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working at it slowly

Posted: Today at 06:58


Up n attem, people. So, is everyone skiving today? I can't remember what M......eldy is doing. 

~~~~~~pippi MiL~~~~~~~ I hope MiL is holding up and that you are still able to relax while you are off, (((Pippi))))

((((Daffy)))) take the next 4 days off,sweetie;-) 

Tubbs, if you tried to make a hat like Cushtie you'd prolly end up with one that looked like a badger or skunk. If you try to make one using the DG's colouring, it would look like a tiger  

I believe that many happy returns are in order for Snaily. 37?, man you is well old;-)  

Enjoy the lovely new smells, Podds  

Anyone have some good ideas on how to get teens to help with jobs in the home? They do nothing currently and if I assign them a quick easy job, they behave like Kevin the teenager and won't do it. I could stop pocket money and being a taxi but I was naively hoping I could use a positive way to get them helping

The Daily Plod

Posted: Yesterday at 17:01

Ah,  Parddu   I will raise a glass too  I seem to recall that she liked to start the Christmas Day plod thread  

working at it slowly

Posted: Yesterday at 16:55

I would have thought the Nolans would be more your thing, DL  

Podds, stop wurking and go home NOW! Glad the boys were fab at the vet. Guess they felt they had their gang and no one would meds with them  

Well done on the accidental weight loss, chuggy. Perhaps we should just wire Spence's gob togethet. It also has the added benefit of some peace and quiet thrown in;-)  

Ooh Noggs, perhaps you will soon be able to answer my burning question... Do only corrupt people become politicians or does politics corrupt them?

((((Daffy)))) Wasssup, sweetie? Shall I send the WAISTer boys round with their handbags? 

Very windy, peter? Must have been the pain au chocolat  

LOL Tubbs riding your bucking bronco washing machine  

A wedding, coco? Been a long time since WAISters had one of those. I seem to recall that was when DL very kindly invited us to her CP barn dance but none of us would admit to owning dungarees

Sluggy, Daddy didn't need smelling salts, in fact he took it in his stride which spoilt my fun

Sounds like a lovely evening out, Jenni Farfar

LOL at westie knowing Istanbul as Byzantium. You is well norty, Pippi

Ah, its the weekend and I've bunked off running and opened wine again...

working at it slowly

Posted: 16/04/2014 at 06:39


Great photo, MC  

I had visions of Noggs sweeping the whole route with his broom 

Hope the bus didn't break down and ruin your early escape and run, Peter.

Sounds like a exercisetastic day for you, m.....eldy Remind me when n where you are pirating this year. Is it Nice?

Great weight loss going on too, Spence n M....eldy  

I seem to be basking in the glow of a sunburnt face despite using factor 30 yesterday. Weird. Nowt much fired my imagination. Showed my 84 yr old father a beautiful bronze Hindu Yoni we bought. He went on about it being vaguely fish shaped. Was it very wrong to tell him its actually meant to represent a vagina  

Work, then race committee meeting. Sighs.

working at it slowly

Posted: 15/04/2014 at 06:52


Three bottles of wine for lunch, Spence?? Blimey, I only had a sandwich!

Big congrats to The Slugs on 30 years of working at it slowly. Fab looking venue for your wedding night and lovely to return to celebrate. Is there a blue plaque on the wall;-) 

And congrats The Tubbsies too  

See Chuggy, it was worth having kids just so they can sort out our tech problems  

Glad the marafunners are still mobile today. Walking along Pall Mall Saturday I saw lots of people doing the 'marafun hobble' 

Noo, I've made tea  

Fab news on feeling better, Larry  I would like to point out to WAISters that I can't take credit for anything but a kind chum offered to help Larry  

Sounds as though there is a mini pirate tri posse developing in here  

Right, dawg walk. I'm off to Ardingly antique fair with Mark today. I'm really hoping I will see some bits that capture my imagination. 

working at it slowly

Posted: 14/04/2014 at 14:14

Hope they let you out again, PY;-) 

I have tested my park run sandwich and this indeed glorious out there  Unfortunaly I only discovered my shorts were inside out when I got home

working at it slowly

Posted: 13/04/2014 at 21:46

*holds out mug*

Hello, Noo, lovely to see you. Its been a while. How are the little noos?

Well done MC. Great race report and a gritty performance  

I didn't see Farfar  I did look hard. Fab run, Fartypants! Especially as it was quite warm  

Amazing performance from Scott, westie  

Podds, sounds as though your club mates had a tough time out there today We had a good day with only one runner going off the rails, clocking a 4:48 instead of the expected 4.15. Seems cramp was an issue for several of our runners. 

working at it slowly

Posted: 13/04/2014 at 05:20


Pom poms charged and on standby for MC and Farfar. Loooong day out in bg smoke waving said pom poms for out 10 club runners

Will check in with everyone much later but in the meantime... DL try the metta bhavana meditation with your ma.. Its about emanating loving kindness, although I would just skip straight to alcohol if I were you;-) 

working at it slowly

Posted: 12/04/2014 at 07:05


Can't believe you sacked me, PY! What about respecting my diversity??? I'm a single parent wearing comfortable shoes, that's gotta make for special treatment...;-)  

G'night, M.....eldy. Sleep well. Hope you win first prize in strictly come snoozing  

Sounds like a good outcome for you and your knee, Noggs. Enjoy it while its behaving  

Have you gone, Mathschick? Waving my pom poms for you too on Sunday and shall wave in person for Farty far far. Initial plans are we'll be around mile 21ish. 

Podds, Cushtie had the new jab so we'll be going back in May. She also had a couple of nails trimmed and her kennel cough spray. Sadly, I've yet to see any eye candy at our vet

Larry, sounds like real progress with your walking 7 smiles  I'm sure the fun of taking Oscar out must help a little too  

I planned to park run sandwich today but realised I hadn't told no 2 he would need to get himself to poofball training.  Not wishing to wake a sleeping teen or risk a diplomatic incident when he does get up, I've deferred it and instead will cycle to meet fellow charidee run organisers in the woods to walk the routes n establish where we need marshalls etc. Park run sandwich next Sat, honest

working at it slowly

Posted: 11/04/2014 at 08:07

Oops, sorry Peter. I'm still on the bus... I love people watching. I wonder what they say about me

(((((Family chuggy))) sounds like a very peaceful journey to meet the WAISTer friends at the rainbow bridge.

Oh Daffy, I hope you have a good sleep and wake up with no I'll effects

Pippi, what are the chances of finding your loose screw, let alone Mr p kindly standing by it. And defo lucky not losing it while clipped in. I did and couldn't unclip so had to leave my shoe clipped in and hop to my meditation class

Ive been up all night with my thread, weaving the tapestry of my life, Coco.  I've taken the liberty of creating the future one too. In it I'm a young glamorous, sooper fast running gazelle with hoards of adoring fans  

I have ditched my long run for a bash on my bike, then Dr Pain....



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