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'Mature' runners.

Posted: 17/03/2015 at 21:38

Hi everyone,

Exhausted - arrrrr .. you be a mentioning grog me 'earty. Mention of grog always makes me come over all pirate-y On a more serious note, my treadmill is in the garage and it certainly make me puff and work up a sweat. It can be raised up to 10 degrees to simulate hills and has some different programmes built-in to change the pace and/or slope.

HS - yes, those are the plastic balls I meant - the theory is it won't go far when I hit it with the golf club. If you enjoyed the book about wrestling, keep an eye on BBC4. There is a programme about the 'golden age' of wrestling and they show it from time to time. Yes -  I used to watch the wrestling with my Dad - he liked Jackie Pallo and didn't like Mick McManus.

*waves* to BIW, Red & JJ

We have some instant messaging software at work - I updated my status today to read "Only 11 working days to go". One of my 'friends' in my team said surely to be strictly accurate it ought to read 'working' (I am still working at the moment - but hope by the end of next week I will have reached the 'working' stage).

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 16/03/2015 at 22:30

Apologies once again for a 'flying visit' ..

Exhausted thought I was probably counting the days until retirement. I am (only 11 more 'working' days to go) but there is a new release going in after I have left so at present I am helping out by doing lots of testing (to make sure the fixes for the bugs haven't broken anything that was still working okay). Also, I am busy doing a 'brain dump' and trying to pass on all my knowledge to the guy that is picking up my work. Maybe I will be able to start winding down a bit next week? We'll see!

Meanwhile, away from work, I have retrieved my golf clubs from the garage of my house. I've also started reading the "Teach Yourself Golf" book I discovered I had when I started de-cluttering my bookshelf. When the weather improves again I shall go out on the back lawn to practise my swing using practise balls (hollow plastic with holes). It would be nice to be able to actually hit the ball when I go to play golf on 1st April.

And (drum roll..) I hopped on the treadmill this evening and did 3 miles. I am planning to run again on Wednesday and am trying to get back into the routine of running 3 times a week.

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 12/03/2015 at 17:47

Hi everyone,

Columba - the problem with getting to Swindon Parkrun has always been too much else to do on a Saturday morning - shouldn't be such a problem in future!

HS - re training and racing, as per my comment to Columba, making time has always been the problem up to now. Should be much easier to fit in my runs once I am retired. Boo to having toothache and needing to have it looked at (and subsequent expense).

*waves* to Red (and anyone else who pops by)

Not managed to get back out for a run since Mon evening. Not overly bothered as I don't have any races planned and am enjoying a bit of a rest after the training for the Bath HM. I'll get back into a proper routine soon!

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 10/03/2015 at 17:39

Exhausted - hope your en-suite renovations go smoothly. Your last sentence about "Oh dear - how sad" reminded me of Sgt Major 'Shut Up' played by Windsor Davies in "It Ain't Half Hot Mum" - I'm sure the rest of you remember him as well.

HS - some impressive WAVA figures there. Mine range from the mid-fourties to mid-fifties. As a comparison, my highest scores are both PB's .. 56.41% (Chippenham River Run 5K - 2012 - 28:26) and 56.21% (Swindon 10k - 2013 - 59:55). I am okay on the putting green too - its getting there that is more of a problem I run with my arms at my side and try and concentrate on keeping my shoulders relaxed - have never needed to use my elbows (yet!). Incidentally, footballers falling over and rolling in agony until they realise the ref isn't watching is one of the many reasons why I have no interest in football.

No after-effects today from going over on my left ankle last night. I have walked to and from the garage today without noticing it in any way. I'm pleased to say the car passed its MOT - the only thing they found was the offside front sidelight had blown. The car is only five years old and has been regularly serviced - would have been worried if they had found anything else.

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 09/03/2015 at 21:34

Hi everyone,

HS - my friend who retired recently, emailed me today inviting me to play golf on 1st April (first day of freedom). He claims that's what retired people do  I'm not sure I can remember how to hold the club, let alone play 9 holes of golf - but it seems a good way to kick off my life of leisure.

Red - my nearest parkrun is 10mls away so I have never got there. But there is a 5k race in Chippenham I've done several times and its where I got my PB of 28:26 (but that was back in 2012).

BIW - I'm sure the initial days of retirement will feel like I am on holiday. Then I'll gradually find things to fill up my time.

Exhausted - I don't think its over-hydration causing cramps as I do sweat a lot when I run - even in Winter.

Columba - I plan to just enjoy being retired for a bit without diving into doing anything on a regular basis. But I don't know yet what the split will eventually be between hobbies and/or voluntary work.

JJ - glad to hear the builders are doing a good job. BTW, I went for a run tonight and checked my running style (you were asking about it re cramps problems). I definitely land on my heel rather than my forefoot but its a quick transition from back to front.

As mentioned above, tonight I got out for my first run since Bath. I did my 3ml loop around town and it was nice to just go out and run and not have to hold something back for the last few miles. It was getting dark and I stumbled off a kerb halfway round - but no damage was done and the initial discomfort was only short-term and soon wore off and had gone away by the time I finished.

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 08/03/2015 at 23:08

I have finally managed to catch up on all the latest postings!

Have thought about the cramps I got at the Bath Half and as I was wearing my running jacket throughout, have concluded I over-heated and didn’t take on enough fluid (even though it was an electrolyte drink). I had managed 12ml runs leading up to the race without any problems so cannot think of any other reason. The video of me finishing at Bath made for interesting viewing as I could see myself shuffling along like a proper old man and then watched myself nearly falling over after I crossed the line as both calves cramped again.

