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'Mature' runners.

Posted: Yesterday at 17:36

Just realised I could temporarily change my profile picture to show you what someone who goes to a Spencer Tunick photo-shoot and gets given a tub of the B1 (lilac-blue) paint ends up looking like! 

'Mature' runners.

Posted: Yesterday at 17:31

HS - I hope you'll get on with Win10. I upgraded from Win 7 and didn't find the move too stressful or confusing. There's lots of help/info online but feel free to ask on here about anything and I may be able to help. Well done re your 1st MV70+ parkrun result.

Aquarius - hope you enjoyed your athletics. I've never been to a large meeting like the Anniversary Games myself. I recorded and watched the highlights on Fri evening but there only seemed to be live coverage of Sat so I gave it a miss. I don't have hours of free time and at least if I record it, I can skim past Denise Lewis et al wittering on endlessly 

DBI - poor old Nemo having to make do with being sprayed rather than a swim.

Red - well done for avoiding the problems on the M20

Exhausted - wish I could manage a nifty 10ml run without much difficulty (sigh..)  I wasn't aware of the flavour choice for air-con either until I got there. I downloaded Win 10 because it's free until 29th Jul (ie. 5 days time). After that it's likely to cost around £100 (based on Win 7 prices). You'd probably notice how much more stable it it than Win 7 so if you're thinking about it do so before next Fri!

I went out for a run this morning - I had planned to do 6.5mls but it was a bit warm so I shortened it to 5mls.

My Garmin is still playing silly buggers - despite reloading the firmware etc. as suggested it is still incapable of picking up the satellite signals. It's a refurbished unit so I need to check back to see if there's any warranty. Otherwise I'll be looking for a replacement


'Mature' runners.

Posted: 22/07/2016 at 14:01

DBI - there's a lot to be said for getting away from it all, including time away from computers, internet and television. I think we sometimes forget to relax away from distractions like that and just enjoy the simple pleasure of a good book or walking. We have similar phone calls from Indian people about viruses on our computer. If I have time I 'play along' with them until I get bored. I like to think I'm wasting their time and stopping them annoying others. We've also been getting an awful lot of calls asking for "Mr Nelson". I've played along with those too but they've become so frequent now if anyone else asks if that is "Mr Nelson" I'm tempted to say "No, it's Gloucestershire Police and we've been asked to track nuisance calls to this number" hoping that will scare them off.

Red - glad you managed a stress-busting plod. Glad to hear Ruth is no longer turquoise. My lilac-blue inside my ear is almost like a badge of honour now

Our workman has been here this morning to finish off fitting the new side door in the garage. Now we have easier access to the garage we're going to get a chest freezer (Margaret makes jam and has been missing having the 2nd freezer to store soft fruit). And I'll finally be able to start thinking about re-arranging the shelves in the garage and re-assembling my sauna (electrics for that should be done early August). My friend Alan recently pointed out it's a year since he's been for a sauna so he's obviously missing them.

This morning I've been to have my air-conditioning recharged and cleaned. I was given a choice of flavours - coconut, citrus, apple or linen - and plumped for the latter. It's still very strong at the moment but is akin to freshly laundered clothes.

While I was there they checked the tyres and asked if I was aware of a problem with the nearside rear? I'll confess I was aware of something not quite right - but had been trying to ignore it (is it just me that does things like that?). It turns out the tyre was 4 years old and was bulging slightly at one point (which accounted for the slight rumbling sound I'd sensed at low speeds). Anyway, slap on wrist self-administered and it's been replaced so all is now okay again.

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 21/07/2016 at 19:52

Hi everyone - once again, apologies for the intermittent postings from yours truly. Reading back through the latest posts and attempting to catch up ..

Columba - I don't think men have 'body issues' in the sense that ladies do with their appearance. But most men (if they were honest) probably worry or wonder about one thing - their 'size' (if you know what I mean!). Taking part in the ST photo-shoot should have assured them they needn't worry and are 'normal'. It wasn't too cold by the way - it was cool enough to cause a few goose-bumps and make some ladies a bit 'perky'. But it was only towards the end (after laying on cold pavements and roads) that the cool weather became noticeable. I mentioned we headed back before the last photos on the swing bridge - I was told afterwards the sea breeze made itself known on the bridge and people did get quite cold. And the surface of the bridge played havoc with peoples bare feet.

Red - last time I checked Ruth was still trying to get the green/turquoise body paint out of her hair. Mine was lilac-blue and I still have a spot in my ear and some on my toenails. Had to chuckle at your mention of comedy tan-lines .. mine don't seem so bad this year. I once saw an open-air performance of MND at Pendley Manor (nr. Tring, Herts) where the fairy queen arrived in a coach pulled by white horses coming through the woods towards the stage area.

