Meat: Power Cuts

Power your runs, boost recovery and stay lean with these cuts...

by Jessica Girdwain

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Dark Chicken Meat

Don’t believe the myth that the juicy meat found in chicken thighs, wings and legs is off-limits because of its extra calories and fat. A 100g breast packs 161kcal, while an equivalent portion of dark meat only runs up to 200kcal.

And while dark meat does have more fat, less than four grams of that is the saturated variety. To balance those ‘extras’ you get more flavour, immune-boosting zinc to keep you up and running, and iron to keep your oxygen-supplying bloodstream on top form.

The bottom line is that dark meat is a healthy way to add variety to your diet, says sports dietitian Molly Kimball.

Keep it lean

It’s the skin that contains most of the unhealthy saturated fat, so buy boneless or skinless pieces, or cook with the skin on, then remove before eating.

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 'Staying slim doesn’t have to mean a diet of lettuce', chicken breast 'should definitely be part of your nutrition plan', and 'working different meats into your diet will save your taste buds from monotony'? 

Oh please.

I'm vegan and a runner. I have a varied and tasty diet with plenty of protein, iron and nutrients. Believe it or not there are actually more choices out there than just meat and lettuce.


Posted: 27/06/2012 at 21:18

Another way to look at this:

Running on plants works for me.

Posted: 29/06/2012 at 11:15

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