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'Mature' runners.

Posted: 08/09/2016 at 15:25

Hi everyone,

I thought it was time I stopped by! Like the rest of you, I noticed the thread disappear a few days ago but see it's now back and have it on 'followed threads' in case the same thing happens again. Looking back through the posts since I was last here ..

HS - still no sign of any Win10 anniversary update for me. Not noticed any changes either so will wait and see.

Matsmum - my race is on Sun 9th Oct .. we're making a weekend of it by travelling up on Fri, seeing relatives on Sat, having a meal with my family on Sat eve then they'll come and cheer me on at the race (they can park at the 3ml & 6ml points). BTW, round up your run to 4.5mls .. I won't tell anyone I've had the same thing of going off fast, walking a bit and the end result is the same time as a slower run on the same route. Fingers crossed you are right with your self-diagnosis of your chest pain. Nope, I don't have a fitbit but I noticed my Garmin 230 can keep track of steps and presumably log them on Garmin Connect?

Redhead - tsk tsk re giving yourself a hangover and 4 cups of coffee not helping the situation .. glad to see you did your penance with a wet run and you must be hoping no-one has video evidence of your dancing. Speaking of which, did you see Ruth's dancing on FB Live a few days ago? HS's later post reminded me of a weekend I went on where the fancy dress theme was 'France'. I used an old sheet and went as an envelope with an address in French (a french letter you see). There were a number of 'dancing girls' and they lined them all up and made them do the can-can (which was when we discovered which of them were wearing stockings).

Exhausted - shame we don't get to see any photo of you (apart from the avatar one which may or may not be you!)

Deezel - congrats on your cricket teams getting promotion and you being made club president.

I managed a 10ml run last weeked so am happy to have 'gone the distance' before race day. I was out with the club last night for another 6ml run on grass and trails on the hills above Cheltenham.

I'll probably be 'offline' for most of the next couple of weeks as tomorrow we head off on our 'grand tour' of Brentwood, Norwich, Hunstanton, Lincoln, Whitby and Ashington. Our holiday culminates in the North East Skinny Dip at Druridge Bay on Sun 25th Sep on behalf of MIND. Jax is the organiser of the dip and has asked us to spread the word to all our friends - so there! Jax says this should be the biggest dip yet if advance interest is anything to go by. So fingers crossed for another glorious sunrise as we all strip off, run down the beach starkers and dip in the sea - it should be huge fun (if a tad chilly!) 


'Mature' runners.

Posted: 01/09/2016 at 11:48

HS - my training seems to be going well so far- fingers crossed I have a good race on the day. Well done re Sun's 14ml run and Mon's 10ml run. Don't think I could manage two long runs on consecutive days. Well done to Alice re her race result - I remember walking past Didcot & Harwell when we walked the Ridgeway Path - wonder if her race went anywhere near the trail. Nope - I've never heard of "On" trainers either. If there's a Win 10 anniversary upgrade it's either happened and I didn't notice or it's there waiting for me.

DBI - cheese sandwiches - yes; jam sandwiches - yes; cheese & jam sandwiches - nooooo As I recall various 'experts' have been extolling the virtues of a Mediterranean diet for a long time - good to hear the medical profession agreeing with them. I'm sure you'll manage to 'persuade' John about doing the race in Vichy

Exhausted - well done re your 'nifty' 10 miler - not sure any of my runs could ever be describes as nifty

Aquarius - maybe you should have asked to see the captain's cabin to compare & contrast with Steve's! Yes - yuck, re midges in ears, eyes and mouth.

Columba - sounds like you had an enjoyable time in Brizzle (as the 'locals' assured me it was pronounced when I worked there).

Matsmum - good to see you back and sorry to hear about your problems - hope you can continue to run or exercise while not over-doing things (if that's not a contradiction in terms). Will it improve over time or is it something you'll have to live with now?

Deezel - when I was working I used to use my tea breaks and lunch times to catch up on RW. Re falling asleep in bed reading the paper, waking up and being awake for a couple of hours - apparently in the past it was the 'fashion' to have a sleep, wake up, get up and do things, then go back to bed and sleep again.

Red - good to see you back .. as you'll see we've all been worried about you. Good to find out the reason for you disappearing after the scare with Mike and truly hope all works out well and its benign.