HS - sorry to read about all the problems you have been having with your laptop - hope the upgrade to Windows 10 does the trick (our 3 laptops/desktops have all been running Win 10 for a few months now without any problems). Well done for your sterling efforts promoting the Solent Half and handing out flyers. More importantly, well done re your 3rd MV70+ race result.

Aquarius - when I was working I had private health cover and was spoilt. I've not needed to use the NHS since finishing work so can't pass any comments but was sorry to hear about all the hassles you had.

DBI - you must be grateful that people miss you when you're on your hols and wonder where you are! By the sound of it, in the past you would have won the comedy tan-lines competition.

Exhausted - had to smile at the performance of Midsummer Night's Dream with the accompaniment of honking geese. Covert striptease in the car for running stop-offs eh? Good luck with that!

I've been busy lately with various things and have been struggling to fit in my running. For example, this week I've been clearing the loft in preparation for them being boarded and clearing space in the garage for a new personal door to be fitted to replace the window. And I've also been over to Wootton Bassett, clearing garden rubbish and doing trips to the recycling centre. On Tue evening I realised if I wanted to run it would have to be first thing on Wed morning. So I was up by 6:30am and did a 4ml run before breakfast - go me!


'Mature' runners.

Posted: 11/07/2016 at 19:50

Exhausted - I've been chatting to other participants of Sea Of Hull on a Facebook group. There has been a general feeling of elation about taking part. But people have also remarked how we have become part of Hull's history and helped make a piece of art - though naturally there have been detractors who have derided the whole event. One very good side effect of the photo-shoot has been women with body issues reporting how much better they now feel about themselves as a result. And saying how refreshing it was to be among a crowd of people who were non-judgmental and accepted them for who they were. That I think will be a lasting effect of this whole weekend.

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 11/07/2016 at 18:21

Hi everyone - we got back from Hull earlier this afternoon.

Columba - presume you've Googled "Sea Of Hull" by now and are no longer wondering what I've been up to?

Exhausted - am guessing you've also Googled "Sea Of Hull" by now?

Red - I need an excuse for getting my kit off? When you posted (6:30am) we had already done two of the photos and were wandering along to the third location

HS - sorry to hear about your laptop "freezing". Presume you've tried the "switch it off and on again" routine? Interesting to hear Mara got you using muscles you had been neglecting. More time for you in the dentist's chair - uurgh.

To clarify and answer questions some of you had ..

We registered at 3:00am and were given tubs of 'body paint' (not actual paint - more like coloured cold cream) which was one of four different colours. After quite a bit of waiting around and some introductions/instructions we were finally given the order to strip off and colour ourselves at around 4:30am and suddenly there were naked bodies everywhere!

We had to cover every inch of ourselves from head to toe including our hair. That meant the inside of our ears as well as our underarms and soles of our feet. And naturally also meant you had to colour between your legs and buttocks and do your 'bits' too (possibly slightly easier for the ladies?). Red mentioned every orifice had to be coloured - it wasn't quite that drastic but you had to ensure there was no skin showing so people acted as 'spotters' for each other and also helped cover areas difficult to reach like the top of your back.

Then we were off and it was a surreal sight seeing all the 'alien' looking bodies (strange the effect the body paint had) and walked between the various locations and at various points stood, sat down and laid down in the street as instructed by Spencer Tunick and his team of assistants.

By the time of the last location shoot Margaret and I were feeling the cold. We headed back to the gardens to retrieve our clothes and walking hand-in-hand down the main streets of Hull, naked except for a covering of body paint was a strange experience. But we'd been naked for almost four hours by then and it didn't feel at all odd (which may sound odd in itself).

I managed to meet Ruth at registration but they got assigned different colours to us. I saw the photo of Ruth and her hubby on the bridge that Red mentioned - I've searched around a lot but not spotted myself yet. I may have to wait for the exhibition next year. Ruth was more of a greeny-blue colour and was having problems getting rid of it. Ours was more of a lilac-blue colour and washed out easily - though I noticed I still have some inside one of my ears and on my toenails.

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 07/07/2016 at 17:36

Hi everyone,

I've been busy lately with bowls practise, golf, gardening etc. I have managed to run several times but still haven't got into any sort of 'regular' routine or managed my planned 3 sessions a week.

HS - sorry to hear about your aches & pains after helping your clubmate with her bike. Glad your 'running out of steam' was short-lived and you managed a 10ml forest run. Wow - a coaching session with an elite athlete - lucky you.

Aquarius - I used to cycle regularly with a friend and he wanted to do a 'round the island' trip on the IOW. It didn't happen in the end and neither of us cycle these days.

Columba - sorry to hear you may have arthritis of the knee.

Red - nope, not got round yet to sussing out any yoga classes. Exposing myself?? Hmmm .. Well there's the North East Skinny Dip in September but this weekend it's the "Sea Of Hull" Spencer Tunick photo-shoot both of which Ruth is supposed to be doing. We're told there are 6000 people who have registered for Spencer Tunick - a local newspaper headline said "Sea Of Hull - more like a tsunami". It should be .. interesting!

