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working at it slowly

Posted: 02/05/2016 at 14:08

Podds, what are pupils sitting exams for on a BH? And yes, whitstable 10k cheering with a meet with DG, iver and cush Much nicer than exams 

I have painted my gates and fences

working at it slowly

Posted: 02/05/2016 at 09:47

Where did you say you lived, MC and what time is dinner 

Morning, you westie. Its good to ser you and im Verypleased to know you are still alive  

Lol at MS, sluggy. Silly boy  The good news is he can see your point of view when you whack him with your walking stick 

Podds, that's phenomenal cycling . it's probably the oggling which wore you out.  and nothing to do with the cycling  

Safe journey, chuggs, Mr C and Monty  I knew you could resist looking at the legislation!  Of course said IT systems aren't scheduled to be built for a while... My job is to help EU businesses take maximum advantage of duty reliefs available - that bits not usually a problem. The difficulties are with getting them to understand the responsibilities that go with that. At the same time I protect them against cheap imports from outside the EU.  Sounds a bit dry but when it covers anything from an individual sending goods for repair outside the EU to businesses building military submarines, aircraft bought in for well known airshows and all those goods you lot buy on the internet from outside the EU, it gets kinda interesting  

Sluggy,yes, Dave is another hound.  He's nearly 4 and fresh off the track at Romford.  


working at it slowly

Posted: 01/05/2016 at 12:38


Daffy plastered again? Well whadaya know  Hope your friend is used to you still being in bed when she arrives 

Ah, chuggy off to France, summer is indeed here  It sounds athough you and Mr c had a spemndiferous day celebrating his birthday. And I love Monty's film of FB What a clever boy  

Just watching the Tour de Yorkshire on TV. Looks wet n windy. In contrast it's beautiful here. Ran 8.5 along the prom with chum, mowed my lawn. Just off to collect mumsy. She wants to go wine shopping. Then off out for tea with her and the boys. Only downside is I'll spend 2hrs driving. Chuggy, the legislation is the Union Customs Code. 

working at it slowly

Posted: 30/04/2016 at 21:37

ESP? I thought sluggy had a crystal ball. Soppy SM. Glad she has a poirple cast. Very gay 

Ah, bless Mini MC. I can understand your concerns. I'm sure he's more resourceful and resilient than you think 

Hip hip hip hoerah to Mr king and a happy birfdee to Mr C and Dr Daffy. Sounds like some works do, daffs.  I commend you for 7 static bike miles 

Yay to Ned. He sounds like a great fella. I'm sure he'll soon learn what's expected of him.

I've heard of the Dixie chicks, DL but don't know what their genre is. Does it involve check shirts? I was shoe shopping today. I saw some brogues and thought of you 

Hectic at work. New legislation goes live tomorrow. It feels like the episode of Fawlty towers where basil says don't mention the war although in our case for war substitute European union as it might give ammo to the brexit campaign. I think I may be very busy for a few weeks at least 

Some good news... El Como 'perry' is now called Dave and esconced at bird's house. He arrived yesterday evening and I met him today. Think dotty dog markings. Strapping lad. Seems quite confident and is doing well. OK so he chomped birds mobile phone beyond salvage  I'm sure he'll be a great companion 



working at it slowly

Posted: 24/04/2016 at 21:40


There I was minding me own business in that there lunnon tarn when would you Adam an eve it, I saw a charming lady in a pie rat shirt. Seems she was out for a Sunday arvo stroll 

Why a seagull, DL? Noisy whatnots wake me most mornings? 

((((SM))))sluggu, it's just attention seeking- old people behaving badly. Glad SM is OK if. Somewhat bruised. I'm sure there's a good reason that they can't get you to vibrate when it benefits you most, sluggy but so very frustrating for you 

Pippi, that is one gawjuss grandchild 

Snaily, good luck with the interview  

((((MC n MC mummy)))  news is enough to take the wind out of anyones sails. 

Dear goodness, should we wait until we receive the Ransome demand for daffy before contacting the poliss?

Good to hear C3 is almost good as new, chuggy. Sounds like some good mummy daughter going on there 

Podds, how are ma boys? I think I mentioned gentleman Joe crossed the rainbow bridge. Clyde the other houndie is cushie's great great nephew and they look so much alike. Bird has been contacted about another hound to see whether she's interested. I am keepingmy views to myself so as not to influence her 

working at it slowly

Posted: 19/04/2016 at 07:31

((((((Sue and HWMBT))))) good to hear he's behaving himself mostly. 