I'm having a 'quiet' day today. On Tuesday I staked a couple of trees and moved around and tidied up the raspberries in our (cough) 'orchard' at the end of the garden. I put some new posts and wires up for the raspberries, pruned this year's growth and tied in all this year's growth - they've never looked so neat and tidy. Yesterday I cut back the laurel at the end of the garden (approx 15 yards of hedge along the back fence and around the garden shed) as it was encroaching into the garden and had grown ten feet tall in places. Now I've cut it back I can get to the shed to give it a coat of weatherproofing before the Winter. The green waste bin was already full so I filled one of those 1-tonne bags builders merchants use to deliver sand/soil and it had to go straight down to the nearby recycling centre.

Then yesterday evening I did a 6ml run on Cleeve Hill and Cleeve Common with my running club. It was such a delight to be running on grass/trails instead of pounding the pavements but it was getting dark as we finished so next week they're planning to start 30 mins earlier at 6:30pm. I must confess the thought did cross my mind of combining my 4ml hill run from last week with last night's run to give me a hilly 10ml run - I reckoin I should try it at least once before race day as it will be a very similar sort of route.

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 28/08/2016 at 14:57

DBI - well done for completing your sprint triathlon. I think a 'comedy tan' is part of being a runner but you're right, triathletes do get better ones than us mere runners Hope you enjoyed your celebration.

HS - you're right of course, I must head up that hill as many times as possible between now and October so that I can deal with the ascents/descents better on race day. It wasn't just a blue face I was sporting you know Well done re the parkrun.

Checked FB but no further update/info from Red ..

Feeling happy at the moment as I managed to run 9.5mls this morning without any problems. Legs are feeling a bit tired but otherwise all okay - so still looking good for my 10ml race. Currently cooking a Sunday roast dinner for Margaret who is playing in the garden. Will be heading off for a swim/sauna this evening followed by a banana sandwich when I get back (part of my post-swim ritual .. yep, I know I'm a bit weird

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 27/08/2016 at 16:12

Red - its true that bowls clubs tend to be full of old people. But at my club, although some members revert to 'type' there are some that don't let their age get in the way of life (if you know what I mean).

HS - not sure the best plans are formulated in pubs .. maybe just the best-sounding ones at the time! Re running style on hills, I'm always surprised how many runners I see on the flat with their arms held high and shoulders hunched. A car is supposed to go in a garage? - news to me! Well done re the track session but boo to Alice being able to lap you twice.

Columba - never heard of a 'vibe cycle' class. Well done re the 4ml run.

Aquarius - that 10k sounds like it was hard work but must have been satisfying to complete. Hope your back recovers soon (or maybe its already okay?). Re those sand strides and running in water, it sounds like you should have been wearing a swimsuit rather than running gear.

Deezel - a few days away from here and there's usually loads to catch up on! I usually stop running, cross the road if possible, then walk past unruly dogs. My worst experience was in Cirencester Park when a Staffordshire bull terrier was off the lead, ran towards me and was jumping up snapping at my arm as I tried to fend it off - the stupid git of an owner (that's me being polite) shouted at it while making no attempt to pull it away. He never apologized either - what an ar$ehole (that's me not being polite).

Decorating the en-suite is a work-in-progress. I've painted the ceiling (only needed one coat - yippee!) and Margaret has started on the walls. I was 'playing' in the garden earlier on but had to scurry indoors when a thunderstorm and torrential rain arrived.

The new freezer has been delivered and put in the garage. Margaret and I have worked out the best combination of shelves above/alongside the freezer which yours truly will fit once the electrician has been to wire in my sauna on Tuesday.

I did manage to find time to do that hill run. I had to stop and walk several times (made a mental note of my first stopping point) but I didn't come to a complete halt anywhere. I began feeling stronger towards the top - after running up to and past the golf club I descended via the main road and a different (but just as steep) lane. A total distance of 4mls with 610 feet of ascent & descent.

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 23/08/2016 at 21:10

HS - the bowls competition I was taking part in was set up as a way for new members like me to experience competitive play in a friendly, fun environment. By swapping positions every five ends, you get experience of being 'lead', '2nd' (with responsibility for marking) and 'skip' (instructing team-mates what to do). Well done re your run with your niece and good you were able to set the pace towards the end.

Exhausted - you'd better stop getting changed in your car then!

