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'Mature' runners.

Posted: 20/04/2015 at 16:43

HS - no ring-a-roses at the party. The girls played inside until the two grand-dads had put together the see-saw the other one had bought. Then they played outside on that after we had eaten lunch and had some birthday cake. Well done re 8 miler in forest - glad to hear Alice is recovering well.

Red - good wishes for your 3 marathons in 4 days attempt - hope it goes well and if it was me, I would give the parkrun a miss. A stumpery eh? - you're in good company as Charlie has one at Highgrove.

*waves* to Columba, JJ, BIW, Exhausted and anyone else who pops by ..

I've been out and done just under 5 miles this morning. I set off on one of my usual routes around a nearby village. But to ring the changes, I headed back via a track that runs alongside the fields at the back of our house. I often see other runners going along there - made a nice change to be there myself. I've just been out and cut the back lawn as well so I am also now cream-crackered.

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 19/04/2015 at 09:20

Columba - that tempo session sounded like it was a toughie - well done for hitting the requested pace.

HS - when I swam regularly for a while I used to have trouble counting lengths too. Well done re your hilly club session. Re 'streamlined' hair .. yes, there's less to cut these days but I don't see the price dropping!

Red - nice to hear you are okay (figured you were busy and would be back when time allowed).

BIW - love that logo the Channel swimmers have on their swim caps. Smiled at Nemo answering back at every command - presumably saying "OK boss" in dog-speak.

I got to play with a 'big boys' toy on Friday. Hired an electric breaker (think pneumatic drill - but quieter) to break up some concrete where I was installing a supporting post for the fence. Was hard work and my shoulders and arms still ache today.

It was a lovely day yesterday so I went and did 7mls in Cirencester Park - was lovely in the sunshine and the wood anemones and wild garlic were beginning to show. It was windy though - I was having similar problems to HS and had to keep pulling my cap firmly down onto my head to stop it blowing away.

Off to Warwick in a bit for grand-daughter's 4th birthday celebrations. Yesterday it was the children's party .. today its the grown ups turn to have some cake!

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 16/04/2015 at 16:33

BIW - apologies, I can see I got the wrong end of the stick re marathons. I blame the late hour I was logged in! Well done re the swim training.

HS - as you can tell, I was amazed at the pace I was able to manage on those hill reps. The road I mentioned has at least 400yds of steady uphill and is a dual carriageway. So alternatives could be longer uphill reps or circuits up and down either side (using a footbridge at the bottom end and the subway at the top). Good luck with your hilly circuit session tonight.

Been out and played 9 holes of golf with my friend Alan and pleased to see my scores slowly improving. Its a Par 33 course and two weeks ago it took me 65 strokes to get round - last week it was 55 - today it was 53. That included 2 penalty shots as I drove into a ditch on the first two holes and some rubbish putting so plenty of scope for improvement.

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 16/04/2015 at 00:35

Uh-oh .. it appears to be a bit late so had better make this posting a quickie!

Columba – well done re the swimming. Also, well done re 200m repeats. I think you’ll find the Garmin isn’t always spot-on (the GPS signals can over and under estimate). So probably best to stick to the interval times and ignore the equivalent mins/ml figures.

HS – don’t follow cricket now but in my ‘yoof’ I was scorer for the local 3rd XI. Well done re the track session – and good luck with forthcoming training for the NF Marathon.

BIW – well done re the cycling. I know what you mean about being envious but I’ve NEVER run further than a half marathon and don’t think I ever will.

Columba – I’m toying with selling some of the lp’s if the prices on Amazon seem high (collectible?). But I expect I’ll end up taking them to a charity shop like HS.

Surprised myself yesterday morning. Ran to the Tetbury Road entrance to Cirencester Park (a mile away) then ran fast up the hill to the subway (about 250 yds) and jogged back down. Repeated this 8 times then jogged back home. The surprise was when I checked the stats when I got home. The fast uphill sections were done between 63 and 66 secs (equiv. to 7:42 to 8:05 min/ml pace). I seriously didn’t think I had it in me to do that sort of pace, even for short uphill sections like that. Gives me confidence for the future.

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 13/04/2015 at 20:54

Exhausted - sorry to hear you pulled your back but glad to hear it's improving. Hope tomorrow's planned run goes okay. I had to be careful over the weekend - Mrs Wm's son forgot to bring a gate for the top of the stairs when he dropped off our grand-daughters so I had to improvise with my massage couch and a small heavy cupboard (sewing stuff) that lives on the landing to keep our 4yr old from sneaking downstairs.

BIW - I wish there WAS some way to turn KH off (some legal way anyway). Glad you had a nice weekend in Bavaria.

Columba - well done re speed session. I know what you mean about unbalanced running when carrying liquid - 500ml is bad enough sometimes which is why I got myself a waist belt. I have a 3 ltr Camelbak with tube for walking - I sometimes think a smaller version might be a good investment for summer running.

HS - glad the dentist session was okay - and no charge? .. wow, what a surprise in this day and age. Well done re the club speed session, the 13ml LSR (good pace too) and today's 6 miler. Well done to Alice for Brighton result and good luck to her in quest for GFA time.

