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'Mature' runners.

Posted: 20/11/2014 at 19:08

Hi everyone,

BIW - interesting to read about the the training plan and the idea of A, B & C races. Not that I do that many races myself but I consider it a good idea nonetheless.

HS - so sorry to hear about your problems in your race. But you showed determination to finish and lets face it, you retook many who had passed you earlier. And as your clubmates told you, it was just "a bad day at the office". So no need to be too down and there will be other races!

Columba - I suspect I run my LSR's too fast (10:45mm pace) but it feels comfortable and never feels like I am working too hard. Good luck at Elan Valley race.

Red - hadn't considered wearing my power pants for xmas but now you mention it ..

Exhausted - I'm the same and find coming in from outside (or vice-versa) can set me off coughing. Anyway, glad to hear you managed a speedy 8 miles!

*waves* to JJ

Continuing the musical theme, I used to play trumpet when I was at school. Worryingly, I think it is still lurking around somewhere.

And I was in the school choir and was head chorister at my local church for a while. Of course, I'm still just as angelic these days  

Time was short on Tue eve so I just did 3mls on my treadmill. Today I was WFH and as I was on 'lates' was able to run first thing. It was a good 'un! I went out just after 7am and did 4.5mls at 10:10mm pace. So I'm still getting faster and creeping ever closer to 10 min miling!

GULP just entered my first half marathon

Posted: 20/11/2014 at 16:49

Hi everyone,

Toby - pleased to hear you and Snowmaiden had a good 10ml run on Friday. Sounds like you are really relieved about the pebbledash removal being finished and that peace and quiet has returned.

Lynne - welcome along. Best advice I can give is build up distance slowly for the long runs - no more than 10% increase each time and have a cutback week every month where you drop the distance a bit before increasing again. Concentrate on building up the distance before worrying about what sped you are doing. And as it's Hadrian's Wall you are doing, you had better do some hill training midweek.

Yvonne - congrats on the new arrival. Enjoy your break in Cornwall. Christmas preparations next week? Is it Christmas soon then??

B&T - the blingy version of the new shoes weren't available in my size so I had to go for 'boring' blue again (sigh..). I don't have time to do long runs midweek at the moment - maybe when I'm retired! Shame abut organisational problems at trail race but glad you 'mostly' enjoyed it.

CW - glad to hear training (various) is continuing to go well. When I cycled regularly with a friend a few years back we used to cycle as fast as possible down the hill in Wootton Bassett High Street - just to see if we could set off the 30mph warning sign!

Time was short on Tue eve so I just did 3mls on my treadmill. Today I am WFH and as I'm on 'lates' was able to run first thing. It was a good 'un .. went out just after 7am and did 4.5mls at 10:10mm pace. Creeping ever closer to 10 min miling!

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 16/11/2014 at 11:45

HS - I see it was the electric meter you had replaced and now have a monitor. Seeing how much electric gets used each time you boil the kettle etc. will certainly concentrate the mind. Hope you managed to get your problems with 'Full On Sport' website sorted. Hope today's race goes well and the 'go faster' socks assist your running.

JJ - when I had my offside front replaced last week the garage checked the tracking for me.

Columba - my office overlooks the M4/M5 interchange and the traffic around there is regularly bad, even after the introduction of the 'managed motorway' scheme where the hard shoulder can now be used. Interestingly (when the traffic is not as bad) you see the camera flash as some people get caught out by the average speed ANPR cameras installed on all the new gantries. BTW, I understand cleaning counts as cross-training.

BIW - I've had my Hudl (Android) tablet for six months now and am still finding new things out about it. Hope you've managed to sort your phone out by now. Loving the idea of you and SIL having plans of your own with the menfolk off to the Bahamas.

Matsmum - sorry to hear about continuing hip problems - hope the x-ray helps with the diagnosis.

I went out yesterday and decided to repeat my 7.25ml route. I usually have a quick walk break after the one big hill but managed to keep going all the way round this time (even when drinking) and my time was a couple of mins faster as a result. I do need to start adding on a mile or two over the coming weeks though and continue building back up to HM distance by March.

