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working at it slowly

Posted: 04/12/2016 at 20:59
Perhaps you should take more water with it, FP to avoid being abusive in the pub How lovely you got to meet chugged

Well runner, MC. I can never understand a no bag drop at races where the car park isn't close.

Des, you seem to be falling off the training wagon more than being on it

I hope your vendor finds something soon, Sluggy or well have to send the GPO round.

I've had a good running weekend. I can still walk and a Santa beard and suit suits me sir

working at it slowly

Posted: 03/12/2016 at 08:46

You timed it well inviting FP for lunch and having the gravel delivered. But you do indeed still have a few waisters to tick off. Poor C1 having no hot water. I'd miss that more than heating

Yay to FC I can see why she'd struggle with the eccentricities of the English language now. Lol at finding golf attractive. Now I know you've lost the plot

And fab news on your pussies being accepted, Sluggy. No reason they shouldn't but folk can be funny. Lol at everyone receiving a card from SM

Happy gotcha day to murph. 21 years he's been stuck with m.... eldy. He landed on his hooves there.

Lol at your lap puppy, Jff. Larry's Millie didn't realise she was no longer a puppy. A 12 stone lap dog isn't much fun

About time you got checked out, MC. Hope they are able to get you feeling human again soon.

Well eaten Des. Even bigger congrats at getting back running and rowing afterwards.

Buddhist group ceremonies were lovely and I actually felt part of it which I haven't done for some time. It reminded me it's worth making the effort albeit far less frequently. Unsolicited feedback suggested my intros for friends were the right mix of humour and sincerity.. phew!

I'm looking at 10 off road undulating miles today. Bird isn't 100% and my legs are showing signs of resistance to the training. This could be make or break for the 15 miler

working at it slowly

Posted: 27/11/2016 at 07:05
Yay to Roy, woody and ginger. That would certainly be great publicity. Fingers crossed. It's a heartwarming story, Podds

Hope the funeral was a fitting tribute to BFF Ma, Sluggy. Christmas cards should be restricted to people we don't see and a charitable donation made in lieu of the others.

Glad you've located your mojo, sue. I'm afraid arty farty stuff is lost on me. I though Caravaggio was a type of pasta.

Glad you made it through ofsted, DL and with better results than you expected. Why does FC struggle with the theory test? Is it a language thing?

Oh farfar. Poor Mr FF having to wait for another appt. Hugely frustrating for him. Here's hoping they see him soon and get him mobile and pain free. Lol at parkfun adventure.

Sluggy any news on what the residents think of your pussies?

Well done on the training, Des. A big factor in weight control is what you put in your mouth
If only it was that easy

Good to hear your ma is responding to treatment. The fact she is determined to live a normal life must help as a distraction from the side effects of treatment and her well being

dsffy, I had a HRM once. I did the max HR test but forking monitor had me going slower until I walked. I came close to flinging it in someone's garden.

Life is busy. No 1 struggling with the interview side of job searching Took time off work to collect ma and go to hozzie only to be told the lady she was seeing car had broken down and she wasn't coming in. Sigh... I have taken a step back from the new Buddhist group I had high hopes for. It's too far to travel regularly and I am struggling with quality time for anything at mo. I am very sad about the way things have worked out. Ironically I am making speeches on weds to introduce two of my friends at their commitment ceremonies at the group. Their beginning and my swansong...

working at it slowly

Posted: 20/11/2016 at 21:02
Sorry, pippi, missed you there. Sounds like great hospitality and fab walk and weather

working at it slowly

Posted: 20/11/2016 at 20:57
Good evenink

(((Daffs))) A not cheery Daffs is more worrying than a President Trump. I agree with Farty Pants that running keeps the madness at bay - don't listen to anyone who mentions the looniness of the long distance runner

((((Sluggy and Sluggmummy)))) Sad to hear SM is no longer herself. Tough indeed for you to have to care for her needs. I am heartened to hear she is still loving

DL has no knickers and Spence loves running - yup, everything in WAISTER world is normal

Hello Des, welcome back. Now we're older we move more slowly.

I vote GPO as chairman of the cat committee. As for the white sofa, M..... eldy. WTF were you thinking of?!

Was there a storm last night?

Podds, I hope you secured those gorgeous boys as well as all your garden furniture. Did it affect them on their walk this morning? Cush was never too keen on having the wind up her tail

Chuggy, that bug sounds pretty grim and the effects have been long lasting. Good to hear you're finally getting the better of it. What has Mr C been up to? I must have missed whatever it was.

MC don't blame you for staying in bed this morning

Farfar, how us Mr farfar's ankle?

