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'Mature' runners.

Posted: Yesterday at 12:40

Columba - afraid not (re Chopin/Beethoven piano sonatas). I like orchestras, strings, brass, woodwind - its just classical piano music I don't like. Good plan re running to the club run so you could leave at the turnaround point.

BIW - yes, responsible dog owners I don't have a problem with - its the irresponsible ones that annoy me (especially the ones with yappy little dogs like miniature poodles - never quite seen the point of them!).

HS - S-p-a-r-k-y-y-y Re mountain running I liked the master of understatement who said "Yes, it does hurt a bit if you lose your footing". I'm with you (and BIW) in mostly preferring rock music. But as I always say .. I like what I like regardless of what 'genre' it is. How great that you were at school with Eric Clapton!

Red - you've reminded me. I meant to get some trail shoes in time for the Ridgeway Run but as usual I shall be doing it in my 'normal' running shoes - at least it looks like it will be dry on Sunday. BTW, I don't like any form of jazz either. The only 'jazz' tune I've ever liked was one by the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band called "Jazz, Delicious Hot, Disgusting Cold". According to the Wikipedia entry ".. it savagely parodied their early "trad" jazz roots and featured some of the most deliberately inept jazz playing ever recorded" .. I'd agree with that and it is very funny 

I set off earlier to do an 'easy' 5ml run - my last run before Sunday's 10ml race. Strava confirmed it was 'easy' by showing me it was the slowest recorded time for that route - perfect!

This morning scaffolding has been erected at the front of our house in preparation for tomorrow when we are having solar panels installed. We were only supposed to be having 14 but for some reason we now get 15 (but the price remains unchanged). Quite looking forward to being able to monitor the panels with some software they are supplying us with and creating a spreadsheet to monitor/calculate the power output and consequent payback time. 

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 05/10/2015 at 19:00

Just been playing catch-up after a busy week of getting back to normal ..

Exhausted - I nodded in recognition of punching the air and pretending to be a bit rebellious when in reality I'm probably viewed as an old git

Columba - club runs and everyone disappearing into the distance? Sounds familiar! It used to happen occasionally at my ex-club and was one of the (many) reasons why I stopped going.

Red - ah yes .. 'hilly' means 'mountainous' I like some classical music but can't abide piano music (plinkety-plonk music as I call it).

HS - I know what you mean about Strava - I only use it for the 'fun' aspect of viewing runs afterwards and seeing if I PB'd on any segments. Glad to hear your phone software upgrade appeared to happen without problems. Well done re your 2 min plank.

BIW - I'm like Exhausted in not liking dogs. I'm not scared of them - but most of them seem to be badly trained and completely unpredictable as a result. I prefer them to be kept on leads at all times. If not (with some exceptions) a dog jumping at you and/or trying to bite you while the owner pointlessly shouts at them is what I experience most of the time when out running.

JJ - sorry to hear about the leg niggles

Did anyone else see the World Mountain Running Championships on Ch4? Fantastic stuff.

Hols over and back to normal so I ran on Thu - only 5 miles but I set off too fast and paid for it in the 2nd half. I ran 10mls yesterday at a steady pace. I had a slight 'cramp-like' feeling in right calf after 9mls - I probably didn't drink enough (had 500mls but it was warmer than I expected).

I've seen updates on Facebook that my race on Sunday has 520 entries and counting - I think the limit is 600. I just hope the weather is dry - I will enjoy it whatever the weather but doing it without mud is always preferable.

Some golf-related nonsense ..

Alan and I played last Wed and he hit his ball into a ditch. We waved the next group through while we searched for it. After they had gone my ball had disappeared! One of the group who played through had obviously hit my ball. But we found 'his' ball a few yards further on and it was a much better quality one than mine so I played with that instead!

We played again on Fri and both had a great round. We both scored par on three of the holes and for a change I won and got round in 49 (first time below 50!) so I'm improving slowly.

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 29/09/2015 at 17:35

Just been catching up - lots of good running going on I see.

HS - re your comment about me possibly being a parkrun tourist. I discovered (too late) there was a parkrun at Druridge Bay (just up the road from one of the hotels). Impressive 14ml run on 20th there you wrote about. Sorry to hear your toothache returned. And sorry to hear you were disappointed with your HM result. BTW, did you ever look at Strava/Garmin Connect and try them/get them connected?

Red - shame about the poor organisation at your 10K .. 'undulating' in my mind always means 'hilly' (and my 10ml race in October is described as 'hilly' btw so you know what that means). Well done re your marathon and your ultra.

BIW - I see the dogs have been misbehaving again and not doing what you know they can ..

Exhausted - if I had played "Breaking The Law" on the car stereo Margaret would have complained (classical music is more her thing).

