RW Pacing: Meet The Pacers

The names you can rely on - it's the leaders of the Runner's World pacing teams

Posted: 20 November 2002

The Runner's World pacing teams have been leading runners to their target times for seven years. Here are some of the experienced faces you can expect to see leading Runner's World groups this year.

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Pete Marsh Pete has been a stalwart of our faster pace groups for several years now and is famed for his metronomic pace judgement. A sub-3 pacer for some years, Pete paced our 7-minute milers in the build-up to London 2005 and he'll be leading this group on April 17, assisted by David 'Teddy' Edwards.
Andy Murray If you were at the Bath Half Marathon in 2004 and saw a man running with a stick, you saw Andy Murray. (Rain and wind had destroyed his pacing flag.) Andy has successfully paced for RW for many years and is a member of Dulwich Runners - a hotbed of pacing talent! He'll be leading our 8:00-milers at London 2005 with the help of Howard Goldsmith.
Barry Dabrowski If anything needs hurdling during the marathon, Barry’s your man – he was once a top steeplechaser. Now prefering races much longer than 3000m, Barry is another Dulwich runner who’s helped us out many a time. 9:00 is his London 2005 pace.
Neil Tillott London 2004 was be RW Advertising Sales Executive Neil’s first marathon as a pacer, but judging by how much he enjoyed it, it won’t be his last! He has a PB of 3:26, and he's leading one of our 9-minute/mile groups.
Steven Seaton RW Editor Steven Seaton has specialised in ultra-running for the last few years, so he’s more comfortable than ever at marathon distance. In 2004, he's leading the 10-minute miling group home at the London Marathon.
Rob Spedding Runner’s World Deputy Editor certainly talks a good marathon. And his PB of 3:22 means he can just about run one too. In 2004, he ran in the middle of the pack with runners looking to beat 4:30, but this year he's helping out all of you running 11-minute miling.
Ross Preston Running 26.2 miles unencumbered by a heavy rucksack and standard-issue boots was a welcome relief to Royal Marine Ross. He led an 11-minute/miling group in 2004 and he's doing the same this year.

Alison Hamlett
Runner's World's senior writer Alison ran her marathon PB of 3:42 in Beirut last year. This year she's paced in Richmond Park and Liverpool and can't wait to lead you round the streets of London at 10-minute miling.

Jane Newman
Jane is a previous winner of the Himalayan 100 Mile Stage race, so 26.2 miles should be a breeze. And if you tweak something on the way round as she paces you to a sub 4:30 time, don't worry as she's a chartered physiotherapist too!

Elizabeth Hufton
This will be Elizabeth's first London Marathon as a pacer and she's leading the run/walk group. Don't worry, though, our editorial assistant won't get lost as she's run it before in an impressive 3:52.

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At presantI am running 5 miles at 12 min miles.I would like to join a pacing group for a 1/2 marathon but worry the get you round pace will be to fast for that distance and would like runners world to provid a slower group.would any one like to see this happen
Posted: 19/02/2004 at 15:26

I am running my first half marathon at Plymouth at the end of May. I completed the Oswestry 10 mile race (May 9th) which was quite hilly-not many down hills at all in 1hr 43 mins. I was wondering if I joined the 2 hour pace group at Plymouth, do you think this will be too much for me? Also do the pacers begin longer races slowly for the first mile and then pick up the pace?
Posted: 10/05/2004 at 13:25

Lady P

Why don't you give it a go? You can always drop back if you feel the pace is too much for you. Plymouth does have a couple of hilly bits, but they are not steep just a bit drawn out. You are looking at around the 9min mile pace to get in under 2 hours. I suspect that this pace will slow a bit for the hills and then pick up on a part of the half which is slightly downhill. Don't know if they will start off slower for first mile, so can't help on that one.

Best of luck.
Posted: 10/05/2004 at 13:45

thanks Scooby Snax, I'll give it a go and see how I get on. Thanks for the advice.
Posted: 10/05/2004 at 15:02

pinklady I am a female Half Marathon walker and can tell you in the last 2 years at the London Half at Silverstone there were a bunch of hardy walkers all finishing 3 hours plus including a lady called Hayley and George who wears a giraffe costume. I tried joining the run-walk group the first year but was off the back by mile 3 at 12-15 minute mile pace. I've asked RW before about walk pace groups, to no avail, unfortunately. However if you are entered in Silverstone I am walking for Cancer Research in honor of my friend Margot and my late church sister Jean and will have the names on a page on my back. Come and find me and we can get round together...
Posted: 22/01/2005 at 20:24

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