Columba - I know what you mean about collapsing when the visitors go. I had a 'quiet' day yesterday - well, after that 8ml run that is.

Red - yep, I'm not quite an old crock just yet.

Aquarius - gosh, sounds like the dog-sitting was more work than expected. Well done for fitting in your trail run, parkruns, x-country relay and bike ride. I always assume bike riding exercises the quads more than anything so not quite sure why you ended up with backache. You may have over-extended something in your back when you were struggling up those hills? Hope the 10k race tonight goes well.

The recent to-ing and fro-ing I've been doing has finished as I saw my son off on the train back to Leeds this evening.

I'm starting on decorating our en-suite tomorrow. There's a new bit of wall where we have blocked up a cupboard. That will need priming but I'll do the ceiling first, then the walls (including the new bit). Being an en-suite, its small(ish) so shouldn't take too long and I expect to have it done by Thu evening.

I'm hoping to fit in a run amongst the painting. I'm planning on attacking that big hill I mentioned and will report back on how I get on. Remembering whilst I am heading up the hill the 'golden rules' I've learnt over the years (1) keep your leg turnover speed the same but shorten your stride (2) swing your arms to help you ascend (3) don't be tempted to look for the top - concentrate on 10 metres or so ahead of you.

Our new (additional) freezer arrives tomorrow. I took all the shelving down on the end wall of our garage where I've put my sauna in one corner. Once the new freezer is place in the other corner of the garage I can see what shelving I can fit around it.

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 22/08/2016 at 15:48

Hi everyone,

Red - Margaret went scavenging for the runner beans as I was away (see below). She said there are still lots of them hiding away waiting to be picked - my turn next time.

HS - I was also getting most of my Olympics news via the BBC Breakfast show. We lost our final bowls match last week but had fun whilst doing so. I have to remind myself I'm fortunate to still be running (at the tender age of 64!) and hope I can continue to do so for many years. Nice to get more company then expected on your forest run.

DBI - good to hear Charlie is coping with working at various venues and with various 'baddies' without any problems.

Columba - you read my mind! A year or two ago we were on holiday in Freshwater, IOW and I surprised myself by managing to run up and over Tennyson Down to The Needles and then back again. I had been thinking I should 'attack' one of the three hilly roads (1 in 4 in parts) that lead up towards Cleeve Hill. And as you suggested, note where I have to stop and walk and try to improve the next time. It would be excellent training for my Tring Ridgeway Run as that has a couple of big hills to negotiate. We're still waiting for inspiration to strike us re out 'blank canvas' of a front garden.

Deezel - well done re last weekend's 9ml run, parkrun marshalling and Tue's 5ml run.

Aquarius - sorry to hear you've been getting sore knees too. Hope the x-country went okay.

My x-training last week was a bit different. I spent two days re-assembling my sauna in the newly-cleared garage. I'm just waiting now for the electrician to return and wire it up (needs a heavy-duty cable like for a cooker) then the sauna (aka. 'The Hot House' aka. 'The Bare Bum Club') will be open for business again. Each time in the past I've moved it and re-assembled it, I've organised a 'bring a towel' party for my friends that come and share it with me.

Normal life has been on hold for the last couple of days. My younger son was down from Leeds so on Saturday we went to Savernake Forest (nr. Marlborough, Wilts) with his elder brother and wandered around for a few hours. I didn't have my Garmin with me, but checked the route on Fetch later and worked out we walked 8 miles.

Yesterday, as a complete contrast, we drove up to Tring (Herts) to see my family, had a meal at the local Beefeater and tea/cake at my sister's before travelling back home. I did 6 hrs driving yesterday and it's fair to say I was a bit knackered by the time I got home (and had a numb bum from all the sitting around!).

I'm happy to report I went out earlier today and managed an 8 mile run without any problem. In fact, it was just over a minute quicker than my last run on the same route a year ago. Its just under 7 weeks now until my race (10 mile trail run) so I'll be trying for 9 miles next weekend.

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 16/08/2016 at 14:22

Hi everyone,

Exhausted - I'm certainly enjoying retirement and do sometimes wonder how I fitted work in Sorry - don't have any insomnia cures - reading a book last thing accompanied by a hot drink usually does the trick for me. You appear to be perfecting your car-based burlesque routine!! A FB friend said she thought all the gymnasts looked about 6 years old - I told her I thought they all looked like miniature silver-back gorillas. I sometimes wonder how my running action would be described - hopefully 'relaxed' but showing good form.

