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'Mature' runners.

Posted: Yesterday at 18:02

Columba - I don't mind having to wear 'white' at bowls as I knew (and expected) that was going to be the case. Hope you managed to find LD's blog about the Liswerry 8.

HS - interesting observation of yours as I've always felt sound quality was best with vinyl (then cd, with cassette quality bringing up the rear). Having said that, I don't have a record deck and invariably play all my music on the computer or ipod as mp3 files. Glad you managed to get your garmin screens sorted out.

DBI - I've heard all about Fasching. I used to think years ago I might one day manage to make it over there to join in the festivities. Glad to hear you have almost finished the first stage of rehab.

Red - sorry to hear your sad news about your friend But pleased to hear she is recovering well so far. I see you managed to extract yourself from that hedge with just a scratch or two. Hope the storm damage wasn't too much or too bad.

HS (again) - please do as I do in future and prepare your post in Word/Notepad and copy/paste it onto the RW website. It saves a lot of bleeping and stress! Enjoyed reading your race report (great result and wava btw) and lovely little photo too (and nice to see Alice having heard about her). Glad to hear your club's AGM went well with volunteers for vacant posts (no arm twisting needed? very strange!).

Exhausted - I saw John Disley's death mentioned in the Independent today.

I sent off my membership application to Almost Athletes after last week's initial run with their 'beginners' group. I thought my subs might include a club vest but have seen no mention of it. So I will take myself along to our local running shop (Up & Running) as I know they sell kit in club colours.

I did a 5ml run around town yesterday at 10:30mm pace. So when I go back to AA tomorrow evening I'll be stepping up to their 10:30mm running group. And hopefully they WILL run at that pace and I won't find myself trying to hang on to their (running t-) shirt tails!

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 05/02/2016 at 17:31

Columba - well done re your race. I knew Lazy Daisy had done the Liswerry 8 as well as I saw her blog about the event (and the photo of the two of you).

Red - I don't have any white trousers for bowls so will no doubt be having to get some soon.

HS - I remember setting up my Garmin to rotate through the three screens of info I wanted (1/ time, distance, paused time, time of day 2/ average pace, lap pace 3/ heart rate) but it took some detailed reading of the manual to get it set up. Mine is a Garmin 305 and to get to the setup screen I had to use the Mode button then select Settings; General; Data Fields and then select the 'number of fields' then the actual fields I wanted to see (for the 1/ 'Main1', 2/ Main2' and 3/ 'Running' screens). Don't know if that helps? We had a similar 'fun' session once at my previous club. Pairs of runners going opposite ways round the block (around a mile). You all started at the same corner, one partner fast, one slow - when you crossed with your partner you had to change speeds. I see you still have cassetes then .. I managed to download all the tracks I had on mine as MP3 files so was able to dispense with them. Mind you, I am still hanging on to our video recorder as there are still a few VHS tapes kicking around that need to be transferred to dvd.

Exhausted - well done re Monday's 11 mile run. I can't comment about The Forsytes .. didn't watch it on tv and not been listening to it on the radio. And then I see you did 19 miles on Wed too!

DBI - I see the rehab is still going well and you are making good progress - great news.

I went for a run with Almost Athletes on Wed evening - just the 4mls and primarily to get to know them. I managed to find Lazy Daisy before the run who pointed me in the right direction and introduced me to a few other runners. The club seems well organised (running group leaders who keep an eye on everyone - a sweeper running at the rear). I came away with a positive feeling about them and have sent off my membership application and joined their Facebook group.

Re bowls, you seem to 'have to' wear white (am tempted to be a bit of a rebel once I'm settled in) but apparently when I am 65 and a 'senior' you 'have to' wear grey trousers and a club jacket/blazer! It smacks of being back at school!


'Mature' runners.

Posted: 01/02/2016 at 12:59

DBIW - (new name duly noted). I see you've been given the okay to swim .. woo hoo!!

HS - well done re that session in less than ideal conditions .. glad the weather improved for the following session. Re your visit to the Garmin shop, Margaret alternates between 'helpless old lady' and 'scary old lady' modes depending on the circumstances. Hope your Garmin is finally sorted after having been 'sorted' a few times. I watched the Snowdonia Marathon too and was in awe at the speed the leading runners achieved.

Columba - I have to agree about people exercising indoors behind windows looking funny from the outside.

Red - I'm the same. My treadmill (which is not available at present due to the garage still being very cluttered) is only usually used in snowy/icy conditions or occasionally for intervals. Respect for completing yet another ultra and in an even faster time.

