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'Mature' runners.

Posted: 31/07/2015 at 16:37

4 mile run done & dusted. It was a tad warm and as I headed up the road from the house I looked down and realised I had my running shirt on inside out - luckily it looks very similar either way round so no-one would have noticed. When I got back I saw my average pace was 10.05mm with some miles done at between 9.52 and 9.57mm pace. Given my recent lack of running I'm classing today's little plod as a tempo run.

Back to the pensions paperwork. With my recent retirement, my financial adviser has been checking the status of my personal pensions with a view to deciding what actions to take. He phoned during the week wanting to set up an appointment to see me. I've had to put him off recently due to the house move so he's probably been drumming his fingers wanting to get on with things. It's almost the weekend so I'll put him at the top of my to-do list for Monday!

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 31/07/2015 at 13:34

*rubs sore cheek and regrets shouting HELLO to hungover Red*

Columba - glad you are obeying PT's suggestions (PTWMBO?) re longer run and tempo session.

Red - Oi! I've not been ON my backside I'll have you know Good luck with your enhanced 60 by 60 challenge.

BIW - hope the groin strain and knee recover soon .. glad to hear swim training seems to have helped. Oh .. just read on about Nemo smacking into your injured leg.

HS - your 'jungle' run in the woods sounds like quite an adventure (of the wrong sort). Ouch to the sore thighs Glad to hear more recent forest run was better conditions.

Ray - glad to hear you've managed some good training the last few days.

Runningfox - hello *waves* .. I hope I am still running in my 70's (mere stripling of 63 at present) and even my 80's like you. I ran when I was younger but got out of the habit for over 30 years. I've been running again on and off (injuries permitting) since 2007 and have tried the Bath HM several times (keep getting cramps at 9 miles though training runs up to 13 miles have been fine). I've never done a marathon and have no plans at present. I enjoy my running and although I'll never be fast, hopefully I won't ever be last!

I haven't done jigsaws for years - have to say they don't really appeal. When I was young I had a puzzle of different shaped pieces (each of 6 squares) that had to be manoeuvred into a rectangle. I found it recently but one piece was missing - but then I discovered someone has written an app for it that I can use on my Hudl.

I will also be waiting for Win 10 (to let others sort out the bugs and find out more about it first). Margaret's laptop is Win 8.1 and my computers are both Win 7 so I expect if I upgrade, I will do all three at the same time.

I ran again on Wed afternoon - a little bit of rain but nothing to worry about. I only have the one route sorted at present - I used a slightly different route back at the end as the original came to a roundabout where there the footpath petered out.

Having just lerrrnched, I will sort through my pensions paperwork (Zzzzzz) while I digest it and will then head out on the same route again. BTW, my neighbour has explained to me the shortest route to the nearby hills. But warned me the lane in question becomes 1 in 4 at one point.

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 26/07/2015 at 16:39

Hi everyone,

BIW - really sorry to hear about today's fall .. hope it isn't anything too drastic. Well done to Nemo for yesterday .. better luck next time with Charlie.

Redhead - HELLO!! How's your head feeling?

HS - hope today's long run went well. Glad to hear new trainers seem to be okay. I would like to join a club - fingers crossed whoever I join is more friendly than my last one (full of cliques and some faster runners not even bothering to speak to lesser mortals like me).

JJ - welcome back. Yes indeed - have been really enjoying this year's TDF.

Columba - well done re Fri's run and Thu's tempo session.

RayL - don't blame you taking a rest day if HRV was in red zone. If you've heard good things about CLC Striders maybe they're the ones to try. Can't help thinking though the alternative (Almost Athletes) more accurately describe me!

I finally got my running shoes on yesterday afternoon - I even remembered to charge up my Garmin before I set off. I ran a 4ml route around town (after checking Google Maps again to remind me which roads to follow) and got round in 40.52 (10.32mm pace). So the four week layoff doesn't seem to have affected my fitness level. Maybe shifting and moving all those packing boxes has been keeping me fit in the meantime. I will have to stick to runs around town until I have managed to suss out where the footpaths are. And bearing in mind my hilly race in October, I need to work out how to get to the hills I can see from our new house.

