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'Mature' runners.

Posted: 17/10/2016 at 14:41

Hi everyone

HS - you would probably love the Ridgeway Run course - a bit of everything and enough changes of terrain to keep you (literally) on your toes. Thankfully no rain this year unlike your mudfest! Hope you get to the bottom of your phone problems. I sometimes get taken back to page 1 of this thread as well - very odd. I keep trying to find re-runs of Star Trek Voyager as I used to watch it regularly but missed the season 7 finale.

Red - you are right of course about 'resistance is futile' being a Borg thing. I was thinking of the Vogon who was marching around carrying Arthur and Ford away to throw them off the spaceship. Good luck with your forthcoming marathons.

DBI - that aquabiking sounds like hard work (in a good way). I'm a SF fan as well by the way - have been enjoying Alastair Reynolds books over recent years. Shame about Nemo showing his age a bit.

Columba - hope your break seeing family in London was enjoyable. Sounds like the 'Huntington Chase' was good fun - chuckled at the men in drag ("My name is Emily Sir and I'm a lay-dee!").

The call to Tesco re my iffy Hudl was 'interesting'. They basically said too bad and no refund will be forthcoming. The 'interesting' part was the explanation of the formula they use (allegedly used by all other retailers). When the 1 year warranty runs out, the device is deemed to be worth 50% of its purchase cost. After 2 years, it is deemed to be worth nothing at all.

No running for me at the moment. I got a bit carried away at the weekend and have had sore glutes. I cut both the lawns, raked them both afterwards, then swept up all the leaves around the house. My own fault for trying to do too much at once and not doing any regular stretching/core work - when will I ever learn! My back is better than it was yesterday so fingers crossed I can go out running with the club on Wed evening.

Off to the opticians in a bit to get my eyes checked - I tried to find the test results from last time (3-4 years ago) but they seem to have been mislaid during the house move.

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 11/10/2016 at 18:53

Have an 'action' photo from Sunday's race on me. No charge!



'Mature' runners.

Posted: 11/10/2016 at 18:51

Hi everyone

HS - glad to hear you've surmounted most of your techie problems. Sorry to hear you were 'robbed' of your 1st place at your race.

Columba - my race on Sunday was using chips for the first time and the results do seem to be in that order, rather than gun time.

Red - glad to hear you're managing to keep Mike under control! Re the knitting & stitching show - 'resistance is futile' is cribbed from H2G2 if I'm not mistaken (Hitchhikers Guide ..)

DBI - had a chuckle at you beating John. Re aquabiking, don't blame you attacking the cake afterwards!

Had great weather on Sunday for my Ridgeway Run. No PB this year as the delays at around 1.3mls where we cross the road onto a narrow footpath seemed worse than in the past. I should probably go a bit quicker at the start to not be behind so many, but I always worry I'll blow up and not have enough energy at the end of the race. Anyway, my time of 1:45:24 was only a minute or so slower than my previous best time.

Re techie problems, my 2yr old Tesco Hudl tablet appears to have given up the ghost. The good news was, when I rang Tesco they mentioned an out-of-warranty repair/refund straight away. I had already browsed t'internet and it seems they've had lots of similar problems so fingers crossed I get a good deal from them.

I've been very industrious this afternoon. After not bothering for over a year (since we moved) I've finally (finally!) got round to contacting the local optician and dentist and arranged an eye test and check-up. I also went to the doctor and arranged an appointment to get my ears seen to (keep getting blocked up and self-administered stuff doesn't seem to be working).

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 06/10/2016 at 20:52

I've not updated my blog yet with details of our 'grand tour' or sorted through my photos properly. But while we were on a coast walk between Hunstanton and Holme-next-the-Sea, we came across this carving. Its connected to a story about St Edmund being beheaded and the monks finding his body and then later, finding the head being guarded by a wolf.

DBI - when I saw this carving I immediately thought of you ..



'Mature' runners.

Posted: 06/10/2016 at 20:45

Hi everyone

I've not managed to catch up with the posts I missed while we were away so I'll just pick up again from here on in ..

Columba - sadly I was taking photos at the skinny-dip rather than appearing in them. Although I suppose I may pop up in someone else's photos. I'll keep you posted

DBI - I did try being vegetarian for about 6 months when I was in my twenties (out of curiosity). But I don't see me doing without meat anytime soon.

Red - sorry to hear about all the problems with Mike's health scares but sounds like things are (sort of) back to normal?

HS - hope you head is less fuddled now after your visit to the o2 guru.

I went out with my running club last night. I was in the 9:30mm-ish 'fartlek' group (the 'slow' group is too slow for me). The fartlek group works by stopping at pre-set points and the faster runners have to run back and tuck in behind the 'sweeper' at the back. As I have my race on Sunday I ran at an easy 11min/mile pace so spent most of the run at the back (and was 'sweeper' sometimes as well).

