The drinking runner’s handbook

It’s that time of year. You’re inevitably going to imbibe something stronger than coconut water. But a well-chosen tipple will minimise damage to your running body.

by Jonathan Thompson

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Red wine (175ml) 

ABV 11%

Alcohol units

Calories 120

Protein 0.8g

Carbs 4.4g

Running plus  Compared with white, red wine packs more potassium, iron and phenolics (antioxidants that mop up damaging free radicals released during intense exercise).

Health bonusWhen drunk in moderation, red wine is the best alcohol for your overall health, according to the British Nutrition Foundation. Red-wine drinkers can reduce their risk of heart disease by as much as 50 per cent, thanks to its flavonoid antioxidants, which prevent clots and protect you against artery damage. 

Imbiber beware Red wine will give you a worse hangover than white because, like other dark-coloured drinks, it contains congeners. These constrict the blood vessels in your brain, causing headaches and nausea. 

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