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'Mature' runners.

Posted: 29/11/2015 at 13:05

A flying visit from yours truly as I need to be in the kitchen soon to start cooking Mrs WM's late Sunday roast - we're having a mid-afternoon dinner as we had a late breakfast and we're out later.

HS - congratulations on your bling! Mrs Wm loves opera and I allow myself to be 'dragged along' to it occasionally.

Columba - smiled at you 'running off' the cake. I'm sure Mrs Wm uses the holes in bottom method of 'feeding' her cakes. Congrats btw on winning the member of the month competition on Fetch.

Red - well done re marathon #57.

Matsmum - glad you didn't mention any plot lines when you said about 'The Bridge' (we record the whole series and watch it over several nights).

I decided to spend my recent windfall (£100 from the Halifax Savers prize draw) on some new running shoes. I had ordered some new Saucony Guide 8 shoes from the local store and they phoned to say they had arrived. So I DID venture into town on Friday. When I went to pay I was pleasantly surprised to find I had been given a 30% 'Black Friday' discount (down from £110 to £77) so I spent the remainder on some new Hilly socks (and they were on a 3-for-2 offer as well). Pure luck I went shopping on the right day to get those bargains.

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 24/11/2015 at 18:38

Sorry its been a week since my last visit (see below for my excuses!).

Exhausted - I enjoyed correcting the Independent journo. I wasn't surprised to see this week they didn't make any mention their own error! I have my ipod on 'shuffle' and every now and then a track comes on that takes me back to my 'yoof'.

HS - glad to hear so many turned up for last week's club run despite the gales.

Red - I had an afghan coat during my 'weekend hippy' phase in my late teens - can't remember when I got rid of it. HS mentioned flares and clogs as well - my flares are long gone but I recently found the clogs again when we moved house a few months back.

BIW - as we've discussed before, I can listen to most types of music but like you, modern jazz leaves me cold. Margaret has been making xmas cakes and puddings recently and has been feeding them booze!

Have had a busy few days as mentioned above. Lunch with friends, a vineyard & wine-tasting trip, visiting family, playing golf .. and today, fixing Margaret's laptop  Outlook stopped receiving Hotmail messages and I've spent all day on it. I eventually tried re-installing Outlook and took the option to do a 'repair' instead - and now the messages are arriving okay. However, we are now getting two copies each time (sigh...) 

I did manage to fit in three runs in the last week - just some quick 3/4ml tempo runs around town as that's all I had time for!

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 17/11/2015 at 11:11

HS - yes, the recovery disks are backups. If the hard drive crashed, you could use them (6 dvds) to re-install Windows 8.1 and the pre-loaded software. It did it all for me - I just had to click where necessary and load a new dvd every 30 mins. I had an email reply from the Independent saying "Oops - well spotted, bad mistake on our part". I would assume they will cancel your club session tonight due to the forecasted high winds.

Red - glad to hear you are on the road to recovery and your voice is putting in an appearance again. 

I've just been out for a run. I repeated the 3ml route I did last Tuesday and pushed the pace along again (10.33 9.29 9.43). The wind was starting to get up and there was a bit of drizzle in the air. Now back home and waiting for the wind and rain to arrive.

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 16/11/2015 at 21:37

Red - (rubs cheek from virtual smack). Joking aside, I hope you recover your voice soon.

BIW - love the fact your dogs recognise where they usually get out of the car. Mmmm .. beer casserole.

HS - well done re your race result (despite those conditions) and (hopefully) getting some bling in the post! The only prizes I've ever been in with a chance of winning have been 'spot' prizes - mind you, I've never won any of those either.

Exhausted - in Saturday's Independent a journo was praising vintage rock 'anoraks' who correct various errors. He mentioned a couple of recent things the BBC had got wrong. I turned the page to see an article about Scarlet Page (Jimmy Page's daughter) and how when she was growing up, various famous rockers would drop by including Jeff Beck and Stevie Winward. I took great delight in emailing him today to point out their own error!! Re old music, I remember my Dad being off work and when I got home he told me he liked the Santana 'Abraxas' album he had been playing - I like to think it was the cover probably caught his eye at first!