Columba - will remember your insomnia cures should I ever need them. Sorry to hear the doc has diagnosed arthritis in your knee - let's hope you can continue to run for a while yet.

HS - my laptop has been loading updates over the last day or two but I only noticed when I went to switch it off. I was similarly amazed at that new WR 10K time. It's such a huge difference I'm naturally suspicious. Well done to you, Alice & Mark for your respective performances over the weekend.

Deezel - a WAVA of 76.22% is great - I've never managed to get any higher then 57%. I run around the town where I live as the various roads heading out of town are all busy. I could drive off in one particular direction to do some off-road running or run there (its only 2 mls away) but its up a bloody great hill and I'm not sure how far I would get before I ground to a halt. I really should try it sometime just to find out ..

DBI - sorry to hear about you tripping over Charlie but pleased to see you were able to self-medicate with wine & chocolate (as I'm sure the doctor would have advised).

Red - well done re your continuing quest to complete 100 marathons and your 3 in 4 weekend.

I've become less interested in athletics over recent years with the number of drugs cheats - I'm fairly cynical about how 'clean' things really are and find myself wondering if I'm really seeing athletes performing to the best of their 'natural' abilities.

On a more general note, I've given up on trying to watch the Olympics on tv. I can't be doing with sitting up until the early hours, I can't be ar$ed to set up my recorder and the supposed 'highlights' of the previous day's action on BBC2 each morning is mostly highlights of commentators and pundits wittering on about what might happen/what just happened instead of the action itself. So I've given up on it  all and will just watch whatever I catch on the news ..

I ran 7.2mls on Sunday and will be increasing my LSR's to 8, then 9 mls over the coming weeks. I've been out and done a 5ml 'tempo' run this morning (I remembered my hat this time!) - I didn't push too hard as I needed to save some energy for my bowls match this evening

Did some useful 'cross-training' on Friday. Margaret's son came over and helped me shift stuff back up into the newly-boarded loft. Then we shifted two tonnes of hardcore/rubble left over from when the patio was built, into a skip. The man has just been to take away said skip so we now have our bare, plant-less front garden back which is waiting for us to get inspiration about what to do with it.

My runner beans have started producing over the last week or two - quite fun rummaging around trying to spot them lurking out of sight.

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 08/08/2016 at 18:22

Hi everyone,

Margaret is recovering well from her cataract operation. I was applying the drops for a few days (4 different ones) but she is self-administering now. She's getting back to normal and is able to potter about the house and garden.

DBI - woo-hoo to finding out your mortgage is paid off (I paid mine off around 10 years ago - great feeling!). Will wait to hear if John does actually retire but expect as this was a bit unexpected it may take a month or two to mentally re-adjust. Well done re your triathlon and for digging deep towards the end.

Red - I see your eye check went okay but the consultant's bedside manner left a little to be desired (Margaret was pleasantly surprised at how nice everyone at the eye clinic in Cheltenham was).

Columba - yes, eye drops every few hours and as mentioned above, several different ones so we had to write out a daily timetable to keep track. Glad to hear the 3ml run didn't cause any knee problems - hope the x-ray results next week are good news.

HS - re my long posting, I'll have to try and not witter on so much in future  Glad to hear you are getting on okay with Win 10 and you're correct, the downloading and applying of updates is completely automatic now. The Forerunner 230 I bought uses a chest strap hrm - it's the Forerunner 235 that has the built-in hrm (apparently works by measuring blood flow in the wrist but I read it wasn't that accurate so decided to go with the tried and tested chest strap hrm option instead). I used to occasionally see herds of deer when I used to run in Cirencester Park - no crashed land-rover's though or schoolboys masquerading as policemen.

Deezel - had to chuckle at your comment about a stiff back on Monday after cricket over the weekend. It's your age you know and I've realised I have to 'pace' myself when doing anything out of the ordinary these days. Well done for equaling your parkrun PB.

Aquarius - in my experience undulating means hilly, hilly means very hilly and 'challenging' means find an easier route to run  No huge black glasses for Margaret though we have removed the left lens of her various pairs of glasses - she'll be able to get her eyes tested for new glasses in around 6 weeks time. She had a clear eye protector to wear for a day and has had to keep out of bright sunshine for a few days but to be honest, she's recovered remarkably quickly.

