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working at it slowly

Posted: 15/11/2015 at 09:06

Hats off to you and your sis, daffy but bearing in mind your training and your sore gob, wouldn't you be better tucked up at home? 

Podds, I'm sending Daffy over for company's shift up. Anyhoo, if you were on the sofa, where did my poor boys sleep?? Hope you're not cycling today!

~~~~~MC pupil~~~~~

Glad to hear that Mr pippi is home. As for pippette woo hoo and way hay Very impressive.  Watch out for the wind in Snowdonia! As for the Christmas tree... I thought you lived in a nice neighbourhood.stupidly early Christmas decs has a slightly chavvy feel to it

Sluggy, do you think they allowed larger teams knowing the chaos that wound ensue it certainly didn't hamper your performance 

(((Farfar))) How ironic they work you silly hard and then think they can restructure and not need you. 

A bike commute, m....eldy???? Maybe they'd let me use the velodrome in my lunch hour  Sluggy, they're closing over 150 regional offices and creating 13 super centres. Saves a lot of money in overheads and makes recruitment and succession planning easier. Around 1000 jobs are moving out of Whitehall to Stratty.

Bailed on my run. Lazy day of housework for me 

working at it slowly

Posted: 13/11/2015 at 06:49

Mr P in Istanbul and not for work? How did that happen. Meanwhile Sharkey has decided t9 become Mr P.  

Ouch to your lip, sluggy. I assume you didn't feel it at the time? As for your acqua gym booking malarkey, grrrrr!

Farfar, take a nap, you'r xcused work today 

Sluggy, golden handcuffs indeed. Good quality jobs locally are hard to come by, throwing my pension in and the fact despite 5he work being quite specialised, there are few openings in the real world. Sadly a big blow for Southend as ourour I'll gotten gains are spent in food outlets and high Street shops at lunch time and many live in the town too. Can you imagine the train from southend? Most of us are 50+ and may work until we're 67. Zimmer frames, mobility scooters and confusion

working at it slowly

Posted: 12/11/2015 at 20:04

Oh westie, what a proud great granddad you are. He's a handsome chappie. Must take after you.  

Farfar, you lazy moo Enjoy the snoozing. There'll be plkenty of time for running on Saturday 

I'll cover the first part of your shift,  M....eldy

Well its good news and bad news. I still have a job but as we expected the building closes in 4 years. After that we relocate to Stratford-east London not upon Avon. So that's a minimum travel time of 30 mins cycling and 2 hrs on trains each day. 

working at it slowly

Posted: 11/11/2015 at 21:52


Poor Sharkey feeling confused about the time now the clocks have changed. Can't he sleep in your bed?

M.....eldy, I would be delighted to be murph and Herr Klaggers carer 

Bless SM and her confusion.  I'm sure its not a reflection on your company.

((((Daffy toof )))) apply alcofro! Internally. Keeps the wound sterile too;-)  

((((Mr pippi,))) good to hear they have a plan to get him sorted out 

DL on the move again? No surprise there

Ooh, great grandad , westie. You is well old  

Well behaved Spence boy. Clearly doesn't take after his mother  

Chuggy, Monty isn't as big as I thought. Cush was around 27kg. All legs .

*yawns* I'm ready for bef


working at it slowly

Posted: 09/11/2015 at 07:10


((((Podds and the boys)))) Pesky fireworks. It's so stressy for many animals. We've had barrages of them since Halloween up to 11pm.  It's the only time I'm glad Mrs Dawg isn't here

((((C3)))) Wisdom teef removal is brutal. And woo hoo C1 and to celebrate with a fab trip

LOL caykegate. I hadn't vrealised about taste being affected by dementia. Would explain why old folks baskets always have cake in. And fabulous to see SB 

Westie making a comeback again? Yay 

(((Mr Pippi))) Sounds horrible for Mr pippi. 

Do you love running, spence?

And congrats to thrice graduated pippette  

Look after your coo, M...eldy and the GPO and GFO. 

