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'Mature' runners.

Posted: 25/05/2015 at 19:03

Hi everyone,

HS - well done re your 11 mile run - you are lucky to have a running partner to help push you along and make it a quality training run (ie. more so than if you run by yourself like I do). Glad the presentation lunch went well and the improved navigator's hat was well received! I did think maybe Dennis Compton and Fred Titmus might be worth something - not so sure about the others (actors) but will keep hold of the autographs until I've had a chance to check.

BIW - glad John is better and nice to have a lane each to yourself for a change. Hope you are right about Nemo having the lesson imprinted in his head and there are no more 'nipping' incidents.

Columba - well done re the 1km intervals - glad to hear the cold has gone. Nope, no Brylcreem machines in men's changing rooms these days and having been in ladies's ones, I can confirm none in there either!

RayL - I don't train with regard to my HRM but I do wear it on most runs to keep an eye on my heart rate.

I forgot to say I went to the golf driving range on Thu - getting some practise in while my friend Alan is on holiday! I never did get out for a run on Fri, in fact I've not been out since Wed. Needless to say I've been busy, primarily with the de-cluttering. We are making great progress so its well worth it. I went through my desk draws and found the majority of the contents were surplus to requirements. Today I have been breaking up some old furniture, collecting together other items and shredding numerous pieces of paperwork in readiness for a trip to the recycling centre tomorrow morning. Hopefully I'll get out for a run when I get back.


'Mature' runners.

Posted: 21/05/2015 at 23:11

BIW – glad to hear your check-up went okay .. well done re outdoor swim but sorry to hear John has succumbed to a virus.

Red – Tetbury is nearby and I was told from friends there they entered ‘Britain In Bloom’ a few years ago, spent endless hours preparing then were upset with the judging process. They felt it was biased against them as winning seemed to depend on who you knew rather than how it looks. I hope your experience is better.

Columba – glad the lurgy is improving and you’ve been able to run.

HS – great photo (thanks – hadn’t seen it before). Strange re that ‘popping’ and the calf seeming to improve – hope that is the case.

My run on Wed went well – 4.5mls at 10:15mm pace which was purposely a bit faster than usual. I shall be heading out again in the morning and think it’s probably time I did some hill repeats.

I’m de-cluttering my desk draws and today I came across my autograph book. They were mainly from 1967 when they filmed “The Dirty Dozen” near where I lived as a child. I see I have Telly Savalas, Lee Marvin, Charles Bronson, Trini Lopez and Donald Sutherland amongst others. I also appear to have Fred Titmus & Dennis Compton from when they played a charity cricket match in Tring. I did wonder if they might be worth something to someone so shall investigate.   

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 19/05/2015 at 23:07

HS – the navigator’s hat really is a fine piece of work. I wonder how many more attachments can be applied to it (there seems to be room for a few more!). Ah yes, the £50 fee for the hygienist (sigh..). Well done re another placing (2nd MV65+) .. great result!

Red – I’m not expecting to get much (anything?) for the first day covers – if I do it will be a surprise. Same goes for the stamps. In each case, I will need to check them in the relevant Stanley Gibbons catalogue (or similar). I guess these days it’s easier to get valuations as photos can be emailed.

Columba – sorry to hear you’ve brought a lurgy back with you.

I’ve entered the Ridgeway Run (my race number is 30 so I am obviously one of the early birds) and the hotel is booked for two nights. As I said to Mrs Wm earlier, I can book two nights because I no longer have to rush back on the Sunday ready for work the following day.

I had to take Mrs Wm to hospital in Bristol today (it was just a check-up and everything was okay) but it’s a ‘normal’ day tomorrow so I shall run in the morning and do some more de-cluttering then go and see my son in the afternoon.

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 18/05/2015 at 13:22

Hello - back for my 'proper' catch-up and not cooking Sunday roast for a change!

Red - glad you feel better after a visit to Mary Massage lady. Although I studied massage/qualified in 2010 I haven't done it for several years - planning to refresh my massage skills now I am retired and have more time. Sorry to read you've had problems with dogs and got stung as a result. I have had similar problems on occasions in Cirencester Park - think in your situation I would have confronted those dog-owners to tell them how f*****g stupid and selfish I thought they were (sorry for ranting but am really annoyed on your behalf!!)

BIW - annoying about the non-appearance of the postcards.

HS - hope hygienist visit went okay. Sorry to hear about insect bites and calf problem but like your self-administered red-wine treatment I like the new attachments for the navigator's hat supplied by Red.

The de-cluttering continues apace - have re-discovered my stamp album and first-day covers album (both c. 1967-1970).

We were in Warwick yesterday - Mrs WM's son had asked for various items we were getting rid off. But he hadn't cleared it with his other half and her face was a picture when she found out the garage now contained a shredder she hadn't known about.

I hadn't managed to run since last Tuesday but just been out and done 7mls. It was lovely running in Cirencester Park - nice and quiet because (a) midweek (b) raining! Had to walk for a few minutes after 4mls but expected that tbh. Hope to get out again on Wed & Fri.

I've had an email to let me know entries are open for the Tring Ridgeway 10ml run in October - have done it for the last three years so must get entered and book the hotel.  