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 21/07/2015 at 23:43

HS - yes, we really missed the internet when it was off - thank goodness for my smartphone!  As I think I've mentioned before, I always have a rest day (don't think I've ever run on two consecutive days).

Columba - some good training going on for you I see (18k run; intervals).

BIW - hope Charlie behaves himself next time.

Ray - sorry to hear about the frustrating session.

The removal men came this afternoon to take away all the empty boxes - the conservatory and garage suddenly both appear bigger. It meant I had room in the garage to sort/re-arrange the remaining boxes and get them in some sort of order.

I ticked a few things off the to-do list today - registered with the local doctors and updated my address details for my credit cards.

I've checked online and there seem to be two local running clubs to choose from if I decide to join one  - CLC Striders & Almost Athletes - will read more about them and check where they meet before deciding which one. In the meantime I have found a website called walkjogrun.net which has some running routes posted by other people living in Bishops Cleeve. I'll 'borrow' some of those routes to begin with until I get my bearings.

As you'll have gathered, I've still not run yet. I am playing golf tomorrow so I am hoping to get out and do a few miles on Thu/Fri (and expecting it to be hard work after several weeks off).

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 19/07/2015 at 23:49

Hi everyone .. I'm back. I hope everyone's training has been going well since I was last here. Thank you Red for passing on my "Hello" message last week when we were without broadband. BT tracked down the problem to outside - we haven't met our new neighbour as he is in hospital. But someone was mowing his front lawn and appeared to have hit (and broken) the cable with the lawnmower where it pops out of the ground. 

I haven't run for around three weeks now  I've just been too busy packing things up and preparing before the move - and since moving day, unpacking boxes and dealing with all the little diy jobs that come with a new house. I am definitely making good progress though and room by room, the new house is coming together. Yesterday I finally managed to get the dining room looking like it should - today I also managed to finish putting the new study together and was able to set my desktop computer in there. 

The biggest problem we've had is that because the moving company packed up the house, we aren't aware of exactly what is in each box. It's been a real struggle to get to grips with what's where. I am looking forward to Tuesday - the removal company are returning to pick up the boxes we've unpacked. Once they've done that I'll have a lot more room in the garage and the conservatory where they are currently taking up a lot of space.

I'm hoping in a few days time I'll be able to put my running shoes on and head out for a run around the village. I haven't had time yet to look for any local running groups or even work out any routes so I'll stick to running around the nearby streets for the time being. 


'Mature' runners.

Posted: 30/06/2015 at 18:24

Evening all. Running has become very intermittent lately in Wtnmel World - as has everything else!

Columba - cars with colour displays showing how close you are to your surroundings? Technology has obviously moved on since I bought my car 5 years ago.

HS - thanks for explaining about bumping up your (weekly) mileage. Yes, let's hope in this heat, your record collection in your loft is still okay. Re Glastonbury - I didn't have time at the weekend to see any of the coverage. They have a 2hr highlights programme on Friday which I am recording. Well done re the Lordshill 10k result - great WAVA percentage!

RayL - great to hear the cardiologist has given you the okay to start training again. Not too much too soon though ..

Red - welcome back - sorry to hear hay-fever is still troubling you and Mike. I'm like HS - I use Fetch to record all my training (have entered all my runs back to 2007) as I like the tables/graphs you can use to compare training/races.

BIW - grrrr re getting beaten by that W70 woman - how very dare she! Let's hope she retires soon and leaves the field open to you.

Re Columba's comment .. I wish I could say our house is empty. In relative terms its less full than it was. At least most of the stuff that is left is actually needed. We are free-cycling stuff that didn't sell on Ebay and if it doesn't go it will be moved and disposed of when we get to the new place. 7 days and counting until the men arrive to pack up all our worldly goods.

