Brain food

Don’t stop at fuelling your body for peak performance – you need to feed your brain, too.

by Sarah Ivory

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The motion controller - Alpha-linolenic acid


According to experts, alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) – a type of omega-3 fatty acid – improves the functioning of the cerebral cortex, an area of your brain associated with spatial awareness and motor skills. ‘ALA is important for brain health,’ says nutritionist Dr Carrie Ruxton. ‘Plus it has the added benefit of acting as an anti-inflammatory that reduces post-run muscle stiffness.’


Sprinkle ALA-rich flaxseeds on pre-run meals. ‘Milled flaxseeds taste better than the unprocessed variety and can be added to cereals and stews,’ says Ruxton. ‘I’d recommend one or two tablespoons daily.’

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