point. Another check of the watch – pleased to see 10:19 being displayed. We crossed the road and I prepared myself for the next climb. Saw my family again here and waved for more photos. I was walking up Pitstone Hill when I saw my sister at the top taking photos – felt duty bound to start running again. By now we were running on the Ridgeway Path itself and there are rabbit holes, tree roots, steps and ramblers to keep an eye out for. My mile 7 split was 11:40 because of the earlier walk break and the terrain. I still felt good as we emerged from the woods, and followed the paths down to cross the road and start re-tracing our steps back along Marshcroft Lane. A group of 3 or 4 women behind me had thanked me for towing them along the last two miles through the woods and overtook me at this point –cheeky buggers! I tried to stay with them – checked my watch at mile 8 and the split was 10:20 so was pleased with that.

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 12/10/2014 at 20:05

I am on 'earlies' at work this coming week and need to be up at 5am. So will be heading for bed in an hour or so and don't have time at the moment to read back through the latest postings.

However, just time to let you know I managed to PB at today's TRC Ridgeway Run. Conditions were perfect and no mud to slip and slide on. I got round the course in 1h 43m which was around 5.5 mins quicker than last year. Race report to follow in a day or two ..

GULP just entered my first half marathon

Posted: 12/10/2014 at 19:58

Hi everyone,

B&T - see you've not been 100% - hope you're feeling better soon. Oh .. just read on and saw you fell off your bike again - ow!!

Toby - yes, 'stuff' has a habit of building up and it's a shock when you come to clear it. Guess if some stuff hasn't been seen for 11 years it needs to head for the tip!

Em - well done re HM result - does sound a nice race. My best time for a HM is 2:35 but that was with getting cramp - hoping to better that time next Mar at the Bath Half.

CW - glad to hear swimming coming along well (remember you saying that was weakest discipline?).

Well .. I managed a PB at today's Ridgeway Run .. got round the 9.7ml course in 1:43:02 (Garmin time so quicker than 'official' time). That was 5.5 mins quicker than last year and I reckon I can improve further given a good spell of training and staying injury-free. Race report to follow in a day or two ..

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