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working at it slowly

Posted: Today at 21:05

Very relieved it's not one of your chums, podds. As you say life is precious and unpredictable

Hope you're feeling better, MC

Well runned, Becks

Bird took me out for afternoon tea yesterday. When we arrived a noticed my run buddy and thought fancy seeing Laura. Then I spotted my other run buddies smiling away. How funny seeing them... it took a few seconds to realise they were waiting for me. I was lost for words. Balloons, pressies, Prosecco and lovely run buddies. I'm a ??ucky gal to have such lovely chums I have a Fox taken up residence along the side of my garage

working at it slowly

Posted: 26/08/2016 at 21:46

Good morning  Pippi, I love your description of Shetland & Orkney. I had no idea it had such history The pics are fab too. I love the peaky puffin

Good luck, Podds. Is it really the ironing this weekend?  Those clever boys winning those rosettes. They are gawjuss. What a proud mummy you must be

((((MC and family))) difficult news for you all. I hope you can all enjoy life as it is without thinking too much about what may be ahead.  Great that the kids were ll huggy after their GCSE results. Well done you.

*waves to Sue in Mickey Mouse land*

M...eldy, what a sweet ickle birdiepie

Sluggy, it sounds as though it may take a little time t settle SM's carers in. Happ birhday, sweetie pie Are you doing anything nice ?

How is Ned's running coming along, Mrs Farfar ? 

Pippi, I did laugh at your friend who took her wellies and cossie etc for her surprise weekend and then went somewhere completely different

Thank you for my birthday wishes. As it was a big one bird spoilt me. We spent the weekend staying at West Usk lighthouse just outside Newport in welsh wales. Wind, rain, a Tardis, Dalek, hot tub and prosecco and eldeflower gin. Perfect

Thank you also for the views on further education. No 1 is looking at apprenticeships. He'd forgotten he had also applied to South Wales Uni who wrote offering him a place but I don' t think his heart was ever in it. He's a bit of a homebird. Not sure what's got into no 2 but this week he's mowed the lawn, painted in the house and washed the car - all without me asking

I dobelieve bird is treating me to afternoon tea tomorrow





working at it slowly

Posted: 19/08/2016 at 08:31


Lol at Alfie and Sky. Are girl cats generally dominant or is Alfie a soft hearted fella?

Good to hear that Sm care package is in place. Good also to be there to ensure they understand what you need them to do. Well done on making it half way through the week without too much stress.

Well done on manning the phones, Daffy. I know your help is appreciated by thse trying to sort themselves out following the results.

Well done, Ned. That sounds like excellent progress. There can't be many dogs that return to their owner when something far more interesting is going on. And as you say, he is friendly enough but responsile of you to understand that despite his friendly nature, it can still freak some dogs out.

Take it easy, MC. Hopefully it is just a tweak. Best put you leg up and watch the limpets

Well done on the run, DL. I thought I saw something on the news about it. Its good to know disruption is the norm when trying to improve things. Lol at OH being invited to a foam pardee. Will you have to endure typical student behaviour from now on - staying in bed late, leaving things all over the floor and so on ?

Welcome home, Pippi. I'm looking forward to hearing about your adventures and hopefully seeing some lovely pics

Sue, that parking thing is highway robbery!  

Podds, so sorry to hear about Kenny. How ridiculous to return him for those reasons. Those eejits don't deserve to have a luffly hound. I love black hounds And thank goodness the fine was sorted sensibly.

As Daffy mentioned, yesterday was A level results day. No1 didn't do especially well. No surprise to me as he hasn't put the work in. Spent yesterday trying to salvage something but not sure there's much point as he doesn't seem committed or be aware of what Uni actually involves. No 2 did well with his AS levels though. After a very frustrating day with No1, I spent the evening with mummsy...It was a frustrating evening too. It would be nice if she let me finish explaining things before talking over me and I end up explaining the same stuff over and over 

Today I am mainly reporting to bird's gaff with run and swim gear for a mystery weekend. I reckon she has a run to the local baths and a swim planned.

WAIST well my lovelies

working at it slowly

Posted: 16/08/2016 at 09:06


Podds, we keep missing each other - either that or you're ignoring me  I;ve been thinking of you the last couple of days. Sunday I was at the Greyhound walks show. Lots of lovely hounds needing homes. But what really reminded me of you was the greyhound indoor collars in Pirate design and colours. Also I ran along the prom early yesterday Kent was close enough to touch Glad the boys seem ok after the sad loss of Sharkey. 

