The drinking runner’s handbook

It’s that time of year. You’re inevitably going to imbibe something stronger than coconut water. But a well-chosen tipple will minimise damage to your running body.

by Jonathan Thompson

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Cider (Pint)

ABV 5%

Alcohol units 3

Calories 200

Protein 0g

Carbs 14.8g

Running plus A single pint supplies a fifth of your recommended daily dose of iron – crucial for muscle control and oxygen delivery. The fruity tipple is also high in potassium, an important electrolyte for a healthy nervous system. 

Health bonus Cider fights anaemia. It’s proven to protect against high blood pressure and heart disease too, with the Institute of Food Research in Norwich finding it to have the same level of antioxidants as green tea. 

Imbiber beware Sweet cider squashes a hefty 250kcal into each pint – that’s 25 per cent more than dry cider. 

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