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Share some inspirational writing about your running, and you could win £1000, and more...

Posted: 2 May 2006

Share some inspirational writing about your running, and you could win £1000. RW, along with Reebok, and two of its sister magazines, is running a project to inspire readers to run – based on real-life stories just like yours.

It might be about starting to run, or overcoming obstacles. It might be about your marathon build-up, or race-day. It might just be an account of a run on a clear, fresh day. The possibilities are endless.

Each month's best stories will appear in the three magazines and win a prize, and in October, the best of the best wins £1000, a training session with Darren Campbell, and more.

Here are extracts from three so far:

  • "The first time I attempted to run, I went 100 metres before I had to stop. It was horrible feeling that I was that unfit. I kept at it though, and soon I could run for 10 minutes with only a couple of stops, then 15..." more
  • "Mark had trained so hard for this sub-4-hour goal but he looked ill. Skinny and washed out... we just put it down to all the training. But we were wrong: we found out two weeks later that he had testicular cancer...." more
  • "The best of it all is, I feel 100% better, I look 100% better and I can now say, 'I've run a marathon'" more

Read more stories and add yours at RW's InspiredToRun project site

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I started running 12 months ago properly. After loosing 4 stone, from 17 stone and a BMI of 40 and body fat of 55% by healthy eating and regular exercise and the help of a personal trainer i was ready to push it further. I wanted to loose weight for my wedding that year and needed a training goal to keep me on the straight and narrow.

I started off only been able to run for 5 minutes at a slow pace on the treadmill, but with regular interval training i was able to finally complete 5km. Then once i had adopted a better running technique and with regular strength training i was able to complete half marathon distances outdoors. This also helped me loose a further 3 stone and now have a healthy BMI and a body fat percentage of 25%.

Then with the arrival of our dog fudge i started running off road and that re-ignited my love for running. I now regularly trail run and have just entered the 2012 snowdonia marathon. There is nothing better that running along the beach, looking out at the horizon with a blue sky and fudge running alongside me.

Running is the best thing it gives me a sense of freedom in my busy life and makes me feel alive!!. People  praise me for loosing all that weigh but  prouder of how fit and strong Ive become. I am now a personal trainer myself and work in a gym. Running has helped shape my life both personally and professionally.

Its hard work at first but just stick to it, doing little and often will eventually pay off. Then it becomes fun and your soon hooked !!!

Posted: 02/01/2012 at 21:44

Well done on your achievement in losing so much weight and continuing to improve your running performance. I keep trying to improve myself but get little set backs from time to time but reading about you will help me to continue to try Thank You as you are an inspiration to others like me to keep going and Good Luck in your future marathon 
Posted: 04/01/2012 at 19:15

Just before anyone else thinks this competition may pay off their Christmas spending, the competition is from May.
Posted: 04/01/2012 at 19:18

May 2006.
Posted: 04/01/2012 at 22:11

I recently won a place in The Olympic Park Run and with 7 weeks to go I look forward to running around the Olympic Park along side 4,999 other runners.  I'm not a fast runner but the experience of running into a Stadium where the elite athletes will be running and taking part in other events is like a dream come true. Over the past years I have like lots of runners,joggers taken part in races of various distances but this exceeds all. I hope all those who are taking part will enjoy this event as much as I am looking forward to it .    
Posted: 16/02/2012 at 21:27

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