Exhausted - I think we all swear (sometimes under our breath) and in my case, usually when about to tackle a big hill. I see you had your kit on earlier .. hope you managed to get out.

I managed to get out yesterday and did 5mls around town. I've mentioned a local club before (Almost Athletes). I'm planning to go along to their club run on Wednesday evening - a Fetchie called 'Lazy Daisy' got in touch to let me know she's on the committee and encouraged me to join them.

BTW, I went along to my local bowling club on Friday (Lawn Bowls) to meet them and have a look around. I'll be applying to join and will have a go for a while to see how I get on (previous experience is limited to a 10-week evening class about 15 years ago).

Must be an age thing ....  



'Mature' runners.

Posted: 27/01/2016 at 16:14

Almost a week since I was here - oops.

Red - thank you for thinking (and worrying) about my brain getting cold when I am hatless. Well done re sneaking in an 'extra' marathon at Dymchurch. And for getting that course PB.

BIW - reading about your rehab they certainly are keeping you active. How lovely to get an unexpected present and a get well card.

HS - it's the pun of "Almost Athletes" that makes me think the club do the hard work of training but also have a 'fun' side to them as well. Hope you have managed to get your Garmin set up by now. And that tablet! Having read on a bit .. how annoying to get the Garmin at a bargain price and then seeing it even cheaper .. grrrr. BTW, I wasn't aware of this business of ideal cadence that you and others have commented on.

Exhausted - tsk tsk re Mr Exhausted organising so much to do you had no time to run.

Columba - as the race is an unusual distance (8 miles) does that guarantee a PB?

We had Margaret's family (all 12 of them) here at the weekend for the delayed 'xmas' get-together. It was hard work with lots of preparation and clearing up afterwards but it was great to see them all.

Having spent ages researching the best sim-only deal for Margaret she's now wondering about getting a new phone - ho hum. Also, I was given duff info about when I can upgrade for free so any change of my phone has been put on the back burner until the end of March.

I finally managed to get out for a run today - my first one for almost a week. The strong winds and rain didn't help but my legs just didn't have it in them. I had planned to do 4 or 5mls but took a short cut back and only managed 3.5 miles.

As soon as I've posted this I'll ring my friend Alan as the weather looks okay tomorrow and we haven't played golf for quite a few weeks.

I also need to phone my cousin Hilary - we didn't manage to organise a get-together in December and I still have one last bag of xmas presents to deliver!

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 21/01/2016 at 12:58

Columba - I'm surprised to hear you are still getting updates for your Vista machine - in which case, definitely no point changing machine if it does what you want. I see you are looking for a 10K PB on a flat course - if I see anything suitable I'll let you know. I've decided I need 'something' for me to focus on instead of plodding around Bishops Cleeve with no particular plan. I need to re-visit my local club (Almost Athletes) but race-wise, I saw there is a 10k at Westonbirt Arboretum (near Tetbury) in June which sounds appealing. From visits in the past I know there are some small hills, it has very nice scenery and the course loops past the visitor centre several times so its spectator-friendly too. That was a nice man to commend you on your sprinty bits.

HS - well done re the Stubbington 10K and great wava score. I hadn't thought of wearing my buff around my neck this time of year (seem to mainly wear it in summer). Hope you manage to get to grips with your new Garmin - I expect there's lots of help and advice available online.

Red - I texted my boss once to say I was WFH due to being snowed in (we had 4" overnight). He (in Bristol where they had none) replied to say he didn't mind me having day out of the office. So I sent him a photo as proof and then he believed me! Well done re your ultra (and I liked your uNdUlAting description). I needed a lie down after reading your marathon and ultra plans.

BIW - how is the rehab going and what are they getting you to do?

Exhausted - slightly galling to be offered a seat on the underground - I would definitely get that t-shirt made with your achievements printed on it.

I'll admit I was too harsh on the software that came with my WD external drive - so it can revert to being called Smart Ware again as it seems to be working well.

I'm currently deep into researching what new phone to upgrade to and which sim-only deal to suggest Margaret changes to. So many different options available I can feel a spreadsheet coming on!

I've been out for a 5ml run this morning. It was cold but luckily, while rummaging around for my tracksters, I found a winter running top I had treated myself to and completely forgotten about! That and the Ron Hill thermal top meant I was warm enough while I was out (wore gloves again but no hat this time).

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 17/01/2016 at 13:32

Columba - lovely you got blue sky and sunshine for Thu's run. Vista was in general use quite a while back - I doubt its supported these days. I think I upgraded from Vista to XP and from there to Windows 7. But to be honest, if Vista works okay for you and doesn't cause you any problems why change?

