The drinking runner’s handbook

It’s that time of year. You’re inevitably going to imbibe something stronger than coconut water. But a well-chosen tipple will minimise damage to your running body.

by Jonathan Thompson

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Bitter (Pint)

ABV 4%

Alcohol units 3

Calories 182

Protein 1.7g 

Carbs 13g

Running plus Bitter is sweet stuff for your bones. As one of the best sources of silica and boron, a pint a day
is an effective way to keep your running chassis strong and osteoporosis at bay.

Health bonus Vitamin B6 helps strengthen your nervous system and tackle stress. Plus, scientists at the National Public Health Institute in Helsinki found a pint a day can slash your risk of kidney stones by a colossal 40 per cent. That pint also packs in 34 per cent of your RDA of folic acid, which helps convert food into energy and is important for proper brain function. 

Imbiber beware Bitter contains high levels of purine, which increases uric acid in your joints, and can lead to gout. 

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