Beginners Guide to Long-distance Running by Sean Fishpool

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Reviewed: 09 December 2009

Nice small book, very handy and ideal for those new to running

This is a nice book which can help you if you new and want to learn about running. The book have six levels dedicated from starter level (complete newcomer) to upper level (the experienced).
Regarding gear. The shoes gives you a simple but clear definition of each shoe type. This is the same for the rest on this section.
On nutrition. Again, short and clear on food group, refueling and eating.
The section on stretching gives you the rundown of warm up exercises and shows you want to do.
On injuries. This is pretty short and would expect abit more.
It gives you five common injuries and treatments.
However, I would seek more if you have a injury that refer to this book. There is short section on cross-training.
The bulk of the book is the training schedules which is based on the six levels. Each level gives you schedules for 10k, half and marathons. Its designed to be short, sweet and simple.
In a nutshell, its a good book. Its not thr best running book out there and there are plenty that you can refer to. But this gives you a basic idea of running.
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There are 1 reader reviews

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