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working at it slowly

Posted: 08/02/2016 at 21:21

No rinse shampoo cap. Ideal for the elderly or infirm.... Snigger, sluggy 

((((Mummy farfar and farfar jff daddy))) Glad mum seems to be responding to treatment. Poor dad not coping 

Good grief, M.....eldy, you will finish the waisterboys off if you keep mentioning your harvest festivals.


I. Impressed with all these dry January people. Thankfully no such will power required here 


working at it slowly

Posted: 07/02/2016 at 21:29


Welcome home, sluggy. You will recover quicker at home  Fingers crossed the stimulator does the trick 

M...eldy's ancestirs deported to Australia? No surprises there then 

((((Daffy)))  take I easy, sweetie.

Podds, sorry the wind has been troubling you. More on its way as I type!

Ouchee C3! Sounds as though he just made missed another lucky break when he slipped and fell again. How about a mobility scooter for him 

Finally set a funeral date. 11 Feb



working at it slowly

Posted: 24/01/2016 at 07:44


Well runned, Spence. Running is so good for lifting the mood even briefly. I always remember I think it was M....eldy's advice hundreds of years ago. If you really don't feel like running, put your run stuff on and go for a walk. Funnily enough, it always turned into a run albeit sometimes short and slow.

Wassup with Sharkey, Podds? 

MC when you said son played with the police band I thought you meant sting etc. Just be grateful you probably won't get invited to watch those parent vidjeos  

DL that's a very long awards ceremony and the catering sounds dubious. Alcofrol would have eased the ordeal. Lovely the kids are encouraged though and know that people believe in them.

Somehow I'm thinking a bit of normality would be good for me. So that's. A 9 mile shuffle on long runs only - no training in between. I'm going with the tailenders so hopefully I'll make it. Ma neighbour dropping her here this morning. Reckon she'll be home before me. 

working at it slowly

Posted: 23/01/2016 at 09:58

Morning lovely WAISTer chums 

Sorry its just a quickie but I need to collect not so miniyums 18th birthday cake. I've left the chap to it with a brief of science/sci fi etc. No idea what I'm getting- button moon or the clangers perhaps. 

Just to say thank you so very much for your support and kind wishes. It goes a long vway to making me smile.

And... I was presented with a big box of flowers by the postman today. I couldn't imagine who would have sent them. Thank you all so very much. The roses and sprays or whatever they are;-)   are beautiful. I am bowled over. Whoda thunked invisible friends could be around so long and be such a constant support  

I'll pop in later but for now ((((((wonderful WAISTers and their loved ones))))



working at it slowly

Posted: 17/01/2016 at 21:59

Dreamies x 21 and hoss nuts x 21 added to ma's list. Oops and wine x 21. Just confirm your addy, M............eldy and its on its way  

Podds! I often have similar fab ideas about integrating training into my life but don't even leave the house so you're much further advanced in your training than me Ah, luffly fowlmead. Is mandax still  going round?

DL, I agree, OH deserves a special birthday treat in the big smoke...rather spookily you'll bump into WAISTers  


working at it slowly

Posted: 17/01/2016 at 13:23

Blimey, DL, you have running gear on? Is that because its the only thermal clothing you have or do you intend to actually run?

Camping in Kent, DL? PODDS, PODDS! instigate passport control at the bridge NOW! She'll bring rain and wind, pestilence and plague. I've heard DL's holibob reports from previous years 

working at it slowly

Posted: 17/01/2016 at 08:19


Harry, go home!

Sluggy, I find it interesting that the council provide warden flats, people move in on that basis and then they withdraw the wardens. How can they honestly think it's not going to have a huge impact and that it's acceptable? As you say, how do people like your mum manage, especially if they don't have family to keep an eye on them

Chuggy and Mr c obviously don't look like terrorists! Fingers crossed the rivers don't rise further.

Podds, is that the beach cafe in the photo? How are my boys?

Oh farfar, olds don't like to ask for help or mention things that would concern us. 

Daffy stripping?? Oh goodness  

*slaps Spence*  I'll send m.............eldy round to take you for a run 

GNR = full of people= logistical nightmare. Enjoy mandax!

