Straight from the Can: Quick Meals

Four super-nutritious, convenient meals you can whip up in under 20 minutes

by Ruth Emmett

salmon and mushy pea fishcakes
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Salmon and Mushy Pea Fishcake

Make it!

1 Boil 500g of tinned potatoes until soft, drain, mash and season.

2 Mix in 418g of canned salmon (minus large bones and skin) and 300g of tinned marrowfat peas.

3 Divide into eight, shape into patties, brush with oil and bake for 20 minutes, flipping once.

The Healthy

Potatoes are one of nature's few sources of the blood pressure-lowering compound kukoamine, according to the UK Institute for Food Research.

Salmon's omega-3 fatty acids can improve your ratio of lean muscle to fat, keeping your heart ticking along nicely.

Four weekly servings of peas and other legumes cuts heart disease risk by up to 22 per cent, reports the Archives of Internal Medicine.

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Straight from the Can: Quick Meals
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