RF - lets' hope HS will be able to emulate your exploits now he's in the MV70+ category.

At the weekend I managed to create some recovery disks for Margaret's laptop (had needed doing but had been putting it off). While that was chugging away I was downloading map updates for the satnav on my desktop (multi-tasking .. gasp!). Each job took around 3 hours but they're done (phew).

I was out again today so no running for me - the plan is to go out again tomorrow morning.

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 13/11/2015 at 14:40

Red - I'll do whatever Margaret (Mrs WM) tells me to do with the leaves! Sorry - but chuckled at the Darth Vader comparison.

Matsmum - 10mls is a target I've set myself but I'm not training for any races so I'll just build up gradually. Your story about shopping with daughters is why I invariably go shopping on my own - I see what I'm looking for, I buy it and head home.

BIW - re my comment above to Matsmum, I obviously need to have a word with John! Well done re the early bird swimming.

Red - I see I need to have a word with Mike after I've spoken to John!! Tried a hot toddy yet?

HS - good luck for Sunday.

BIW - re Children In Need, it's Dermot O'Leary who is taking over from Terry Wogan for tonight.

The stuff from PC World arrived at lunchtime but I also had to wait for an Amazon delivery and that didn't turn up until 5pm. As I missed yesterday's run and we're busy on Sunday I did my weekend 'long' run today. Only 6.5mls but further than before. It was wet and windy first thing but I managed to get out and complete my run during one of the sunny interludes - ahhhh, smug mode!  

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 12/11/2015 at 12:11

Forgot to add .. assuming the PC World delivery is early enough in the day I'll be able to go out for a run later. I'm still waiting for the email that's supposed to tell me when the delivery will take place!

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 12/11/2015 at 12:09

Exhausted - well done re your 11 mile run. Now I'm back running regularly I'm hoping to build my LSR's back up to 10mls again. Hmmm .. spells cast by mystical druids to drain runner's energy .. 

BIW - didn't know about Shani. I'm not a dog-lover by any means but would be keen to catch anyone despicable enough to poison one.

HS - agree re faster sessions. Its too easy to go out of the door and plod around a route so I promised myself I'll add some variety to my training. No, I didn't see the Beatles programme but I think it was one of those "Greatest Ever .." countdown programmes with 'celebs' talking about their favourite track which didn't really appeal to me.

Red - were you tempted to leave said meeting and when the others complained tell them YOU were there at the agreed time? This evening I am planning to go to the AGM of the local Rambler's group. I've not walked with them yet and this will be the first time I've met any of them. Needless to say to avoid volunteering for anything I shall be sitting on my hands! Sorry to hear the asthma has returned. No, I'm not training for any particular PB. I would just like to be a little faster generally over shorter distances and not always drop into default 'plod' mode.

I did some cross-training yesterday. I went out and swept up all the leaves. I filled our green bin (which is emptied tomorrow morning) and have three black sacks of leaves ready and waiting to fill it up again.

I'm currently waiting for two things I ordered yesterday from PC World to be delivered. The first is a wireless keyboard/mouse combo for my laptop (Margaret already has one and thinks its wonderful. The second is some Powerline adapters for Margaret's laptop. The Powerline adapters are a nifty way of getting a broadband connection via a power socket and we need them as the wi-fi in our study can sometimes be a bit flaky.

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 10/11/2015 at 17:42

Columba (for your return from 'that' London) - we used the tourist buses which loop around Barcelona to get to the various sights then jumped off and wore out our shoe leather!

Exhausted - I followed your link and see what you mean about that window in Buckfast Abbey. Sorry to hear about the problems with the neighbour - I think other people's suggestion of an invite for coffee is a good first step.