We've been sorting through the stuff in the workshop today (garden tools and the like). It must have been untidy because although we didn't throw much away, now its all back in there seems to be more room!

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 25/06/2015 at 18:49

BIW - good that there were so few swimmers around for Mon's swim session. I'm susceptible to horse-fly bites too but they've never made me unconscious - I've just had huge hard swellings on my arm or leg that have stuck around for a few days.

HS - glad to hear you always try and reverse park as well (sometimes think it's a dying art). Take your point though about making cars park front first on race days. I don't have sensors that bleep either - however with the way the mirrors work when I think I am almost touching, I'm usually still a few feet away from the next car. Shame about the rain for Mon's run and then it being sunny afterwards. I liked the fact you posted at 7:41 and said about needing to bump up the mileage and then posted again at 12:22 to say you had done 15 miles  I presume that run DID bump up your mileage or is 15mls where you currently are with your LSR's?

Columba - well done re Tue's interval session and Wed's 'easy' run (well, maybe easy-ish).

As HS guessed on Monday, I am finding my running is helping me relax and forget about the stress of preparing for the house move. Speaking of which - I did 4.5mls this morning at 10:15mm pace. I was out by 9:30am and it was already getting too warm. After I had showered and recovered I started getting the last things out of the loft.

There was much more left up there than I thought! And I got very hot and bothered all over again (more so than when I ran earlier). But I'm pleased to say I stuck with it all afternoon and the loft is now completely empty and I have yet another huge pile of bags to go to the recycling centre. I peeled off the damp clothes (sorry, TMI?) and have just had my 2nd shower of the day. I'm hoping now I can be 'cool' for the rest of the day   Off to get our 'Thursday Fish & Chips' and I shall treat myself to a cold beer afterwards (all in the interests of rehydration you understand!)

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 22/06/2015 at 10:11

Been busy with preparations for the house move for the last few days ..

HS - well done re recent training (intervals, tempo, fartlek). I saw that email from Fetch as well - I see I just about scrape into the top 90% (ho hum). Glad to hear the parkrun went well. I always (unless impossible for some reason) reverse into parking spaces to avoid the problem you described.

Red - smiled at the hangover-recovery run Re 2nd birthdays - think it was on Mock The Week saying how miserable the Queen looked at Trooping The Colour. They reckoned it was because they always get her the same thing!

Columba - same here (re matching HE's pace). Don't think I get anywhere near it when I'm 'sprinting'. Well done re 5k. I guess as we're retired, running could be described as one of our part-time jobs.

BIW - a friend of mine left his dog alone while he took the other out (there was usually someone around). He returned to find the first dog had been spooked by something, jumped up on the dining room table and scraped the top with it's paws and ruined it. Hope your mojo has returned by now. Chuckled at Nemo beating Charlie at those 'dog olympics'.

Lou Lou - it will take a bit of time for your body to adjust to training again after a ten year break and it will take longer to recover from each run too. When building up distance for a half-marathon, you need to have a cutback week. I increase distance for 3 weeks then cut back on the 4th week .. then repeat. Just give it time!

Ray - well done re your 1hr race result. My PB for a 10k is 59:55 and I obviously hope to improve on that at some point.

Well, I'm glad the last few days are over and done with!

Clearing & dismantling the desk/storage unit here at Margaret's was hard work. My son had already dismantled the Ikea wardrobe at my house. But we couldn't manoeuvre the spare wardrobe into his room as it was, so had to dismantle it and rebuild it.

Margaret's son and I recycled all the stuff on Saturday morning - apparently you are supposed to book in beforehand if you turn up with a van. But my silver tongue meant they let us dump the stuff anyway. Then afterwards we transferred the desk/storage unit from Margaret's house to my house and then transferred the Ikea wardrobe back here. Phew!