Sue, how luffly to be ready for a new hound and very responsible to be choosing based on your lifestyle and a rescue  I can't offer any advice really as i've only had a hound who was of course divine  Useless for anything energetic or guarding but a fab companion and so tolerant of kids. Loved hearing about the lurcher. He sounds wonderful

Well done on doing less, Becks

Oh MC, poor gibbil and poor son. Love the idea of freezing it for a proper funeral when you return. The cable car trip sounds amazing

Lol at SM, Sluggy. I understand what she meant. She remembered she had forgotten to take her meds although could you trust her answer.

Daffy, tell me more about the face pulling. Is it an Olympic event? I can do it as a multi discipline especially when I run. ceiling painting with sore arms sounds tough.

Did you actually get out and run, DL ?  Or were you just getting into the Olympic spirit? 

Westie, whose bed have you been sleeping in if not your own Welcome home

Any news form Chuggy ?  Is she running her french B&B

(((FarFar)))) Look after yourself. Well done on the run club running

Sunday I went with bird, her two kids and grandkids to the houndie and lurcher show. So many Cush lookelikeys that it was an emotional day. I fell in love with  2 1/2 year old Jake. A big black boy who was very patient and calm and loved hugs and cuddles...sighs. Aside from my circumstances not permitting, I'm not ready for another dawg. Thursday it will be a year since we lost Cush. I am busy painting at home to try and improve my surroundings. Unfotunately the house seems more of a mess than before I started.


working at it slowly

Posted: 11/08/2016 at 16:14

becks F - just get on and do the duathlon. it will be fun.

Good to hear SM is responding to the anti bs, sluggy.  And good t hear about Alfie and Sky. I suppose it takes far longer than we imagine for rehomed pets to feel secure with their new forever home. 

Daffy, you probably are quite fit - at least to look at  If I compare myself to my colleagues and other friends I am fit. If I compare myself to run club members, I'm not!

You doing something special this weekend, M........eldy ?

Guess you're pretty busy with results at the moment, Podds -A and AS and GCSEs later? How are the boys ?

Becks -your speed might increase if you ran less   Although by that reckoning DL would be up there with Usain Bolt 

I am on leave. To celebrate I cleaned the kitchen top to bottom. Dear goodness is all I can say. I need a lie down.

working at it slowly

Posted: 08/08/2016 at 20:58


look at me, I have proper emojis

apologies for my absence but my tablet has died again and I refuse to have it repaired so I had to borrow my laptop back from miniyums no2

fab news about Alfie and Sky making good progress together and not being too fussed about each other. Doggie show sounds fab, sluggy. There is a houndie one next sunday near bird's gaf.  Sorry to hear hat slugmummy isn't any better and seems to be deteriorating. How is she managing in her home ? Have things settled with the lady friends?

Blisterz, TOWIE land? Do you just mean Essex or Brentwood itself? Which parkfun do you do?  The answer to all your running problems is to go slower Seriously, I find if my motivation is low, a slow shuffle usually gets me over it.

Becks, I cant believe how easily they lured you over to the dark side of tri. Podds et al are right. Far too much running at 5 times a week. I reckon on 3 otherwise I start to tire.

DL, I lurve curry but rarely eat it. I am comforted to know that you are true to form on your running every day in August plan

(((mandax))) sounds horrible. Sorry to hear Pa isn't so good and that Ma is finding it hard to manage.

Daffy, surely you must have rebuilt your house by now?

I am loving your description of Murph being chatty, M.....eldy And the Pikey one seems to have mellowed as he ages. I guess even Tigers mature

Club sesh sounds great, Mrs fartyfarfar. Dare I ask why you can't even think abut getting on a bike ?

*waves to chuggy in her guest house/homeless shelter*

Podds, love the sound of banger bobbing   I must admit, I;ve never tried floating cheese. Have you tried Swiss cheese ? It may float better as it has plenty of holes. And fret not about the Ironman. Plenty of time left to train.

Oooh lady Sue, a Mercedes. you is well posh and what a lovely treat. Yes, life is pretty settled these days. I'm happy because I like a quiet life

Shall I fire up the WAISTEr bus?

