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working at it slowly

Posted: Yesterday at 06:35

Yaaaaaay, sue  So pleased the weather was kind and you had a fabulous time. Good to know you're back safe too Very wet and low cloud here yesterday morning and I was thinking about you

Good luck with the kitchen thing, m.....eldy. Brave men to attempt sorting out your drawers 

working at it slowly

Posted: 05/07/2015 at 18:13

DL,  you're in the list of perspiration WAISTers along with me 

Anyone heard from sue? There was a sonic boom here earlier and a tidal surge. Could there be as link to sues antics ?

If you had an ice pick in your fundament,  daffy, I'm not surprised you weren't feeling great.

What as fab founding pardee, chuggy 

Project kitchen? Uh oh, m.....eldy is planning to cook something.

The swimming pool is flooded, sluggy. What a funny world we live in. Glad SM joined you for a tea. Is she a jam or cream first kinda gal?

Nice lunch with the folks. Need a nap now as feeling sleepy


working at it slowly

Posted: 05/07/2015 at 10:41

Ramalamadingdong only half way through?  Heck,  a month can seem a long time, DL. I agree, Podds is a hero to me to, as of course is m......eldy 

Westie, maybe the others heard you were out and that's why you didn't see anyone  Please update with some pics

No bun at the end of my run this morning. I ran. It rained. I got soaked to the skin

working at it slowly

Posted: 05/07/2015 at 07:11


Up and at em  

M.......eldy, the beauty of the relay is its for everyone but as you say, would suit daffy perfectly. In between laps she could be arrty crafty/ eat cake and stop on the way round to talk to the hosses and dawggies who are also enjoying the park. I would avoid the gay men enjoying the park though...

Bless Monty, he thinks he's doing a grand job protecting you, chuggy. Shame its not quite how you want it. As the mad one says,  perhaps having Mr c in charge more often will remind him 

Go go go welsh dragon lady  

You must visit my house, snaily if you can transform  places  

Off for a flat, slow short one along the prom soon. Then lunch with the wrinklies. Dad is 86. Dad some concerning scan results last week. Waiting for oncologist to discuss it with his team before we know more. We are all of the view his health is generally good so leave well alone regardless of what the outcome is

working at it slowly

Posted: 04/07/2015 at 19:17

Oi oi. Is that a Podds I see ?  Thank goodness. We are very pleased to welcome you home into the bosom of your WAISTer pals, lady  piddlington. Race report on madame m..................eldys desk by 09.00 tomorrow. Please nicely 

Wow, sluggy, bournemarf is well posh having a symphony orchestra. The programme looks good- even I know some of the pieces 

Daffy, I once watched the Jeremy kyle show where one of the guests described mablethorpe as the worst place in the world. Daffy, skegness, why????

Relay was fab, m.....eldy but not easy. The efforts by everyone and the way our way the club teams supported each other was quite moving.  One chap ran 112 miles and a lady 100 and they had a a 24hr tea and cake marquee  At woods parkfun my plod partner twisted her ankle and had to walk the last mile....

working at it slowly

Posted: 04/07/2015 at 13:09

Uh oh, the gloves are off and the GPO is sharpening his claws:O  

No PB, Spence? I'mshocked. Can we expect one tmorrow if you're racing?

Chuggy, thank you for sharing your warm weather  

Bounces.... Boing... I got a PB. Well, a PB cos I have never done that parkrun before 

But the best result is the boys have both gone to theirdad's, the first time in over a year and I'm enjoying the peace 

working at it slowly

Posted: 04/07/2015 at 07:51


Yeah Podds, get your arris in here. I can't stand these people that disappear from the WAISTer lounge ...

((((( snaily)))) life has certainly thrown you more than a shed load of shite lately. I love the fact nan was having a fab time right up until she was taken I'll 

Another PB, Spence? The mantelpiece will break soon under the weight of all that glory.

Yay for Monty enjoying his bath. Hounds don't seem to like them although will bear it if the water is comfortably warm

Go go go, sue. Everything crossed that the weather stays suitable for you and that you have a fab time. Just to be careful I'm going to secure my nick nacks and tell my olds to use more denture fixative in case their teeth rattle loose

Amazeballs performance, m.........,.......eldy  And Podds, you know how much I respect your achievements and attitude  

Sluggy, shame the quiz didn't go according plan but bet the Pimms made it fun anyway 

Pippi,eeewwww to the art thing. I didn't know you had Tracey emmin's daughter in your class

DL, how is Ramadan going?

Run club was interesting this week. One coach cycled into a branch on his way there and was bandaged up comedy toothache style. I was asked to take his place and support my coach friend and shell fell in the woods and cracked a bone in her ankle

Parkfun tourist today. I'm doing the woods run a few miles away



working at it slowly

Posted: 29/06/2015 at 07:32

LOL, sue 

Does this mean you have to adopt another cat, m....eldy?  

working at it slowly

Posted: 28/06/2015 at 21:51

Yay, m....eldy  Poor Podds  


working at it slowly

Posted: 28/06/2015 at 16:22

Evening all.

Mainly dropping by to see how the ironbints are doing. M....eldy seems to be going according to plan but no news at all of her lady of piddlington?

Well done, daffy and Daffy sister. Please explain legitimate walk breaks. Not sure I know what you mean.

Sadly no magic socks here only smelly ones.

Bless SM worrying about her birthday. Do you think it is in anyway related to mean fiend being mean and she's worried her birthday won't be special?

Spence, give a girl a chance to get home! Just because you are whooshing about faster than the speed of sound, doesn't mean everyone else is 

Event finally over ...phew! Lead man ran 110 miles and lead lady 100 miles. Meanwhile our team of 8 managed 138.6 miles. I appear to have what I can only liken to feeling jet lagged

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