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Cherry cacao muffins
Need a post-run chocolate fix? Try these simple cherry cacao muffins.

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National Vegetarian Week: Seasonal veg for runners
Ditch the meat and go green with some veg to supplement your running

Breakfast for runners
A runner should never skimp on breakfast, here are some fast, delicious and easy recipes for your weekdays.

Fuelling vs not fuelling
How important is it to fuel those longer runs? Dr James Morton explains the benefits

Why runners should eat chocolate
No need to deny yourself the good stuff, here's why you should indulge guilt-free the smart way.

Easter recipes for runners
Let us guide you through this Easter's eating, with all the classics with a healthy runner powered twist.

Strawberry, seed and nut energy bar
All-natural DIY energy bars packed with nutrients to help you ace that race.

8 impressive recipes every runner needs to know
Keep your body in perfect running order with these eight delicious, nutritionally balanced recipes for pre-run fuelling and post-run recovery.

Runner's recipes with Sarah
Food of the month: Chickpeas

The runner's guide to pizza
Prepped the right way and consumed in reasonable quantities, the slice is definitely right. Choose pizza for fuelling, recovery... and, yes, reward.

Runner's recipes with Sarah
Food of the month: Venison

Can having a food intolerance affect your running performance?
We asked Dr Gill Hart PhD, YorkTest's Senior Biochemist and scientific director for the low down on food intolerances and how simply spotting them is the first step to improve sporting performance.

Fast(er) food
Pounding out the miles doesn’t write you a blank cheque to spend at the local takeaway. Get perfectly balanced runner’s nutrition without sacrificing taste via these reworked fast-food classics.

6 top sources of plant protein
Meat-free alternatives that pack protein to fuel and rebuild your muscles – without unhealthy fats.

Breakfast bircher muesli
Try this delicious breakfast recipe from Michelin-starred chef and marathoner Gordon Ramsay.

Runner's recipes with Sarah
Food of the month: Kale

Healthy paella for runners
This super-healthy version of the Spanish national dish is full of lean protein.

5 stunning stir-fries for runners
No recovery meal is better – or faster – than stir-fried carbs and protein.

Runner's recipes with Sarah
Food of the month: Butternut squash

PROMO: Wild Alaskan Salmon recipes

Preview: The runner's guide to race fuel
Drinks? Gels? Bars? How much? How often? There are so many questions in the search for optimum in-race fuelling. RW’s Tobias Mews embarks on a quest for the answers.

81 to 100 of 260 articles

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