Matsmum - thank you for the "English Country Garden" ear-worm! Hope grand-daughter's Tough Mudder goes okay. And chuckled about little grand-daughter's joint party and not twigging they might be short-changed Well done re your 9 miler.

JJ - sorry laughing at doodle not impressed with running when dog walking.

Stirred some memories this morning - worked through my lp collection scribbling down all the details (sitting cross-legged and crouching by the wardrobe where they are stacked in crates). Now I have the list I can check for any gaps in my cd and download collection and fill in the gaps using some of the Amazon vouchers I was given recently for my retirement/birthday.

Been for a 4.5ml loop around town this afternoon - I felt comfortable all the way round and it was nice to see afterwards that despite some longer waits for traffic than usual, the time was an improvement on last week. 

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 09/04/2015 at 11:17

Exhausted - after I posted I sang Chelsea Morning to myself a few times and knew it was the one. Joni was the soundtrack to my youth too .. one of my favourite tracks is "River" and I've seen Chris While several times and she performs it perfectly. Ahhh .. Graceland, I love that album especially "Under African Skies" & "Homeless" with Ladysmith Black Mambazo .. great harmonies and lyrics. I did a sleepout for a homeless charity a few years ago and a local 'world music' choir were doing a concert nearby. After the concert they came to see us and sang "Nkose Sikelele Afrika". Anyway, yes, it was "You Can Call Me Al" (it took me a few times repeating the lyrics to myself as I ran home that day before I twigged myself which song it was). Nonchalantly or not (and procrastinating beforehand) you still manage to run 19 miles.

HS - hope its good news when you see the dentist (not that any dental treatment can really ever be described as good news). Good luck with the speed work.

The planned run won't happen today. I had to go and see my son at my house in Wootton Bassett yesterday evening and had a late night as a result. Not feeling up to running today as a consequence. Off to see him shortly - he pointed out I have grass growing in my gutters so we are going to get the ladders out and attend to that. Also, my neighbour there has cut his side of the grass at the front (no fence or border so our two lawns merge into one) so we need to do my side. 

I am off to play golf tomorrow morning - playing the same 9 hole as last week so will attempt to better my score. We are tee-ing off at 08:48 and its a 30min drive so I shall have to (gasp!) set my alarm. Tomorrow afternoon our grand-daughters are being dropped off and are staying with us for two nights. So that's my weekend sorted and no doubt I will be shattered by Sunday afternoon when Mum re-appears to save us!  

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 08/04/2015 at 18:13

HS - as I thought, "finger or thumb bias" was referring to which side is the weighted one. That combined with the camber of the green, it sounds very complicated to get to grips with. I used to have an HTC phone but have a Samsung these days. "Blink Feed" was a new one on me but I asked Mr Google and he pointed me to a website which explains more .. http://www.htc.com/us/support/htc-one-m8/howto/464893.html .. hope it helps. Well done re Wed's speedy 6 miler.

Columba - you mentioned Matsmum being an early riser. Would you be surprised to hear I've been staying up later than usual since retiring and consequently, getting up around 8am? Glad to hear the wine and chocolate filled the gap left by PT son going.

Skippy - as you may see if you read back a few pages, I am (mostly) sticking to 10k races in future after problems (again!) at the Bath Half. The exceptions will be a 5K race which I try and do with a running friend - and a 10ml off-road race in my home town which my family enjoy cheering me on at (they can drive round to the 3ml and 6ml points).

BIW - glad to hear it is bright and sunny with you too. Sounds like Charlie is doing well with his training.

Red - as I said on Facebook earlier, KH is an attention-seeking ***** and I despair that the media allow themselves to be used by her to spout her comments (I won't say opinions because she only says outrageous things to keep herself in the spotlight). If they would only ignore her she would hopefully fade away.

Matsmum - well done re running three days in a row. As I mentioned to Columba I am currently staying up later and waking up later with the novelty of not having to go to work. Normal service will be resumed soon!

Exhausted - I am resisting the temptation to look up the lyric you posted. Loving the fact you don't run for a few days and then just head out and do a 19ml run - how do you manage it?

I managed to catch the sun on our walk on Monday - should have realised and put some sunscreen on before we set out.

I didn't quite manage a morning run yesterday but I did go out soon after lunch and do a 4.5ml loop around town. It was lovely to be out running in the sunshine in just shorts and a t-shirt. I managed an average pace of around 10:25mm (a bit faster than usual for me) and hope to see some improvements over the coming months. Planning to go out tomorrow morning and will try a rep session on the hill near the leisure centre (its a mile away so allows a warm-up and cool down session at either end).

Exhausted - still not Google'd that lyric (that would spoil the fun!) but now have a hunch its from "Chelsea Morning" by Joni Mitchell?

Last time I ran in Cirencester Park I saw some dog-walkers and this lyric popped in my head as I ran towards them .. "Keep those mutts away from me, I don't find this stuff amusing any more" - anyone recognise it and which song it is from?  