Not heard back from chum bout bike insurance claim... Dad not good. I intervened and spoke to cancer specialist nurse. They've arranged wheelchair transport to see oncologist on weds and for MacMillan nurses to visit and assess him. He can't do anything without getting breathless and can no longer get out the house. Of course no sign of sis changing her attitude towards me. Im gobsmacked anyone can be so up their own @rse they cannot do the right thing. Set Ma up with online grocery shopping and taught her to use it. A few issues with ordering 21 of some things but I can access the account to help. 

Not much club running here either but I'm off for 6 miles with ma posse in a mo

working at it slowly

Posted: 11/01/2016 at 06:54


Happy birthday your royal m....eldyness  

Welcome home, sluggy. Sounds like a great cruise. Poor lady with the melanoma but good she can get to have adventures still and I'm sure your company helped make it special for her too.


working at it slowly

Posted: 10/01/2016 at 14:13


Any sign of Harry? Hopefully he's just bruefly forgotten where he lives. 


And hoorah for Mick glad he's feeling chipper again  

(((((Spence)))) its hormonal so no rhyme or reason for your mood. It is what it is so don't feel guilty.

Wow, mandax. That's a lorra lorra miles.

Sue, the community thing with the Sudanese sounds great. It's exactly the thing migrants and the existing community needs to make everyone feel included and to break down barriers. I agree that the conditions local to you sound awful and its not right. What I find interesting is the perception whether accurate or not, is that we appear to make it hard for genuine refugees and professionals to come here but foreign criminals don't seem to find it hard. Sending home those who break our laws seems difficult too.

Podds, your journey to swimbling sounds challenging. A sensible idea to come back another way.

Daffy, how lovely to be made sdo welcome by your new colleagues. I'm sure you're a breath of fresh air 

Visited olds yesterday. Dad has even given up getting the paper from the shop literally across the road. He just potters round the house now. He's been offered immunotherapy but side effects similar to chemo so he's very anti.  It's quality of life v quantity and at the moment I'm not sure he has either. Whether his symptoms are entirely physical I'm not sure.

And..I had my bike checked by my usual shop. He thinks the frame is twisted. Even if Irepair the buckled wheels, hydraulic brakes etc, I'm looking at over £250. And I'd have to accept the frame isn't right.  Bike was £650 brand new in April 2015. It was immaculate before it came off the bike carrier. So, moral dilemma, what should I do? It was friends car and friends bike rack. I helped lift it on but she tied the straps. The straps didn't untie, they snapped. Logic tells me I should claim off her car insurance for a replacement bike.  However, I don't know whether her insurance will cover it. I really don't want to claim on my household policy as I claimed on it and got this bike when mine were stolen. Friend did say she would pay for any damage but we both thought it largely cosmetic. If a new bike isn't an option, should I accept that I took the risk and pay the repair charges myself? I hate to ask her but its a lot of money. 

On a more upbeat note, Bird adopted another greyhound. She said it was my fault for taking her to the NYD greyhound walk. Clyde is 6 and the absolute spit of Cushtie other than he's a boy. Turns out cushtie's dad is Clyde's great grandad. Her other dog, Joe has the same dad as cush.  

working at it slowly

Posted: 03/01/2016 at 07:40


Darn it to missing NV's 11th birthday. I didn't realise he was such a grand age. Happy birthday NV  

Sluggy, I agree that looking up the answers for a quiz is cheating and pointless. No challenge in that at all. Can't believe they were allowed to do it especially as there was a cash prize.

*waves hanky and sobs quietly* enjoy your cruise.

Daffy, nan has Alzheimer's and a water infection, bless her. Bet shes still less daffy than you   Good luck with the new job  

Pass the marking out, MC, the WAISTers can help you with it. 

Snaily, I was once a parent to two kids under two. Hope you had a good time hehehehe  

See, you are a city girl at heart, DL 

Presented my Buddhist study project yesterday and survived. Popped to see my folks. Dad seemed quite frail when I arrived and found doing next to nothing tiring. He got quite emotional at one point when ii was going to show him the pictures of tge greyhound walk but her perked up by the time I left.

No 1 is 18 in January. I asked him what he wanted to do. His reply was as I expected- lunch out with nanny and grandad.  I haven't told the boys grandad is ill. Now Christmas is done, I need to. Trouble is, I don't think grandad will be up to going out really. Ho hum  

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