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'Mature' runners.

Posted: Yesterday at 16:56

Hi everyone

How can it be six days since I last posted? Easter - that's how! So what has everyone been up to? ..

BIW - thought the lake might be too tempting not to swim in it. Cold you say? Seems like whenever I go to Studland (nearest nice bit of coast) the water there
never seems to warm up much. Well done re that 3200m outdoor swim. I've never mastered front crawl despite trying so stick to breaststroke too - obviously need
a better teacher!

Redhead- the look on the judge's face in that photo you posted is a hoot.

Terence - that hill training sounds good. I'll be needing some of that for October (10ml Ridgeway Run in Tring, Herts) which my family will be expecting me to do again and which includes some steep ascents and descents.

Matsmum - great idea re Red's photo. Congrats re recent 45th (sapphire) anniversary. Fish and chips you say - there's a joke there somewhere about having
samphire with your fish. I got the nickname 'Sherpa' when I did the 3 peaks with a couple of friends (at the sedate pace of 1/month) as I was the only one who
had sussed out the route to the top!

Columba - the idea of starting early-morning runs is just that at the moment - an idea! But yes, would be easier to get up and out on summer mornings. Had a chuckle at the 'cows, cows, cows' run. When out walking, I find there is always room for tea and cake.

*waves* to anyone I've missed

I've been slowly increasing my treadmill runs and have dropped the walk intervals I did when I started again. Managed a 3ml run last night at 10:40 mm pace so it finally feels like I am getting back in the groove. Will build up the mileage a little bit more and then will venture outside before I get cabin fever.

C2C update - I sent off the balance cheque yesterday so no going back now! I did two walks in Cirencester Park over the weekend (10ml walk on Friday in sunshine; 11ml walk on Sunday in the rain). Did some hill intervals on Sunday - the hill was not that big and steep but still good practise until I get to the Malvern Hills on 3rd May. I do need to start wearing my new Brasher boots outside now - up to now their use has been limited to treadmill walking while I 'wear them in'.

GULP just entered my first half marathon

Posted: Yesterday at 15:46

Quick update ..

Went on the treadmill last night. Walked for 2 mins then did 3ml run and upped speed each mile (5.5/5.6/5.8 mph) for overall time of 32.07 (avg pace 10:42mm). Feels like I am getting back into the groove Calves were a bit sore afterwards - just my body reminding me to keep on s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g 

GULP just entered my first half marathon

Posted: 22/04/2014 at 16:28

Hi everyone

Yvonne - not chuckling about the comedy tan lines - honest!  Maybe a bit of fake tan to even things out for wedding? Good luck with all of that by the way - sounds like everything is (sort of?) under control. See you couldn't resist entering the VLM ballot

Toby - I should think adjusting from mara training to 10k training will seem a bit odd at first. Oh and see you (and Snowmaiden) have entered the VLM ballot too.

B&T - well done re 8ml run (bearing in mind holiday break and easter egg consumption!). Sorry to hear about sore hips after today's 3ml recovery run.

Planning to jump on the treadmill after work tonight. Will do a 3ml run (or maybe a bit more if time allows and legs are up to it). Hope to get a couple more runs done by the weekend.

C2C update - I have sent off the cheque for the balance so no going back now. I've decided to keep those Brasher boots - not been outside in them yet but happy with them after a couple of sessions on the treadmill. Did two walks in Cirencester Park over the weekend. A 10ml walk on Friday (sunshine) and an 11ml walk on Sunday (rain). On Sunday I walked up and down 'Big Bertha' a few times. She's not as big and steep as the name suggests but she is still good practise.

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 17/04/2014 at 12:55

Hi everyone

DianaD - glad to hear you're back is better too. Well done to your friend with her GFA performance.

BIW - run in woods and swim in lake for dogs sounds good. Ever been tempted to do the same yourself?

Terence - well done re various training (7ml, sprint session, hilly 8mls). I always try and stay relaxed when running and have occasionally tried lifting back leg higher. On the odd occasions I see my reflection the relaxed style never seems to look quite as good as it feels!

JohnnyJ - I used to get pains when I tried to lenghten my pace (as Terence mentions). I now know (from physio treatment for calf) that this was due to lack of correct stretching and specifically my soleus (calf).

Redhead - hopefully you realised I was referring to the wiggle of your bum and not comparing the relative sizes of your's and FW's!

Matsmum - well done re 7ml tempo run .. great mile splits. Sorry - had to chuckle at family unable to cope alone for a few hours.

Exhausted - from where I am coming from, 3:40 is far from a rubbish run and is the stuff of dreams!

Columba - well done re pre-breakfast run with glides. I had a (very!) short phase of doing a 6:30am run. I felt great for the rest of the day and very virtuous. Wish I could have kept myself into that habit.

I did a 2ml treadmill run on Tue eve - would have been further but Mrs Wm had dinner ready. Hoping she'll not be quite so efficient tonight!

