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working at it slowly

Posted: 21/07/2014 at 19:27


Oooh, Outlaw is this weekend? Best get packing then, m.....eldy. If you could be a love and finish before I'm ready for my cocoa 

Shame about the gifts being nothing like you asked for, MC but often buy something because they like it, rather than it being right for the recipient. I'm sure Noggs experienced something similar when HL was underwhelmed when she received the men's road bike and Kit Noggs gave her. By happy coincidence, they fitted him;-) 

Sluggy, take it easy. All that swinging from the chandeliers I'd exhausting 

I'd forgotten about chuggy having to shift all that gravel. The local cats are going to love it  

Some pretty tidy cycling there, Noggs 

Spence, you should have gone outside and given road rage man some of your potty mouth 

((((DL)))) you even manage to make me laugh when you're suffering. It will be interesting when you catch up with the social workers to check whether or not you've broken your fosterling and they find he has broken you.

I had a rather lovely cycle out to some of the villages earlier. 30 miles in 1:59. Barely worked my lungs but my leggies mumped n moaned a bit.

working at it slowly

Posted: 21/07/2014 at 08:12

Plasticised bodies aren't everyone's idea of romance, Daffy 

Yay, Larry is a triafferlete No wonder you feel good after that lot, its been a long time coming so all the more special 

Ouchee, snaily. Take it easy and  give your leg time to recover and follow, m...eldy's advice.  

Oh sluggy, how great to be mortgage free  As for the romantic break in LL's lurve nest, way hey  

Pippi, how great to get up close to the Viking ship and get a guided tour. Not sure I'd be too keep to cross the Atlantic in it though.

Well runned, mandax and XB. Not easy running this weather.

Ah bless miss Kieran. How cool is that to get up and perform in front of everyone and remain composed  

Ha, DL, you are doing a great job. Only trouble is kids have far more energy than oldies  I'm still looking for a good home 

Cheesy, the Stour Valley is in my neck of the woods. Sorry your lovely run will be blighted by finishing in Essex!

Noggs the bodyguard... * swoons*  

I ran 8 miles yesterday. Bit stop start as too warm for me. Decided to plant my arris on the sofa and watch TdF instead of cycle in the arvo. Smart move as storms and prolonged heavy rain arrived. 

Could we all leave our cushions out for Podds today and keep her topped up with refreshments.  



working at it slowly

Posted: 19/07/2014 at 18:17

Bliddy hill, cheesy, that's some running  I think I missed what you are training for. 

Sue, you are norty  

FP, the weather can affect how we perform although you says its hot hot and humid pop norf. And don't forget that you might still be recovering from your international cycle jaunt. 

Chuggy, moving indoors tonight is disappointing but if you get storms everything will happen so fast, no one will be able to salvage anything if our storms were anything to go by.  Glad you enjoyed the piscean ones flapping. He really hasn't learnt anything. His tantrum is most likely because no 2 hasn't fallen into line.

I would just like to point out that my new shooses had their first outing at park run and behaved impeccably. Mind you, its not usually until about 10k the blisters start. I shall report back 


working at it slowly

Posted: 19/07/2014 at 12:14

A flea trap, Spence? Guess its kinda small. 

Ah, chuggy, that sounds like a lovely day. Careful though, with all that underwear about, you don't want Mr C having a touch of the vapours.

Spence, not much of a gift from the bride and groom. Mean spirited if you ask me. 

GO GO GO PODDS AND CHUM. Hope the weather gods are kind and the mileage monster gobbles up the miles.. 

Parkfun went well. Lots of specially made cakes as club are also celebrating our 2nd burfdee. Good that the rain held off then  Unofficial time 29.05. Happy with that as I wasn't eyeballs out. 

working at it slowly

Posted: 19/07/2014 at 06:53

I find running while I'm asleep hasn't improved my performance, coco

Noggs, nicely put. The world is indeed a mess at the moment and sadly its the innocent paying the price.

Good to hear C3 home safe and a chilled out evening is planned. I thought our storms were coming from France?

School's out? Much as I admire dedicated school staff, could you please not keep mentioning it too joyfully. Some of our leave allowances are half that or worse. As for poor Noggs can only have time off when his boss allows it;-) 

Kieran, Mrs kieran is lucky to have you and so well trained Still, she'll be a running widow soon enough

Bless, murph and the thunder. Horses are big girls blouses really 

Apologies for a quick dip in. Scorchio here yesterday. Outside temp  was 92 mid arvo. Great storm late evening. One clap was So loud I woke with a pounding heart. Park fun takeover by our club where our beginners graduate and we organise the park run too. I have to lug water about again. Thunder, lightning and heavy rain forecast. Would be interesting. I have decided our park run is probably the ugliest and most boring in the world.

working at it slowly

Posted: 16/07/2014 at 07:54


(((( megs n tubbs))))

Woo hoo, daffy Sounds very exciting and terrifying too but now you have the performance bug 

M....eldy an outlaw? Well, we all knew it but were too afraid to say it to her face. Glad you have the opportunity to get that IM out of your system for another year.

