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working at it slowly

Posted: Yesterday at 06:46
Last out first in. Don't worry I did last wee duty and turned the lights out.

In response to the comments that people post when times aren't so good and disappear when life is going well. There have indeed been some classic examples of this over the years and in many respects I don't disagree. Sometimes though life just changes. I think I've been a fairly loyal WAISTER over the years but I've gone from working 25 hrs a week with healthy parents and a very home based life to busy full time job, a more dependent mum and I'm out 3 or 4 nights a week. If I'm lucky I'll see bird once a week and I have all but stopped Buddhist things as its a 1. 30 hr round trip cos they moved. So I can't say life is better but is definitely busier and I have to use my phone to post. And anyway, my life is hardly exciting so not much to share x

working at it slowly

Posted: 23/10/2016 at 21:42

Sorry I've been gone so long. I pop in and suddenly 2 weeks have passed

I have read back.

Good that you've finally taken WAISTER advice and seen the quack, DL. However you were delirious as you entered a half mara with Spence. Good news on FC she's still a teen so they know everything. Whoda thought that DL could provide stability and normality to a troubled teen- well anyone for that matter

Blimey... least I've not been absent as long as Chuggy. I will of course accept the exceptional circumstances with hoards of visitors and double old age pensioners

Podds, Good to hear the vet meets with your approval - with your understanding of medical stuff they have to know their onions. I had no idea NV was so mature. Time does fly sadly. Love the colour run pics . Poor Mr P missing swimming...

Sluggy, happy to hear SM is more settled. Fingers crossed it stays that way. Hope you find the right flat for you, MS and the felines. The cat cafe???

Hope you're feeling better, MC. Must be half term if you're ill; -)

Head hunted you say, Daffy? Doesn't seem that long since you were Daffy the perennial student and now you've morphed into Dr Daffs fountain of wisdom and much sought after

Welcome back, Spence. I don't recognise the unpleasantness you talk of but I don't venture outside the lounge. Fab running

Far far, how is Mr Ned getting on these days?

M.... eldy, nice running from you, too

Pippi, lol at your basketball rules. Bet the kids loved it

Life here is uneventful but busy. Ma's eyesight has deteriorated n hozzie changed meds. Went out with her, aunt n boys today for lunch and mum had to use a torch to read the menu (the light in the room was fine) and I had to guide her walking through. No 1 hasn't found work even macD turned him down. He's only crime is to lack confidence. Breaks my heart a little. No 2 has been offered a scholarship by the London institute of finance and banking but I'm not sure he's interested. Work is.... Anyhoo, I've entered the Benfleet 15. It's 15 miles off road half of which are over the Olympic MTB area ( not round the track) It is hilly and muddy. It has a reputation... ::-O

working at it slowly

Posted: 10/10/2016 at 21:28

Wow, Podds. You are doing very well dealing with work stuff so constructively. And did you say you're up for iron man again? I agree with Sluggy regarding less work leaves room for more RGT work although those sweet houndie love you for it.

Sue, I love the sound of you being batty Are you being sponsored for your Scarfell jaunt?

M.......... eldy, bats are good fliers but roost in woodpecker holes, loose tree bark and they also roost in the ground.

Sluggy, it is a shame some cats are particularly predatory but it's nature I suppose. How is SB these days?

((((MC))) hope you're feeling better

(((DL)))) hope you're well enough to run again soon

Daffy, what happened to you? Those poor students

Not much doing here. Charidee run and 10 mile race went well. Ma more settled. My neighbour has organised the local talking newspaper for her.
Is it bed time?

working at it slowly

Posted: 05/10/2016 at 21:47

evening my lovelies


Apologies for dropping of the radar. Still having to prize my laptop out of miniyums no 2 grubby mitts

oh DL, I had a good old snigger too at FC's alarm cock. Very alarming indeed to keep being woken by it hy is FC grounded for a month ? 

Well iron manned M.....eldy and sherpa Podds. It sounded tough especially for Podds having to drink cocktails and other alcofrolic beverages whilst all m....eldy did was have a gentle dip in the sea, little jaunt on her bike and a pottle along the prom. As for standing on the GPO ? seriously?

Sue what sort of neddy has your  family acquired? How did the visit to the poochee rehoming place go? How is HWMBT?

Sluggy, i'm glad that SM seems to be more settled at the moment. Not easy times for BFF and TM. How are their loved ones? I giggled when I pictured you signing at volume and then MS face

Daffy, well done on signing up for the harf mara and for the pb challenge. I think you should terrify your students.

