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working at it slowly

Posted: Today at 06:47

No problem, Daffy. Dear Mr/ms employer. Daffy would be a delightful addition to your tea. Give her the job or we'll send the GPO round.

DLDL, center parcs. Oh dear. Full of well meaning middle-class parents with children called Tarquin and Jocaster. Also breeding ground for germblies in the sub tropical Petri dish. Take lots of money or half your home as when I went ( I went a lot) they charge extra for everything from use of courts to bike and racquet hire etc

Oh farfar, Guernsey sounds really tough. Should we be grateful to Mr farfar for making you carry on?? Well done 

Pippi, I assume you tried school holidays and that didn't lure noggs out?

Hope they've sorted you out and reconnected you, sluggy although it can't be easy getting technology to work  in deepest, darkest Darset  

Yesterday I travelled overseas to foreign lands- plannit ffannit. There I was met by the delightful border guard and her ferocious guard dogs although I'm sure one was a tiger. They all gave a a warm welcome. Lots of hound hugs to be had   Such lovely boys. Much to the amusement of Podds and the boys, I walked DG and Sharkey and knitted the leads or tied up Podds several times  



working at it slowly

Posted: 30/08/2015 at 07:52


Awwwww, what a gawjuss GSD pup, Podds. Want, want, want! As for signing up for LEGO, you're bonkers  Yup, everything is normal with you  

Poor TM, sluggy. Hope you've been sleeping better. Hoorah SB is coming to see you all. I'm sure SM will love seeing him.

Daffy, 59.59 for everyone makes you joint first indeed 

Cold dinner sounds good to me, chuggy. On my way  

*wonder what happens when MC combines swimming g and spinning* Here MC, my clothes need a wash

DL, you've discovered the joys of giving! But at least you get to eat cake. Better buy some of FCs back or you'll be in trouble.

Spence, kids can surprise you. Maybe boy floured one does love you although was it pocket money day?  

Today I am mainly cycling round spooky island with chums for charidee. Sadly it looks like I'm let on the island and Larry is let off so we won't see each other. Weather forecast says no rain. I'm not convinced. Happily its close to home and there should be cake I was in Suffolk yesterday, Podds, doing some dog agility. Met a beautiful whippet and darling 9 month St Bernard( he wasn't doing agility)

(((((NV)))) How is the luffly fella, Podds. Perhaps I should come and see him... But will he be able to see me?! X


working at it slowly

Posted: 23/08/2015 at 19:39

Dunno how Mr P escaped from under the patio in ntge first place, Podds!

working at it slowly

Posted: 23/08/2015 at 08:03

There's a pardee keeping half of Sheffield awake and the local rozzers can't find it??? You do need m............eldy on the case Just sit quietly somewhere and chill today

Wise decision, Podds. We would noticeif you went missing 

AnotherAnother PB, Spence?  About time too. I thought you'd   slacking off 

Having C2 around sounds so lovely, Chuggy. How us C1 these days?

Thank you for my birthday wishes. It started well with a hot parkfun in the woods. Then a nice walk to my fave beach places and chips only spoilt by all the bliddy day trippers. Wine, pizza and chat after. All in all rather nice 

Lunch with the olds today but first the small matter of à longer run.


working at it slowly

Posted: 21/08/2015 at 08:38


Oops, I've prolly missed sluggy. *waves hanky*  enjoy. Big hugs to Slugboy

Oh farfar not the van  Hope its fixable. The van is part of WAISTer legend 

((((Chuggy tummy)))) how weird it's in august each time.  Glad you've been having fab times with C2 

(((Larry))) hope things are quiet with you

Well done miss Spence  

Love the idea of tidying murphs trousers. Not sure I'm brave enough to hang around a horses legs however sweet natured they may be.

Daffy, I agree with m....eldys advice. Keep your head down and it might go away. And welcome to the no pay rise club 

Thank you for all the kind, wise words and thoughts. I finally found the courage to break the news to my dad yesterday. He was so upset he couldn't speak so then neither could I.

