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'Mature' runners.

Posted: 29/05/2016 at 17:17

Hi everyone,

Matsmum - nice to see you back here. Well done for getting up at 4:30am to jog - the last time I saw that time of the morning was before I retired and was on the early shift. Now I'm not working, 8am is more normal for me.

HS - I know from my running log I am running quicker these days (nearer to 10 min miles than 11 and in races I seem to be able to dip below 10). Wow - impressive result for Alice!

Columba - I didn't see the plankathon challenge on Fetch but I don't usually join in these various challenges anyway. Pleased to hear your knee is slowly improving.

At Westonbirt I was following one of my clubmates for a while but couldn't quite catch her and she got away towards the end. I took a closer look at the results and noticed that although I came in behind her my chip time was quicker. She was half my age (and probably weight too!) so I don't feel so bad about her beating me now

I've not run since my race last Tuesday. We're having a patio built and we've been doing lots of work in the garden too. The digging and carrying one too many sacks of manure/compost from the garden centre has meant my back has been a bit sore.

I have a busy 'social' week planned (weather permitting) but will make sure I do at least some 'chores' in between having fun. Seeing my son tomorrow then bowls practise Tue lunchtime. My first bowls match on Wed eve (internal club competition) and playing golf on Thu morning - then having lunch out with friends on Fri. I've recently volunteered to become webmaster for the local Rambler's group - on Sat I am off to a "Volunteers Development Day" in Gloucester. 

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 25/05/2016 at 12:37

Hi everyone - Mr "Once A Fortnight" here again!  You would think being retired I would manage to post on here more often .. ho hum. Anyway, catching up ..

DBI - don't blame you getting cross about that white stone being painted by some vandals - people are such morons sometimes.

Aquarius - re your husband's sailing trip, a few years back we treated my SIL to one from Christchurch which went across to the IOW and back again which was great fun - we even got a turn to take the helm while the captain made us a brew. Well done re your unexpected 10K PB! I got my EA card recently and it had the correct number so I'm one of the lucky ones.

HS - glad to see the washer/dryer is fixed. Great result for your 10K race - impressive WAVA!

Redhead - I always think comedy tan-lines (like from Bexhill) are part of being a runner.

Columba - glad you managed a 1 mile run but sorry to hear your knee is still 'niggly' and giving you problems. I've never mastered front crawl either BTW.

The handicap race (16th May - 3 laps of 1.5mls) was fun and I had a good race despite being passed by quite a few runners. I thought I might start being overtaken on lap3 but that began at the start of lap2. Seeing the results afterwards, the first ten people home beat their estimated times by up to 5 minutes so I guess they may adjust their start time at the next race. I finished 25th (of 36) and my avg pace was 9:24mm so I was really pleased with that.

I did the Westonbirt 10K yesterday evening. I had a good race with a faster second half and was passing quite a few people in the last 200 metres. My time was 1:00:42 (my PB from 2013 is 59:55) with an avg pace of 9:35 (and I see my WAVA score is 57.00 which is a PB for me) so again, better than expected with my lack of regular training.

I've entered the Ridgeway Run which I do in Tring each year (this will be my 5th year in succession) - I was quick off the mark and am runner number 4 (numbers 1 & 2 are reserved for last year's fastest man/lady).

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 14/05/2016 at 00:48

Morning all!

Eight days since I was last here - how did that happen? I've been decorating the spare bedroom and more recently, 'playing' outside (digging and weeding borders). Anyway, catching up ..

HS - sorry to hear about your washer/dryer problems and your long phone call. I think I read somewhere if you are in queues to keep hitting the hash # key to get out of the queue. Or pick the menu number for Sales as they are usually quickest to answer (may have imagined that though).

Red - no worries about me pushing too hard before my 10K if my recent lack of training is anything to go by!

Columba - those nasty plants I mentioned weren't couch grass, bindweed, ground elder, japanese knotwood or hogweed .. I'm familiar with all those. Margaret found it in a book of wild plants and its called Red Valerian. We gather they sell it at some garden centres but as far as we're concerned, its a pain in the you-know-what. I see you have had your knee/foot problems diagnosed and know what to do to remedy them.

With all the work around the house, I've still not got back into a regular routine of three runs a week. I did a long(ish) 6.5ml run last Sunday and a 5ml fartlek run with the club on Wednesday. I spent most of today in the garden - tomorrow I'm over at my house and on Sunday we're visiting family in Warwick so no chance of any running for a day or two.

However on Mon eve I'm taking part in the first (of four) club handicap races of 4.5mls (3 laps). Slower runners start first, faster runners later and in theory we all finish together. Except of course, if you put in more effort, you'll improve your position. Should be fun - and there are prizes for the winners of each race and of the series.