Lol at doggie decorating disasters. I love the sound of your new pooch, jff 

Podds, JFDI  Your boys are so typically houndie with their love of sunbathing 

Daffy, those shoes must have go faster stripes at that price

MC, big respect for your tri with such a fresh start 

DL, I do admire your determination to do these lovely things, knowing that somehow the chances of it being all you imagined are small  

M....eldy, the MTB course wasn't quite that bad but it seems me n bird are pictured in the local rag. Thankfully only one of my friends has seen it 

working at it slowly

Posted: 16/04/2016 at 20:19


*leaves yet another excuse note on Podds and M.....eldys desks*

Happy birthday, DL and happy 50th, daffy. I must say you wear it well 

Snow? Really? Goodness me!

((((Farfar family)))) My heart still sinks every time I step inside mums bungalow.

((((Podds))) girlllll, you need some fun How are the luffly boys? Are the boys helping vwith the present making?

So glad to hear that C3 is making good progress chuggy although I find it hard to believe you're the responsible adult accompanying him 

Sluggy, that Alfie is way to comfortable  

How did the swimming go, MC?

Shuffled round Hadleigh Olympic MTB course today with bird. As you would expect it went up and down a lot, was a tad muddy and boggy.  Such fun  UP at 4.30am to go to support run chum and club members at Brighton marafun


working at it slowly

Posted: 27/03/2016 at 22:24

Are you running Brighton, Podds? I will be shaking my pom poms at Brighton and lunnon

Westie, that farm sounds perfect for daffy???? 

Run done n mummy frd and taken home. I'm ready for bed 

working at it slowly

Posted: 26/03/2016 at 20:59


Well runned, M...eldy. I misread your post and thought Podds posted  it.  S'ok, glasses on now

Daffy! Location, location, location!  Had no idea you were landed gentry 

Oooh Lady Sue. What an epic walk 

A dog that howls for 10hrs a day is not good, M....eldy. Drugged sausages? For you, not him 

If SM forgot she'd forgotten how to charge her mobile, does that mean she's remembered how to charge it? Bummox to now relief from your vibrator.

Podds, another 40 miles biked? Awesome. I believe nurse sluggy prescribed alcofrol applied internally in these circumstances.  

Gentleman Joe is very skinny which is heartbreaking but he seems in reasonable spirits.  Met bird' folks today.  They're easy enough to get along with- we took some flowers to them at the cemetery. 



working at it slowly

Posted: 26/03/2016 at 08:06


Oooh, Ned looks gawjuss, Jff.  What flavour ishe and how big?  My friend used a similar method to the one Podds n M....eldy suggested. Made for some short, staccato walks and weid looks from people but it worked.  He'll go a long way to helping you all smile 

Am loving the walks westie.

Podds, nasty bugs out there and working in a school leaves you open to them all. As for the allegedly gawjuss ladies. I know how you  feel. I hate the run club ball. They all scrub up well in their ball gowns, young willowy things. The worst thing is they afore dressing g up and being girly.  I know who  I'd rather spend time getting dirty with my animal pals- who just soi happens to have completed n Ironman. Now that's pretty incredible 

Sorry, you're still not driving, sluggy. Life would be easier if you could potter about in your car with SM or TM. Are SM meds helping in keeping her stable?

M.....eldy, a noisy dog is a pain. Worse still if it's preventing you sleeping. Do you know why it barks? Have they gone out or do they leave it in the garden? Hopefully it's something that can be easily dealt with. I've no idea how you stop a dog barking when the owner goes out. Could you adopt it so it can sleep in your bed when you do. I think it's the only answer. Oh no, just remembered the GPO... Armageddon! Scrap my suggestion!

Daffy, don't tell sis how your training is going. She'll tie herself in knots wondering how much extra she needs to do.

DL, things must be bad. Your posts are normally a joy even when disaster is all around you but I could tell from your post you weren't yourself before you mentioned you were fed up.  You need a new job girl and fast.

Usual stuff here. Mowed the lawn yesterday, off to see bird today. Gentleman Joe the greyhound hasn't been well for a while. Unless he improves fairly soon I think it may be crunch time as he's 11  

Waist well

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