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GULP just entered my first half marathon

Posted: Today at 12:27

Third time running  round the small field ,10 laps again this morning, on my third lap however,I was knocked over like a skittle by a whippet running at full pelt, as she  was playing with patch my dog,they were playing chase!!! Patch obviously has spacial awareness developed over the summer and knows it's not a good idea to run full pelt near mummys legs when mummy is running, unfortunately little daisy didn't know this and slammed straight into me, I put my arm out to save myself, although it's a futile exercise cos you know your going down anyway somehow landed with my arm up behind my head , and now have pain in my elbow and wrist !!! So glad I didn't break it, how heart breaking that would of been not to cuddle my grandchild upon being born !!! Anyway I led there for a minute or two just to make sure I could move everything, the owners were very apologetic,bless them I told them not to worry it was an accident and off I went to complete lap 3 and ran 7 more,.....they put her back on her lead, then I felt bad cos she couldn't run round too ....Anyway after being knocked flying it seems I run quicker was doing 8:55 pace at 7am on just a cup of tea !!! And on grass !! 

Hoping to go out again later and do a hilly 5 miles I figured the two runs today could equate to my long run in the morning, and to be honest a) I'm taking Jenny for her induction at asda for 9am, and b) I didn't fancy 20 laps of that field !!! Have to stay close to home just in case I get the come to hospital now call , don't want to miss being at the birth of my first grandchild !! Can you tell I'm excited  ?? 

Toby, next year me and you will do an ultra, you'll p#$s the training !!! With the amount your running now !! 

B&T  how's the loft conversion coming along ?? 

Wtnmel good running from you to , did you have a look at that kinetic thing??? I need to get myself organised and start it !! Plus do core stuff I'm just running at moment all very well but need to mix things up ....

Waves to everyone else 

Brighton Marathon 2015

Posted: 17/09/2014 at 21:54

Tillstar, I didn't really have to train them, they just follow me where ever I go like two little shadows, I guess it helps that one is a shepherd cross so is protective and does not venture far from my side the other a very mad border collie who has just turned two and just runs for pleasure like me he also chases birds in the sky by sprinting across the field after them although I've already run 5 miles( or more on a Saturday )  !! He never stops and loves it , they ran the 9:61 miles I did on Saturday with me , this field has the river Thames running along side it so water for them isn't a problem and the meadow has the thames on one side and the river churn on the other ....ideal really .....I'm just lucky I guess they enjoy their running !! 

GULP just entered my first half marathon

Posted: 17/09/2014 at 12:43

Toby 15 miles then a 10 mile run, seriously why don't you do an ultra, I'd like to before I'm 50 perhaps we should decide on what one to do and enter together...Just an idea??? 50 miles what do you think?? Or go full pelt for a 100km one which I think is around 66 miles!!! 

Entered brighton 10 km this morning,early bird price of £25 .....would so love a 45 min 10km time so speed training and hills and leg and core strength for me over the winter along with some half marathons me thinks will have to plan the ones I can do on the Sundays I don't work as no holidays left as I want my last 5 days for Christmas with my grandchildren and ever growing family ....

Waves to all, as I'm at work on my kindle !!! Naughty I know 

Brighton Marathon 2015

Posted: 17/09/2014 at 12:23

Andyp what was Bacchus like, I wanted to do it this year but due to my daughter being with child and nearing her drop date I couldn't, there would be no way I was or am allowed to do any planned races in September!!! No baby news yet, although she is having mild contractions ,has been since Monday, yikes, I hope it's soon cos all my runs are being done very close to home, the cows are now in the meadow where I've been running 5 miles most mornings with my dogs, this morning,however,was a 10 lap run of the smaller field next to the meadow without cows, my border collie does not like cows plus dogs have to be on leads and mine don't run with leads!!!! 

I'm birth partner along with my son in law so my phone is permanently stuck to me,hence I can't venture far from home running!!! I was thinking yesterday, apart from my two week holiday I've ran at least 5 days a week for well over a year now!!! Which is the longest I've ran without a" can't be bothered break!!! " I've been really enjoying my running ...andyp is thst the Portsmouth marathon where if you don't get through the first half in under 3 hours your not allowed to continue cos of the tides and you'll be cut off or swimming!! On the 21st December, yes I fancied that one too but daughter has asked for my undivided attention for first few months with  baby so no proper "training" I havnt told her I entered the ballot for London, so just not sure what to say if I actually by some miracle get a ballot place !!! But Portsmouth is still tempting me !! I'm running 10 miles on my long runs on a Saturday, yep that's lots of laps , which if nothing else mentally strengthens you eh ...