I ordered a new pair of shoes yesterday. I've been running in Saucony Guide 5 recently but couldn't find any in stock in my usual places. So figured I'll be fairly safe sticking to the same make/model even if there have been some minor changes from the current Guide 5 to the Guide 7 which I've ordered. I treated myself to some new Saucony socks while I was there.

HS mentioned his 'go faster' socks. I treated myself to some 'Jockey' sport briefs, one pair of which are bright red. I jokingly refer to them as my 'power pants' and wore them when I got my recent 10ml PB. So maybe there is something in the idea of 'lucky' running gear after all


GULP just entered my first half marathon

Posted: 16/11/2014 at 10:59

B&T - I'd be interested in trying one of those 'obstacle' type tough runs if they weren't so damn expensive. For instance, the recent Tough Mudder in Cirencester Park was around £70. The Bath Half at £41 is around my limit and I'm afraid I've got better things to spend my money on. Good luck with today's trail race (which may or may not be over and done with by now). Years ago (before I took up running again) I did the Sarsen Trail but walking the 26mls from Avebury to Stonehenge so I know the route you'll be following. My friend and I walked it in 8.5hrs .. no idea how long it would take me to walk/run that far.

Having missed my Thu eve run I didn't bother going out on Fri as I was heading out yesterday. I did my 7.25ml route again and next weekend will add on another mile or so. I was pleased yesterday to keep going the whole way round, even after running up the 'Big Bertha' hill and didn't even stop when drinking. I knocked a couple of minutes of last week's time so that was good.

Like B&T, I've just ordered some new shoes. No-one has my Saucony Guide 5 in stock any more so I've gone for a pair of Guide 7. My current shoes have just clicked over the 400ml mark and I know from experience I will have to retire them in another 50-100mls.

GULP just entered my first half marathon

Posted: 13/11/2014 at 17:14

Toby - well done re 10ml run - hoping to be back up to that sort of distance myself in a couple of weekend's time. Thanks for the link to the BHF website ..

Was considering running tonight but have to pick Mrs Wm up from town - so probably go out tomorrow instead. Unless that 'Friday Feeling' takes over and I find myself sitting on the sofa, glass of wine in my hand 

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 12/11/2014 at 17:21

HS - I have until March for my half-marathon so taking several weekends to build back up to 10mls from 7mls won't matter. Re club session in heavy rain - I think you just have to try and ignore any inclement weather where possible. And then having gone out regardless, you can feel doubly virtuous afterwards. No smart meter for me - but having online accounts does mean I can send in my own meter readings and do away with estimated bills that way.

Red - yes, was pleased with myself for doing a 'before breakfast' run. Now I am doing 'lates' every two weeks with its 09:30am start, if I am working from home I should be able to fit in more morning runs. As long as I don't fall asleep mid-afternoon that should work well Chuckled at the Flanders & Swann reference.

When on 'lates' but in the office I drive home mid-afternoon and log back on from there to complete my working day. This avoids the horrendous traffic in Bristol around 5:30pm. I arranged to visit my son today (he lives in a house I own). I explained I would be driving to Cirencester to finish working and would drive over later. He said wouldn't it be a lot simpler to drive to my house instead (closer to the office) and use the broadband there instead? It's nice to have a young person around to help deal with these technical aspects and make life simpler!

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 11/11/2014 at 19:08

Whoops .. not managed to get on here for a week

Columba - thought I was going to need my head torch last week. Was amazed after dusting it off to find the battery was still functioning. When I used to run with my ex-club, if in a group, they would ask me to be front runner to (a) lead them down dark bits (b) point out hidden dangers like potholes.

HS - best wishes to clubmate Alice - she has been in the wars lately hasn't she. I see you've been to see your 'guru' to get to grips with your new mobile. My phone also suggests words. I also discovered you can type by running your finger between the letters instead of poking each one separately. I am still managing to understand my new smartphone .. my brain must be younger than me!

Exhausted - I enjoyed your 'Dorset Knob' story

JJ - that business of not getting pudding if you don't eat you dinner is defenitely true - Pink Floyd even sang about it on The Wall. Re just one tyre - I had the same thing at my recent service - front offside was worn out - other three were okay. Go figure (as they say).

