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'Mature' runners.

Posted: 07/12/2016 at 16:01

Hi everyone

HS - happy (belated) birthday. Thanks for confirming there ARE hills in the Tailwind Heartbreaker (snigger)

Red - well done for completing your 52 in 52 challenge. One compost bin isn't enough for Margaret - as at our last house, we are up to three now.

As it was a lovely mild sunny day, I decided to run this afternoon instead of with the club later this evening. I only did 4mls - fingers crossed I can get out again on Friday for a longer run.

I see Red is putting up xmas decorations and HS is writing xmas cards. We have a xmas tree but it's in the garage. I've got our cards and decorations out but neither of us have written any cards yet (and the decorations won't go up until xmas week). We are having a family get-together on Sunday and I have bought everyone's presents - but they aren't wrapped yet!

*waves* to Columba and anyone else who pops by ..

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 04/12/2016 at 17:13

Hi everyone

Columba - glad it's not just me being a wimp and wearing tracksters!

HS - re losing posts, please do what I do. Write your thoughts in Notepad .. when you're done, Ctrl-A to 'select all text', Ctrl-C to 'copy all' and on the RW forum Ctrl-V to 'paste' .. it will save you a lot of frustration!!

JB6 - happy 39th anniversary in advance. I registered our 'anniversary' on the Beefeater website, hence the free bottle of wine. We had £15 of money-off vouchers as well so it was a cheap meal for us.

HS (again) - I must ask. Are there any hills at the Tailwind Heartbreaker?

DeltaD - welcome to the thread. Please join in with the 'banter' and you'll get some good advice re training. I don't have any 'energy' tablets before I run - but I sometimes take them during a long run in the Summer months and/or have one afterwards if I'm feeling washed out.

I didn't run today - I'm trying to be 'good' and restrict my running to weekdays so that we can go walking at weekends or I can help out around the garden. Today I installed an additional compost bin as Margaret had filled the other one up.

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 02/12/2016 at 16:45

Hi everyone - I've tried getting on here a few times over the last couple of days without success but it seems to be working for me again now.

Red - poo picking again eh? You know how to live! Well done re beating your estimates at the Deal marathons. Fingers crossed you manage to complete your 52 in 52 without any problems.

HS - it is nice to feel my fitness coming back every time I run. Well done re your Hayling 10ml result (and impressive WAVA). I see you wore tracksters - I must confess my shorts have been at the back of the draw for a couple of weeks now (just me being a bit of a wimp as I've not 'experimented' with continuing to wear shorts when it turns cold).

JB6 - nice bit of 'stalking' there of our HS (in the nicest possible way!) and to read he dragged you along the last half-mile of the race.

Columba - my uphill overtaking is partly due to taking it steady over the previous 4.5mls but don't let the 'overtakees' know that! Good luck in advance with seeing the specialist in (that) London and hope he can help and advise.

I didn't manage to run last weekend so went out on Monday instead and did a 4ml route around town. I ran with the fartlek group at my club on Wednesday. We repeated the same 5ml route as in previous weeks and it was nice to see a small improvement in time - I even managed to overtake a few people in the final few hundred yards again. We're changing venue from next week and will be at Cheltenham FC's ground - its the 'right' side of town for me and not as far to drive.

Re my garage diy project, I got some plywood (rather than mdf) for the shelves but I'm still on the hunt for l-shaped brackets for fixing the shelving to the worktop and fixing the worktop legs to the garage floor. 

Not being married, today is Margaret and my 'anniversary' - its 14 years since we first met for a drink so we've been out for lunch. We had a free bottle of wine but as I was driving, we didn't drink it all and brought the remainder home to polish off later this evening.

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 26/11/2016 at 13:53

Hi everyone - oops, another two weeks flown by since I was here

Red - the bite/swelling has all gone now thanks but I'm still waking up with a sore throat which disappears once I've had my morning cuppa. Umm .. I see you just had the odd one or six marathons planned then  It should be one down, one doing and four to go as I write this. Ooh - get you going to the cinema in the morning - you devil.

HS - glad to hear your club sessions are getting more popular. Also glad to hear your race went off without incident in the end - and well done for getting your revenge on your nemesis and beating him.

Columba - sounds like you've been busy with baby/dog-sitting etc. in (that) London .. shame about catching a cold.

DBI - like the sound of your 'mysterious night'.

Exhausted - congrats on journeying to grandparent land for the first time.

