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working at it slowly

Posted: Today at 08:34

Oh dear, daffy has been plastered and then terminated!  Firkin neighbours turning your back passage into a meeting place

(((((Podds))) Very sad to hear about Sharkey. I remember him arriving and being given his forum name. A very sweet boy who had the most wonderful life with you, DG and Elvis.  I always feel WAISTer pets are my pets but especially so with your boys 

Sue, how wonderful that pettle was found safe after so much effort from so many people. A timely reminder that there is far more good in the world than is portrayed in the media.

Well walked, Pippi

Welcome newbies. Good advice from people here. Remember we aren't called working at it slowly for nothing

Sluggy, what fab news on Sky. I did briefly wonder whether Bournemouth had finally joined the digital communication age buy soon realised we are talking puddytat. Don't witches have black cats??

Chuggy, sounds scorchio with you. How are you all managing? Fab that your visitors cooked for you. A proper luxury especially if they washed up!  

Enjoy France, M.....eldy. are you being drafted in to  sort out the terror threat?  Rather then than me

Apologies for my absence.  I do try to make an effort to read back. Usual stuff here. Running, working, mothering etc. This morning is a good day. Miniyums no2 is 17 and just gone out on his first driving lesson. Yesterday I took him for some experience at a cardrome. He gets to drive my car and I get to teach him. He did well. Even said i was a good teacher!  Today is also good because I've just seen Brooke the greyhound who was Cush's friend. She must be 13 now  

working at it slowly

Posted: 09/07/2016 at 21:27

Good evening, lovely people.

Congrats to FC on securing an apprenticeship. Can't wait to see the pics of you and OH when she practices her creations on you

Ooh, sluggy, a new lady pussy. How fab. Pics and name details once she arrives, please. Have you broken the news to Alfie? Poor SM wanting to live with you I'm glad (I think) she can still. See D

Bless !murph the zebra

Hope today went well, pippi. You and sue are better wimmin than me

Farfar, they were faster than you? Yikes, is it the superhuman run club?

A drum kit, MC? Are you mad or deaf?

Today I have been on a guided flutterby wal with chum mark and bird. Saw lots including marbled whites, white admirals, Essex skipper and brimstones. Sadly too late to see the Heath Fritillary


working at it slowly

Posted: 05/07/2016 at 21:42

Awwwww sluggy. That's not news you want to hear. It all sounds rather dysfunctional I'm the home for aged lesbanians. You said SM was particularly mad as she'd not taken her meds. Do you think this is related? Hope the new choir is Woo

Bum to the badly behaved car, M....eldy. as you say I bet the labour costs more than the part.  A chum was at said concert and said it was wonderful

Podds,  hope you didn't accidentally shoot the kids with the starting pistol

DL, I hope your bosses job involves less travelling. Hope the interview went well.

Woo hoo, lady sue. Fab achievement. Glad you're home safe 

I had a slow recovery run this evening. Im a little creaky but nothing broke


working at it slowly

Posted: 03/07/2016 at 20:35

Yay, pippi. Fab cycle. Well done. G'won you know you want to join the breeze lady

Podds,  well done on getting out there and training. Plenty of time left to train before Vichy I did think of you when we drove alongside Dover harbour  and I told my run buds you swim in there.

((((MC))) it's tough when others seem so carefree and wrapped up in themselves and you're worried about your mum and providing support to her.  Hope your mum's treatment goes well

Sluggy, the rescue centre was for pussies I guess? How do you choose what kinda cat is suitable? 

Well done mad lady sue

Had a lovely day at mum's.  Everyone was on their best behaviour and we played horse shoes and boule. We had some flowers delivered and mum found it a little overwhelming.

working at it slowly

Posted: 03/07/2016 at 09:24

Good morning  

Podds, poor pupil. We had a chap at work who had that. He was left with a slightly unusual gait but I imagine in the scheme of things that was a good result. Fingers crossed boy is on the mend soon.  Oh dear, poor Sharkey having an accident on my P bike:_ .  Just to clarify my poor English, Sharkey wasn't riding Mr P bike!

Theatre show sounds fab, pippi but lol at the age of the audience. Hope you managed to get the shots you wanted. Hope the ike ride goes well

Holly runner - welcome . DL knows what's she's talking about when she mentions consistency. Do you swim at all?

Are you feeling better, DL? 

Sluggy, what a lucky Slug boy to get to mingle at Cannes. I'm not medical but if SM has missed her meds there is a possibility her confusion is linked. Yay to owning your car.  

M....eldy I had to laugh at the pikey one for crapping in the bath in what appears to be a show of his displeasure at the loss of his chair. If I were you id sleep with one eye open. Who knows when the ginger ninja will strike

((((Daffy foot)))) hope it settlesandyoucan get back to running asap. How lovely to run with XB and help the lady out. True WAISTer spirit

MC glad the marking is done. Nearly holidays.