Gardening tomorrow - family visit on Saturday (grand-daughter's 3rd birthday) - 11-12ml walk planned for Sunday (C2C training). Haven't decided about Monday yet!

GULP just entered my first half marathon

Posted: 17/04/2014 at 11:49

Yvonne - ahhh, but are they 'comedy' tan lines though Glad to hear you enjoyed parts of the VLM experience but can understand the crowds getting to you. Not having done VLM I always imagine it's would be like the Bath HM crowds but far, far busier.

I'm hoping to have time for another run on my treadmill tonight when I get home. I only did 2mls on Tue evening as Mrs Wm had dinner almost ready. Hoping she won't be quite so efficient tonight

Off to see grand-daughters again on Saturday as it is younger one's 3rd birthday. Then have a long walk planned for Sunday as more training for the C2C walk. Need to try and do 11-12mls and judging by forecast, I'm going to get wet.

GULP just entered my first half marathon

Posted: 14/04/2014 at 14:20

I couldn't take the suspense any longer so texted Yvonne to ask how she did. I won't say any more as I don't want to steal Yvonne's thunder. Let's just say it wasn't her worst run ever

Toby - my back seems to be better (not 100% but much better than it was). So I can start treadmill runs again this week. Good luck to you and Snowmaiden in your new quest. 

I survived the weekend looking after the grand-daughters but was was really worn out last night - slept like a log!

Walking boot update - I've had a couple of 1.5ml walks on the treadmill and they seem to be fine. Not tried them 'for real' outside yet though.

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 14/04/2014 at 13:53

Hi everyone

Redhead - sorry to hear about your transport problems pre-VLM. I recorded the VLM coverage and watched it yesterday evening after the grand-daughters had been collected. Saw your interview early on - with that wiggle you gave you could give Fatima Whitbread a run for her money! Congratulations on the new world record. And you ran again this morning? (gasps) Very impressive.

Matsmum - I've never gone further than 13mls so a 20ml run is nothing to be sniffed at, regardless of time. Obviously still getting to know you all but thoughts are with you re recent anniversary of Matthew's accident. Good pace re that 8ml run with fast bits.

Exhausted - hope your run went well too.

Columba - I did try doing without a TV when I was in my thirties as an experiment. Managed 6 months but was missing seeing the news stories as well as hearing about them so got a new license. Obviously wouldn't be such a problem these days now we have the Interweb-thingy available Glad you got the car fixed.

Terence - great result for that 5k time trial and glad to hear boiler is installed, up and running. Re M&S voucher and buying socks - I'm slightly proud of the fact I purposely don't wear matching pairs (all mine seem to be the ones with coloured toes and heels). Shame M&S don't sell running socks too - maybe we should get people to buy is vouchers for our local running shop instead!

DianaD - back is much better now. Seemed to improve over the weekend after much foam-rollering and stretching.

Now that my back is better I can think of re-starting my treadmill runs. I did manage to do a couple of 1.5ml walks on the treadmill last week wearing my new walking boots. I've now decided they are going to be okay but haven't tried them outside 'for real' yet.

GULP just entered my first half marathon

Posted: 11/04/2014 at 13:30

Yvonne - glad to hear legs and brain are speaking to each other again. Good luck for Sunday. Will be recording the VLM (all 6 hrs worth) and will be keeping an eye out for you. Will be playing "Where's Yvonne" instead of "Where's Wally". Fingers crossed car passes MOT okay.

No running for me yet but planning to walk on treadmill again after work wearing new walking boots.



'Mature' runners.

Posted: 10/04/2014 at 13:21

Hi everyone

Terence - well done re hilly training session and recovery run. Am suitably impressed that a boiler scheduled for delivery (a) did actually arrive (b) arrived at the scheduled time. Re boiler installation and weather now getting warmer - just think of the gas you'll save Hope 5k time trial goes well ..

Matsmum - pssst .. use notepad and copy/paste into RW

Johnny J - back problem is muscular rather than skeletal. Have been using foam roller and it has helped (though getting down onto floor and onto roller was 'interesting' to say the least).

BIW - I see they have 6hrs coverage of the VLM. Will be recording it all in the hope I have time to watch it all. But will also be recording highlights later in the day as it's likely I'll only have time to watch that instead.

Redhead - good luck for VLM on Sunday.

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 09/04/2014 at 08:22

Terence - thanks for exercise tip. I've had a skim through the books I re-discovered on my bookshelf ("Tone Yourself", "The Supple Body", "Core Stability" & "The Pilates Body"). As you can see, the thought was there in the past about needing to look after myself better. The books are full of stretching/strengthening exercises targeting particular muscles so I should be able to put together a routine to avoid future problems. 

Columba - the physio who treated my calf problem was brilliant. So I have the clinics number handy if needed. The back is feeling better this morning so hopefully should be back to normal in a few more days. That off-road run sounds like fun.

Redhead - I'll be recording the VLM coverage hoping I find time to watch it later. Will look out for your interview.

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