BTW, I had an email on Thu eve to let me know entries had opened for the Ridgeway Run which I do each October. I was obviously quite quick off the mark as my race number is #4

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 05/05/2016 at 23:17

Hi everyone .. sorry I've not been around lately. Have just been catching up with everyone's doings. Far too much for me to reply to individually but an honourable mention must go to HS for his MV70+ race result. And commiserations to Red for that recent fall on gravel.

We were away in Woolacombe for a week but had no wifi. I took my running gear with me but although we walked on several days, I didn't manage to run. Since we got back I've been busy working around the house. My son was over helping me mend the dry-stone wall at the front of our house. Some nasty plants (the name of which escapes me) had wormed their way through the stones and had started displacing them. We had to remove the stones in several places, dig down to remove all the roots then re-build and apply mortar to the capping stones to hold everything back in place. 

I'm hoping this weekend I can start getting back into my 2 to 3 runs a week routine as it's not long now until my 10K on 24th May.

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 18/04/2016 at 12:35

Morning all,

DBI - sorry to hear it was a wet weekend in Bavaria and you had traffic jams there and back. No grey hairs - what's Nemo's secret?

HS - well done re your 10ml run and congratulations to your friend Alice for her PB at Brighton. Toilets always seem to be an issue for ladies - when I've done the Bath HM, the ladies have always ended up using the men's toilets because the queues for their ones are so long.

I went out earlier on and did my 6.5ml route around town. I started steadily and found myself following a young lady who I expected to zoom off into the distance. In fact, when the slope started (not steep enough to be termed a hill), she slowed dramatically and started walking and 'Steady Eddie' here overtook her before the top of the road. It was a good run - I didn't have any intention of pushing the pace but found on my return, the run had been the fastest ever on that route.

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 17/04/2016 at 17:22

Afternoon (or is that evening?) all,

HS - my club does have track training sessions and I must get myself along to them.

Aquarius - when rollering I just grimace while I deal with the tightness/soreness telling myself its good for me. I think the only times I've run with tight fists has been when I've forgotten my gloves and have run like that for a mile or so until my hands have warmed up.

Red - well done re marathon 72 .. your century has come a step closer.

I ran on Friday morning and did a 4ml route around town. I was feeling good so it turned into a tempo run - checking on my return I found my avg pace was 9.54 mm (the first sub-10 run for a long while) with quite consistent mile splits (9.52 9.54 10.04 9.54) - I hope getting closer to sub-10 minute miling is a sign of things to come.

No running for me today as we had friends round for lunch - I had to limit myself to looking out enviously at everyone jogging past in the sunshine while I helped get things ready. I shall head out tomorrow instead.

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 14/04/2016 at 12:35

Afternoon all,

HS - well done re Mon's 7ml slog and Tue's hilly circuits. Don't blame you re getting a new kettle if you're likely to have bits of filter floating around with your old one.

DBI - defrosting freezer's .. one of life's boring chores that has to be done from time to time. What's the betting your speed walking beats some of the 'runners' at the sprint tri?

RF - Cheers! 30yrs and 38.4k miles of running deserves more than one glass of Merlot .. but preferably drunk in a 'interval session' styleee.

Columba - well done re your 6.6ml run. A midnight sun race in Tromso sounds great fun and interesting (I'm now reminiscing about our Northern Lights cruise in 2013) - wonder if there'll be snow and if you'll need some grippers to help you stay on your feet?

Aquarius - I only do 20mls a week (or more) when I'm training for a longer race or having a good few weeks of training. I've done the Bath Half several times and had problems with cramps each time - so I don't feel I've ever managed a 'good' HM. I've not had more injuries/illness than usual when I've increased my mileage. I've only belonged to two running clubs. At my previous one there wasn't any advice on technique. What I have seen re technique has been by way of articles on the RW website or in RW magazine. Any support at my previous club was sparse if non-existent. I've moved and the new club I've joined is much more supportive. They do track sessions and although I've not asked, I expect the coaches would be able to advise on technique. When I'm out running I do concentrate on keeping my shoulders and arms relaxed (I see lots of runners about with their shoulders hunched and arms held chest height). I also try and stay more on the balls of my feet rather than 'plodding along' landing on my heels (easier said than done and easy to lapse back into that style!). Personally I stretch before every run, usually while waiting for my Garmin to find a gps signal. I may occasionally warm-up before but often use the first mile of any run as a warm-up and push myself more towards the end. There's no organised stretching/warm down - people just do their own thing. Some of them do get together in the bar afterwards though for some post-run re-hydration I try and remember to stretch after a run - but it doesn't always happen. I have a large foam roller for dealing with any knots and soreness/tightness.

I didn't sleep well on Mon night so was still feeling washed out and didn't run on Tue either. I went to the club last night and we did the same 5ml fartlek session as before where you double-back at specific points around the course to pick up the sweeper following the slowest runner. It works really well as everyone can go at their own pace and the slow runners don't get disheartened. I was able to maintain an avg pace of 10:20mm and according to Garmin, was achieving 8:04 mm pace on my sprint finish. An unheard of pace for yours truly and I am in awe of runners who can manage that pace mile after mile.