I've had a lazy weekend. Went to bank with Ma n sis yesterday to register the power of attorney. Ran 9 miles cross country with bird and today I had a bath! Such a rarity. I wonder what the neighbours made of my groans of pleasure as I eased myself into the warm water

working at it slowly

Posted: 15/11/2016 at 22:02
((((Mr farfar ankly ))) Hope he gets fixed soonest
. ((( missing family at christmas))) Tough indeed, JFF

Swindon, DL? How rock n roll

M..... eldy, stop being bizzy and come and talk to us

Sluggy, sorry SM had a fall however after such a charming visit from the medic I suspect she may make a habit of it Good to hear SB is well and a thoughtful young man

Usual mix of run eat/sleep/work/run here. Bit of a wet run tonight. I have started Christmas shopping-i bought a Prosecco panettone

working at it slowly

Posted: 13/11/2016 at 19:58
Yes, sue. It's Christmas current form that I have the problem with, not the religious connotation or the idea of family time

working at it slowly

Posted: 13/11/2016 at 10:45
Morning, MC. The weather is glorious after such a wet miserable day yesterday. I was waiting at the garden gate at 7. 30 am but no one joined me

*puts pancakes and cinnamon swirls on the table*

Taking Ma to garden centre this arvo. She described the decorations at the last place I took her as 'chavvy'. I suspect there'll be more Christmas crap at this place- just because most of it is crap I seriously dislike Christmas

working at it slowly

Posted: 12/11/2016 at 20:58


Blimey, since when did Daffy grow up and get all professional like ? Clearly I missed the photos.

Sue, those Stratty airfield pics popped up on my timeline too - lovely memories although we were missing a waister or two. I did sleep with Daffy but it's ok, I have signed the Official Secrets Act

Home moving is a PITA,sluggy. Hope you,SM,SB and Mr Sluggy had a fab birthday do. How old is SM  now ? Good to hear your pussy wasn't bothered by fireworks

Oh dear, MC... not observation when you have your  worst class. Thank goodness its over though, How are you feeling after your flu jab?

DL those tropical swim places are a breeding ground for germblies. My favourite being impetigo - nice

How's work going, M........eldy ? How are the FGO's exploding bits?

Welcome back,Claire Runs.Will you b staying around this time  Brighton eh? Shame you didn't do last year as I was there supporting

 Farfar, I agree regarding Trump. Heaven only knows why anyone would vote for him based on his campaigning but I suspect not only will he be restrained by advisors but maybe, just maybe he will surprise everyone. A friend reminded me that when Ronald Regan was elected everyone thought he would be a disaster because he wasn't an intellectual but he was canny enough to surround himself with good advisors. I also agree regarding doing the right thing and never having regrets x

Podds, how are my boys? And Mr P ? 

Usual stuff here. Took Ma to hozzie yesterday. More treatment but its maintaining what sight she has. First of 3 visits this month and I reckon I use about 10 days  leave a year taking mum. I know it means a lot to Mum. Miniyums no 2 went to the open day at the London School and Banking and Finance today. They offered him a scholarship based on his AS level results. 

Who's up for a run tomorrow?

working at it slowly

Posted: 07/11/2016 at 20:56
Morning. Gotta post quickly as my battery is going...

DL, do as you're told n take it easy. Poor FC-having to go to nandos

M.... eldy coaching? Dear goodness. I thought your style is more drill sergeant. Poor FGO and his exploding bits.

Wow the flat looks fab, Sluggy. I'm so pleased it has a suitable guest room. Waister vibes everything goes smoothly with the ssles/purchase.

((((Spence n gran gran)))) a great age and the end of an era for you all x

My eyesight is playing up as Daffs posts suggest she's running.

Podds, hope the boys are settled now. It's awful seeing the suffering. I am relieved we don't have cush any more at this time of year. She suffered terribly. Your club mate is mad and super human

Chuggy good to hear Heineken is healing. I can't understand why the cat would want to sleep at yours and not in a barn.

Nice parkfun time, Mrs farfar. Poor Mr FF. Good he has a speedy appt. Hopefully anything bionic he has will pick up radio 4 too

Not decided whether I enjoyed my retreat. I'm not good at sharing my space/toilet/bedroom with others. Boys ok. Ma sight improved a little since her last treatment. Despite sis being very well behaved since we lost dad, she's taken her usual stance of refusing to see mum Christmas or boxing day. Guess who is hosting ma both days.... Mum isn't looking forward to her first festive season without dad and pointed it out to sis. She was unmoved.

Waist well my lovelies
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