Life here good but busy. Ma is good thanks, sluggy but she's keeping me on my toes helping her out. I don't mind but I do feel pulled between, work, Ma, the boys and what I would like to do in my spare time - running, seeing bird, Buddhist study and group etc.  Work is ... of 5 in the team one is off having had SVT and another fell over and dislocated her knee and broke her elbow. Still, ive managed to run 3 times this week - had to go out at 6 am for my 7.5 on Sunday as mummy had plans for me all day. I was  by the end of the day



working at it slowly

Posted: 31/07/2016 at 21:22


Podds,  I can come and see you and da boys over the holidays. Just tell me when you're free

£2.50 is a proper bargain, DL

Sluggy, The idea of you being in the spare room stroking a cat conjures up an image of Blofeld, sluggy

I've had a good weekend. Wedding was luffly, ma was good and was relaxing to get away with bird. Any news from the mad one?

working at it slowly

Posted: 29/07/2016 at 18:12


Welcome home, DL.  What a shockingly good holiday.  Was the film a talkie for £2.50? And lol at FC and the zebra crossing same goes for a pelican and toucan crossings I guess

Daffy, wear that mask. There must be a fair but of dust generated when you sand.

(((((SM and sluggy)))) hope it's just a blip

Hope your ma got home today, MC. Hopefully both her and your dad can relax then

Can't believe DL didn't pop in to meet the boys, Podds.  

Today I cycled to the olly mountain bike course n met bird and two of her kids.  I always say it but it's a fab facility with kids tracks, play equipment and parkour area. Tis big and beautiful area too. Tonight I'm at a wedding evening for a run buddy. Tomorrow Buddha club, mummy and then BBQ with bird n friends. I'm having a social weekend but I'm an unsociable person

working at it slowly

Posted: 28/07/2016 at 08:14


Can you tell who has a few days off?

Pippi, your trip sounds fab. Very Cunning of Mr P to work nights so he could sleep while you drive all that way. Hope Daffy is right bout the midges not liking the breeze. Have a fab time and send us some holiday photos

Daffy, I have some plastering which needs doing. Hurry up and finish yours and get yourself down here

Lol at your spare black cat, sluggy. Im loving the fact Alfie doesn't appear bothered by Sky's presence so far.  It  a shame about our WAISTer boys. Guess they just couldn't handle all the lovely young ladies. And lol at me being 21 Fancy you remembering;-) 

MC, I dread the kids driving and going out in friends cars too. I just hope I can instill a teensy bit of responsibility in their subconscious.

I would like to point out that I didn't take no 2 on the road. The cardrome is  old spitfire airfield where learners can use realistic road conditions on private land. Went out for dinner with ma and they boys last night. Then I got the boys to do some gardening for her. 

(((((Poddlington, Elvis, DG and Mr P))))

Go M......eldy


working at it slowly

Posted: 27/07/2016 at 08:34

Oh dear, daffy has been plastered and then terminated!  Firkin neighbours turning your back passage into a meeting place

(((((Podds))) Very sad to hear about Sharkey. I remember him arriving and being given his forum name. A very sweet boy who had the most wonderful life with you, DG and Elvis.  I always feel WAISTer pets are my pets but especially so with your boys 

Sue, how wonderful that pettle was found safe after so much effort from so many people. A timely reminder that there is far more good in the world than is portrayed in the media.

Well walked, Pippi

Welcome newbies. Good advice from people here. Remember we aren't called working at it slowly for nothing

Sluggy, what fab news on Sky. I did briefly wonder whether Bournemouth had finally joined the digital communication age buy soon realised we are talking puddytat. Don't witches have black cats??

Chuggy, sounds scorchio with you. How are you all managing? Fab that your visitors cooked for you. A proper luxury especially if they washed up!  

Enjoy France, M.....eldy. are you being drafted in to  sort out the terror threat?  Rather then than me

Apologies for my absence.  I do try to make an effort to read back. Usual stuff here. Running, working, mothering etc. This morning is a good day. Miniyums no2 is 17 and just gone out on his first driving lesson. Yesterday I took him for some experience at a cardrome. He gets to drive my car and I get to teach him. He did well. Even said i was a good teacher!  Today is also good because I've just seen Brooke the greyhound who was Cush's friend. She must be 13 now  

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