HS - lucky for Steve not to cut himself more than he did with those prickles. You're right - Windows 10 is available free until 29th Jul 2016. I see you were doing the Stubbington 10k today - look forward to hearing how you (and Annie!) got on.

Red - sorry to hear about the death of your eventing horse. It does sound like Traviss is doing a bit more than other RD's might manage

Exhausted - I've been having my own battles with my computer .. mine was with the software that comes with my new external drive. It's called SmartWare but I've been referring to it as StupidWare.

BIW - glad to hear you are out of the clinic and getting about okay.

I've been out this morning for a 4.5ml plod. I had been to get some milk and bread earlier so knew it was cold - wore my woolly hat on my run as well as my gloves.

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 14/01/2016 at 13:14

HS - yes, I did the washing machine/tumble dryer by myself. Margaret looked on worriedly and apologised for buying a dryer larger than the old one and causing all the hassle My biggest problem was ripping the lino - I should have used the old trick of washing-up liquid on the floor to make the machines slide around easier. My machines are also constantly 'nagging' me to upgrade to Win 10. In the past (before sat-navs) I used to write the main route details on a post-it note which I stuck on the back of the sun visor for easy reference at roundabouts and junctions. Well done re attending the club session - and for that 3 minute plank!

Exhausted - I'm about to start doing my family tree. A friend has given me a copy of Family Tree Maker for which support is being discontinued this year. So I may need to look for an alternative.

Columba - well done re your character-building run. I was going to ask which character it is you are slowly putting together

I went out earlier. I felt good as I set off and it turned into a tempo run and I managed to do 4.5 mls at an avg pace of 9:47 mins/ml (unheard of speed for me!)

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 12/01/2016 at 21:37

Red - Margaret is the eternal optimist when it comes to drying clothes outside. But even she accepts that at this time of year it becomes more and more hit and miss. The new dryer is a condensing one btw so we no longer have to poke a flexible pipe out of the window.

Columba - we just need to work out how to operate this new tumble dryer now. The basics are easy enough as its fairly intuitive. Its the nitty-gritty of various settings that the user manual doesn't appear to explain fully.

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 12/01/2016 at 13:05

Got back from my plod a bit earlier - just 4mls today which felt like hard work. I got to bed after midnight (a late night phone call from my son) and woke up far too early so I'm not surprised I wasn't firing on all cylinders today.

In better news, I've now installed IE11 on both my computers and it seems to be working okay. I've also managed to get Norton Security installed on both machines as well as my smartphone. So now I can let my Norton 360 subscription lapse without any problems.

My computers are still nagging me to download and install Windows 10 but I know I have until 29th July to do that. Besides, my phone contract is up for renewal soon so I have to look into that first!

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 12/01/2016 at 10:25

HS - I'm afraid trad jive was (ahem) before my time. I did a "rock n' roll" dance class once where we learnt some "old-fashioned" jive moves but that was about it.

Red - sounds like that ultra (and associated travel problems) were challenging so well done to complete 30.5 miles. Yes, I think a sat-nav for the car might be a wise investment!

Columba - glad to hear Leonora is performing well.

Exhausted - still an 'ex'dancer at the moment (see below)

We had a new tumble dryer delivered yesterday - what a palaver it was installing it! The washing machine/tumble dryer are a very close fit in the (smallish) utility room. After extricating the old one I found I couldn't manouvere it around the door through to the hall. I had to slide it back in, open the door fully and repeat the process (during which the lino underneath it caught on the dryer's feet and ripped). Then I found the new one was slightly too deep for the gap and stopped a cupboard door from opening. I had to slide the washing machine to the right (where the tumble dryer had been) and the water pipe/waste outlet were JUST long enough. Then finally I could slide the new dryer into the gap vacated by the washing machine. Phew! After all that I was too knackered to go dancing. But in the spirit of HS's comment, I guess the shifting/pulling/pushing was good cross-training!

Yesterday I discovered that support for Internet Explorer (IE) 8, 9 & 10 is being discontinued as of today. So yesterday (and carrying on today) I have been downloading and installing IE11 on both my computers. I am also in the process of upgrading my anti-virus software. I currently use Norton 360 but I purchased Norton Security and installed it on Margaret's laptop. Norton 360 is up for renewal next month so I am currently upgrading to Norton Security on my machines (desktop and laptop) so that I can let Norton 360 lapse.

Off for a plod shortly (hopefully Norton Security will have finished installing by the time I get back!).

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