Sorry to hear about the gerbil, MC. Ive not had degus although i had a very long lived chinchilla. Bliddy rodents chew everything. Why not ask DL for one of her mice?

Pippi, that's a pretty interesting after school event. The kids will be disappointed next week if you don't send for the fire brigade.

Welcom Tub - look after those knees. Lots of advice out there on how to look after knees both rolling/stretching/strengthening but essential to build slowly.

Farfar, how lovely you have a new to you campervan and even more lovely that Ned loved it too 

good luck with  the meeting, podds - remember grow up and learn self control

Life here is busy. No 1 still looking for work. Tomorrow im taking time off work to take him to discuss volunteering with the local hospice. Do you remember all those years ago when the GPo came home with a dead bat and we wondered whether he caught it or found it. Well, my very informative bat walk said that cats are the major predators of bats. Loved the walk saw pipistrelles and soprano pipistrelles and picked up noctule bats on the bat detectors. This weekend is the MIND club run which Im  helping organise. only half full and despite me asking no marshal instructions or much at all. Ma not as good. Her eyesight failing and she's worried about losing her independence so I'm a little more involved with hozzie and RNIB at the mo.


working at it slowly

Posted: 18/09/2016 at 22:02

I have left the mini yums to podds and M......eldy  in my will

working at it slowly

Posted: 18/09/2016 at 21:59


Apologies for my absence but I've not been allowed to borrow my laptop back and had to throw a strop teen fashion to resolve the problem.


I'll do you packing for you, M..........eldy. I might deviate from the list a little though with a few spiders and bats up your nightie  Sorry to hear the news on your friend Sue. Clearly out of the blue. I like Lady Sue's ethos of living life to the full. Something we should all live by~~~~~~~sue~~~~

Lol at leaving  the GPO to the waister lounge  Everyone should have a will. I had mine done during wills week and the lovely solicitor did it free and i have the fee directly to the local hospice.

((((sluggy and SM))) of bless. Not a situation that's good for anyone. it does seem odd that something as basic as continence wear should tale so firkin long to obtain. I hope your new place will have enough room for two puddy tats and waister visitors

Well runned MC. Hope your mojo returns soon.

DL, teens are barely understood creatures. Before you know it she'll be nice as pie  - teens, they mess you up. Poor student OH its a tough life

Sue, I don't read that mag either. Do you have a link to it ?

Pippi, the wedding at the botanical gardens sounds fab but I thought you and Mr P were already married

When are the intrepid ironers off to wherever it is? How are them poor boys going to manage without their mummies.

I agree that the penalties for poor/dangerous driving are insulting. Sadly it there is little respect or value placed on cyclists lives  - certainly if my experience cycling to work is anything to go by.

Westie - hello  Loving the Camino reports

An ekiden - whoever asked. Long distance relay. Its japanese. named after the post stage coaches. It was fun and i managed to run reasonably well. Not much to report here. Busy week ahead. Amongst other things I am going on a bat walk on wednesday and they have bat detectors. hope M......eldy isn't in the vicinity or there could be false alarms And if I make it through to Friday its porn star martinis with the running girls and then bridget Jones baby

Waist well my loverlies

working at it slowly

Posted: 11/09/2016 at 07:27

morning  My apologies for my absence *;eaves note on the pitbull's desk*

You teachers who've had the summer off and are now tired will get no sympathy from me. If the holidays were shorter and perhaps more frequent it might be better all round as it would be easier to get back into the routine. Of course I do admire your commitment, dedication and patience during term time 

(((sluggy and SM)))) bless. Very difficult to manage SM and the carers. I like the sound of Sue's suggestion - the food labelling - not the weevil thing. ((((BFF and mum)))

Podds, I thought of you when the school uniform thing hit the news. I sniggered to myself  I love the idea of you being famous on FB as a pitbull one woman said she'd spent £200 on her two kids trainers... It says much about the parents. We have the same rules enforced for years at the minis failing school from a 'deprived' area. No major problem.

awww, congratulations on your wedding, pippi and on being a super prize winning photographer hope the achilles is on the mend

Go go go, MC. Enjoy the HM

Sue Florida is a fab place for family hols And loved the pics of the shiny new car

Go go go M....eldy. Dont fall in the canal 

(((DL's back))) How is FC these days. Did OH go to the foam party?

