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GULP just entered my first half marathon

Posted: 19/09/2014 at 16:28

Yvonne - sorry to hear about your fall caused by that whippet. Hope your arm and wrist are okay and the pain doesn't get any worse. Yes, I signed up to the Kinetic thing and started getting the emails. But then I got this cold lurgy and wasn't doing any running or exercise. So I've deleted the emails and un-subscribed now - maybe another time.

*waves* to everyone.

The cold lurgy seems to have gone away although I'm still a bit bunged up. I'll try a run on the treadmill tomorrow to see how I get on. If I'm coughing and spluttering at least I won't have to walk a few miles home.


'Mature' runners.

Posted: 17/09/2014 at 23:15

Hi everyone.

Some good running going on at the moment. "You've all done very well" he says in a Young Mr Grace styleee 

HS - glad to hear they sorted out the chip time from the recent race. Well done re last weekend's race - sorry, had to chuckle about three backseat drivers Sorry to hear about recent phone problems but see O2 guru has fixed it now.

BIW - will join in with birthday wishes. Are you counting the days to 19th Dec already then?

JJ - glad to hear holiday on IOW was enjoyable.

Matsmum - hope David makes a good recovery.

Columba - good results all round from extended family at the parkrun

I was able to add on the extra hilly bit last weekend to make my LSR up to 10mls. But had a sore throat which morphed into a cold on Sunday. So running has ground to a halt for the time being. Been working at home for the last two days - boss didn't want to catch what I have and told me to stay away until I'm not coughing so much

GULP just entered my first half marathon

Posted: 15/09/2014 at 23:12

B&T - getting to be a regular in front of the cameras just lately aren't you

CW - glad to hear training still going well

Toby - good training run from you (as always!).

I managed 10miles on Saturday morning. I had a bit of a sore throat and that has since morphed into a cold lurgy - so no more running from me for the next few days

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 12/09/2014 at 12:03

Ooops - 10 days - hadn't realised it was t-h-a-t long since I last posted here 

HS - we were mentioning targets last time I posted. I have a spreadsheet that goes back to 2007 where I have recorded all my runs and use it to record PB's for favourite routes and the target to aim at. It also doubles up as a record of how many miles I have done in my running shoes so I know when to replace them. I use Fetcheveryone as well these days to track weekly/monthly mileage - just can't bring myself to stop updating my spreadsheet. But anyway, I figure it's a good backup in case I don't use Fetch in future for some reason. Well done re the Overton 5ml result - though seeing later posting, defenitely query the recorded time..

Helegant - you asked if I was building for a particular event. I am doing a multi-terrain 10ml race in Mid-October (Tring Ridgeway Run) and the Bath half-marathon next March. I see you tried to change to a different style (forefoot strike, shorter
stride, higher cadence) and I try to do that myself. But it's so easy to lapse back to heel striking, plodding style. One thing I always try and do (and mostly manage) is to keep my shoulders and arms relaxed. Except when running uphill, when I
find swinging my arms helps. I see you are injured again - hope the physio can assist in identifying the problem and sorting it out.

JJ - great news about Mrs JJ and the positive test result.

Helegant (again) - when I read the later posting about soreness in the medial collateral ligament, at the top of the gastrocnemus and the vastus lateralis, it made me realise how much I have forgotten from my massage training I did in 2010. I passed my ITEC exam but due to circumstances, have not done any massage since.

Columba - if you're managing 11mls on training runs you should be fine for your HM. Re 'official' times being the gun time - if they did that at the Bath Half instead of chip timing my finish time would be 15-20mins slower. BTW - I like hills too - feel so much more motivated after a run if I've conquered them and not slowed down (or walked).

BIW - I'm afraid I'm like HS .. haven't swum in years. I always think I may only be able to fit in regular swims (as well as running) when I'm retired.

Red - I'm amazed you had any energy for gardening after a 19ml run!

JennyM - hello .. we've not 'met' on this thread yet as I'm a relative newbie here (and a "young 'un" according to some of the others).

I'm still managing to build up my LSR distance for my race on Oct 12th and did 9 miles last Saturday. I've been out twice this week - did 5mls on Mon and 4mls (with hills!) on Wed. I'm planning to do the same route tomorrow as last weekend and if
I'm feeling up to it, will add on an extra bit (with more hills) to make it 10mls. If that works out okay I'll repeat the 10ml route three more times before the race itself.

GULP just entered my first half marathon

Posted: 12/09/2014 at 10:47

Ooops - 10 days - hadn't realised it was t-h-a-t long since I last posted here 

Yvonne - not sure about the 5K on 25th Oct. Currently trying to arrange to go out for a meal with one of my old work-mates and his partner and that was one of the dates I suggested. I see you're all ready for the baby. Glad to hear training for Sodbury Slog is progressing well.

B&T - glad to hear nooo shoes to replace broken ones are working out okay. Based on past experience (good for 400-500mls), current mileage (280mls) and the amount of training I'll need to do over the Winter for the Bath Half, I need to get on and order some new shoes myself and get them 'worn in' before race day on 1st Mar. Shame about missing Chippenham but Cricklade should be a suitable alternative.

Toby - glad to hear GNR went okay but have heard others complain about how busy it gets there. As you say, shame about the long drive to get there and back.

I'm still managing to build up my LSR distance for my race on Oct 12th and did 9 miles last Saturday. I've been out twice this week - did 5mls on Mon and 4mls (with hills!) on Wed. I'm planning to do the same route tomorrow as last weekend and if I'm feeling up to it, will add on an extra bit (with more hills) to make it 10mls. If that works out okay I'll repeat the 10ml route three more times before the race itself.

