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Another order for PSOF LG Tech T's

Posted: 29/07/2016 at 19:26

Dear Kit Fairy, pirate treasure to the tune of 35 guineas has been transferred as tribute for the running T.  When do you need our home port details?  Cheers

Another order for PSOF LG Tech T's

Posted: 27/07/2016 at 22:46

Good Evening if not too late can you please add me down for 1 x Medium and I will pay money across on Friday or as soon as order is acknowledge.  

Many thanks mate

Outlaw 2016

Posted: 25/07/2016 at 23:08

Hey it was great to meet everyone, thank you to the gentlemen that I finished with that was a massive bag of moral.  Sorry I didn't stick around for the after party but I made my flight in the end... wasn't the most productive of days however!  So er same time next year...

Outlaw bike feedstation 24th July 2016

Posted: 25/07/2016 at 23:06

Hey firstly thank you to everyone for that, there was a really good vibe and it massively helped on the race.  The lass who gave me pork pies was a god send.  All of your efforts were appreciated.

Outlaw 2016

Posted: 21/07/2016 at 22:16

Hey, will see you all at the weekend.  I wish everyone the best of luck and I hope its not as hot as it has been this week!  Feels like it came round really quickly this year...

Outlaw bike feedstation 24th July 2016

Posted: 21/07/2016 at 22:13

Just going to say thank you all for doing the feed station at the weekend.  I will look forward to seeing you all when I am totally hanging out on the bike!  Cheers

Comrades 2017

Posted: 27/06/2016 at 22:56

Seren Nos, you thinking of doing this as well?  Bit of a split from IM for a year me thinks, how about yourself?

Comrades 2017

Posted: 23/06/2016 at 21:11

RR many thanks greatly appreciated.  Gives me a bit time to work on colleagues for a work team.  Bonus!!!

Comrades 2017

Posted: 23/06/2016 at 20:41

Ha ok so spot the new guy worrying about clubs as an international runner and trying to qualify with an IM Marathon.  Cheers for the steer ladies and gents, I will find a proper race to qualify with and won't worry so much about clubs etc.  Do you know when entries open for the 2017 race?

Comrades 2017

Posted: 23/06/2016 at 17:09

Good Afternoon

Just a quick hello actually.  I have decided to give Comrades 2017 a go, probably alone but potentially with a small team from work.  I was looking to do the 2016 event but missed the deadline as it was a bit of a late decision so here we are with 2017 approaching.  

Two quick questions.  Ref Qualification races I am looking to use the marathon section of an Ironman as the qualifier, has anyone else done this previously and are they generally ok with it?  If not then happy to go and run something else to achieve the end state.

Second.  They seem to put a lot of emphasis on a club, through my job I move a lot and don't really have a local club, is this likely to be any kind of issue?  How has anyone else addressed this?

Any advice more than welcome, not my first Ultra by a long way but certainly my first Comrades so that little nugget of information that would be really really helpful at about 60K in would be great to know now!!!


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