The weather looks like it may be okay for Sunday - there's a possibility of showers/rain so fingers crossed it stays dry. I'm going to aim for 1h 40m - my previous best on the 9.7ml course is 1h 43m.

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 02/10/2016 at 21:48

Hi everyone,

I'm back from my travels. We got back on Monday but I've been busy playing catch-up ever since and have another busy few days this coming week. We had a great time travelling around the country. I kept a journal and fully intend to do some blogs about where we went and what we got up to but haven't had time yet.

The skinny dip was huge fun (as ever) and the sea was surprisingly warm - I think we have the hot spells earlier this year to thank for that. No beautiful sunrise at the dip this year but the most dippers ever (approx. 450), so the organiser Jax will be sending MIND a biq cheque as a result. I see HS was asking if I'll be creating a new avatar to celebrate the dip - I think I might get banned if I do that!

I went out and ran 10 miles this morning - that's my last long training run before next Sunday's Ridgeway Run race (9.7ml). If the weather next Sunday is like it was this morning (blue skies, sunshine) all the better.

I'll have a proper read back and catch up with what's been happening over the next few days ..

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 08/09/2016 at 15:25

Hi everyone,

I thought it was time I stopped by! Like the rest of you, I noticed the thread disappear a few days ago but see it's now back and have it on 'followed threads' in case the same thing happens again. Looking back through the posts since I was last here ..

HS - still no sign of any Win10 anniversary update for me. Not noticed any changes either so will wait and see.

Matsmum - my race is on Sun 9th Oct .. we're making a weekend of it by travelling up on Fri, seeing relatives on Sat, having a meal with my family on Sat eve then they'll come and cheer me on at the race (they can park at the 3ml & 6ml points). BTW, round up your run to 4.5mls .. I won't tell anyone I've had the same thing of going off fast, walking a bit and the end result is the same time as a slower run on the same route. Fingers crossed you are right with your self-diagnosis of your chest pain. Nope, I don't have a fitbit but I noticed my Garmin 230 can keep track of steps and presumably log them on Garmin Connect?

Redhead - tsk tsk re giving yourself a hangover and 4 cups of coffee not helping the situation .. glad to see you did your penance with a wet run and you must be hoping no-one has video evidence of your dancing. Speaking of which, did you see Ruth's dancing on FB Live a few days ago? HS's later post reminded me of a weekend I went on where the fancy dress theme was 'France'. I used an old sheet and went as an envelope with an address in French (a french letter you see). There were a number of 'dancing girls' and they lined them all up and made them do the can-can (which was when we discovered which of them were wearing stockings).

Exhausted - shame we don't get to see any photo of you (apart from the avatar one which may or may not be you!)

Deezel - congrats on your cricket teams getting promotion and you being made club president.

I managed a 10ml run last weeked so am happy to have 'gone the distance' before race day. I was out with the club last night for another 6ml run on grass and trails on the hills above Cheltenham.

I'll probably be 'offline' for most of the next couple of weeks as tomorrow we head off on our 'grand tour' of Brentwood, Norwich, Hunstanton, Lincoln, Whitby and Ashington. Our holiday culminates in the North East Skinny Dip at Druridge Bay on Sun 25th Sep on behalf of MIND. Jax is the organiser of the dip and has asked us to spread the word to all our friends - so there! Jax says this should be the biggest dip yet if advance interest is anything to go by. So fingers crossed for another glorious sunrise as we all strip off, run down the beach starkers and dip in the sea - it should be huge fun (if a tad chilly!) 


'Mature' runners.

Posted: 01/09/2016 at 11:48

HS - my training seems to be going well so far- fingers crossed I have a good race on the day. Well done re Sun's 14ml run and Mon's 10ml run. Don't think I could manage two long runs on consecutive days. Well done to Alice re her race result - I remember walking past Didcot & Harwell when we walked the Ridgeway Path - wonder if her race went anywhere near the trail. Nope - I've never heard of "On" trainers either. If there's a Win 10 anniversary upgrade it's either happened and I didn't notice or it's there waiting for me.

DBI - cheese sandwiches - yes; jam sandwiches - yes; cheese & jam sandwiches - nooooo As I recall various 'experts' have been extolling the virtues of a Mediterranean diet for a long time - good to hear the medical profession agreeing with them. I'm sure you'll manage to 'persuade' John about doing the race in Vichy

Exhausted - well done re your 'nifty' 10 miler - not sure any of my runs could ever be describes as nifty

Aquarius - maybe you should have asked to see the captain's cabin to compare & contrast with Steve's! Yes - yuck, re midges in ears, eyes and mouth.