HS - my lazy-ish afternoon yesterday was spent playing golf. It was windy but it stayed dry .. and I won for a change!

BIW - sounds like Charlie is just being a bit lazy to start with.

Matsmum - (whistles Dixon of Dock Green theme). I usually get smiles and people moving out of the way when running .. that little 'git' was hopefully a one-off. Probably just me but 'Barcelona' was one of the Freddie Mercury tracks I never did like.

The tree man and his team were here first thing. They ground out the stumps of the two conifers and diseased apple tree we chopped down a couple of months ago. They also gave next door's tree (overhanging branches) and our beech (getting too big) a haircut. I took a few boxes of stuff to the local recycling centre after they had been and gone. Then after lunch I did a 3ml run. Having plodded round town a couple of times (4mls, 5mls) today I did a shorter, faster run. It's been a while since I've seen 9-something mile splits and I was still glowing a bit even after I had cooled off and showered.

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 08/11/2015 at 17:17

HS - the holiday was lovely thanks. Lots of lazing around and reading, trips to the beach, walks into town for lunch and a day-trip around Fuerteventura and a 'volcano tour' on Lanzarote thrown in for good measure. My car doesn't have a name either!

Exhausted - on our recent trip 'oop north' we visited York Minster and Durham Cathedral. I tried taking photos of the stained-glass windows but they didn't come out

Columba - I did manage to take a photo of a stained-glass window in the Sagrada Familia (Barcelona) which I'm pleased with. But like Exhausted & HS, I think RW will complain it's too large if I try and post it here. There's a 'family' triangle between ourselves in Cheltenham, Tring (Herts) and Bloxham (Oxon) - we take it in turns to host lunch once every few months rather than meet in the middle.

I went out for a run this morning - can't get over the fact I can still run in shorts and a short-sleeved t-shirt in November. Because of my three week layoff, I just stuck to 5mls today. I'll start building up the distance of my long runs over the next few weeks.

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 06/11/2015 at 17:52

Hi everyone. I'm back from Fuerteventura and slowly adjusting from the hot sunny days I had become accustomed to (28 degrees) to the UK's cloudy wet ones (17 degrees).

Some thoughts after having skimmed through the postings while I've been away ..

BIW - sorry to hear you need your other hip done. Margaret had her left one done in 2000 but so far (fingers crossed) it has not worn out and needed replacing and her other hip is fine too. Glad to see you got your computer sorted (scroll bars). Never heard of that conker trick for spiders but I shall try it.

Red - an answer to my lack of upper body strength may have turned up - a local gym offering cheap (£10/mth) off-peak (9am - 3pm) membership.

HS - glad you weren't taken in by that phishing email about a so-called virus. I see you posted some good 'action' shots of you at your race.

Matsmum - welcome back - and good luck with building up to 2017's marathon. BTW, I didn't understand the reference to the 84th problem either until Exhausted explained it! I see Red is 60  in 2017 and you'll be 70 - I'm in the middle as I'll be 65 that year.

Columba - if my boiler had a name (it doesn't) it would probably be Betty.

Re calls about PC 'problems' .. if I have time I 'play along' for a bit then tell them there is someone at the door and leave the phone on the table until they get bored (I do the same with other unwanted callers). My favourite story was someone who said he pretended to start following the instructions then said the hard drive had started to run a defrag - he v-e-r-y slowly said its at 1% .. 2% .. 3% ..until they eventually got the message he was winding them up and hung up. At least doing things like that wastes their time and stops them hassling anyone else.

I saw several postings about U3A. Margaret had mentioned people organise themselves into groups depending on their area of interest. She has also told me to look into the WEA (Worker's Educational Association?) to see what's available with them (but I gather future funding may be cut which will have a drastic effect).

I ran 4mls earlier - my first run for over three weeks. It went fine but I should steer clear of running when the schools are turning out. An obnoxious little t**t tried to trip me up as I passed him - I shouted over my shoulder as I ran on telling him I thought he was a stupid little w****r 

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