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 16/05/2015 at 18:58

Just a flying visit to shout "Hello" and let you know I'm still about. I managed to get out for a run on Tuesday but not been out since (been busy de-cluttering, visiting sons etc.). I won't be running this weekend - Mrs Wm and I went for a walk in Cirencester Park earlier on today and tomorrow we are off to Warwick to see her son and deliver some surplus stuff we no longer need that he has expressed an interest in. As we are visiting tomorrow I am currently cooking our Sunday roast this evening so I need to get on with that - will try and make a 'proper' visit on Monday. Bye for now ..

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 11/05/2015 at 23:55

Well, as expected, cooking the Sunday roast took precedence over posting on RW (shameful isn’t it!) and been busy de-cluttering my study again today so thought I would pay a late-night visit ..

BIW – re quiet time at pool, we asked a similar question re golf. We were told tee-ing off around 12pm would be quieter and that was exactly the case last week. Will you be serving John his next meal accompanied by rice & peas then?

HS – I’ve promised Mrs WM I won’t be even thinking of playing bowls until we have moved and are settled into the new house (but still on tenterhooks at present as not exchanged yet). I use the “start slow and speed up” approach when racing – but glad your change to “start fast, keep going” proved beneficial.  

Red – will you be posting a photo of the ‘improved’ navigator’s hat? Re de-cluttering, it’s proving easier as I go along and am getting into the swing of it.

Columba – I don’t mind running in the rain - the pavements tend to be quieter and I get wet anyway (from the inside out) so it makes no difference to me. Anyway, pleased to hear it was drier for you yesterday.

I did my 7ml route on Sunday – felt good all the way round and time was back to normal (around 75mins) after a few weeks when it had slipped to between 76-78 mins.

I shall head out for a run tomorrow then continue battling with the clutter in my study. Today’s discoveries were a time-planning system I used to use at work in the 90’s (dumped), lots of paperwork from our trip to Oz in 2007 (mostly dumped), lots of old negatives I thought I had lost (kept), some 24 exposure rolls of film (dumped) and my old red leather Filofax (handy size, looks nice, may still be useful so kept).


'Mature' runners.

Posted: 10/05/2015 at 18:10

Woo-hoo .. well done HS!!

(wanders off to read rest of posts .. though cooking Sunday roast at the moment so may not have time to post right now)

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 08/05/2015 at 11:07

Red - the 'party hat' icon was for finding a (smallish) pension I wasn't aware of. To coin the phrase .. "Every Little Helps". Sorry to see you've had a cold lurgy recently but glad to hear you are recovering now.

HS - not planning any parties once the pensions are sorted out - far too sensible for that! Well done re recent training runs - am impressed with your faster pace uphill or into the wind - agree it must be because you are making more effort on those. Good luck on Sunday at Alton.

BIW - glad to hear the dog training school had positive results for all three of you. Sorry - chuckled at it feeling like you were back at school Agree - nothing worse than motorways in torrential rain.

Columba - trust you are laying down in a darkened room with a cold compress on your forehead after looking after everyone for a few days - glad to hear you managed to get some time to yourself to run on the track.

We were out yesterday morning measuring up the new house accurately and noting where all the power sockets are. I will now do a scale drawing and make up shapes representing the furniture so we can 'play' and decide where everything will go - and what won't fit in. I was playing golf yesterday afternoon and improved by 10 strokes on last week - so back to my usual level of rubbishness!. We voted later in the day (7pm) when we went out for our habitual Thursday fish and chips.

This de-cluttering seems to be taking over my life just lately but it will be worth it. My sore calf went away after a few days - I did a tentative 3mls on the treadmill on Tue and that went okay. Not sure if I'll get out today or not - if not, will head out for a run tomorrow.

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 03/05/2015 at 09:36

HS - the dry sand must have been hard work to run through while it was cleaning your shoes. Well done re 6 miler yesterday.

I've decided to can my LSR this morning. I was de-cluttering paperwork yesterday which involved kneeling on the floor feeding the shredder. I reached across at one point in a slightly awkward position (I should know better) and felt a twinge in my right calf. It's a bit sore this morning so will rest today and see how it feels tomorrow. All those miles I run and I injure myself shuffling paper!  As if that wasn't daft enough, I cut my top lip shaving just now. You would think at my age I would know how to shave without problems 

On the plus side, the paper-shuffling was mainly pensions paperwork. I discovered that when one scheme was wound up, the money went to two (not one) insurance companies. So it seems there's another small pot of money I need to chase up and see what it's worth

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 01/05/2015 at 23:42

JJ - good luck if you do have a go at the VLM. As I've said in the past, I can't seem to manage a half marathon, let alone a full one.

Red - glad to hear you've managed to celebrate your PB properly. Hope your head wasn't too 'ouchey' this morning ;)

HS - were you able to change for the tincture at the pub? I have visions of you all sat there with plastic carrier bags over your muddy trainers.

As planned, I went out this morning and did some hill repeats about a mile from home (fast paced uphill with jog recovery downhill). Like last time I jogged there, did 8x 250yds (all around 66 secs, which according to the Garmin equates to  8:00 - 8:20mm pace), then jogged back home. This afternoon Mrs WM decided she pruned the small plum tree rather too severely last year and had killed it. So we sawed through the trunk (2" dia) and then to remove the root stock I got to swing the big axe. Will see how my shoulders feel tomorrow.

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