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'Mature' runners.

Posted: 04/07/2014 at 14:43

Just popped by to say cheerio. To answer a couple of questions ..

JJ - the C2C starts at St. Bees on the west coast and finishes at Robin Hood's Bay on the east coast. In total - 13 days, 200 miles, 19000 ft of ascent (and descent!).

Columba - it's an organised holiday - we have a guide, the b&b's are all sorted for you and they transport your luggage each day. So C2C for softies really!

That's it for now - 'see' you all in a couple of weeks time and keep an eye on the blog in the meantime if you want to see how I am doing (wtnmel.blogspot.co.uk)

GULP just entered my first half marathon

Posted: 04/07/2014 at 14:32

B&T - I'd like the weather to be dry and sunny but not too hot. But if the forecast is correct, my waterproof will be in use from day 1. I stood in the rain in the back garden with it on and it seemed to be doing the trick! The terrain will be all sorts .. rocky paths, meadows, moorland and riverside paths. As for blisters - I've only had the one when I've been training - let's hope that's the last one!

Toby - will make a nice change to be able to get along to running club

CW - thanks

That's it for now - 'see' you in a couple of weeks time and keep an eye on the blog in the meantime.

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 01/07/2014 at 14:07

Hi all - sorry I've not been around recently. I've managed a few quick visits to try and keep up with the latest posts but it's a losing battle. No free time at work and at home my head is full of C2C (Coast To Coast) preparations. I get the train on Saturday and then we will be walking from 6th - 18th July. If you want to 'stalk' me you might wish to take a peek at my blog (www.wtnmel.blogspot.co.uk) .. I'll be trying to keep the blog updated with where I am and how I am feeling. This is likely to be my last posting before the holiday - see you on the other side!

GULP just entered my first half marathon

Posted: 01/07/2014 at 13:54

CW - afraid I don't have any details about the triathlon at Cotswold Water Park .. just saw the signs out re parking. See you've registered for a 70.3 ironman. Gulp indeed!

Toby - respect for doing 8 miles on the dreadmill.

B&T - yes, sorry about missing River Run yet again. I wouldn't be very fast anyway - you'd have finished zigging before I had even started zagging (private joke).

*waves* to Yvonne (and anyone else who pops by)

Edit: Forgot to say this may be my last posting before I head off on the C2C walk on Saturday (will be walking for 13 days from 6th-18th July). You can 'stalk' me on my blog (www.wtnmel.blogspot.co.uk) if you want to see where I have got to and how I am feeling!

GULP just entered my first half marathon

Posted: 27/06/2014 at 13:45

B&T - I did stand in the rain (in my shorts!) and it was pleasing to see the water collecting in droplets and running off the coat. Our back garden isn't overlooked (not until you're about halfway up it anyway) so no curtain-twitchers. Shame about last night's 10K - wine always helps!

Toby - there was a triathlon at the Cotswold Water park near me - would have popped along but I only found out afterwards.

The new waterproof will get a better, longer test this weekend by the looks of it. I won't be doing another double-whammy weekend .. will just go out on one day and try and do another 15-mile walk. 

GULP just entered my first half marathon

Posted: 26/06/2014 at 14:18

Yvonne - ha ha, I did see the 69/lady garden connection myself but chose not to mention it as there are lay-dees present! 

B&T - "triathletes with all the gear - quite an eyeful" .. down girl! Good luck with Chalfield 10K .. and as the rain is on it's way, glad to hear roof is all battened down.

And when the rain arrives later, I shall be wandering around outside on the back lawn seeing how waterproof the new coat is .. will probably wear my shorts while I do B&T 

GULP just entered my first half marathon

Posted: 26/06/2014 at 10:03

B&T - guide camp can't have been that many years ago surely? My walking trousers are all zip-offs that convert to shorts, so shorts + waterproof is an option I've already considered and lets' face it, mud is also easier to get off legs than out of trousers. Anyway, I figure as it's July when I'm walking, the rain ought to be warm(ish). Re back to front shorts, I saw the latest post on Facebook from 'Fairy Elephant' (who used to post on this thread many moons ago) complaining about her sore 'lady garden' after a 69 mile bike ride. Sounded like some extra padding might have helped in her case! 

CW - like when training for a HM, I've been building up the distance slowly but surely. Now I've managed 19 miles it feels like 'only' ten miles when I go for shorter walks. Glad to hear swimming is progressing slowly but surely.


GULP just entered my first half marathon

Posted: 25/06/2014 at 15:15

B&T - I know the rain is returning tomorrow but I've not bothered checking what's happening for the next week or two ahead. Besides, I'll be walking every day whatever the weather! At least if it's going to rain I can go outside and test out my new Paramo waterproof. My short test (sprinkle water from washbasin) showed water rolling off again so that's a good omen. Sorry - sniggered reading about your back to front cycle shorts

GULP just entered my first half marathon

Posted: 25/06/2014 at 12:26

B&T - have been applying Anthisan cream to the horse-fly bite and most of the swelling has now gone. Still not been for a jog-ette ..

Toby - thanks. After the months of build-up it seems strange that in a week and a bit I'll actually be doing the C2C walk. I had my ipod with me on Sunday - thought 8hrs of walking by myself without any music would be boring. The C2C group could be up to 12 of us plus guide so (hopefully!) the miles will seem to pass by quicker with company.

*waves* to Yvonne, CW (and anyone else who pops by)

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 24/06/2014 at 13:56

Apologies (again) that I've not posted lately - have been lurking and popping to read when I get a few minutes ..

DianaD - think you're off to Glasto today. Hope it all goes well (and doesn't rain too much). Van is looking great by the way. Well done re women's 10K result.

JJ - best wishes to Mrs JJ.

Exhausted - I've never been to Glasto (festival) but made a point of climbing the Tor when I was passing through a few years ago. I remember "Cloudbusting" by Kate Bush (Trivia time - I think Donald Sutherland was in the music video. He was in "The Dirty Dozen" which was filmed near my hometown and I got his autograph. I was about fourteen at the time!)

Redhead - can't say I'm surprised that the PM didn't have time to listen and it was mostly a PR/'press the flesh' exercise for him.

HS - I used to do Ceroc (modern jive) for years so know how to dance rather than just jigging around at discos. Trouble is, Mrs Wm didn't do Ceroc (she doesn't 'do' dancing) so at wedding receptions I still don't usually manage to find a partner to dance with. I saw Quo many years ago - I say "saw" - they were so loud when they started we went outside and sat in the car park with the windows wound down and it was just right (this was many years before noise-limiting devices).

BIW - pleased to hear new wetsuit is as good as you were hoping.

It was warmer than I would prefer for walking at the weekend. But on my C2C holiday I won't have any choice. So I did another double-whammy of two days walking. I was on call on Saturday until 2:30pm - managed to get out for a quick 9 mile walk afterwards. Set off on Sunday at 8:45am and got home at 5pm having done (drum roll ..) 19 miles. My feet were a bit sore afterwards but there were no blisters this weekend. But I did get bitten by a horse-fly and have a lovely big lump on my left shoulder.

I've not done any running lately - my head is full of preparations for the C2C at present so if I do get out it will be a head-clearing jog around town.

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