Yesterday I was still feeling a bit zonked but I went for a gentle run around Cirencester Park. There had been a scout camp there over the weekend and I got fed up with having to step onto the verge about a dozen times as there was lots of to-ing and fro-ing going on. But once I got through that bit of the park, the rest of the run was uneventful.  


'Mature' runners.

Posted: 16/06/2015 at 21:12

Red - sorry to hear yesterday was pollenhellish but glad to hear you managed a 6ml run. Today's pollen forecast seemed to be promising more of the same Glad to hear Mike has had the all-clear re the blood tests Have to say, I have no idea about the current usage of Southport beach either.

HS - I know about Southsea beach but have never been there. We always head for the beach at Studland ourselves - we are National Trust members so we get free parking! Unfortunately pot-bellied is what shape a lot of people are these days and as for getting as red as lobsters, they should know better and use more sun screen. Had a chuckle at your story about the newspaper seller at Surbiton. Hope tonight's speed work goes well and the midges stay away.

BIW - nothing wrong with a lazy weekend every now and then. Well done to Nemo & Charlie.

Columba - the de-cluttering is still going well (see below). Bet you were happy with only four of you in the pool yesterday. Well done re your interval session around the lake.

Re the comments about sorting through my drawers - did I use the wrong phrase? I sometimes worry if I am writing things properly. I also worry about whether or not I am using apostrophes properly!

My long run on Saturday felt like hard work - I had to walk a couple of times and it was slower than usual. By comparison, I did 4.5mls around town yesterday evening. I was working hard but feeling full of energy and the time was faster than usual. Strange how the 'feel' of a run can change from day to day.

I started de-cluttering my clothes yesterday and have continued today. I went through my running gear, walking gear, polo shirts, t-shirts and sweatshirts and so far I have filled two bin liners (swing-bin size). I am currently sorting through my trousers and shirts and filling bin liner #3.

I am off playing golf again tomorrow. My friend Alan has a friend staying for a few days so I shall be playing by myself - that means I ought to be able to get round a bit quicker than usual. I shall call in to the recycling centre on the way to get rid of the last four bags of shredded paperwork.

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 15/06/2015 at 11:02

Sorry for my absence for a few days - packing madness has now taken over from de-cluttering madness (which is still going on).

BIW - orienteering is one of those things on my list that I've never quite got round to. The appeal for me was that it wasn't all about speed and that mental agility came into it too. 

HS - yes, I am loving retirement and don't know how we would have coped with this move if I wasn't at home. I guess if orienteering races were included in your club there might be a choice of owners for the navigator's hat next time! 

Columba - maybe next time leave your jacket on the inside of the track near the start/finish line?

RayL - smiled knowingly at your seeing your near-neighbour but not recognising her. Having belonged to various clubs over the years I sometimes see people and have to mentally work out where I know them from.

Red - a shame the conditions meant you had to cut your xc run short.

Can't let these comments about not recognising people go by without mentioning I've been a naturist for years and used to be a regular at a local naturist swim. So I really could joke with friends I met in the street about not recognising them with their clothes on!

I ran my 7ml route in Cirencester Park on Saturday. It was raining and I thought that would mean it would be quiet. But there was a scout convention going on and there were tents/marquees everywhere. Not many people around though - it was 10am so probably too early for most of the youngsters!

I'm pleased to report I finally finished all the paper-shredding (note to self - do it immediately in future and don't save it for 'later'). I also finished ripping the music from my cd's - my iTunes library now has 8800 tracks and would take 27 days to play from start to finish.

This week I have to dismantle my desk and Ikea storage in my study - they won't fit in the new house so at the weekend they are going to my house in Royal Wootton Bassett where my son lives. My Ikea wardrobe is coming back here and on the way over to RWB we will be calling in to the recycling centre to dump some surplus stuff from the garage rafters.

I'm going to start decluttering my wardrobe and chests of draws today - will try and get out for a run after lunch.

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