Just to clear it up, we didn't make homeless people run the course!  It was a damp weekend and at times a little chilly. All the waiting around is boring by year 3 but i did 17 miles. Friday I was in Podds country. My apologies for not meeting up but we left before  midday. I ran the Somme 100 challenge on samphire hoe, Dover. The format is as many laps as you wish in 6 hrs. A strong constant headwind along the sea wall proved challenging/ soul destroying but I managed 19.35 miles at 11.30 mm. Don't know where that came from as I've not run further than 8 miles since march. 

Today would have been dad's birthday.  My sister, her hubby, her two kids and me and my two are all going to mums. Kieran has not seen them in nearly 5 years. He is in a good mood today.  


working at it slowly

Posted: 25/06/2016 at 07:07


I wrote a long post last night and my tech kicked me out.

Anyhoo, am loving the idea of JFF streaking. Might liven up the old folks home a bit. Good news Farfar mummy is where she is happier and being well cared for.

Poor Sharkey. He has always been sensitive. Can't imagine e you carrying g him downstairs though.  Hope you have better news on the poorly pupil.

Yay, C1 finally properly flown the nest. Hopefully no danger shell return now she has her own home. How is Monty? Does he love going to France?

Love the zebra, M.......eldy

How is SM, sluggy? I take it Alfie is going from strength to strength?

DL, I admire your pluck and application but it's too late to qualify for Rio.

Funny day at work. Have spent gawd know how many years preparing for the EU customs law update. Came in 1may 16 and now going to try to work out what the out vote means. On the P!us side I popped all g to local ultra shop run by lady who won Marathon does sables either last year or year before. I was greeted by a huge silver great Dane called stig who barked, licked me and helped measure me for so e calf guards. Running shops don't get better than that! This weekend I am mainly running 24 hr off road relay for the homeless. Wasn't planning to, not prepared but friends needed help

working at it slowly

Posted: 19/06/2016 at 07:49

*waves daffy off* enjoy off

Podds, get herself outta there. You're just too darned good for them. Hope NV and you are feeling better

DL, why are all the animals attracted to your house.  Do you deliberately leave food out for them?

Go sue. Pics look fantastic. And as for that dress. It's gawjuss. Hope your tum is soon in the mend. Miniyums no 1 only wants to go to Swansea uni in September. Results will be the deciding factor.

((((Farfar)))) poor old Ned. So glad he's happier now and that both he and Emmy are being spoilt. Poor you trying to see your mum when visiting hours are damn inconvenient

Sluggy, I'm glad Alfie isn't heartbroken. How do you choose a new cat companion. A dog ccan at least  be taken to meet on neutral ground.

Pippi, sounds a bit stressy being dumped in it like that.  Hope it runs smoothly.

Hang in there with the marking, mC

Not much doing here. Just off out for trail run on some of route I cycle on.  Patsy post bike arrived this week. It's for my dotage- basket on the front, step through frame, traditional bell.  Meeting ma and aunt for tea tonight with the boys. 

working at it slowly

Posted: 13/06/2016 at 14:16


Hey, Podds, that's some day out.  Glad it all went smoothly after the French customs thoroughness! So e pretty impressive cycling there  

Ooh daffy, your trip sounds fab. Do you get to keep the dressing gown? 

DL, maybe you could run to fill in time while you wait  for dinner. 

Podds, I did wonder why teens taking exams arent exempt from fasting. I quite agree no extra concessions if they don't need to fast but choose to.

Sluggy, I couldnt help smiling at the news Alfie has taken on bed duty.  He's probably the only one happy Cleo has gone. SM doing rehab doesn't sound as though it will be easy

Yay to pippette flying the nest...I think Good idea to keep puss with you until she's settled in. 

Awwwww, am loving the sound of Murph galloping about  .

Extra marking , sounds time consuming, MC but vital you give it your full attention. Glad mummy MC is progressing well

Chuggy, I am so confused as to where you are and what you are doing. Perhaps I am just confused 

Sue, you're mad. Talk about grannies behaving badly 

Life here keeps moving on quickly. I must be getting old! Did the hospice bubble rush Saturday and sailed on a Dutch tall ship yesterday. Today I'm celebrating the queens birthday so I've staggered 8 miles and mowed my front and back lawns. Then off to mummy's as she has a chap coming round to quote for doing up her bathroom. I'm tired already...


working at it slowly

Posted: 07/06/2016 at 21:51

Ah, ((((sluggy, Cleo MS and Alfie)))))  I'm so sorry to hear that Cleo has crossed the rainbow bridge . As chuggy says, she is in good WAISTer pet company. 

((((Poorly Podds)))  No benefit in training if you're not well.. how does extra consideration for Ramadan work at exam time?


working at it slowly

Posted: 06/06/2016 at 21:18


See my morning post got lost.

DL,  it's good to know FC hasn't been affected by your mad addiction to running and that she made the  to join OH in the pool

((((Cleo)))) I sincerely hope that she's just out of sorts and having a diva moment. 

I returned safe from M...eldy land.  Had lunch in Tring which is frightfully nice. Those who aren't quite senile may remember that cousin bill had a major op for mouth cancer some time ago. Treatment is ongoing and he has trouble eating and with his speech but he was in good spirits. 


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