I've been playing in the garden this morning and have filled five dustbin liners full with leaves. I've put them behind the shed and made some perforations in the sides of the bags - hopefully by next year we'll have lots of leaf mulch to spread around the borders.

I've managed to build my worktop in the garage. Margaret tried shaking it and it didn't move an inch so she's pronounced it fit for purpose! I need to fit some edging strips and make a trip to Wickes for some l-shaped brackets to screw the legs to the floor - I'll get some mdf for the shelving while I'm there but otherwise it's ready to go.

Back on topic, I went out with my club on Wednesday and ran with the 5ml fartlek group. I was at the back most of the time but my fitness is slowly coming back after my enforced three week break and towards the end when we have an uphill section, I was overtaking a couple of the speed merchants who were flagging by then. Hoping to get out tomorrow morning and do a 5/6 mile run.

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 14/11/2016 at 16:03

Hi everyone,

I see it's been almost three weeks since I was last here but there's not been much going on in Wtnmel world. The day after my last post the back of my left hand swelled up and got very itchy. The pharmacist advised it was an allergic reaction to an insect bite (gardening?). I was taking anti-allergy pills for a week or so - weak ones to begin with but when they weren't having any effect, stronger ones which made me very drowsy so I was unable to drive. 

Having got rid of the swollen hand I came down with a stinker of a cold and seemed to spend all my time sneezing, blowing my nose and drying my runny eyes. The cold had gone away by the beginning of last week and once my 'tubes' weren't so blocked up I was finally able to get out for my first run for several weeks and managed 4 miles, albeit quite slowly. I went out again yesterday and did 5 miles and it wasn't quite such a struggle.

Having attempted to catch up and read back over several pages of posts ..

HS - lots of good training going on with you as ever I see.

Red - I trust you have recovered from your tumbles at the Vegan Day Challenge and the injuries have healed and aches and pains have gone away.

Columba - the nearest I've ever got to dry-stone walling was sorting out the front wall of our garden this summer (partly taking it apart to remove some plants growing through then re-building it).

Aquarius - Margaret has a leaf-blower/sucker which certainly speeded things up when I had a go at our leaves recently. Needless to say, a few days later, there are just as many new ones on the ground.

Our electrician was finally here last week and did several small jobs we've been waiting on for a few months. He fitted an extractor fan in the kitchen and a small heater in new en-suite cupboard (which now becomes an airing cupboard). He converted the bathroom radiator to dual-fuel and fitted a new dining room light fitting. In the outside garage, he fitted some extra power sockets and a second light switch (to save stumbling in the dark to the other end). And (drum roll ..) he ran a 35A power cable out to the garage and wired in my sauna.

My next diy 'project' is to make sense of our garage which is basically a bit of a tip with stuff all over the floor. I have some shelving to erect and a large piece of plywood to use as a 'worktop' with shelving on it so that will keep me out of mischief for a while. My main problem at the moment is there is so much stuff everywhere I can't use my treadmill. I would dearly love to keep hold of my treadmill (I'm not sure how much use it will get) but I sometimes think it takes up too much of the available space. Ho Hum ..

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 25/10/2016 at 16:03

Hi everyone,

Red - re losing posts, do what I do and prepare in Notepad then copy/paste it into RW. Huge congrats on reaching 100 marathons. I hardly ever go out walking these days without my poles - so much easier both uphill and downhill. Mmmm .. chips (but ruined with curry sauce imho ). Good luck with the 52 in 52 challenge.

HS - hadn't realised your fancy phone had fingerprint recognition .. I've only recently got round to adding a security code to my smartphone.

DBI - glad to see my idea that aquabike was like a spin class but with added effort to cope with the water was on the right lines. Re tri club aerobics, I'd wager it's you getting fitter rather than it being easier. Sorry to hear your sad news about one of your tri club ladies.

Columba - glad to hear you were able to run with your club and your knee behaved itself. Uh-oh, just seen your later post where you mentioned it was reproaching you

RF - always good to help celebrate other's birthdays.

Aquarius - good to see you back. I've had orthotics in the past but these days (touch wood) don't need to use them.

My eye test revealed I needed new reading glasses - picked them up at the weekend. I can now use my old ones for outside/garage and the 'old old' ones can be dumped (or shouldn't that be HAVE been dumped!)

I've recently registered with a local dentist - had my first check-up last week and there were no surprises apart from the size of the bill.

I also went to the doctor's as my ears have been getting blocked lately. The nurse checked and sent me away to use olive oil for a couple of weeks to soften the wax. I'm due back there next Tue to get them syringed but the olive oil is already helping.

