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'Mature' runners.

Posted: Yesterday at 13:11

JJ - walking for 40 mins is better in my book than sitting on the couch.

HS - I won't wish you good luck at the hygeinist either. Sounds like a good training session last night. Thinking back, I've always started steadily in any race I've done and then gradually tried to wind things up towards the end (and overtaking people in the process). I also use a technique of latching on to someone ahead of me and imagining myself being hauled towards them.

Exhausted - I never 'rush off' at the start of races (apart from that River Run I mentioned), even the Bath HM. I much prefer to let things settle down before starting to pick my way through others. I remember at Bath, seeing people who had flown by me at the start, walking with hands on hips and puffing and blowing after just 2 miles. Just call me Steady Eddie

Red - with those strong winds I'm worried about the state of your mane The paths on the River Run widen out after a bit - but yes, I did find myself getting as far across as I could so people could squeeze past if they wanted to.

Last night I caught up with my occasional running partner's blog. She is doing 'Jantastic' which involves exercising every day. She blogged a couple of days ago about doing her daily exercise in her corset I actually knew what she meant. She lives in a village where they film costume dramas and gets occasional work as a film extra. They have recently been filming a xmas special (for Dec 2015). But it didn't stop me pulling her leg about her choice of underwear

Planning to WFH tomorrow and think as the forecast is for bitterly cold winds, I'll do my early run on my treadmill. 3 miles tomorrow will bring me up to 71 miles in Jan which equals my highest monthly mileage since I started running again in 2007. If all goes to plan and I get out for my 12ml LSR on Sat that will take me to 83 miles in a month - a new pee-bee! Small beer for some of you I know, but an achievement for yours truly.

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 27/01/2015 at 15:30

Thanks for the advice everyone re tapering for the Bath HM. In the past I have cut down on the mileage for the last two long weekend runs (10mls & 6mls) and will take on board the idea of doing shorter faster runs during those two weeks.

BIW - sorry to hear about yet more comms problems and no internet or telephone. Also sorry to hear about arm problem. Does sound like it might be rotator cuff. Hope not for your sake - I had that a few years ago and had to have an osteopath to sort it out. Curry and (medicinal) wine sounds a good remedy.

Red - Well done re yesterday's 8ml XC run. Do I say 'enjoy' todays intervals? 10K's are my favourite - 10 miles is my yearly race in my home town which I manage fairly easily. I have to train specifically for a HM and have already said the Bath HM will be my last for the foreseeable future. Consequently I am in awe of anyone like yourself who can run marathons regularly and still have energy for a
push at the end. I've never done a marathon and have no intention of doing so. There's a nearby 5K in Chippenham called the "River Run". It doesn't entail getting wet but as my occasional running partner and I discovered the first time we did it, the path is narrow and overtaking opportunities are few and far between. So its a mad dash at the start for the corner of the field where the path starts and then you go hell for leather from then on.

HS - well done re 20ml run on Sunday. Enjoy the club session later (I wont say enjoy the dentist!). I had that 'getting out of the door' problem earlier (see below). Enjoyed it once I was out though.

Columba - well done re those consistent splits. I was hoping I might be in the green wave at Bath HM this time. Re 'incorrect' Bath HM number, I thought I belonged to an 'affiliated' club when I did the race in the past and had orange numbers both times. In fact, my 2011 number was orange 'E12105' and this year's is 'H14594'. I have a vague recollection of sub-divisions of the orange pens. So does that mean I am deemed to be even slower than before The majority of white number runners are likely to be fast so it may well be worth moving back to the slower groups. Otherwise there's a likelihood of getting tutted at (or worse) by faster runners who think you are impeding them. One tip by the way - on the first right-hand corner keep well out to the left. People have been known to be tripped up there in the 'start of race' excitement as everyone tries to take the shortest route.

Matsmum - glad to hear latest test result was more encouraging. Glad to hear you've been managing to get out, even if its been a little spasmodic.

I didn't get out on Sat at 2:30pm as planned - the estate agent had some viewing feedback to pass on. I eventually set off at 2:50pm and did 12 mls in Cirencester Park. I ended up putting in some extra effort in miles 10 & 11 - 5pm was fast
approaching and the gates were due to be locked!

