No Need for Speed by John "The Penguin" Bingham

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 No Need for Speed by John

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Health statistics point out that more and more people are obese, and what they need to do as much as anything is exercise. Coinciding with this sombre news is the continuing rise in the number of new runners who take to the streets and trails each week. Runner's World columnist ...  Continue reading

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I loved this book! It was a really encouraging read and i could relate to nearly everything he said in it and the tips he offered. Continue reading...
Really useful, easy to read format, makes you realise that you are not mad,slow,rubbish or anything else negative you may have thought. Really enjoyd it, helped my running immensely. Continue reading...
It is a very constructive beginners' book about how to fit running into your life. It's inspirational, and even had good thoughtful points to make (or remake) to those of us who have been running for some time. Continue reading...
Its kept me going since March 2005 when I started running for 30 seconds walk 2 minutes for 30 minutes - can now run 10 miles non stop - and still enjoy it and have had no injuries. So following his guidance ha Continue reading...
Whether you're starting from absolute zero, or already a mid- to back of the pack runner / plodder, you will find inspiration and information in this book. Read it well and learn to take joy in your running, ho Continue reading...


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