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Uk iron distance reccomendations 2016

Posted: 30/08/2015 at 09:11

Outlaw, easy to get to from almost anywhere and Nottingham is big enough that you are swept up for accommodation and stuff to do afterwards.  The race was well run and although the run was a bit boring there was enough support and aid stations to get you round happily.  Also its all in a single contained location so no split transitions or messing around afterwards, it is also a lot cheaper than IM UK, need to move quickly though it seems to sell out faster than the Tory front bench.

Outlaw 2016

Posted: 28/08/2015 at 20:51

Honestly if you go with Piarte team 6 or Pirate two zero I am bloody well up for it.  

Ironman Copenhagen 2015

Posted: 25/08/2015 at 09:18

Right now that's done here is the race report:

Firstly I finished and did it in 1330, not a PB but not bad.


the event has a split transition but it is well managed and everything is taken to the city centre on finishing so there is minimum fuss at the end.  The expo was good and the city is easy to navigate.  There are trams pretty much to the start line and they run from early in the morning so getting around is not an issue. We drove from the UK as my friend was unaware you could take bikes on a plane, we won't be doing that again.  We also used Air B&B and it was an awesome experience all round.



The rolling wave swim start was new and did mean everything was a bit calmer on the swim.  it is a sheltered swim and not too salty so a lot easier than a lot of the other sea swims.  I came through in just under 1.20 a PB for the swim in an event.


The Danes are excellent on the bike and it was solidly a 100 miles of being passed by 6ft leggy machines on carbon fibre TT bikes that cost more than my car.  The roads throughout would put Silverstone to shame and it's mostly flat with a small hilly section.  The feed stations were excellent, well located and longer than I remember for other events.  Also there was massive support on the bike course certainly as you came back into town.  I cracked the bike in 6.20 which I was happy with and more importantly ahead of my mate.



It's four laps through town, aid stations feed both ways so there was plenty of food and fluid throughout.  Being critical its a bit of a boring course, but the topless models sun bathing on the veranda made for some moral boosting entertainment.  The crowd was fantastic with a real festival atmosphere.  They loved the pirate stuff, genuinely worked a treat.  I smashed about 22K before my mate got passed me and then to be honest the race took a turn.  I developed a splitting head ache and became seriously worried, fluid and food was good so I think it was the heat of the day getting to me. (I latter found that a friend on for 9.05 collapsed about 10 miles into the run with the same symptom).  Either way I abandoned the race plan and went into survival mode, walking the shade and tramping out the sunny parts.  Teamed up with another Brit and smashed out about 7K at a solid power walk both in good spirits.  I managed a run down the finishing tunnel and then piled in.

Post Race

A bit more direction would be helpful as a lot of people were milling around not sure where to go and that annoyed me to be honest.  Once you got to the athletes area it was well swept up, bit lacking in coffee or tea which is all I really wanted.  The T-shirt is a bit average but they all seem to be now.  The end of race stuff was ok, they brought the bike to a small collection area and all of the bags were centralised which made it easier.


all in I enjoyed the event and would do it again but not next year.  If anyone is getting tattoos after the race Bell Air Tattoo was excellent.  Enjoy 

Bike Hire

Posted: 04/08/2015 at 23:00

That's excellent thank you RS.  Will definitely not be shipping my bike out.  

Bike Hire

Posted: 03/08/2015 at 17:01

Nivana or bike hire gives me options thank you for the feedback.  Honestly sure I can lie comprehensively when I comes to er me the Ironman absolutely not your honour!

Bike Hire

Posted: 02/08/2015 at 12:31

I am considering a last minute entry to Mallorca IM in Sept with a friend who already has entry, flights and accommodation.  After the faff of bike shipping and bike boxes in Lanza that probably contributed to my mechanical I am considering hiring a bike for the race.  We are out there for only three days due to work commitments so not a huge amount of time that I want to faff about rebuilding bikes and making sure everything is A1.  So has anyone hired a bike for Mallorca previously and can anyone make any recommendations for places that hire etc?

This is purely aspirational, if its not possible then I will bite the bullet and ship my bike blah blah blah.  

Challenge Weymouth 2015

Posted: 30/07/2015 at 18:41

Ye I dropped a comment in the site issues forum and then it appeared retrospectively although it does not show up next to my name until the comment is posted...

On to other issues, did anyone do the old form Challenge Henley and last years, is Weymouth a better venue in terms of infrastructure than the old event?

Challenge Weymouth 2015

Posted: 28/07/2015 at 22:25

Last minute entry I am jumping on board as it is fairly local.  Will confirm after pay day and see you there.  Going to do the half as it's a bit close to Copenhagen to crank out the full distance...

silly question, how do I get a pirate tag Gas Man?

Outlaw 2016

Posted: 28/07/2015 at 22:18

Honestly if there is some truly screwed up relay team that required pacing so that you could do all three legs with different teams then I am up for it.  Failing that solo for 2016 it is.

Comrades 2016

Posted: 27/07/2015 at 22:17

What is Shosholoza by the way???

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