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'Mature' runners.

Posted: 28/06/2016 at 23:34

Hi everyone,

DBI - that's very odd re the RW website wanting the original password.

Columba - glad to hear you enjoyed the Midnight Sun races; shame about the knee (I enjoyed reading the blog btw).

HS - well done re 4th MV70+ in your race and great wava score; shame your nemesis beat you again; great photo. Re England/Iceland I have no interest in football myself but can't fail to be aware how often the team fail to live up to expectations at the big tournaments. Re bowls, there are at least two more matches I am scheduled to take part in so I went to the club on Mon and have been practising!

Red - I'm in bed now but had a good stretching session for my back beforehand. I have various books about stretching but checked and see there are some Iyengar yoga classes held in the village at the Tithe Barn.

Ahhh .. the benefits of being retired. The weather was good yesterday so I cut the lawns after I got back from bowls practise. Today it was forecast to rain around lunchtime. So I headed to a local driving range to practise my golf and when I got back Mrs Wm and I pottered in the garden for two hours before the promised rain arrived. I spent the rest of the day in the study catching up on 'stuff'.

I will be off to the running club tomorrow evening - we're at a new venue now so the sat-nav will be helping me find my way there.

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 26/06/2016 at 17:39

Hi everyone - 10 days since my last post so have had to skim through quite a few pages - back to my old tricks again!

Red - well done re marathon 83 .. and 84. I think I should probably be doing yoga as I get stiff when spending too long sitting around. And when I look at myself in a full-length mirror I 'lean' to the left due to tight muscles.

HS - re the rain-sodden training run, before we set off I tried telling some others it was character-building but I'm not sure they believed me. Shame about the muddy socks - but as they were old I guess they'd done their bit.

Aquarius - I guess I'm lucky that I don't seem to have any issues with eating before training. I do enjoy my porridge before my weekend long run - and a race is usually an excuse to have pasta the night before. However keen you are to see proof of my skinny-dipping antics I think I might traumatise the others on here if I did post anything. You had better join me at Druridge on 25th Sep and experience it for yourself (what do you mean you're too busy?).

Exhausted - sorry, had to chuckle at you having to change in the car. I've done that at races and no matter how many times you check the coast is clear, someone always seems to appear from nowhere.

On Fri 16th we lost power as the main supply cable got damaged (it was only 1" below the surface of the drive - much too shallow and very dangerous). It happened when a guy cutting a drainage channel around the base of the house hit it. Thankfully he wasn't injured but when we think what might have been! The supply company came out that night, dug a big trench and made the cable safe. They left just after 11pm having supplied a generator with us to provide power overnight. Teams of guys arrived on Sat to fix the damage permanently and while the power was off we agreed they could move the electric meter outside (it suited us too). It took until Tue to get the trench re-filled and re-asphalted. All the waiting around looking after things meant my training went to pot and apart from a 6.5ml run last weekend and a 5ml run this morning I've not managed anything else. I'm hoping for no unexpected problems this coming week.

Oh yes, and at my bowls match on Tuesday evening my team and I threw away a lead of several points between us, never recovered and lost the match - grrrr.

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 16/06/2016 at 16:05

Hi everyone,

HS - the handicap races do seem to be going well so far so I hope I can pace myself better next time. Glad to hear you managed 7mls with no after-effects from the race at the weekend.

Red - we have to complete 3 of the 4 handicap races to qualify for the championship. I'm obviously hoping some people above me don't compete in races 3 and 4 so I can get more points (snigger).

Exhausted - I ran in the rain last night .. it was great fun splashing through the puddles (I gave up dodging them after a while!). It's my partner Margaret and I that are the problem! Her son is married but its us that live together, hence my reference to him being a 'sort of' son-in-law. Over the years we've also been 'Latties' (living apart together) and 'Pals' (partners although living seperately). My 'sort-of' grand-daughters refer to me as 'Grandad Mel' to differentiate me from 'Grandad' (their Mum's Dad) and 'Another Grandad' (my partner Margaret's ex).

Aquarius - gosh, there's a lot going on at once for you today .. hope you have a relatively quiet afternoon. Someone I chat to on Fetch also did the Blaydon race and managed her best time for a few years. Well done re your 3000m race. Running in the sea eh? Hmmmm .. as regulars on here know, the only time I normally run in the sea is when I am doing one of my 'charidee' skinny-dips I'll be doing that running into the sea thing again on 25th Sep at this year's North East Skinny Dip.

I went out on Mon and managed a 5ml run at 10 m/m pace which I was happy with. There were less people than usual at my running club last night due to the rain. Despite the downpour most people opted to go off-road. My friend Claire and I had already agreed we would be sticking to the roads and the other group were too speedy for us so we did a 5ml run together. I say together - I spent most of the time tagging along behind Claire trying to keep up with her and it was another run at 10 m/m pace.