RunningFox - get thee to York Minster then lad

I've been taking it easy today after our trip up North. Been feeding the washing machine/tumble dryer and downloading my photos from the trip. Quite enjoying not living out of a suitcase and moving around every few days.

I'm playing golf tomorrow so will probably go for a run on Thursday morning after I've had my hair cut.

I saw from a post on Facebook that the run I am doing on Oct 11th has had 400+ entries so far. It always seems to be popular and you see running club vests from far and wide.


'Mature' runners.

Posted: 27/09/2015 at 17:50

Hi everyone - just popped by to say hello. 

I'll read back properly once we are back home. We've driven down from Ashington today and I'm currently sat in the Premier Inn Nottingham West. It's just off the M1 and as we didn't have to rush back home today we decided to break up the return journey and we'll travel on to Cheltenham tomorrow morning. 

Durham was great - we visited the cathedral and saw some of Margaret's relatives on the 2nd day there. Then we headed for Ashington - we visited Alnwick Castle gardens while we were there. This morning was the 'charidee' skinny-dip at Druridge Bay which was fab. Very, very cold .. but fab nonetheless.

I did manage a run as the Ashington Premier Inn is beside a lake - I did 3x loops of the lake (just under 5mls) but we were too busy with sightseeing etc. for me to be able to organise any other runs anywhere.

Will try and pop in again tomorrow sometime ..

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 21/09/2015 at 21:27

Hi everyone - just popped by to say hello. Lots of good running going on I see.

We left Lincoln on Sunday and are now at the Premier Inn York North. Lovely food from the pub next door yesterday evening (The Dormouse) but the service was painfully slow. So today we got ourselves some salad from M&S and have had that in our room.

There is a bus route on the road outside so we went into town yesterday using our bus passes and had a toddle round to get our bearings. We've been into town on the bus again today and had a guided tour of York Minster this morning, then after lunch, we joined a 2hr walking tour around the town centre. 

We'll be checking out tomorrow morning and heading for the Premier Inn Durham North. We hope to have time to visit Durham Cathedral tomorrow afternoon because on Wed we will be visiting relatives who live nearby. Then we are on the move again on Thursday as we are heading for the Premier Inn at Ashington.

It's a shame a 'loyalty' scheme for Premier Inn isn't running at present as we would be racking up lots of points with our current travels! No running as yet as we've been too busy sightseeing and absorbing the culture! Bye for now .. will hopefully check in again in a day or two.

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 18/09/2015 at 19:54

Hi everyone - greetings from the Premier Inn Lincoln courtesy of the free wi-fi. My running gear is still in the car as we only arrived late yesterday afternoon and have been visiting friends in Market Rasen today. Seeing some other friends tomorrow who live in Lincoln itself.

HS - I just checked and you have to connect to Garmin Express from Strava .. I'll try and attach a screen print with a big red arrow showing where to click!

Red - tsk tsk re over-indulging .. hope the hangover didn't hang around too long. I'll say hi to Ruth if I see her - we are Facebook friends but haven't met in real life so I hope she'll recognise me. I'm sure it will be okay to say hello as long as I maintain eye contact!

Exhausted - I've used Clif Shot Bloks for half-marathons. They are like jelly cubes and stick to your teeth (give you something to do for a mile or so!).

BIW - happy 'belated' birthday.

JJ - I'll say hello from you too if I see Ruth.

Signing off now .. will hopefully be in touch again from another Premier Inn.

HS - screen print as promised .. use ctrl and '+' to make the screen bigger so you can see it better.




'Mature' runners.

Posted: 15/09/2015 at 20:51

Columba - we are enjoying discovering the contents of the new garden (grapevine included). I need to draw a plan with a list of the plants as I'll never remember all those Latin names. Well done re your new half-marathon pee-bee - huge congrats! Hope you had some wine to celebrate - good recovery drink so I'm told

Red - congratulations re the B in B results. We can only hope there'll be enough grapes in future to warrant treading them. A Fudge-a-thon? The mind boggles.

HS - there's a 'Premium' version of Strava but I find the free version perfectly adequate. I access Strava via the website (www.strava.com). I load my runs onto the Garmin Connect website using Garmin Express and have Garmin Connect set to automatically sync to Strava. There is a mobile version you can get from Apple AppStore or Google Play but I load everything from my Forerunner 305 so don't need it. Sorry to hear the organisation at your race wasn't up to scratch. Well done for looking after Giuliana when she was suffering - very heroic and selfless of you and there'll always be another race.

JJ - glad to hear you had good weather for your break and have managed a few more runs.

Exhausted - nice to hear from you again - hope your back heals up soon.

