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working at it slowly

Posted: 25/06/2016 at 07:07


I wrote a long post last night and my tech kicked me out.

Anyhoo, am loving the idea of JFF streaking. Might liven up the old folks home a bit. Good news Farfar mummy is where she is happier and being well cared for.

Poor Sharkey. He has always been sensitive. Can't imagine e you carrying g him downstairs though.  Hope you have better news on the poorly pupil.

Yay, C1 finally properly flown the nest. Hopefully no danger shell return now she has her own home. How is Monty? Does he love going to France?

Love the zebra, M.......eldy

How is SM, sluggy? I take it Alfie is going from strength to strength?

DL, I admire your pluck and application but it's too late to qualify for Rio.

Funny day at work. Have spent gawd know how many years preparing for the EU customs law update. Came in 1may 16 and now going to try to work out what the out vote means. On the P!us side I popped all g to local ultra shop run by lady who won Marathon does sables either last year or year before. I was greeted by a huge silver great Dane called stig who barked, licked me and helped measure me for so e calf guards. Running shops don't get better than that! This weekend I am mainly running 24 hr off road relay for the homeless. Wasn't planning to, not prepared but friends needed help

working at it slowly

Posted: 19/06/2016 at 07:49

*waves daffy off* enjoy off

Podds, get herself outta there. You're just too darned good for them. Hope NV and you are feeling better

DL, why are all the animals attracted to your house.  Do you deliberately leave food out for them?

Go sue. Pics look fantastic. And as for that dress. It's gawjuss. Hope your tum is soon in the mend. Miniyums no 1 only wants to go to Swansea uni in September. Results will be the deciding factor.

((((Farfar)))) poor old Ned. So glad he's happier now and that both he and Emmy are being spoilt. Poor you trying to see your mum when visiting hours are damn inconvenient

Sluggy, I'm glad Alfie isn't heartbroken. How do you choose a new cat companion. A dog ccan at least  be taken to meet on neutral ground.

Pippi, sounds a bit stressy being dumped in it like that.  Hope it runs smoothly.

Hang in there with the marking, mC

Not much doing here. Just off out for trail run on some of route I cycle on.  Patsy post bike arrived this week. It's for my dotage- basket on the front, step through frame, traditional bell.  Meeting ma and aunt for tea tonight with the boys. 

working at it slowly

Posted: 13/06/2016 at 14:16


Hey, Podds, that's some day out.  Glad it all went smoothly after the French customs thoroughness! So e pretty impressive cycling there  

Ooh daffy, your trip sounds fab. Do you get to keep the dressing gown? 

DL, maybe you could run to fill in time while you wait  for dinner. 

Podds, I did wonder why teens taking exams arent exempt from fasting. I quite agree no extra concessions if they don't need to fast but choose to.

Sluggy, I couldnt help smiling at the news Alfie has taken on bed duty.  He's probably the only one happy Cleo has gone. SM doing rehab doesn't sound as though it will be easy

Yay to pippette flying the nest...I think Good idea to keep puss with you until she's settled in. 

Awwwww, am loving the sound of Murph galloping about  .

Extra marking , sounds time consuming, MC but vital you give it your full attention. Glad mummy MC is progressing well

Chuggy, I am so confused as to where you are and what you are doing. Perhaps I am just confused 

Sue, you're mad. Talk about grannies behaving badly 

Life here keeps moving on quickly. I must be getting old! Did the hospice bubble rush Saturday and sailed on a Dutch tall ship yesterday. Today I'm celebrating the queens birthday so I've staggered 8 miles and mowed my front and back lawns. Then off to mummy's as she has a chap coming round to quote for doing up her bathroom. I'm tired already...


working at it slowly

Posted: 07/06/2016 at 21:51

Ah, ((((sluggy, Cleo MS and Alfie)))))  I'm so sorry to hear that Cleo has crossed the rainbow bridge . As chuggy says, she is in good WAISTer pet company. 