I am WFH today so went out and did 3mls before breakfast. It took me ten minutes to persuade myself to get out of my warm cozy bed but I'm glad I did it. The mornings must be getting lighter - the head torch stayed in my jacket pocket. It was the first time outside in my new shoes and my feet seem okay so that's good. Hoping to WFH again on Thu so will do the same again. And then will try the new shoes out on my long run this coming Sat.

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 24/01/2015 at 14:28

My Bath Half number arrived yesterday (14594). As I had to cancel my entry last year and had a guaranteed entry this year, I was sort-of expecting a lower number than that. It almost looks like I nipped in just before the race limit of 15000 had been reached! Anyway, needless to say I'm in the orange start so will be joining the party at the back of the crowd. Last time it took me 10-15 mins to cross the start line - thank goodness for chip timing.

Just a few minutes before I finish my on-call shift and can get out for my run. Will come back and do a 'proper' catch-up another time ..

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 23/01/2015 at 13:44

Red - I see you got out for that hilly run and improved on your previous time - well done! I'm also not sure pouting has the same effect for the 'older' lay-dee. But it doesn't seem to stop some of them (yes Victoria Beckham et al .. I'm talking about you). Hope the trip to Londinium goes okay. Rather you than me though with the extra time involved travelling there and back.

HS - one of the hairdressers where I go runs, but not with any club. So if I get her (luck of the draw) we end up chatting about training, races etc. I think 'Cortana' is a gimmick that I may get bored of using quite quickly - time will tell. My current long run route (see below) includes some hills and slopes and it's alway nice to get up them without stopping and think "Got ya!". Well done re your hilly circuit session btw.

Columba - Mrs Wm is keen for me to put in the miles. After seeing me hobbling over the line with cramps twice at Bath she wants me to do well this time and finish strongly. My number hasn't arrived yet but will be looking out for it now.

Exhausted - I've been listening to The Corrupted too - been hearing it as I have driven home but not heard every episode. So will go looking to see if I can download all the episodes as a podcast. I enjoy train travel - but then I've not had to share a carriage with stinky dogs (agree about charging for them btw).

I am 'on call' until 2:30pm tomorrow so will head out of the door as soon as the little hand has passed 2 and the big hand reaches 6! Planning/hoping to do 12mls again (twice around the Cirencester 10K course). Just over 5 weeks now until the Bath Half so plan to do 12mls a few more times then will cut back my mileage in the last week or two.

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 22/01/2015 at 08:24

Columba - well done re Mon's 90 min run in snow using your Yaktrax. I can't see me managing to run more than 3 days a week until after I'm retired.

HS - glad to hear your race went so well but a shame the same can't be said for the post-race baggage arrangements. Chuckled at your suggestion of Red doing a 'selfie' of her new hairstyle - she would obviously have to pout for the camera too. I don't know about you HS but long gone are the days when I could do much with my hair. Nowadays its either short or short-ish and needing a trim.

Exhausted - thanks. Once I decide to do something (like train properly for Bath Half) I do tend to stick to it. It also helps that my 'coach' (Mrs Wm) orders me out of the house at weekends for my long run. Well done re Tue's lollop

Red - glad to hear you're feeling better about everything. Naturally your talk of scientists and 'ologists' immediately made me think of 'Beattie'. Incidentally we noticed Maureen Lipman in the rerun of Smiley's People on BBC4 looking very young!

DianaD - I buy my running shoes one size bigger than my everyday shoes. Enjoy your holiday - 'see' you when you get back.

I've been on my treadmill twice this week. 3mls on Tue staring at the wall and 4mls yesterday watching a dvd (when the miles went much quicker metaphorically speaking). Now I've done a dozen or so miles on the treadmill, the new shoes have started to feel like they belong on my feet!

My work mobile (Nokia Lumia) installed a new version of Windows Phone software yesterday which includes a personal assistant called 'Cortana'. You can speak to Cortana and ask it to remind you of things and it will automatically create an entry in your calendar - very clever software.

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 18/01/2015 at 15:48

Columba - well done for getting out despite the snow thanks to your snow-grippers. Most mapping apps do directions as well (they use the gps built in to the phone)

HS - hope today's race went well. Will check back later/tomorrow to see how things went.

Red - trust you got out for a wee plod today?

