Some like it hot

Turn up the heat in your kitchen for a range of running benefits.

by Ruth Emmett

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Up the flavour – and flavonoid – credentials of your dinner with these recipes from the Mighty Spice Cookbook by John Gregory-Smith (£20, Duncan Baird). From burning fat to aiding recovery, each dish has a specific benefit. All recipes serve four.

The Spice Rack

Taste: Earthy, nutty
Benefit: Aids digestion by increasing enzymatic activity

Taste: Mild (larger/red) or hot (smaller/green)
Benefit: Curbs cravings and boosts calorie burn

Taste: Earthy, slightly bitter  
Benefit: Has powerful anti-inflammatory properties

Taste: Hot, sweet, smoky
Benefit: Helps to stimulate the burning of fat

Taste: Mild, celery-like
Benefit: Avoids spikes in your blood sugar levels

Taste: Sweet, warming
Benefit: Helps to keep your energy levels stable

Click through to discover four deliciously spicy recipes for runners.

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