Virgin London Marathon: Running Legends’ Advice

Be inspired by the running greats before you take on Sunday's Virgin London Marathon

steve cram
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Steve Cram

Beginner's advice:

I’ve trained quite a few people for marathons, if it’s your first one, there are two key pieces of advice:

Firstly, do not let yourself think for one second that you’re not going to finish. No matter how badly it goes, you’ll get to the finish line. It doesn’t matter if you have to walk, you’ll get there.

Secondly, don’t assume you’ve suddenly turned into a great athlete overnight. When you’ve gone through five miles three minutes quicker than you usually do, it’s because you’ve got excited on the day and adrenaline has kicked in. Stick to your game plan. Plan your race until twenty miles – then after that you won’t know what will happen, even the elites don’t know.

Image: Steve Cram at a recent event at Nike Town.

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Virgin London Marathon: Running Legends’ Advice
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