Red - thunder? (on Mon at 5am) - wot thunder?? None of that sort of thing around these 'ere partz Bit of a bugger about this morning's long post going missing. £180 for one new tyre (faints) .. I'll stick with my bog-standard £60 ones thank you.

My sore neck and shoulders eventually sorted themselves out. I went out on Sunday and did 7mls - would prefer to have done more but after a bit of a break am having to slowly build back up to 10ml runs. I was working from home today and on 'lates' with a 9:30am start. So I went out before breakfast (ta-dahh) and did 3mls around town.


GULP just entered my first half marathon

Posted: 11/11/2014 at 18:42

Not been here for a week or so ..

Toby - I haven't seen the Longleat HM advertised. I don't like the price of Bath either - but as you and B&T know, it's unfinished business for me. Having managed my hilly 10ml off-road race in Tring in 1:43:02 last month, I want to run Bath again and try and get nearer to 2h 15m (compared to the cramp-induced hobble over the line in 2h 35m of previous years).

B&T - yep, definitely a bit colder. But I was running in shorts/vest/t-shirt at the weekend (and I even warmed up after two miles! - bonus!!)

CW - lots of training going on I see. Hope you had a good time at the weekend celebrating Mrs CW's birthday.

Em - yes, I had my first ice-scraping session a few mornings ago. Thank goodness for my heated windscreen - it makes short work of it.

Yvonne - glad you enjoyed the Sodbury Slog - sounds like you need some old gear to wear for that (and a complete set of dry clothes in the car to change into). A new tech t-shirt is good - is it a 'tasteful' colour like the dayglo orange and yellow ones I've got recently from my Ridgeway Runs in 2013 and 2014?

My sore neck and shoulders eventually sorted themselves out. I went out on Sunday and did 7mls - would have liked to have done more but after a bit of a break am having to slowly build back up to 10ml runs. I was working from home today and on 'lates' with a 9:30am start. So I went out before breakfast and did 3mls around town.

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 04/11/2014 at 18:02

Hi everyone - apologies (yet again) for my non-appearance for a few days.

HS - you were asking if I had any races planned? Apart from the Bath HM in Mar 2015, I have nothing else pencilled in.

Matsmum - you mentioned the improved style meant your knees and hip hurt for a few days. No knee problems for me but I did notice my left hip area was slightly 'tight' (can't think of better way to describe it) which I put down to the change of style.

Columba - you mentioned the MOT news was bad (£550). My car had its 100k service and also had the cambelt/aux drive belts replaced and a new front tyre. The bill (£600) was just as expensive as I expected.

Exhausted - smiled at your husband wielding his magic sponge after you banged your knee and you reckoning you have footballer's legs

BIW - counting the days to 19th Dec at present and I bet and as it gets closer you'll be counting the hours! Sounds like you have plenty of plans to stop yourself getting bored when you finish work.

DianaD - great photos of HS and yourself.

I see congratulations are in order for Red, HS & DianaD for their respective race results - and well done Red for winning a trophy.

I went out on Sunday and hoped to do 10mls. But my legs didn't have it in them so I headed back home and only did just over 7mls. I won't be running for a few days - my neck and shoulders are stiff and I don't want to aggravate anything. I think the stiffness/soreness are due to some rather over-enthusiastic leaf sweeping and raking on Saturday!

GULP just entered my first half marathon

Posted: 04/11/2014 at 17:24

Em - nice to hear from you. My previous Pb for 10K had been 63 mins (ran at Corsham with B&T). I was watching the clock all the way round at Swindon 10K. I got to 9k and knew I was in with a chance of under an hour so just went for it! Yep - I also enjoy overtaking the 'speedy gonzales' types who set off too fast early on

Toby - well done re 15 miler

I won't be running for a few days. I have a stiff neck & shoulders from some rather over-enthusiastic leaf sweeping and raking at the weekend. Don't want to aggravate anything so will take a few days off running. But will then get back to 3x runs per week and try and continue doing 10ml LSR's at the weekend so I have a good base for Bath in Mar 2015.

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