Running is going to be hit and miss for me for the rest of this month. We are heading off on Thursday and making our way north via Lincoln, York & Durham for our 'charidee' skinny-dip at Druridge Bay on Sun 27th. I'll take some running gear with me but have no idea if I'll get to use it or not. We're staying at Premier Inn's at each stopover and they advertise free wi-fi so I should be able to keep in touch - but if it all goes quiet you'll know why!

Been out playing golf with my friend Alan today. I bought myself a driver a few days ago (£17.99 from Sports Direct) and had huge fun today whacking the ball with it. I was winning for a change right up until the last hole - but then my putting let me down. Still, as we always tell each other, it beats working!

BTW, I've just written to my first employer (did my apprenticeship with them) to ask to start drawing my pension with them. Give it another month or so and I'll be a 'proper' pensioner!

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 11/09/2015 at 18:38

BIW - good idea to walk to the wine festival - the walk back may be longer if there is too much weaving around going on. Especially with wine available in half-litre glasses! 

HS - I always write my posts in notepad and copy/paste when I am done (had my posts disappear too often). It also means I can scroll back and forth in RW without losing anything. Great news about the commemorative shirts. Sadly I had a nightmare couple of holes at golf yesterday so my friend Alan won the rematch. Good luck with your race - am liking the idea of helicopter-like wings (Mk 2 version) so you and Columba can have one each.

Red - fingers crossed re the Britain In Bloom result.

Columba - good luck with your race.

I ran 5mls this morning. I recently started using Strava and it automatically splits your run routes into 'segments'. Now I'm not saying I'm at all competitive but when I reached the gates of the Capita offices I speeded up and was pleased to see on my return I had achieved a personal record for that segment.

Margaret's sister and BIL didn't make it today - they run their own business and had server problems so were stuck in the office this morning trying to fix it with help from their contracted IT support people. So I've been playing in the garden this afternoon instead.

I was cutting back ivy which has grown over the fence from the house behind us and tidying up the border where the trellis is. One of the things growing on the trellis is a grape vine - there are some grapes there but I think even a thimbleful of wine from them would be a bit optimistic. Maybe we'll get more grapes in years to come!

BIW's mention of wine in half-litre glasses reminded me of some words from a song about Arthur Daley where he was wheeler-dealering as usual (my head seems to retain trivia like this):

".. Try to understand; I've a punter coming round going to take them off my hands; I'm going to part-exchange them for some Claret from Japan; A vintage year - and he does it in five-gallon cans"

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 10/09/2015 at 10:39

Columba - you mentioning swimming reminds me we've discovered there is an outdoor lido in Cheltenham which we're going to try and visit. As well as 'normal' sessions they do evening swims and for 'hard' people they arrange swims after the heating has been switched off including a swim at xmas.

HS - £9 for a haircut? - you wuz robbed! Sorry to hear about your toothache (reminds me I must find a new dentist as now we've moved the 'old' one is too far away).

BIW - thanks for all the info about the various types of triathlons - if I could swim properly (crawl) and more than a few lengths of the pool I'd be tempted to get a bike and try a sprint triathlon myself. Did you see the World Triathlon Series is taking place in Leeds in June next year (has been London in the past) thanks to the Brownlee's help in promoting it as an alternative venue.

Red - well done re 'redheads' interview. It's just Margaret's sister who is grumpy about gardening - I think the rest of us enjoy it.

No running for me since Sunday. I was busy pruning a tree at my house on Tuesday and played golf with my friend Alan yesterday. For a change I won at golf - and not just because he had a bad round - though that helped! He phoned last night to say his neighbour couldn't make the golf match they had arranged for today. So I've manfully stepped up to the plate and am playing again today - the rematch (duh-dur-durrr).

We have Margaret's sister and BIL visiting tomorrow - they will be driving from Essex so I ought to be able to get out for a run first thing. Then I plan to go for a long run on Sunday and try and do my 10ml route again.


'Mature' runners.

Posted: 07/09/2015 at 16:53

BIW - think I've answered my own question. I watched the Outlaw triathlon last night and it is based in Nottingham. So I think 'Outlaw' is probably a reference to Robin Hood and not a particular group/club of triathletes as I was thinking originally.

Red - enjoy your outdoor chores. My SIL isn't a gardening person and always refers to gardening as 'outdoor housework' (and usually in a grumpy voice).

HS - well done re your race result and a good time considering the hills & hot weather. Have to agree re haircuts and not taking as long these days due to lack of hair. My new hairdressers only charges me £7 (old one was £9) - not sure if that's because there is less for them to do or I get an OAP discount now

Columba - carry on tapering!

We have two lots of visitors this week so Mrs Wm and I set to earlier with dusters, cleaning stuff and vacuum cleaners - the house is looking much better. I emptied a few more boxes and added to the pile of things in the garage destined for the recycling centre. I've also been 'disappearing' the xmas stuff into the loft and the spare room is looking slightly less full as a result.

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