adidas launches Boost - a 'revolution in running'

The sports world - and RW - convened on New York this week as adidas unveiled Boost: a new shoe and technology it says will change running forever

by Katie Hiscock

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Energy return

adidas say Boost has 'highest energy return in the industry' and 'energy return' is a buzzword at the launch.

What does 'energy return' mean? When you move, kinetic energy is displaced and some is lost through the shoes you wear. Running shoes aim to give you back some of that energy, helping to propel you forward. "Boost gives you back more of that energy," says Bernd Wahler, Senior Vice President of Innovation.

Tests conducted by the brand's Innovation Team show the tiny 'energy capsules' contained in Boost - formed from blowing up TPU - store and unleash this energy more efficiently than EVA. With over 2,000 energy capsules in each shoe, they give the shoe its recognisable midsole. 

"Combining softness and responsiveness has been something the running industry has been attempting for years - people didn't believe it was possible to have both," says Bernd. "With Boost we think we've achieved the impossible, combining comfort and responsiveness.

"You feel the difference when you put the shoes on. In the tests we've done, people reported feeling better during the run and feeling better after the run. You feel less tired and the fatigue is different so you can run more often."

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WOW ! can i get one
Posted: 16/02/2013 at 13:35

"Energy return" and "helping to propel you forward"... so sounds like Newtons then? Maybe better for heel strikers, or fad-seekers!

Does make me wonder: if they really made running much, much easier should they be allowed? After all you could put wheels on your shoes and set some good times too (though not uphill!)

Not saying they're not legit, but I guess they are some rules on shoes that can be worn, and if this started an arms race for manufacturers would those rules have to be tightened up maybe?  If I'm beaten by someone in a race, I'd like to believe it's because they're a better runner, not just because they can afford a super high-tech pair of shoes!

Just a thought.  If they only give a marginal gain at best then no issue.

Posted: 17/02/2013 at 22:22

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