I mentioned my sore glutes after the over-enthusiastic gardening. That went away and I was able to run with my club last Wed eve. But I've done nothing since then as we've had workers here for several days (scaffolders first, then Anglian to fit new gutters - and carpenters at the same time fitting a cupboard in our en-suite). We had asbestos in our soffits so we also had some specialists here removing it on Fri complete with coveralls, breathing equipment and a portable shower to clean off afterwards.

The gutter men finished late this morning so I've just got back from playing bowls. Playing 9 (18?) holes of golf tomorrow morning and if I have the energy, should be running with the club tomorrow evening.

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 17/10/2016 at 14:41

Hi everyone

HS - you would probably love the Ridgeway Run course - a bit of everything and enough changes of terrain to keep you (literally) on your toes. Thankfully no rain this year unlike your mudfest! Hope you get to the bottom of your phone problems. I sometimes get taken back to page 1 of this thread as well - very odd. I keep trying to find re-runs of Star Trek Voyager as I used to watch it regularly but missed the season 7 finale.

Red - you are right of course about 'resistance is futile' being a Borg thing. I was thinking of the Vogon who was marching around carrying Arthur and Ford away to throw them off the spaceship. Good luck with your forthcoming marathons.

DBI - that aquabiking sounds like hard work (in a good way). I'm a SF fan as well by the way - have been enjoying Alastair Reynolds books over recent years. Shame about Nemo showing his age a bit.

Columba - hope your break seeing family in London was enjoyable. Sounds like the 'Huntington Chase' was good fun - chuckled at the men in drag ("My name is Emily Sir and I'm a lay-dee!").

The call to Tesco re my iffy Hudl was 'interesting'. They basically said too bad and no refund will be forthcoming. The 'interesting' part was the explanation of the formula they use (allegedly used by all other retailers). When the 1 year warranty runs out, the device is deemed to be worth 50% of its purchase cost. After 2 years, it is deemed to be worth nothing at all.

No running for me at the moment. I got a bit carried away at the weekend and have had sore glutes. I cut both the lawns, raked them both afterwards, then swept up all the leaves around the house. My own fault for trying to do too much at once and not doing any regular stretching/core work - when will I ever learn! My back is better than it was yesterday so fingers crossed I can go out running with the club on Wed evening.

Off to the opticians in a bit to get my eyes checked - I tried to find the test results from last time (3-4 years ago) but they seem to have been mislaid during the house move.

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 11/10/2016 at 18:53

Have an 'action' photo from Sunday's race on me. No charge!



'Mature' runners.

Posted: 11/10/2016 at 18:51

Hi everyone

HS - glad to hear you've surmounted most of your techie problems. Sorry to hear you were 'robbed' of your 1st place at your race.

Columba - my race on Sunday was using chips for the first time and the results do seem to be in that order, rather than gun time.

Red - glad to hear you're managing to keep Mike under control! Re the knitting & stitching show - 'resistance is futile' is cribbed from H2G2 if I'm not mistaken (Hitchhikers Guide ..)

DBI - had a chuckle at you beating John. Re aquabiking, don't blame you attacking the cake afterwards!

Had great weather on Sunday for my Ridgeway Run. No PB this year as the delays at around 1.3mls where we cross the road onto a narrow footpath seemed worse than in the past. I should probably go a bit quicker at the start to not be behind so many, but I always worry I'll blow up and not have enough energy at the end of the race. Anyway, my time of 1:45:24 was only a minute or so slower than my previous best time.

Re techie problems, my 2yr old Tesco Hudl tablet appears to have given up the ghost. The good news was, when I rang Tesco they mentioned an out-of-warranty repair/refund straight away. I had already browsed t'internet and it seems they've had lots of similar problems so fingers crossed I get a good deal from them.

I've been very industrious this afternoon. After not bothering for over a year (since we moved) I've finally (finally!) got round to contacting the local optician and dentist and arranged an eye test and check-up. I also went to the doctor and arranged an appointment to get my ears seen to (keep getting blocked up and self-administered stuff doesn't seem to be working).

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 06/10/2016 at 20:52

I've not updated my blog yet with details of our 'grand tour' or sorted through my photos properly. But while we were on a coast walk between Hunstanton and Holme-next-the-Sea, we came across this carving. Its connected to a story about St Edmund being beheaded and the monks finding his body and then later, finding the head being guarded by a wolf.

DBI - when I saw this carving I immediately thought of you ..



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