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Inside our May 2013 issue

Q&A highlights: Sports psychologist Victor Thompson
Catch up with the highlights of this week's webchat

Motivation: Pay yourself to run
Wise investment of your running pennies can motivate you to pound the pavements. So flash your cash – it’ll pay off!

Keep on track with your new year goals
Our new blogger, physiotherapist Scott Mitchell, explains how to keep on track with your running resolutions for the new year.

Increase your ‘Athletic IQ’
Tap into your ‘athletic intelligence’ to transform your race performance

Post-Marathon: Recover your Running Mojo
Blitz post-marathon blues and find your next running challenge

Marathon Toolkit: Engage your Brain
Discover how to use one of your best assets - your mind - to greatest effect in your spring marathon

Mind Gains: Fool your Brain
How to trick performance benefits out of your brain – and the science behind it

Think Fast: Train your Brain
Train your brain to go the extra mile

Think Fast: Train your Brain (Preview)
Train your brain to go the extra mile

Running: The Brain Booster
Smart people run, fact. Find out how running can boost your mental performance

Running Resolutions: Team RW
Discover the running goals and target times Team RW have set for 2012

New Year, New You: 2012 Running Resolutions
Transform your training and take on a fresh running challenge in 2012

Questionnaire: Your Running Motivation
We want to know what motivates you to run - and what makes it hard to lace up your trainers and head out.

Beat your training fears
Face your training demons and emerge a relaxed and confident runner.

Beat Your Running Fears
Whatever your running fears, we'll help you take control and conquer them one-by-one

Weathering the Season
Banish bad winter running habits and keep training all season

Pity the Fool: Your Snaps
We know you love getting medals - now it's your chance to show your bling off!

Do YOU Pity the Fool?
We love medals! If you think you've got the blinging-est medal collection in Britain, send us your medal-toting photos via email, facebook or twitter.

61 to 80 of 161 articles

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