((((Poorly Podds)))  No benefit in training if you're not well.. how does extra consideration for Ramadan work at exam time?


working at it slowly

Posted: 06/06/2016 at 21:18


See my morning post got lost.

DL,  it's good to know FC hasn't been affected by your mad addiction to running and that she made the  to join OH in the pool

((((Cleo)))) I sincerely hope that she's just out of sorts and having a diva moment. 

I returned safe from M...eldy land.  Had lunch in Tring which is frightfully nice. Those who aren't quite senile may remember that cousin bill had a major op for mouth cancer some time ago. Treatment is ongoing and he has trouble eating and with his speech but he was in good spirits. 


working at it slowly

Posted: 04/06/2016 at 06:58


DL,  poor FC. I had hoped the holiday gods would be kind now you have her with you but clearly not.  

Colour could be fun as pippi says if done with friends. I have walked it when my back was buggered so didn't enjoy it as much as everyone else

Podds, I'd love to catch up with da boys and you  Need to see what the arrangements are and whether I can swing it. I need to bring Dave and Clyde to meet your nutty boys at some point anyway 

Lol sluggy, when you said groomsman I thought SB had changed careers and I hadn't realised he loved horses. Miniyums are OK. Mini two took himself to Wembley to watch engerland play this week.

Work is a bit odd as we are in purdah for the EU referendum. Can't publish information, meet the trade or even give answers to some enquiries. It's almost like Fawlty towers- don't mention the war, only its don't mention the EU or anything which may be used by either camp.  Bit tricky in my line of work !

M.....eldy, I'm sure my aged ma would have loved helping muck out Sir Murph MC Murph face 


working at it slowly

Posted: 03/06/2016 at 07:48

What a badly worded refuse collection schedule. It is bin day. You can all relax now.

Podds, I've no idea of timings other than we are coming down Thurs eve as its a 7.30 am start. I imagine we're car sharing so I'll be at the mercy of the others timing wise. Only have to do one lap to get a nice piece of being so back to the hotel for brekkie by 9 

working at it slowly

Posted: 03/06/2016 at 07:09

Wow 60 miles running with lunch. That is impressive, M.....eldy  Club mates coming to Essex mid June? Cool. The event started with less than 40 runners  5 years ago. Now our club musters around 60 entrants.  Oh I'm gonna be in Aston Clinton Sunday for lunch with Ma n cousin bill n family.

MC dontcha just love planning fun things which should be lovely and stress free but turn into something else  

Hello Clare. Well done on joining the run club. It will keep you motivated

Sluggy, how is SB these days?  Bird is good, thank you.

Daffy. How funny your sister has been a secret poster on the dark side. Is that cheating? I feel you should take up the challenge and train to beat her

Pippi, you been keeping yourself busy with some walking  

Better go. Can't decide whether or not it's bin day. They've changed it so BH no longer put us a day behind but hardly any bins are out

working at it slowly

Posted: 01/06/2016 at 21:48


That run looks pretty challenging, Podds. Can't believe you didn't take part How are my lovely boys?

Bless murph. Hope he got to play in the mud today Only just unpacked your bike, M,..................eldy? How have you been getting around?

Daffy, training does work but I just can't imagine you being conventional  

Glad the car is on order, sue. Perhaps you could borrow M.......eldys bike while you wait as she's not using itHandsome young men you got there too

Sluggy, you are very fortunate to have a compliant kingfisher near to you. It must be lovely to watch them. Glad SM is no longer plastered

((((MC,)) Elderly parents are a law unto themselves. Hope they start behaving themselves so you can relax a little.

 Not much to report here. Ma is OK, boys are OK,. I seemed to have agreed to run at the 24 hr relay this month as chums were short of runners. Also down Podds way on 1/7 at samphire hoe running the Somme 6 hr challenge




working at it slowly

Posted: 22/05/2016 at 20:49

The pool was a long way from the swim, daffy? No amount of transitions can sort that????

((((Sue))) you feel as you do because you're a decent human bean. Give yourself the advice you would give any one of us

Took mummy to mahoosive local garden centre. She bagged herself two orchids and coffee n biskwits

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