Columba - sounds like you had an enjoyable time in Brizzle (as the 'locals' assured me it was pronounced when I worked there).

Matsmum - good to see you back and sorry to hear about your problems - hope you can continue to run or exercise while not over-doing things (if that's not a contradiction in terms). Will it improve over time or is it something you'll have to live with now?

Deezel - when I was working I used to use my tea breaks and lunch times to catch up on RW. Re falling asleep in bed reading the paper, waking up and being awake for a couple of hours - apparently in the past it was the 'fashion' to have a sleep, wake up, get up and do things, then go back to bed and sleep again.

Red - good to see you back .. as you'll see we've all been worried about you. Good to find out the reason for you disappearing after the scare with Mike and truly hope all works out well and its benign.

I'm having a 'quiet' day today. On Tuesday I staked a couple of trees and moved around and tidied up the raspberries in our (cough) 'orchard' at the end of the garden. I put some new posts and wires up for the raspberries, pruned this year's growth and tied in all this year's growth - they've never looked so neat and tidy. Yesterday I cut back the laurel at the end of the garden (approx 15 yards of hedge along the back fence and around the garden shed) as it was encroaching into the garden and had grown ten feet tall in places. Now I've cut it back I can get to the shed to give it a coat of weatherproofing before the Winter. The green waste bin was already full so I filled one of those 1-tonne bags builders merchants use to deliver sand/soil and it had to go straight down to the nearby recycling centre.

Then yesterday evening I did a 6ml run on Cleeve Hill and Cleeve Common with my running club. It was such a delight to be running on grass/trails instead of pounding the pavements but it was getting dark as we finished so next week they're planning to start 30 mins earlier at 6:30pm. I must confess the thought did cross my mind of combining my 4ml hill run from last week with last night's run to give me a hilly 10ml run - I reckoin I should try it at least once before race day as it will be a very similar sort of route.

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 28/08/2016 at 14:57

DBI - well done for completing your sprint triathlon. I think a 'comedy tan' is part of being a runner but you're right, triathletes do get better ones than us mere runners Hope you enjoyed your celebration.

HS - you're right of course, I must head up that hill as many times as possible between now and October so that I can deal with the ascents/descents better on race day. It wasn't just a blue face I was sporting you know Well done re the parkrun.

Checked FB but no further update/info from Red ..

Feeling happy at the moment as I managed to run 9.5mls this morning without any problems. Legs are feeling a bit tired but otherwise all okay - so still looking good for my 10ml race. Currently cooking a Sunday roast dinner for Margaret who is playing in the garden. Will be heading off for a swim/sauna this evening followed by a banana sandwich when I get back (part of my post-swim ritual .. yep, I know I'm a bit weird

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 27/08/2016 at 16:12

Red - its true that bowls clubs tend to be full of old people. But at my club, although some members revert to 'type' there are some that don't let their age get in the way of life (if you know what I mean).

HS - not sure the best plans are formulated in pubs .. maybe just the best-sounding ones at the time! Re running style on hills, I'm always surprised how many runners I see on the flat with their arms held high and shoulders hunched. A car is supposed to go in a garage? - news to me! Well done re the track session but boo to Alice being able to lap you twice.

Columba - never heard of a 'vibe cycle' class. Well done re the 4ml run.

Aquarius - that 10k sounds like it was hard work but must have been satisfying to complete. Hope your back recovers soon (or maybe its already okay?). Re those sand strides and running in water, it sounds like you should have been wearing a swimsuit rather than running gear.

Deezel - a few days away from here and there's usually loads to catch up on! I usually stop running, cross the road if possible, then walk past unruly dogs. My worst experience was in Cirencester Park when a Staffordshire bull terrier was off the lead, ran towards me and was jumping up snapping at my arm as I tried to fend it off - the stupid git of an owner (that's me being polite) shouted at it while making no attempt to pull it away. He never apologized either - what an ar$ehole (that's me not being polite).

Decorating the en-suite is a work-in-progress. I've painted the ceiling (only needed one coat - yippee!) and Margaret has started on the walls. I was 'playing' in the garden earlier on but had to scurry indoors when a thunderstorm and torrential rain arrived.

The new freezer has been delivered and put in the garage. Margaret and I have worked out the best combination of shelves above/alongside the freezer which yours truly will fit once the electrician has been to wire in my sauna on Tuesday.

I did manage to find time to do that hill run. I had to stop and walk several times (made a mental note of my first stopping point) but I didn't come to a complete halt anywhere. I began feeling stronger towards the top - after running up to and past the golf club I descended via the main road and a different (but just as steep) lane. A total distance of 4mls with 610 feet of ascent & descent.

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