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 11/04/2016 at 20:55

Evening all,

DBI - well done to you and Charlie finishing 5th in that competition.

HS - 7000 runners is a lot. When I've done the Bath Half (15000) I've stayed on the outside of the first corner to avoid the crush (and trip hazards!). I need to add some interval training to help me get faster for my race on 24th May - but nevertheless it was very pleasing to get that route PB. Hope your training goes well for the Lordshill 10K. Sounds like the forest run was another toughie - shame you ended up doing less miles than you planned but well done anyway for keeping going in those conditions.

Columba - glad to hear your new laptop is up and running now. Strange about the deleted files being in the cloud and getting downloaded onto your new laptop so you can delete them all over again. Similar to the recycle bin where deleted files end up - but they don't actually disappear until you 'empty' the bin.

I had planned to go for a run today but wasn't feeling up to it after a late night/early morning watching the Masters golf from Augusta. So instead I started decorating the spare room, applying 'knotting solution' to the knots in the bare wood around the new loft hatch. I should be able to apply the primer tomorrow but will run first thing and keep my fingers crossed it isn't raining as much as it has been today. 

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 09/04/2016 at 18:13

Evening all,

HS - I'm sure the route miscalculation was genuine as they were so apologetic afterwards. And yes, it really is a year since I retired - only another year now until I 'officially' retire and can start drawing my govt pension. I used to have my laptop to download updates but prompt me to install them One downside of Win 10 is you have no such control but it hasn't affected me working on the laptop. Your training sessions just seem to get harder and harder - deep mud and water hazards now! I seem to remember it was Win 8.0 that people didn't like because the 'Start' button disappeared .. they brought it back in Win 8.1 due to popular demand (or should that be a popular uprising?)

Columba - how are you getting on with the new laptop? .. have the files copied across yet? Well done re your toad recovery. I've never imagined fishing appeals to women - always seems to be a 'man' thing for some reason.

DBI - looks like you are gradually managing to increase your swim distance.

Red - nice to see you back here despite how busy you've been lately

I managed to run 4mls on Mon eve - the rib-eye steak and Guinness at lunchtime for my birthday meal (voucher from Beefeater) didn't have too much effect. This week's club run WAS 5mls - the leader made it a fartlek session where people could go off at their own pace but at certain meet points had to double-back behind the back marker and sweeper. I've been out today and done 5mls around town - it felt good while I was out (despite the rain and hail) and turned out to be my best time ever on that route

Re Win 10 I've reached the point of no return as my 30-day trial period ended yesterday - I could have reverted to Win 7 but I've been happy since the upgrade so had no plans to revert anyway.

My new phone arrived last week but the sim card wouldn't fit (old one was mini-sim; new one needed to be micro-sim). I had to get Talk Mobile to send me a replacement sim. That arrived mid-week and after setting up email etc on the new phone and transferring across my contacts (I was able to do that via bluetooth) I've got the new phone up and running and am very happy with it.

We've had a new loft hatch put in (think I mentioned the roof space above the extension had no access?) so for the first time in ages I will be doing some decorating. We've been out today getting primer, undercoat and satinwood for the new loft hatch and white emulsion for the ceiling.


'Mature' runners.

Posted: 02/04/2016 at 16:58

Afternoon all,

DBI - glad I gave you a good laugh suggesting John help you with your IT! Glad to hear you've been able to do some more training and hope that leg pain goes away. Re the stork I remember a wildlife documentary about them arriving being a sign of Spring.

HS - glad to hear your laptop is working again .. I hope the updates have now stopped. That does sound like a tough forest session with the mud, cold water and icy wind - well done. Had to smile at your club doing online entries as the younger members don't have cheque books! I liked the character building extra work your coach introduced. Liked the idea but expect I'd not appreciate it at the time if I had been there. BTW, hope your back recovers okay.

Columba - glad to hear the cantor is back and feeling okay. Re the club run, it does sound a lovely one .. once that horrible hill is over and done with! I see you have a new HP laptop now. I hope your expert can help you get it set up the way you want. If you have any questions ask away - I can't promise to solve them all but like to think I know my way around.

My club run changed to a new start location this week. I ran with the 10min+ group and the planned 5ml run turned into a 7ml run (route deviser miscalculated badly!). There was a new guy running with us (1st time visitor) and I made a point of reassuring him they don't usually underestimate so badly. He was struggling towards the end (had only done 4-5mls before) so the group leader made the faster runners double-back behind him several times in the last couple of miles. And in the last two hundred yards, she made everyone double-back behind him so that we arrived back in a big group of 25 or so, with him leading the way and everyone whooping and hollering.

I've not managed to run since Wed as I played golf yesterday (the anniversary of my retiring from full-time work). I've been busy today doing jobs ready for my family visiting tomorrow for my birthday. Hopefully I'll get out again on Monday.

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