I ran 7.2mls on Saturday - looking back at my spreadsheet that's the furthest I've run since last October. If I use sun cream it runs into my eyes and stings - but stupidly I didn't wear a cap and caught the sun as a result. Despite the warm weather I felt fine afterwards and it bodes well for building up to 10-12 mile runs by early October.

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 04/08/2016 at 10:27


I wrote too much and the last bit of my posting got left off ..

I have a new 'toy'. I gave up on my trusty old Forerunner 305 after it stopped picking up the satellite signal. I have got myself a Forerunner 230 and it was much quicker (satellite picked up within a minute). I took it for it's first run last night and the colour display/info means it's a big improvement on the old model and the software seems to have improved - it saves the run history and although this was obviously only the first run it had recorded, it gave me a run-down of my performance after my run and told me I had managed my longest run, fastest mile and best 5k time. Looking forward to seeing what else it can do (as a fully paid-up member of the Geek Club). 

I'm currently waiting for a phone call from Margaret as she's at the hospital this morning having a cataract operation. I shall be going to collect her and gingerly driving home afterwards avoiding all the potholes. I will be looking after things for a few days while she recovers and we've given the builders a few days off in the meantime.

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 04/08/2016 at 10:19

Hi everyone,

Busy, busy, busy since my last post. Xmas present of voucher for 'fancy' afternoon tea used at local hotel; round of golf played; weekend at Center Parcs enjoyed with grand-daughters .. plus a bit of running around town and taking part in my club handicap race .. all that fitted in around attending to builder's needs (basically endless cups of tea) while they fix the garage roof, fit boards in the loft and put a side door into the garage. I had to tidy up the garage prior to the door being put in - my next job is to make room in the corner and assemble my sauna ready for the electrics to be put in. There's more work planned next week. We are having cupboards built in our en-suite and the bath has already been taken out and has been plonked in the skip which we have at the front of the house for the next week or two. I've got some rubble etc. to put in there from when our new patio was built so fingers crossed it all fits in and any neighbours thinking of taking advantage stay away!

Way too much good training going on to be able to reply individually - please accept a general well done from me for your respective efforts.

HS - hope you are getting on okay with Win10. Are you using Edge? If so, you are supposed to be able to import your favourites. Also I think you can find your favourites from before (look for the three horizontal bars top-right (4th in from right) - I think that's supposed to give you access to your previous favourites?). Well done re moving up to the Southampton Marathon next year - you'll manage it no problem based on recent results you've written about on here. Mmmm .. shredding .. must do some myself as it is so enjoyable!

Red - I thought I looked rather dashing in blue Hoorah for being builder-less .. we're looking forward to that day ourselves. Sorry to hear about your various bits of bad news . as you say, carpe diem.

Columba - I just checked and there's still a teensy bit of blue inside my ear. Hope the news re the knee x-ray is positive. I think that bouquet, orchid and hamper were just reward for your efforts and 100 club prize a nice little extra to end your day.

Exhausted - boring training courses. I thought I had left them behind when I finished work but a seminar at a volunteer development day for Rambler's Association was up there with the best (worst) of them. Sorry - had a chuckle at the idea of your mascara-stained face after the run (ps. but not as much as when someone on Fetch wrote about wearing a knee support which she refers to as her strap-on - much to everyone's amusement).

DBI - good luck with your form filling for applying for dual citizenship. I have a form to fill out to reclaim some income tax as I'm not working - I'm trying to stop myself procrastinating about it - it is my money after all!.

MWW - welcome back. I'm a bit of an infrequent visitor myself. Sorry to hear you've been so busy and had the lurgy as well - hope things improve from now on. I'd be very happy with that HM time (have always aimed for 2h 10m - never managed better than 2h 30m due to cramp).

Aquarius - we were blue for around 4 hours while the photo-shoot took place. We cleaned up back at the hotel (hardly caused a glance as it was 'big news' in Hull and everyone knew about it). So by the time we got home we looked normal again and the neighbours are none the wiser. Don't know about my next 'project' but we are doing the North East Skinny Dip at the end of September Hope your ankle is okay btw.

Deezel - welcome along .. as others have said, you sound very speedy (times I can only dream about given my current fitness level).

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