Chuggy, cush has arthritis which is a result of her racing days. The vet said movement is good but more a case of little and often rather that long walks. He recommended Yummove which I buy from eBay for around £10 a month. Its green lipped mussel extract I think.

Kieran, you've put far too much thought into that plan  I hate plans but those that use them are generally faster than me 

Poor Paula Radcliffe. Hope its a short race so it will be over before her ears bleed.

Enjoy the graduation, coco  

Oh Larry, not fun but necessary to get you running again. I'm sure Dr Pain wasn't troubled by your Anglo Saxon expletives

DL, how is your fosterling settling? Could you make him your run buddy?

Ta for all your advice. I decided only to reply about his request how he should deal with no 2 up coming birfdee.  My advice was a more polite version of you decide. He threw his toys out the pram because I wouldn't get dragged into all the other issues he has.  I shall also have the rule someone else will be here at drop off/pick up time. 

Ran with club around the Olympic MTB course vicinity. Until now I have never walked at club. This hills were hard even to walk up. There is a cross country league race in 2 weeks. If we muster enough entrants we may take the £150 club prize. Shall I take one for the team. Only 10k. How hard can that be


working at it slowly

Posted: 15/07/2014 at 07:52

Oh ((((((((Tubbs)))) ((((((fling))))) You're in my thoughts x

I agree, Noggs et all. The decision is whether to ignore it or tell him firmly. He wants a reaction and to drag me into further communication with him. 

working at it slowly

Posted: 14/07/2014 at 22:16


Great performance and race report, kieran. Now you've caught the bugbug

Ah, DL, I've always hoped you'd think of me. Not sure being linked to Alvin and the chipmunks is great for my ego though 

Glad to hear common sense has prevailed for your friend and family

Larry, that's some kinda indigestion you have Glad you're progressing with Dr Pain

Podds, I'm speechless and saddened that anyone could behave that way to an animal but Greyhounds are such soft, gentle souls it feels worse 

72 miles running is pretty impressive, Noggs. Imagine how far you will go when you get on your bike. 


Woo hoo, sluggy, I'm glad you are true to your wedding vows of what's mine is mine and what's his is mine.

Today I received an email from my ex. In it he advised me that when collecting no1 to go on holiday, he came in my house to use the toilet.  Although we keep all the bedroom doors closed somehow he managed to be able to tell me what needs fixing/decorating in the boys rooms. Those of you who know the history will understand why I have a major issue with this. Its my home with only my name on the mortgage. I bought tge house from him. He has no more right to be in my house than a stranger and I have made it clear to him on numerous occasions I don't want him in here.  He clearly wanted me to know he'd can come in when I'm not there.  Its a control thing. I have told the boys not to let him in but he abuses the fact he's their father to get them to cooperate. Mind you, no 2 wouldn't let him in these days. Any ideas how I can stop him doing this?



working at it slowly

Posted: 12/07/2014 at 08:55

Good luck Ms Bussell 

Noggs, 3pm until 9pm at Aryacitta's gaff. BYO cake;-) 


Bananas behaving badly.....

working at it slowly

Posted: 12/07/2014 at 07:24

Ug, political correctness minefield, Spence. All about how the recipients perception of what was said rather than the speakers intention.  

Yay to sis in law and her pink hair, sue. Glad she's coping well with the situation

Daffy, good grief, how can you feel a fraud with your skills? Silly girl.  Hope you don't get the vomitorium and auditorium mixed up or it could get messy 

Tubbs, Podds is right, WAISters are not far from Brentwood. You will have to turn yourself orange, have hair extensions etc as is TOWIE home turf.

FP, could the WAISters tag along next time you go away as your holiday activities sound great  

Why does Daffy have a banana skin on her head? 

Glad your baby has been returned, m....eldy. Why do you need a catflap when you have the GPO on guard. No sane person would break in so just leave the door open 

Good news Mr pippi has been told to take it easy for a day and that he will get the op before there is a problem. 

Now I'm posting on a new page, I've forgotten what I read on the previous page. Aargh!

DL, if you feel aapprehensive, imagine how the boy feels, especially if he reads your posts in here  

I thought I had a quiet day today but just recalled what I should be doing

Anyhoo, I bought different shoosies yesterday. Not changed brand in 8 years due to blister issues but usual brand removed cushioning so I developed.... Blisters. Brooks Vapor please be gentle with me. I had a 50% off all shoes voucher too 

Oh, its Dharma Day so Buddhist meet up for med, study and cake later



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