Running for weightloss

These calorie-killing sessions will see you slim down and speed up.

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Cranking up the intensity 

is the best way to take your running to the next level. It’s also an effective way to burn extra calories and shed body fat. A 68kg (10st10) runner who picks up the pace from eight and a half minutes per mile to seven minutes per mile, for example, burns about 180 extra calories an hour. Should you speed up all of your runs that dramatically? No, but the following five sessions include segments of higher-intensity running to boost your calorie burn. Aim to fit in one or two per week, and include a five-minute warm-up and cool-down.


  • Coach Joe Vigil designed this session for leg turnover and speed. It also burns maximum calories in minimum time.
  • Go to your local track, or find a flat area where you can mark off 100m. Then mark every 10m after that until you reach 200m.
  • Run 100m at your one-mile race pace. Note your time. Recover by walking from the finish line back to the starting point.
  • Now run 110m slightly faster, so your 110m time is just a second more than your 100m time.
  • Continue doing this all the way up to 200m.  

Estimated burn 340 calories

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For an article that boosts "Running for weight loss" then uses the example of someone who is 10st 10lb is a bit of a joke. My BMI says my idea weight is 13.5 stone! 
Three stone off my BMI ideal and you quote olympians talking about shavings seconds my time. 
Seriously? Who are you writing for? 
Waste of bandwidth

Posted: 26/06/2014 at 18:59

I agree the article reads as total crap............doing speed sessions shouldn't be about weight loss...if you start equating the two.people will be trying to sprint everytime and get injured and end up putting on weight.....

Posted: 26/06/2014 at 21:09

Whaaaaaaaattt???  What total and utter nonsense.  Poorly described sessions (in the first one you apparently burn 340 cals running just over 2 km  )  and just general rubbish.  Yes, a faster session might result in a few more calories burned, but the idea that a short speed session burns more cals than a longer slow session is implied and is ridiculous.  It seems to me it's just using a popular handle (weight loss) to shoehorn some sessions into something that might appeal to people who aren't necessarily interested in speedwork.  Why not just say 'here are some good speedwork sessions'?  Pet hate, weight loss being the be-all-and-end-all of exercise related discussion. 

Posted: 27/06/2014 at 07:04

Yes, but, the article is equally nonsensical whether you weigh 10st10 or 13st7. 

Posted: 27/06/2014 at 08:07

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