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Hoose is out of here.

Posted: 25/02/2007 at 04:04
I am out of here because no matter what I say, in the eyes of some, I'll be "bad" -even through stuff "I don't say" I get condemned. I have just stopped smoking and do not with to jeopardise that, I will do well on my runs. I may come back but you will not know who as and when,

But the name Hoose-Goer will go and is associated with bad stuff by some of you lot. Stu as a person, a human being, a counsellor and actually very caring and warm person has been lost through hoose(if you get me)

If I carry on as hoose I will get more flack, probably get down and give up my running. I cannot do right for wrong in the eyes of some, sadly.

I feel very hurt at having to do this. I will speak to you again but not as hoose and at a time of my chosing.

to those who have actually been genuinely supportive -thanks so much and good luck

for those who have not, good luck

I will find it hard to resist answering here but I will try not to.


Drastic times = Drastic measures.

Posted: 25/02/2007 at 03:46
I an still fine -though find myself up early. Am a little upset that summat I wrote could be so misunderstood -spose various agendas were at work.

I have mansged to still be an happy non-smoker in spite of this -which I could not have done. I was upset enough to consider action against the odd one but it was so ridiculous. Some views don't get heard properly and even then there's misinterpretation(from some surprising quarters -which had upset me)

Anti-depressants & training

Posted: 25/02/2007 at 03:39
Hipps -please actually read my original post on that thread - I am guilty of "sloppiness" only -no more no less BECAUSE -maybe my head was elsewhere. Funny enough most people outside a few can see that-funy that.

Bluroom - please get it clear -I have some reservation but nothing to do with the ridiculous claims made on that thread. I have also said to thers that the blueroom is very useful (not so long ago) and on that first reply aid it was a good thread. I know you have helped eachother and thats great.

The reservations I have spoke about, to be open and honest(good for a counsellor to do that btw) is

1/that at times it seems "to me" (ownership)cliquey and exclusive and

2/I worry when two or three peops when very low -may feed off and drag eachother down.

that is absolutely it!!

tyou lot have my support and "my" reservations are there.

like I said above -keep up the good supportive work you do . I cn understand the sensitivities here.


well here is what the fuss was about.

Posted: 25/02/2007 at 03:26
what is at the top of this thread IS exactly what I said on the other -some peops have criticised without reading it, it appears.

well here is what the fuss was about.

Posted: 25/02/2007 at 02:52
Here is the E mail

"I'm just emailing you to let you know I have reported your What's all the fuss about thread to the moderator.

I think, as I said on the original thread,where you made your ridiculous comments that you were totally out of order."

THIS THREAD!!!??? - I mean

well here is what the fuss was about.

Posted: 25/02/2007 at 02:47
thanks ipod - somebody E mailed me saying they want this thread deleted by moderator -God knows why.

Yip I am a BACP member and work within that framework. My qua;ifications are sound and so are my ethics. I would never suggest coming off asnti-ds -not down to me.

the word "agendas"does spring to mind -oh well what do I know

well here is what the fuss was about.

Posted: 24/02/2007 at 22:51

let me make one thing clear -my reservation about anti d's(the objects not the thread incase some get confused) is that when they are percieved as the only answer -and some still see them as. They were dished out willy nilly at one time. Some people can have an "addictive relationship" which MAY hold them onto them for longer than necessary . I believe that therapy is the best initial port of call if you can cope without meds. For those who cannot cope without meds -anti-ds are fine and often are needed to make therapy possible . The first condition of therapy is that the client has to be psychologically receptive -anti-d's may help some clients in reaching that state.

It would be unethical to suggest anything which would increase suffering - so I'd never suggest a client drops anti-ds .

some people sound like they know something but really fail to understand the basics.

Drastic times = Drastic measures.

Posted: 24/02/2007 at 22:33
cheers bugsy - gotta lotta flack coz of something I was seen to have said (total isunderstanding) on another thread but I have kept it together wqhere I would not have done previously.

Anti-depressants & training

Posted: 24/02/2007 at 22:20
actually my mind was on the stop smoking clinic at the time.

well here is what the fuss was about.

Posted: 24/02/2007 at 22:17
feel a tit now - but only for my sloppy writing bit - .
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