Usual stuff here.up to trotting 5 miles now with no consequences. This week we find out the future of our building n jobs. We believe it's closing with the loss of 800 jobs. If we are lucky, the work may move to London, giving me the chance of retaining my job.


working at it slowly

Posted: 30/10/2015 at 20:28

Sinterclaus arrives in 2 weeks, chuggy?  Good grief, time flies. You are somewhat nomadic these days. How is Monty these days?

Podds cooking? Oh my, daffy is running as is DL. Must be an anomaly in the space time continuum

Mr Bond was suitably rugged, manly but sensitive. I enjoyed it but it did seem a tad long. 

working at it slowly

Posted: 30/10/2015 at 13:45


Awwwww,dear SM. I remember stamps being 2 1/2p. Nothing wrong with adrdressingstuff to yourself. I emailed myself so ething by mistake yesterday

OMG, DL has run as has Daffy. A lottery win is a certainty. Woo hoo, the WAISTer commune will be a reality. 

Ah the cake run, mandax. Was fully booked when I looked at it. I am going g over the top at the Somme run in July along Dover seafront or somewhere 

Podds, students in school during the holiday? Crumbs, had they locked them in by accident?

(((Farfar))) aeroplanes seem to circulate germs. The holiday souvenir nobody wants.

(((Sluggy)))  A confused slugmummy is a worry but good to know she can stay put where she isfor a while yet

Blythe, take it easy.

Westie,  only 500 miles? I thought you'd walk 500 more 

M....eldy a drip? Whooda thunked that 

Chuggy I'm guessing that your baking brought the mice to your yard. Fab news the book sale went welll

Mf Bond is expecting me at 3

working at it slowly

Posted: 27/10/2015 at 06:48


Leaves absence note on M....eldy, Podds, pippi n MC desk

If I had a more exciting life I'd pop in more often.

Chuggy, you're a lazy moo;-) 

Sluggy, sorry you're having comp probs. You do seem to have them fairly frequently, any idea why? How is SM?

Yay, new job, daffy. Whoda thunked Daffy would be growed up with a proper job one day 

JFF if you've been to NY you've surely only grown one way  Welcome home. Just ditch the emails. If its urgent they'll get back to you

DL Primarni is a teen girls heaven. Shame you're no longer one. They always seem to have nice check shirts though 

Podds, well cycled although Fowlmead was only 30 mins by car... Thank goodness you went if they needed you to Marshall.

Welcome back BS hello Claire 

I can't comment on training related matters. I just run  

Charidee mental elf run I help organise( just 3 of us) went well. I'm running 4 mmiles a couple of times a week. It's a balancing act with my war wound. Pa latest scan results showed growth of lesions and lymph node activity but he is OK in himself. At least until he received the results. Then he didn't feel well!

Waist well



working at it slowly

Posted: 20/10/2015 at 07:13

Not the trailplus trousers, m....eldy?  Lol at 9pm bedtime. Sounds like my rock n roll lifestyle 

Losing your mojo, Spence? I doubt it as you love running. The club ladies will tempt you out soon and said mojo will be tempted back by cake and giggles 



working at it slowly

Posted: 19/10/2015 at 19:01


Good job I've popped in as its been far too quiet in here today

(((Spence)))) do as you are told! 

Daffy, I wish I had your charm to use on my boss When is your half?

Good luck at center parcs. Quite right to take everything including the kitchen sink as the charge an arm and a leg for everything.

Sluggy, glad Cleo is recovering well. How is SM these days? As Podds says, being a supportive friend is hardwork so look after yourself. 

Podds, how come you get all the driving and the dogs? Surely Mr P should organise doggy day care. As for the whale, I'm surprised Sharkey didn't try and eat it.

Pippi, its good news when Ofsted come back the following day? Weird. Glad its going well for Pippette. Bogs and barbed wire sounds like fun. Careful when you bend over 

I appear to finally be on the mend. Can run 4 miles and still move the next day Our charidee run for MIND this Saturday so I'm busy doing my thing. Better read my first aid book before then!


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