'Mature' runners.

Posted: 14/06/2016 at 18:28

Hi everyone - only a week since I posted .. I think my turnaround is improving!

HS - I always seem to manage a sprint finish and overtaking others is great for my morale. Ahhhh .. shredding .. I had so much to do before we moved my shredder over-heated several times and I had to take some enforced breaks (didn't mind really). Brilliant result for you coming in as 1st MV70+ in your men's race.

Columba - re the blackbird nabbing your strawberry, Margaret and I were discussing getting netting to protect our fruit bushes and cherry tree. Glad to hear your knee is mostly better (if a bit twingy now and then). I had friends (now moved away) who had a hot-tub and once or twice went in it on a starry, frosty night - we rushed to get in but could amble back indoors afterwards.

DBI - yes, I've never understood people not swimming in the rain. Had to chuckle to read you had 'cheated' and had a couple of little jogs.

Matsmum - oops re your snazzy bin that is not clever enough to beat Denzel. Running four days in a row? - I don't think I've ever run two days in a row, let alone four! Up until 6 or 7 years ago I was a regular at my local Ceroc (French Jive) classes but have got out of the habit. Margaret and I went to learn ballroom dancing in preparation for an invite to a Mayor's Ball but we've not done it since.

Red - sorry to hear the sad news about your friend Gordon. Well done re marathon 81 and good luck with #82 and #83

The results of last week's handicap race were published at the weekend. I was 18th of 23 (with 2 DNF's) and in the overall standings I'm 20th of 39. Doing a bit of analysis I can see if I had equalled my race 1 time I'd have gained another 9 points and 4 or 5 places in the standings.

My (sort of) son-in-law did the Two Castles 10K last Sunday from Warwick to Kenilworth - he claimed he hadn't done enough training but still managed a very respectable 42m 07s finish time.

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 07/06/2016 at 22:33

HS - well done re your 6.25ml forest run. Hope you didn't get thundered upon during your 800m reps this evening (no thunder here yet). We've been moved almost a year but I still haven't sorted out a new local dentist - I must be saving money in the meantime!

Red - sorry to hear your sad news about your friend dying in hospital with throat cancer.

MWW - where I used to work (Bristol aka. Brizzle) they would describe HS's forest run as 'gert lush'

Matsmum - some people seem to finish a HM without niggles. At least my problem was just cramp and (I think) self-inflicted through not taking on enough fluid.

Last night's handicap race was good fun but my time was slower (43:39 vs. 42.02). Its a 3 lap race .. I set off too fast on the first lap, slowed a bit on lap 2 but managed to speed up again on lap 3 and catch the runner in front of me in the last 100 metres. We won't get the results until the weekend as the guy who organises the race is away on business for a few days.

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 06/06/2016 at 16:50

The provisional start list for tonight's 4.5ml handicap race just got posted. My target time from race 1 is 42:02 and I have five runners ahead of me to chase down and start 3:46 after the first runner. I noticed the fastest man's target is 27:06 and I get an 18min advantage over him. I was pleased as well to see the 'racing snakes' from race 1 now have much later start times than before so they won't have such an advantage this time

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 06/06/2016 at 16:30

Hi everyone - only a week since I last posted? My turnaround is improving!

HS - luckily with Westonbirt there was no effect on any prizes but I feel I had a 'moral' victory over my teammate. I don't know about being a man of many talents - more like a jack of all trades (and a master of none!).

Columba - yes, Westonbirt would have used chip times for any prizes. It was just someone collating club results used the wrong time but I'm not bothered about it. Sorry to hear your knee is still troubling you.

Red - well done on your continuing marathons and your 'quest for the vest'.

DBI - I saw the news stories about the dreadful weather so glad to hear you weren't affected too much.

MWW - hello, nice to see you here (think we've crossed paths on Fetch?). I stick to 10k races these days with an annual 10 mile off-road race in my hometown each October. I would like to attempt another HM sometime after several problematic Bath HM's where I got cramp each time - if only to prove to myself I CAN finish a HM without any problems.

Aquarius - I'm pleased to say my team won at my first bowls match and yours truly (with some luck) managed to bowl a couple of 'crackers' that stopped the other team scoring so many points. I saw your mention of the Druridge Bay 10K - I will be at Druridge Bay myself at the end of September for the North East Skinny Dip! - maybe see you there??  

I managed to run on Tue & Fri last week. I didn't run over the weekend as tonight is the 2nd club handicap race. Last time some of the 'racing snakes' over-estimated their finish times by up to 5 mins and I was overtaken quite early on. This time their finish times from the 1st race will be used so I should have a chance of getting a better finish position.

BTW, I got my Almost Athletes t-shirt last week so will feel like a 'proper' member of the club at the race tonight.

