Eat Curry, Run Better!

To celebrate National Curry Week, food writer Anjum Anand takes a look at the health benefits of one of Britain's favourite foods.

by Anjum Anand

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Yoghurt is good for the digestive tract thanks to its probiotics, as well as good for bones as it is full of calcium, especially when taken with vitamin D. Yoghurt also contains vitamins B-2, B-12, potassium, and magnesium. In India, we believe the best way to have yoghurt is cooked with spices to make it easier to digest and therefore absorb the nutrients.

Yoghurt can however be a challenge to cook as it can split in the pan. This isn't a disaster but will mean the dish isn't as creamy as it could be. To avoid curdling, use full-fat yoghurt at room temperature: the fat stabilises the yoghurt and a cold product added to a hot pan is more likely to split. But as important is the need to keep stirring the yoghurt as you put it into the pan and with some enthusiasm, until the yoghurt is mostly "absorbed" into the sauce. Yoghurt can also be a good accompaniment - try some raita on the side.

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