Festive Fuel: Five Christmas Favourites

Get the nutritional lowdown on your favourite Christmas foods

christmas turkey
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Benefits: The perennial Christmas centrepiece, turkey is low in fat and high in muscle-building protein. Turkey is also an excellent source of B-vitamins, needed for energy production. Both the red and white meat is good for you; the white meat is slightly less calorific, whilst the red meat is a richer source of iron.

Make it healthier: Place a trivet or wire rack on the bottom of your roasting tin to drain away excess fat from around the turkey. Save extra calories by resisting the lure of the crispy skin. “The skin is where the fat is mostly stored, so by removing it you can save approximately 40 calories per 100g,” says Henrietta Bailey, nutritionist with Pure Sports Medicine (puresportsmed.com).

Detox: None needed. You might get bored of turkey by New Year’s Eve, but your body loves this super healthy meat.

Recipe idea: Tuck into our bacon topped British turkey recipe or discover how to make the most of turkey leftovers.

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Festive Fuel: Five Christmas Favourites
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"Government guidelines suggest you stick to a matchbox-sized portion per day."

Which size of matchbox? The little boxes are tiny - I'd want more cheese than that! - whereas the larger boxes are pretty big - I love my cheese but not sure I would want a lump that size!

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