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 29/05/2016 at 17:17

Hi everyone,

Matsmum - nice to see you back here. Well done for getting up at 4:30am to jog - the last time I saw that time of the morning was before I retired and was on the early shift. Now I'm not working, 8am is more normal for me.

HS - I know from my running log I am running quicker these days (nearer to 10 min miles than 11 and in races I seem to be able to dip below 10). Wow - impressive result for Alice!

Columba - I didn't see the plankathon challenge on Fetch but I don't usually join in these various challenges anyway. Pleased to hear your knee is slowly improving.

At Westonbirt I was following one of my clubmates for a while but couldn't quite catch her and she got away towards the end. I took a closer look at the results and noticed that although I came in behind her my chip time was quicker. She was half my age (and probably weight too!) so I don't feel so bad about her beating me now

I've not run since my race last Tuesday. We're having a patio built and we've been doing lots of work in the garden too. The digging and carrying one too many sacks of manure/compost from the garden centre has meant my back has been a bit sore.

I have a busy 'social' week planned (weather permitting) but will make sure I do at least some 'chores' in between having fun. Seeing my son tomorrow then bowls practise Tue lunchtime. My first bowls match on Wed eve (internal club competition) and playing golf on Thu morning - then having lunch out with friends on Fri. I've recently volunteered to become webmaster for the local Rambler's group - on Sat I am off to a "Volunteers Development Day" in Gloucester. 

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 25/05/2016 at 12:37

Hi everyone - Mr "Once A Fortnight" here again!  You would think being retired I would manage to post on here more often .. ho hum. Anyway, catching up ..

DBI - don't blame you getting cross about that white stone being painted by some vandals - people are such morons sometimes.

Aquarius - re your husband's sailing trip, a few years back we treated my SIL to one from Christchurch which went across to the IOW and back again which was great fun - we even got a turn to take the helm while the captain made us a brew. Well done re your unexpected 10K PB! I got my EA card recently and it had the correct number so I'm one of the lucky ones.

HS - glad to see the washer/dryer is fixed. Great result for your 10K race - impressive WAVA!

Redhead - I always think comedy tan-lines (like from Bexhill) are part of being a runner.

Columba - glad you managed a 1 mile run but sorry to hear your knee is still 'niggly' and giving you problems. I've never mastered front crawl either BTW.

The handicap race (16th May - 3 laps of 1.5mls) was fun and I had a good race despite being passed by quite a few runners. I thought I might start being overtaken on lap3 but that began at the start of lap2. Seeing the results afterwards, the first ten people home beat their estimated times by up to 5 minutes so I guess they may adjust their start time at the next race. I finished 25th (of 36) and my avg pace was 9:24mm so I was really pleased with that.

I did the Westonbirt 10K yesterday evening. I had a good race with a faster second half and was passing quite a few people in the last 200 metres. My time was 1:00:42 (my PB from 2013 is 59:55) with an avg pace of 9:35 (and I see my WAVA score is 57.00 which is a PB for me) so again, better than expected with my lack of regular training.

I've entered the Ridgeway Run which I do in Tring each year (this will be my 5th year in succession) - I was quick off the mark and am runner number 4 (numbers 1 & 2 are reserved for last year's fastest man/lady).

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 14/05/2016 at 00:48

Morning all!

Eight days since I was last here - how did that happen? I've been decorating the spare bedroom and more recently, 'playing' outside (digging and weeding borders). Anyway, catching up ..

HS - sorry to hear about your washer/dryer problems and your long phone call. I think I read somewhere if you are in queues to keep hitting the hash # key to get out of the queue. Or pick the menu number for Sales as they are usually quickest to answer (may have imagined that though).

Red - no worries about me pushing too hard before my 10K if my recent lack of training is anything to go by!

Columba - those nasty plants I mentioned weren't couch grass, bindweed, ground elder, japanese knotwood or hogweed .. I'm familiar with all those. Margaret found it in a book of wild plants and its called Red Valerian. We gather they sell it at some garden centres but as far as we're concerned, its a pain in the you-know-what. I see you have had your knee/foot problems diagnosed and know what to do to remedy them.

With all the work around the house, I've still not got back into a regular routine of three runs a week. I did a long(ish) 6.5ml run last Sunday and a 5ml fartlek run with the club on Wednesday. I spent most of today in the garden - tomorrow I'm over at my house and on Sunday we're visiting family in Warwick so no chance of any running for a day or two.

However on Mon eve I'm taking part in the first (of four) club handicap races of 4.5mls (3 laps). Slower runners start first, faster runners later and in theory we all finish together. Except of course, if you put in more effort, you'll improve your position. Should be fun - and there are prizes for the winners of each race and of the series.

BTW, I had an email on Thu eve to let me know entries had opened for the Ridgeway Run which I do each October. I was obviously quite quick off the mark as my race number is #4

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