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 02/09/2014 at 21:30

Just popped back to say I did a sneaky run (a la JJ) before dinner tonight. Did my 3.25ml route around town at 10:03 pace (which is good for me!). But checking back I see I've managed this route at 9:37 pace before (back in 2011) so at least I have a target to aim for.

'Mature' runners.

Posted: 02/09/2014 at 13:22

Oh dear - I see it's a week since I was here

BIW - glad to hear hip check-up result was positive

Columba - I'm still waiting for Garmin to respond to my request for a quote about mending my Forerunner 305. I've never been to the Blue Pool in Iceland but was invited round to sit in a friend's hot-tub one frosty evening .. worst bit was defenitely running from (warm) house to (hot) tub via (cold) patio.

Red - glad to hear car passed it's MOT (shame about having to shell out for new battery).

Matsmum - my race is on October 12th but it's not a half-marathon .. it's approx 15.5k (9.7miles). For anyone curious, here's the link (http://www.trc-races.org.uk/RidgewayRun/2014/). It's an 'interesting' race because of the "bumps, lumps, stumps, branches and steps". And depending on the weather, the mud (which I fell over in last year!).

JJ - chuckled at the story of the other 1999 runners disappearing into the distance at the XC championships.

HS - good luck in advance for the XC race .. looking forward to hearing the details.

DianaD - my company seems hell-bent on outsourcing various administrative functions .. the UK has to do what the global company decrees. The result is usually a worse service - but they don't take any notice of our complaints?

Am slightly in awe of Red and HS's mileage this month. I managed a measly 55 miles but that is more than I managed between Jan and Jun so that puts things into perspective a bit.

I'm still managing to build up my LSR distance and did 8.5 miles on Sunday. The annual dog show was going on in Cirencester Park - having been chased by 'friendly' dogs in the past I changed my route on the fly. Off out again tonight and Thu evening - going to try and do 9mls next weekend.

GULP just entered my first half marathon

Posted: 02/09/2014 at 12:44

CW - yep, pleased with both. Strange feeling to have trousers feeling loose and needing to tighten belt! Well done re increased swim lengths.

B&T - thanks for the link

Em - shame about achilles. You may remember my calf injury at the start of the year - was relieved to find out from physio it was my calf and not my achilles as I had thought. Still trying to remember to do stretches regularly including the one for the calf I didn't know about.

GULP just entered my first half marathon

Posted: 31/08/2014 at 13:38

Yvonne - shame you'll be working and can't do your hometown half Glad to hear training is going well for Sodbury Slog. Nothing wrong with chocolate and 'crap' .. just not every day and not too much!

CW - didn't realise you were reasonably close to Cricklade. I'm just up the road (Cirencester) and B&T although not local, isn't too far away either. We (Yvonne, me, B&T, Toby) met up at the Swindon 10K last November - Toby drove up from Bristol. Yes, good luck with son becoming a teenager - although tbh, the problems don't go away - they just change. I remember back in the early days of this thread he would be referred to as HL1 (halfling a la LOTR and referring to thread title).

B&T - see you mentioned the 'spooky' Swindon 5k too. Tried finding it without success - can you let me know details please? I'll look after you and defend you from any demons or ghosts hiding in the trees! Am liking this new motivational running technique of leaving something cooking in the oven before you set off. Though am sorry to hear it was bread - based on previous posts in this thread it should be cake!

Toby - glad to hear training is going well and Snowmaiden's too. Hope car/surveyors aren't too expensive and you can afford to enter Bath Half too if you want to.

Been out and done 8.5mls this morning so distance still building nicely ready for the 10ml race in mid-October. Feeling really good about my running just lately - am back running regularly 3 times a week and when I think back to earlier this year when I couldn't run at all for three months, feel like I've come a long way. To put things into persepective, this month's total (55 miles) is more than I managed in the first 6 months of this year. Also - weighed myself this morning and have lost another pound this week. Have now reached the psychological milestone of 14st and haven't been this sort of weight since 2003!!


GULP just entered my first half marathon

Posted: 27/08/2014 at 22:45

B&T - welcome back. Does sound like you need a holiday to get over the holiday. Glad to hear loft conversion is coming along. As for dust still there after they had 'cleaned up'. Well, if they were women builders .. Well done re 4ml run and hope you are able to 'wear in' new shoes quickly.

CW - glad to hear training is okay if a bit intermittent due to holiday. Well done re longest ever swim. 

Toby - good luck in advance for GNR

I would have entered Cricklade myself but my Ridgeway Run is the weekend after (12th Oct) and I'm not ready to try two races back to back. My recent training has been going well and with my LSR at 7.5ml last weekend, I'm going to try for 8 or 9 this coming weekend. 

I tried downloading Runtastic to use on my phone but found the Pro version is the one with the features you might want. Also, the adverts in the free version were irritating. Needless to say I wasn't prepared to pay for the pro version and have uninstalled it. I'll just stick to Fetch until I get a new Garmin.

I've entered the Bath Half 2015. I got a guaranteed entry at last year's price after having to cancel this year due to that calf injury. I've booked a room at the Premier Inn too .. hope that me and Mrs Wm can make a weekend of it like we have done in the past. Am hoping 2015 will be third time lucky for me - I'm sure the problems with cramp in 2010 & 2011 were linked to this year's calf problem. The Bath Half is unfinished business as far as I'm concerned and I want to see if I can do it justice and beat my previous times of around 2.5hrs

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