The drinking runner’s handbook

It’s that time of year. You’re inevitably going to imbibe something stronger than coconut water. But a well-chosen tipple will minimise damage to your running body.

by Jonathan Thompson

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Gin and slimline tonic (Single with 125ml tonic)

ABV 6.5% 

Alcohol units 1

Calories 72

Protein 0g

Carbs 0g 

Running plus The juniper berries that flavour gin were traditionally used as a herbal remedy for kidney and liver ailments. They can help to keep your weight down by flushing out your system.    

Health bonus Juniper has anti-inflammatory properties that help relieve rheumatism, arthritus and gout. It’s also a short-term solution to bloating – especially in women with PMS.

Imbiber bewareMother’s Ruin will make you need to urinate sooner than other alcoholic drinks, as the juniper berries are strongly diuretic. This will aggravate the dehydration caused by alcohol intake.

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