Straight from the Can: Quick Meals

Four super-nutritious, convenient meals you can whip up in under 20 minutes

by Ruth Emmett

tuna with black bean and mango salsa
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Tuna with Black Bean and Mango Salsa

Make it!

1 Marinate four tuna steaks in soy sauce while you mix 400g of canned black beans, 400g of tinned mango slices (chopped), two chopped chillies, six chopped spring onions and the juice of a lime.

2 Dry the tuna and cook for about two minutes on each side. Serve with the salsa.

The Healthy

One lime provides 30 per cent of your recommended daily allowance (RDA) of vitamin C: researchers say that meeting the RDA helps to burn 30 per cent more body fat during exercise. 

A yellowfin tuna steak delivers 71 per cent of a male runner's niacin needs and a huge 92 per cent for women. Also known as vitamin B3, the nutrient helps regulate metabolism.

The protein and insoluble fibre combo makes black beans great for both digestive health and blood sugar regulation.

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