'Mature' runners.

Posted: 06/04/2015 at 19:52

HS - I think I would need to make sure I was capable of flat green bowls before attempting crown green. By "finger or thumb bias" did you mean whether to use a forehand or backhand or is it a different technique? (sorry, know nothing about CG bowls). I always find it easier to run with others - shame I didn't find the support I wanted at my last club.

BIW - I get tired just reading about your training! Chuckled at your correct prediction of John entering the triathlon too.

Red - I am breaking myself in slowly with this retired lark - spending quite a bit of time sitting around relishing not working!

Columba - yes, Garmin's are wrong as often as they are right. Best to work by landmarks (lamp posts etc.) when needing to do certain distances. Chuckled at you answering back because you are PT's mother. I occasionally get in the 9-something range when I put on a spurt at the end of a run .. 8-something is unheard of for me.

Matsmum - I remember Mouldy Old Dough and Spirit In The Sky (Norman Greenbaum if I'm not mistaken). Hmmm yes, these youngsters who can just enter a race and don't have to train for months beforehand ...

JJ - I retired from work last Tuesday - that's a pretty major event in Wtnmel world 

Skippy - don't recognise the name (I am a newbie here) so hello. Hope the training goes well.

I went out on Saturday and did 4.5mls - made sure I did it at a faster pace than my long run last Thu .. planning to go out for another run tomorrow morning.

I have been out for a 5ml walk with Mrs Wm today and plotted the route with my Garmin eTrex (which I use when walking). I tried to insert a picture of our route but the RW website doesn't want to play ball. Shame really as our route looked spookily like an Easter bunny.



'Mature' runners.

Posted: 02/04/2015 at 17:37

BIW - I know you are right about finding myself busy in due course - I'm looking forward to filling my time with what I want to do. Mrs Wm and I were discussing this subject earlier and agreeing how nice it will be to no longer be ruled by what shift I am working and being able to pick and choose what to do and when.

HS - chuckled at your limited opportunities for skiving during the pyramid session Now I am planning to stick to 10K races in future I want to increase my speed. So I will be trying to add an interval session to my training each week. Up to now most of my running has been one-speed, plodding around town after work or at weekends.

Columba - I've got no plans to enter the Bath HM again. I have tried three times now (2010, 2011, 2015) and each time have got cramps at around 9 miles (and yet I've managed the full distance in training without any problems). As a result I have 'gone off' doing HM's and will just enter 10k races in future. The only exceptions will be a 5k run in Chippenham that I have done several times with a running friend and the 10ml Ridgeway Run in Tring (my home town) during which my family enjoy driving round the course and cheering me on at several points.

As a new retiree I was able to enjoy the novelty earlier today of putting on my running gear on a weekday and doing 7mls in Cirencester Park. I wanted to do my 'long' run today with it being Easter this weekend and various family visiting. It was noticeable how much quieter the park was than at weekends which I am used to (far less people and dog-walkers around)

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 01/04/2015 at 16:30

Hi everyone,

So here I am, newly-retired and free to do what I want at long last. I was given a nice card and some Amazon vouchers by my friends in the office. And when I got home, Mrs Wm had got me a very 'tasteful' sweater as she wanted me to look the part on the golf course. Speaking of which, I have been out this morning and played 9 holes with my friend Alan who retired in January. Considering I hadn't played for at least 10 years I got on okay and managed to get round in 65 (par is 33). I'm sure the scores will come down as I get more practise!

HS - the only bowls I have played was on an indoor (flat) rink - I think I would find it doubly difficult if I had to contend with a crown green as well. Well done re running in wind and rain in foul weather - I chickened out last weekend and ran on my treadmill.

Columba - I've already been warned about being asked to do things and agreeing to help and ending up as busy as ever. So I shall say a polite 'No' to any requests - at least to start with anyway. Aha - a 'character-building' run on Monday I see. Hope the weather is better next time.  

Red - well done for completing your marathon in those strong winds and heavy rain. Realised after my last post I should have probably christened it a mara(not)fun. Have to say, I love the idea of mini-bunting for HS's navigator's hat.

330 - welcome to the thread - look forward to hearing from you.

Matsmum - ooh, trail shoes. I really think I should invest in some too - for the off-road Ridgeway Run I do each October, if nothing else.

Exhausted - hope that cossie gets some use sometime! I recently bought some new swim shorts - I used them at the Thermae Spa the day after the Bath Half but that doesn't count. One of the things I hope to have time for now I am retired is swimming each week. I may look for some lessons - I usually do breast stroke but would love to improve my front crawl and manage it without swallowing so much water.

BIW - lovely photo of Charlie. Hope the weather has improved a bit for you.

Having been out playing golf today, I've had my exercise - there's a saying about golf being a good walk ruined isn't there? I shall probably head out for a run tomorrow. And I have to say, it's going to feel distinctly odd to wake up, have breakfast then be able to go for a run and do whatever else I like afterwards instead of driving to Bristol and sitting in an office. I'm sure I'll soon get used to this life of leisure!

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