Poohbear, I too am now officially registered for brighton 10km  after running 4 out of the last 5 marathons in Brighton,I decided i still wanted to be a part of the weekend but I've never watched the marathon,so hopefully I'm aiming for 45-50 mins nearer 45 would be my dream time, (so like you I'm gonna be doing lots of speed work in the next few months) I can then get washed up when I'm done and meet up with my mum and daughter and actually watch and cheer all you marathoners....hotel is booked for my usual 3 night mini break ...

Happy running to everyone 

GULP just entered my first half marathon

Posted: 10/09/2014 at 12:57

Congratulations toby to you and poohbear, I watched it on the tv and it reminded me of London hot and crowded!! Even though it's the biggest half in the country,rather you than me travelling all that way to do it!! Not sure I would, even just to tick it off my to do list ,travel that far ,for a race !! Well done to you both again ...

Talking of London the result of the ballot is soon and those magazines come through the letterbox, I hope your successful toby ,even though it was hot and very crowded for my liking ,I'd like to do it again ....


I'm on ,becoming a grand ma countdown, daughter had less than two weeks to go, so I've got my bag packed!! Money for food from the lovely hospital canteen which is very good ,( in between contractions of course) drinks,wipes, spare clothes, red bull!!! Got to keep energy levels up to give her the support she needs,I'm chief back rubber,in her words "si ( her partner) is useless at rubbing my back"

Running wise,got a plan for the slog under way, week two started monday, a few recovery runs along with a long run and a hill or speed session or a mix of both as the slog is very hilly ....Wednesday's sees a double run, as I run with the boys as I do every morning but as it's hill/speed session and I do that in the afternoons when my body is more awake!!  Last week was a 34 mile week !! Woop woop not bad for a 9 mile race !! 

Waves to all 


GULP just entered my first half marathon

Posted: 03/09/2014 at 06:35

Very wise B&T I ran a half in cricklade in 2009 on minimal training and after the first mile, started to regret it it was only cos I was sponsored I carried on but it nearly wrecked my running career, scans on knee and tears in miniscus and a few months rest later, I learnt my lesson,      ALWAYS train!!!! Don't try and be clever!! 

GULP just entered my first half marathon

Posted: 02/09/2014 at 21:21

So who is up for doing the spooky 5km in Swindon on the 25th October??? Any takers for the disco afterwards , could be our gulp annual night out 

GULP just entered my first half marathon

Posted: 29/08/2014 at 06:22

CW enjoy son's 13th birthday celebrations, I've just had last weekend full of my daughter's 18th birthday celebrations, I organised a surprise meal, there were 15 of us and she didn't have a clue, boy was it hard not to drop myself in it though, then on the Saturday she enjoyed the new series of Dr who ....

That makes 3 of us in the same area then as Wtnmel isn't too far from me either ...

GULP just entered my first half marathon

Posted: 28/08/2014 at 13:01

I'm a little jealous of this cricklade half marathon talk, my own home towns run, and I can't do it this year cos I've got no holidays left to take and I'm working on that Sunday!!! I can't even cheer on as it starts after 10 o'clock !!! Gutted !! 

I'm having to save the last 4 days I do have for Christmas !! Still it will be a special Christmas (sorry for mentioning "that" word already) as I will have two beautiful grand children to coo over  

Running is going well, training plan is being done today for sodbury slog , but I'm still doing a base week of 30 miles , and it's muddier now it's rained which I'm loving, my boys are in good shape.....I on the other hand have gone up to 9 stone 6lbs due to the boyfriend feeding my tummy full of chocolate, and ice cream !!! But hoping along with the base mileage of 30 miles plus extra three sessions of speed, hill and long run, I'll get down to running weight of 8 stone 12 lbs pretty quick , it's day two of reduce crap food intake, notice I didn't say total ban on crap food as I'll fail if I ban it , knowing I can have chocolate if I want makes me say no I don't want it !! 

Wtnmel go you with your speedy running, hoping your keeping up with your stretches to 

Toby, what can I say, super star runner as always enjoy gnr oh and can you put your link up for sponsorship please 

B&T good luck with your halfs, dead jealous me, and yes loft conversion will be worth it on the end ...

Still I'm on the lookout for runs that are close and on my Sundays off, have found one on Saturday 25th October in Swindon in a wood at 7 pm in the dark it's a 5 km but sounds fun, so I've pencilled that in and Toby and poohbear are joining me which will be nice, hopefully back to normal with the half marathons next year!!

Although I did enter London again so ballot results out soon I don't hold out hope but cos I said I wouldn't train over winter cos of impending grandchildren I'm betting I'm in , fingers crossed ....

Waves to every one else 

GULP just entered my first half marathon

Posted: 17/08/2014 at 08:13

EM-68 good luck on your fast 10km as instructed by your new Garmin....let us know how you get on later 

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