Daffy, I too have many questions about your disappearing knickers and so many pictures of them 'being flung' 

GO go go amandax

Usual stuff here with the odd curve ball thrown in. I always marvel at how people deliberately act in a way which they know is contrary to their legal responsibilities and bring situations entirely on themselves and then flap in the manner of a dying fish when it is brought to their attention and they are asked to correct the situation. Ma is ok. her bathroom is finished. Miniyums are behaving. No 1 is applying for jobs. I think it may be a lengthier process than I imagined.  Ive been struggling with my running. Even easy stuff is hard. I am hoping its just the humid/warm weather otherwise a trip to the quacks is on the cards. Today I am running an ekiden. Teams of 5 run the marafun distance in a relay. Teams are put together by the organiser based on their times hopefully ensuring all teams are evenly matched. That means teams are cross club so I only met two of my team yesterday. They are all lovely and its v friendly so fun should be had by all


working at it slowly

Posted: 28/08/2016 at 21:05

Very relieved it's not one of your chums, podds. As you say life is precious and unpredictable

Hope you're feeling better, MC

Well runned, Becks

Bird took me out for afternoon tea yesterday. When we arrived a noticed my run buddy and thought fancy seeing Laura. Then I spotted my other run buddies smiling away. How funny seeing them... it took a few seconds to realise they were waiting for me. I was lost for words. Balloons, pressies, Prosecco and lovely run buddies. I'm a ??ucky gal to have such lovely chums I have a Fox taken up residence along the side of my garage

working at it slowly

Posted: 26/08/2016 at 21:46

Good morning  Pippi, I love your description of Shetland & Orkney. I had no idea it had such history The pics are fab too. I love the peaky puffin

Good luck, Podds. Is it really the ironing this weekend?  Those clever boys winning those rosettes. They are gawjuss. What a proud mummy you must be

((((MC and family))) difficult news for you all. I hope you can all enjoy life as it is without thinking too much about what may be ahead.  Great that the kids were ll huggy after their GCSE results. Well done you.

*waves to Sue in Mickey Mouse land*

M...eldy, what a sweet ickle birdiepie

Sluggy, it sounds as though it may take a little time t settle SM's carers in. Happ birhday, sweetie pie Are you doing anything nice ?

How is Ned's running coming along, Mrs Farfar ? 

Pippi, I did laugh at your friend who took her wellies and cossie etc for her surprise weekend and then went somewhere completely different

Thank you for my birthday wishes. As it was a big one bird spoilt me. We spent the weekend staying at West Usk lighthouse just outside Newport in welsh wales. Wind, rain, a Tardis, Dalek, hot tub and prosecco and eldeflower gin. Perfect

Thank you also for the views on further education. No 1 is looking at apprenticeships. He'd forgotten he had also applied to South Wales Uni who wrote offering him a place but I don' t think his heart was ever in it. He's a bit of a homebird. Not sure what's got into no 2 but this week he's mowed the lawn, painted in the house and washed the car - all without me asking

I dobelieve bird is treating me to afternoon tea tomorrow





working at it slowly

Posted: 19/08/2016 at 08:31


Lol at Alfie and Sky. Are girl cats generally dominant or is Alfie a soft hearted fella?

Good to hear that Sm care package is in place. Good also to be there to ensure they understand what you need them to do. Well done on making it half way through the week without too much stress.

Well done on manning the phones, Daffy. I know your help is appreciated by thse trying to sort themselves out following the results.

Well done, Ned. That sounds like excellent progress. There can't be many dogs that return to their owner when something far more interesting is going on. And as you say, he is friendly enough but responsile of you to understand that despite his friendly nature, it can still freak some dogs out.

Take it easy, MC. Hopefully it is just a tweak. Best put you leg up and watch the limpets

Well done on the run, DL. I thought I saw something on the news about it. Its good to know disruption is the norm when trying to improve things. Lol at OH being invited to a foam pardee. Will you have to endure typical student behaviour from now on - staying in bed late, leaving things all over the floor and so on ?

Welcome home, Pippi. I'm looking forward to hearing about your adventures and hopefully seeing some lovely pics

Sue, that parking thing is highway robbery!  

Podds, so sorry to hear about Kenny. How ridiculous to return him for those reasons. Those eejits don't deserve to have a luffly hound. I love black hounds And thank goodness the fine was sorted sensibly.

As Daffy mentioned, yesterday was A level results day. No1 didn't do especially well. No surprise to me as he hasn't put the work in. Spent yesterday trying to salvage something but not sure there's much point as he doesn't seem committed or be aware of what Uni actually involves. No 2 did well with his AS levels though. After a very frustrating day with No1, I spent the evening with mummsy...It was a frustrating evening too. It would be nice if she let me finish explaining things before talking over me and I end up explaining the same stuff over and over 

Today I am mainly reporting to bird's gaff with run and swim gear for a mystery weekend. I reckon she has a run to the local baths and a swim planned.

WAIST well my lovelies

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