26.2: Running the London Marathon by Julie Welch

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 26.2: Running the London Marathon by Julie Welch

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Welch examines just what it is that drives 30,000 people to get up one morning in April and punish their bodies in a race they know they have no hope of winning. A full range of participants have been interviewed from pros to ex-alcoholics.

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A fantastic read - I thoroughly enjoyed cover to cover of this. It covers a broad spectrum of runners and makes each of them come alive for you. It's written in an entertaining, often amusing, and light style, Continue reading...


Hi can any one recommend a good mens wet weather running Jacket?I have a fairly light Ron Hill one at present which has been fine but I guess its only shower proof and 5 severe drenchings in the last 6 or 7 runs has made me think that I need something more waterproof

Posted: 28/11/2006 at 23:00

the problem with waterproof jackets is that they hold in as much water (sweat) as they keep out so imho are bloody uncomfy because of that.............

just get wet and have a nice hot shower when you get back in...........the key on cold wet days though is to have a windproof gilet to keep the core temp up........

Posted: 29/11/2006 at 09:54

Lots of people rave about paclite, it supposed to really breathable, have a look at some the outdoor gear manufacturers fast/light stuff, Montane are a good bet

Posted: 29/11/2006 at 09:56

Blmey 5 drenchings in the last 7 runs ? Tell us when you plan to run so we can avoid it please !

Posted: 29/11/2006 at 10:14

Thanks Guys I'll think again about both your suggestions.
Believe me Cougie it always seems to rain on Morecambe Promenade these days.

Posted: 29/11/2006 at 18:56

Paclite is very good, but has some drawbacks.

Paclite is more breathable than any other Gore-Tex fabric, however it does not have a liner (to reduce weight) so is more prone to condensation than a 2 or 3 layer Gore-Tex. I've never found this to be a problem as I wear a long sleeve T most of the time.

I tend to switch between Paclite and a TNF Apex jacket. The Apex isn't waterproof, but will shrug off showers and has fantastic breathability.

Posted: 29/11/2006 at 19:23

Is the Paclite by Berghaus? where's a good place to buy one? and why is it that so many wet weather jackets seem to only be available in black?

Posted: 30/11/2006 at 12:03

Paclite isn't just by Berghaus its actually invented by WL Gore, who manufacture Gortex(R), other outdoor companies use it as well, I think a lot of companies are designing for the high st in terms of colours! Hence Black

Posted: 30/11/2006 at 12:15

I personally don't want my outdoor gear in black.

However I deal with a huge number of customers that are unwilling to buy a jacket in a colour that they feel uncomfortable wearing every day.

Most people I speak to buy waterproof jacket for use as an everyday jacket as well as a running / walking / cycling. Hence the abundance of the more sombre colours.

Posted: 30/11/2006 at 12:23

does anyone know about Montane's eVent quick-fire jacket or the woman's lite-speed jacket?

Posted: 30/11/2006 at 13:14

What do you need to know?

Posted: 30/11/2006 at 13:17

Lots of colour for me! I'm not as fussy when I run as I think the sweat and red face make me look rediculous so why worry about the clothes.

But the rest of the time I want lots of colour. I have a red coat - which it took me months to find because of the designers lack of imagination (or lack of demand from the customers). So come on everyone - go for colour and brighten up the day!

Posted: 30/11/2006 at 13:35

Paramo do some nice colours for their jackets and fleeces and its ethically made!

but not really for running in though

Posted: 30/11/2006 at 13:44


there is the Inov8 Mistlite jacket comes up to FRA reg or Gore(nee Concurve) single layer gortex. Inov8 at 54.99 or Gore at £90.

Both waterproof and will vent. You're not to far from me if you're in Morecambe

Posted: 30/11/2006 at 14:27

Thanks everyone.
Does anyone know anything about the Montane Featherlite H2O in the "Budget or Blow out Section" of Decembers RW?

Posted: 30/11/2006 at 20:29

Montane kit is good for lightweight stuff and normally quite breathable

Posted: 30/11/2006 at 21:09

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