RW visits Sweatshop's new concept store

Sweatshop, the running retailer, opened the doors to its 'concept' store last week, a three-floored space in Trump Street in the heart of the City of London. We went along for a visit to try it out.

by Katie Hiscock

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From the moment you step into Sweatshop's new concept store in Trump Street, London, you get the sense this is no ordinary running shop.

The emphasis is on a tailored experience, where everything a runner might need is catered for, with a running shop, altitude centre, biomechanics studio and gym all under one roof.

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While I appreciate that this is an advertisement it is probably worth highlighting that the following isn't strictly true!

"[Altitute training is] also helpful for general training. Training with lower atmospheric oxygen triggers physiological changes, making the body more efficient in using oxygen and allowing you to train harder for longer."

Physiological alterations can occur (e.g. increased red blood cell count, decreased plasma volume) but they might not always be beneficial for physiological (e.g. thicker blood)or exercise performance. The data for 'train high, live low' programmes such as these is very, very weak. Live high, train low offers some benefits (less so to the elites) but 'live low, train high' probably, on the balance of the data, doesn't offer any benefit to sea-level performance.

Posted: 18/12/2012 at 17:29

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