On a brighter note miniyums no 2 did enough in his GCSEs to get onto the A level course he wanted. He doesn't have a long list of high grades or even lots of passes but enough was also I could ask.

Braced myself for run club last night. Thankfully only coachee was nice to me and it is one of my fave routes. A welcome distraction. Sports therapist and the man from UNCLE today

Waist well my lovelies



working at it slowly

Posted: 19/08/2015 at 10:18


I can probably make the October londinium meet up. Just too lazy to get up and check my diary. 

Podds, you didn't get the owl joke cos planit ffanit ain't posh enough to have tea towels. 

DL, I just can't help smile when you post, especially about FC  teens.. Especially girls

Sue, young Aaron sounds great company and a lad to be proud of. Lovely you can have some grandma grandson time as it is precious  

Sorry to hea SM"s mobility is not good. Will she be OK on a mobility scooter? Maybe you could get one with a dicky seat for you? A local couple have one with a tow bar and he tows her in her wheelchair  

Daffy, you're never going to be biskwit monitor!

Spence, so if daut says she's done badly, she really has!

Podds, DG and NV look wonderful. There Ma is looking good too  

GCSE silence must be killing you, Podds  No 2 is expecting results. Unless he's been secretly revising, I expect they will be mediocre at best

Sadly, we had cush put to sleep yesterday. Vet n nurse came here and we made it as good as we could 



working at it slowly

Posted: 17/08/2015 at 14:59

Bliddy hill, daffy. In two weeks only 1 email requires you to do something? Fancy a job swap???

Ah a romantic week foeDL and OH. Guess you've booked some trips, DL? 

A very useful top for spotting planes, chuggy. I always rush to the wrong window

Luffly coffee with Larry down at the Bach tapas bar. Difficult times indeed.

Having decided that after yesterday Mrs D couldn't go on as she is, we're having a better day. Her front end danced and said walk this morning but her back end is just up for pottering in the garden. 

working at it slowly

Posted: 16/08/2015 at 20:54

Spence has wind....

M......eldy, I'll help you shift the sink 

Sluggy, did you not get the £30,000 I sent in the post?

I will be giving Larry another big hug  from everyone tomorrow

Yay, well done houndie boys. I'm shocked DG didn't win something as he is stunningly handsome. Did make me smile that you had to blag another rosette to avoid huyrt hound feelings I did get no 2 to handle cush when we entered her into her kennel rehoming show. Yes, I'm a cheat but it didn't help as she's a mangy black mutt  With a huge heart and a gentle soul 

The big hooter trail, Spence? Guess I shouldn't expect anything else from you;-) 

Did you get to rest your eyes Welshpoppy?

working at it slowly

Posted: 16/08/2015 at 13:09


What a funny friend, Podds. I'm sure you'll do the right things for the houndies. DG will win best tiger award,  Sharkey won't realise theres a show going on and NV best dog in lampshade of shame 

Daffy, you're not middle aged. Be careful or they might take a shine to you in your nightie-, Mrs Robinson...

6.5 mile trottette along prom/parkfun route with chums.  No 2 is doing his CBT moped training today. Mrs Dawg is very stiff  

working at it slowly

Posted: 15/08/2015 at 20:15

Daffy, you've been sat in a field eating and then in a garden eating? Don't recall receiving an invite.* checks letterbox*

M.....eldy, aren't shoveling shite and going to work the same thing?

Podds, not far for the referral then. RGT show? Will the boys be entering?I met Larry today, Podds. I gave her a bighugyou are very lucky to see the Vulcan, Podds. As a kiz my parents took me to Biggin Hill airshow and every year the Vulcan flew low with its bomb doors open and the ground shook, scaring the bejesus our of me as ,an eight year old. I absolutely think it's the best thing that's ever flown. We have one at Sargent international airport... Not airworthyairworthy though, , just taxis up the runway.

Mrs D was so happy to see Larry that she nearly fell over






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