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Cherry cacao muffins
Need a post-run chocolate fix? Try these simple cherry cacao muffins.

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6 dishes for leftover roast chicken
Half a dozen fast and healthy runners’ meals.

4 naturally sweet desserts
Delicious, runner-friendly desserts that don’t break the sugar bank.

Why you should eat more plant protein
You don't need mountains of meat to pack protein into your diet.

7 best cheeses for runners
With saturated fat not the diet demon it once was, we've rounded up the top cheeses for your health.

Turkey, barley and kale soup
The speedy soup is a nutritional powerhouse.

Spicy salmon noodle soup
Add some spice to your running life by dishing up this soup post-run.

Chunky tomato and beef soup
Pack in veg and protein with this hearty soup.

Sweet potato and chicken stew
Packed with lean protein and nutritious sweet potatoes, this stew is perfect for muscle recovery on rest days.

Lettuce-wrapped sweet and spicy salmon burgers
Get your omega-3 fix a new way with this healthy, refreshing salmon burger recipe.

Which types of milk are best for runners?
Dairy and plant-based options offer vitamins, minerals and nutrients to build and maintain strength.

Marathon fuelling: How to avoid the wall
Science in Sport explain how the right nutrition will help you go the distance

Vietnamese-style pulled chicken sandwiches
This quick, protein-packed sandwich is ideal for a make-ahead lunch. Run, shower and then refuel with no fuss.

Honey energy bars
Honey provides simple sugars (fructose and glucose), which are quickly absorbed and converted to energy.

Protein-packed recovery omelettes
Rich in protein and antioxidants, eggs are a quick and convenient meal when you’re in a hurry.

Can eating more fat make you a better runner?
A new – and controversial – diet ditches carbs in favour of eating more fat. Can it really make you a better runner? RW’s AC Shilton tested the theory while training for a marathon; the results were surprising.

‘Baked’ granola apples
Cooked apples are topped with sugar and cinnamon, plus granola for extra carbs. Add yoghurt for a protein boost.

9 'healthy' foods that can ruin your running
Diet downfalls that can sabotage your health and your running.

Essential nutrients for vegetarians
Meat-free diets rev up your running - as long as you’re smart about it.

5 healthy eating rules for runners
Use this handful of tips to improve your running instantly.

4 foods runners should avoid before a race
Pre-race nutrition is a very personal thing, but everyone should clear of these race-ruiners before the start line.

1 to 20 of 315 articles

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