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 28/06/2016 at 23:34

Hi everyone,

DBI - that's very odd re the RW website wanting the original password.

Columba - glad to hear you enjoyed the Midnight Sun races; shame about the knee (I enjoyed reading the blog btw).

HS - well done re 4th MV70+ in your race and great wava score; shame your nemesis beat you again; great photo. Re England/Iceland I have no interest in football myself but can't fail to be aware how often the team fail to live up to expectations at the big tournaments. Re bowls, there are at least two more matches I am scheduled to take part in so I went to the club on Mon and have been practising!

Red - I'm in bed now but had a good stretching session for my back beforehand. I have various books about stretching but checked and see there are some Iyengar yoga classes held in the village at the Tithe Barn.

Ahhh .. the benefits of being retired. The weather was good yesterday so I cut the lawns after I got back from bowls practise. Today it was forecast to rain around lunchtime. So I headed to a local driving range to practise my golf and when I got back Mrs Wm and I pottered in the garden for two hours before the promised rain arrived. I spent the rest of the day in the study catching up on 'stuff'.

I will be off to the running club tomorrow evening - we're at a new venue now so the sat-nav will be helping me find my way there.

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 26/06/2016 at 17:39

Hi everyone - 10 days since my last post so have had to skim through quite a few pages - back to my old tricks again!

Red - well done re marathon 83 .. and 84. I think I should probably be doing yoga as I get stiff when spending too long sitting around. And when I look at myself in a full-length mirror I 'lean' to the left due to tight muscles.

HS - re the rain-sodden training run, before we set off I tried telling some others it was character-building but I'm not sure they believed me. Shame about the muddy socks - but as they were old I guess they'd done their bit.

Aquarius - I guess I'm lucky that I don't seem to have any issues with eating before training. I do enjoy my porridge before my weekend long run - and a race is usually an excuse to have pasta the night before. However keen you are to see proof of my skinny-dipping antics I think I might traumatise the others on here if I did post anything. You had better join me at Druridge on 25th Sep and experience it for yourself (what do you mean you're too busy?).

Exhausted - sorry, had to chuckle at you having to change in the car. I've done that at races and no matter how many times you check the coast is clear, someone always seems to appear from nowhere.

On Fri 16th we lost power as the main supply cable got damaged (it was only 1" below the surface of the drive - much too shallow and very dangerous). It happened when a guy cutting a drainage channel around the base of the house hit it. Thankfully he wasn't injured but when we think what might have been! The supply company came out that night, dug a big trench and made the cable safe. They left just after 11pm having supplied a generator with us to provide power overnight. Teams of guys arrived on Sat to fix the damage permanently and while the power was off we agreed they could move the electric meter outside (it suited us too). It took until Tue to get the trench re-filled and re-asphalted. All the waiting around looking after things meant my training went to pot and apart from a 6.5ml run last weekend and a 5ml run this morning I've not managed anything else. I'm hoping for no unexpected problems this coming week.

Oh yes, and at my bowls match on Tuesday evening my team and I threw away a lead of several points between us, never recovered and lost the match - grrrr.

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 16/06/2016 at 16:05

Hi everyone,

HS - the handicap races do seem to be going well so far so I hope I can pace myself better next time. Glad to hear you managed 7mls with no after-effects from the race at the weekend.

Red - we have to complete 3 of the 4 handicap races to qualify for the championship. I'm obviously hoping some people above me don't compete in races 3 and 4 so I can get more points (snigger).

Exhausted - I ran in the rain last night .. it was great fun splashing through the puddles (I gave up dodging them after a while!). It's my partner Margaret and I that are the problem! Her son is married but its us that live together, hence my reference to him being a 'sort of' son-in-law. Over the years we've also been 'Latties' (living apart together) and 'Pals' (partners although living seperately). My 'sort-of' grand-daughters refer to me as 'Grandad Mel' to differentiate me from 'Grandad' (their Mum's Dad) and 'Another Grandad' (my partner Margaret's ex).

Aquarius - gosh, there's a lot going on at once for you today .. hope you have a relatively quiet afternoon. Someone I chat to on Fetch also did the Blaydon race and managed her best time for a few years. Well done re your 3000m race. Running in the sea eh? Hmmmm .. as regulars on here know, the only time I normally run in the sea is when I am doing one of my 'charidee' skinny-dips I'll be doing that running into the sea thing again on 25th Sep at this year's North East Skinny Dip.

I went out on Mon and managed a 5ml run at 10 m/m pace which I was happy with. There were less people than usual at my running club last night due to the rain. Despite the downpour most people opted to go off-road. My friend Claire and I had already agreed we would be sticking to the roads and the other group were too speedy for us so we did a 5ml run together. I say together - I spent most of the time tagging along behind Claire trying to keep up with her and it was another run at 10 m/m pace.


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