I did manage to run yesterday as the snow had thawed enough for me to run in the park. I followed the Cirencester 10K route and went round twice. I managed 12ml in total and felt much better afterwards than I did after last weekend's run (with the wind and rain). Doing two loops of the park meant I saw some walkers a couple of times and found myself saying "Yes - it's me - hello again"

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 17/01/2015 at 10:36

HS - I've never tried accessing this website from my phone. Seem to have enough problems sometimes when using my desktop or laptop!

BIW - hope the training goes well for your open-water swim.

Columba - the posties around here are all still in shorts. The latest 'fashion' seems to be wearing garish calf length socks as well. I've seen two (male) posties wearing pink and peach coloured socks respectively. 

JJ - I agree. Can't imagine Paula is doing the marathon at her own expense or for the hell of it.

Exhausted - hope weather is okay for you for Mon's planned long run.

My plans for running first thing this morning were scuppered by overnight snow. Only an inch or so but enough to make it slippery but not enough to break out the snow-gripper thingies. However, the sun is out now and it seems to be thawing at the moment - so I'll see how things look by this afternoon. Failing that, I'll try again tomorrow.

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 15/01/2015 at 12:06

HS - the 12ml run I am planning mostly follows the Cirencester 10K route which I will run round twice. Which means I will tackle "Big Bertha" twice - the short sharp hill I enjoy taking on and beating! I haven't had to travel anywhere so don't know if we have any trees down. Just as well I am WFH today as the exit I use off the M5 was closed this morning during rush hour.

The pre-breakfast, pre-work run didn't materialise. I had a crap night's sleep and when the alarm went I just switched it off and turned over. When I did get up I was relieved to see our fence was still in one piece. I noticed yet another of the posts has rotted at the base and the fence was waving back & forth yesterday. So when the weather improves I shall be off to the builder's merchants yet again for a new post, some postcrete and their concrete breaker. 

*waves* to everyone else 

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 14/01/2015 at 18:04

Hi everyone,

I have just read back through the postings since 2nd Jan (my last 'proper' post) - lots of good running going on I see and I can finally say I've caught up!

DianaD - lovely photo of you and the family.

JJ - well done for keeping your sanity amidst numerous discussions re extension

Exhausted - glad you are feeling better - and impressed that you did a 10ml run to celebrate recovering.

BIW - my friend has recently retired and I'm looking forward to doing the same so I can visit pools/gyms when I want in the daytime and avoid the crowds. Wow, that's good swimming from John (and agree .. grrrr to him beating your distance!)

HS - that recent fartlek session sounds like really hard work

Redhead - hope you got out for your wee trot at lunchtime. Enjoy Londinium (and hope travel arrangements work out okay).

Columba - sounds like that violent, mouth-smacking lady swimmer needs to get some goggles (or open her eyes more!). I have some 'yaktrax' type thingies from when we were in Norway (Northern Lights Cruise) and they were great when
walking about - no slipping and sliding whatsoever. So I have them ready in case we ever get any snow to speak of and I feel the need for a run.

Had a lovely time entertaining the family last Sunday but it was hard work preparing, entertaining and clearing up afterwards. As for the belated christmas presents I was hoping for .. 'Santa' brought me two cd's (Endless River - Pink Floyd; Nostalgia - Annie Lennox) and a "Go Ape" experience which involves zip-wires and clambering around on ropes in tree-tops and the like.

I have been using my new shoes on my treadmill and done some 3ml runs in them. I'm sure they'll be okay once I've used them a bit more but they still feel slightly 'tight' at present. But it is early days and I'm not getting any blisters so I'm sure they'll be fine. Once I've done a few more treadmill runs I will venture outside in them for a longer distance.

Speaking of which .. I am working from home tomorrow and am on 'lates' so if I'm motivated enough, I can fit in a treadmill run before work.

For this coming weekend's long run I have devised a 12ml route which is still within the confines of Cirencester Park, but sticks to the asphalt roads and paths and avoids the muddy track I used last weekend.

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 10/01/2015 at 22:09

Still not caught up properly but was sat in bed with the laptop (remembered I had promised to email someone as I was heading for bed) and it seemed rude not to pop on here too 

I ran this morning but with the strong wind and rain, boy was it hard work. And very muddy underfoot with lots of puddles so there was quite a lot of slipping and sliding. I managed 11.5mls which is my longest run for ages. My legs have felt a bit tired all day and I've been wearier than usual after a run. I had been doing 10ml runs recently so I hope it was battling the strong winds that have made me feel so tired rather than the adding on of another 1.5mls.

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