Brain food

Don’t stop at fuelling your body for peak performance – you need to feed your brain, too.

by Sarah Ivory

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The focus enhancer - vitamin E 


Research published in the Archives of Neurology suggests that the antioxidant can help maintain mental function until the final mile by protecting the brain from oxidative damage. ‘Blood-boosting fatty acids are prone to oxidation, which means they can become ineffective,’ says Ruxton. ‘Vitamin E prevents this process.’ The end result is blood cells carry more nutrients to brain cells, improving focus. 


Walnuts have a winning combination: ‘They’ve got a unique blend of fatty acids and vitamin E, which makes them particularly good for blood vessels in the brain,’ explains Ruxton. US researchers at Tufts University back this, finding that a moderate amount of walnuts daily can boost cognitive function. Positive effects are seen at daily intakes of 30g, according to Ruxton, so squirrel away 10 walnuts in the morning for brain-boosting benefits that last all day.

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