HS – re your comment about many older runners turning to longer distances as they lose race speed. I have never been a speedy runner and there are others of my age who are far fitter, weigh less and can run faster than I am ever likely to manage. I want to walk more at weekends in future so by dropping back to 10k distance, it will be easier to fit in runs during the week. Well done re your Salisbury 10ml race.

JJ – you asked if I’m a forefoot striker and if that could be causing calf/Achilles problems? I’m not really sure and will have to try and concentrate on my style next time I am out. I think I used to be a heel striker but then started trying to run more on my forefoot to avoid shuffling along. You also asked if I had seen a physio about cramping – this time last year I was being treated for a problem with my soleus and as I hadn’t known about stretching that muscle for years she remarked that could well have been the cause of various calf-related issues over the years.

Columba – shame we missed each other at Bath – hope by now you’ve got your goody bag and t-shirt back. The problems I was finding during the race was having to weave around people and having people cut across in front of me without looking.

Red – saw your photo of you wearing your ARUK vest on FB.

Exhausted – I empathise with you being attacked by a dog as it happened to me a few weeks ago on one of my training runs in Cirencester Park.

BIW – great photo of Nemo.

I’ve not been out for a run since the Bath Half – I was on call yesterday until 2:30pm and then had to go and see my son in my house later that afternoon. Today we were invited out for lunch so I couldn’t fit in a run before or after. I have promised myself I will get my running shoes back on tomorrow, even though it will just be a quick 3ml loop around town after work.

As I mentioned in my last posting, I’ve been busy at work lately so there’s usually no chance of popping on to the RW website. But that will be changing come April as I am going to be retiring at the end of this month. It means I’ll have more time for everything including our proposed house-move if everything goes according to plan. Can’t wait!

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 06/03/2015 at 08:56

Posted race report very last last night as I didn't want to leave it any longer. Been on 'earlies' this week (so should have been asleep!) but been busy with work/home (will explain more in due course) and struggling to find time to pop on here. Had a quick skim through recent posts and will have a 'proper' look later or over the weekend ..

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 05/03/2015 at 23:18

Bath Half race report

Stayed overnight at new Premier Inn in the centre of Bath so I could walk to the runner’s village (less hassle on the day). Porridge, tea and toast for breakfast and saw a few other ‘running’ types doing the same. Back to room - some rain around so decided to go with long tracksters, long-sleeved t-shirt and yellow hi-viz jacket that could be removed if needed. Made my way to runner’s village chatting to other runners on the way. No chance of getting lost, just follow the crowds. Village was very busy – made my way (slowly) to the exit where signed routes to start pens begin. Paid one last visit to toilets – the queue for the ladies must have been very long as some women were queuing in the gents. Lots of giggling on their part and comments on keeping their eyes firmly fixed on the queue ahead and not daring to look anywhere else.

Made my way to the orange start. Very slow and congested – had to chuckle at the ‘get in lane’ signs for the green and orange starts. Finally got to orange pens five minutes before the start at 11am. We heard the countdown “5-4-3-2-1” but apart from a big cheer nothing happened. After a bit we shuffled forward then stopped again. Finally we started walking, then we walked a bit faster until finally (gasp!) we were jogging slowly. Around the corner, over the start line and after a 15 min delay we were finally running.

Took it steady over the first (downhill) mile – very congested and got overtaken by the rhinoceros. Steady over the second mile – wasn’t surprised to see one or two people already walking on the uphill section. Actually made it to just under 3 miles before the elite runners started overtaking us having already completed their first loop. Still congested at 4miles – was running alongside a lady at this point doing the same pace. Had already decided to take a walk break at 5 miles at the water station to refill my water bottle.  Felt good at this stage and checking splits afterwards confirmed things were going to plan (10.31 11.19 11.24 11.14 11.49).

Caught up the lady I had been running with before and we stuck together through the 10k timing point and the start of the second loop. It was less congested by now and I was into more of a rhythm over the next 4 miles (11.37 11.21 11.20 11.08). I had warned the lady I was going to stop at the 9ml water point and have another walk break and would probably catch her up later. But then disaster – the cramps I have suffered from in the past returned despite me using electrolyte tablets in my water. From then on it was a case of keeping going as best I could but as the miles went on I had to walk more and more and the cramps became more painful. The splits tell the story (12.40 11.43 13.08) as I had to keep taking walk breaks and stretch my calves.

By the last mile I was struggling to run for more than a minute at a time (the split time of 13.44 bears that out).  I walked until the final corner and then ran as best I could towards the finish, gritting my teeth and ignoring the pain. Watching the finish video I can see I almost fell over after I had crossed the line. However after a short break I was able to make my way through the finish area to collect my medal, have my timing chip removed and collect my goody bag and finisher’s t-shirt. Which this year is actually a rather funky Brooks technical t-shirt and a good antidote for the pain. The finish time (which given my problems is rather academic) was a disappointing 2hrs 36mins.

And no, I don’t think I’ll be attempting a half-marathon again unless someone can work out why I keep getting these bloody cramps.

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 01/03/2015 at 17:01

Forgot to add .. time (which is  nothing to write home about) was 2hrs 36mins.

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 01/03/2015 at 16:53

Not as well as I hoped in my case HS. Despite trying an electrolyte drink and compression socks the dreaded cramps in my calf muscles made an appearance at around 9.5mls. They got worse and worse and I ended up walking a lot of the last 3mls. But I managed to keep running in the finishing straight and over the line. Not how I wanted to complete Bath and it has just reinforced my decision to give up trying to run HM's and stick to 10k races in future. The only exception will be the 10ml race in my home town.

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