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Comfort Fuel
Waistline-friendly versions of classic dishes that nourish your soul and your soles.

Reconstruct Your Diet
Boost cardio, prevent injury and maintain muscle with these supermarket staples

Pasta: A New Twist
Tuck into the latest nutrient-packed wholegrain pastas hitting the supermarket shelves

The Lean Tower of Pizza
Layer by layer, here's how to build a tasty, low-fat version of the runners' go-to-carb-loader, says nutritionist Liz Applegate.

Burn Fat with Chocolate
Choose the high-cocoa kind, and you can still have your choc and eat it

Sandwich Superheroes
Bored of the same old fillings? Turn your humble sarnie into a nutritious meal of champions

Ask the Experts: Ruth McKean on Half-Marathon Nutrition


Fast Fuel: Snacks
Need pre-run fuel, fast? These snacks are ready when you are

Meat: Power Cuts
Power your runs, boost recovery and stay lean with these cuts...

Top Seeded: Seeds to Increase Speed
Need a power boost? Toss these gems into your next meal

Runner-Friendly Fast Food
Rustle up fast food that's far tastier and healthier than your local takeaway

Carbs Glorious Carbs
Discover the importance of carbohydrates - and get your fix with barely a pasta shape in sight - with a little help from these culinary tips and tricks

19 April 2012 at 10:00

Some Like it Hot
Turn up the heat in your kitchen for a range of running benefits

Disordered Eating: Running on Empty
Discover how the pressures of performance and self image can take you across the line from smart nutrition to damaging ‘disordered eating’

Quiz: Your Food and You
How do you and food get along? This non-scientific true-false quiz will help you get a handle on your relationship with food.

Ask the Experts: Marathon Nutrition with Ruth McKean
Catch the highlights from Friday's lunchtime debate, when ASICS Target 26.2 dietitian Ruth McKean answered your questions about marathon nutrition live in the forums

10 Foods You Should Eat Everyday
10 of the best runner superfoods for optimum health.

ASICS Target 26.2 Podcast: Ruth McKean on Marathon Nutrition


12 Runners Superfoods: Energy
Make your running fuel work harder for you with this selection of tasty everyday combos

Festive Fuel: Five Christmas Favourites
Get the nutritional lowdown on your favourite Christmas foods

101 to 120 of 239 articles

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