The Looniness of the Long Distance Runner by Russell Taylor

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 The Looniness of the Long Distance Runner by Russell Taylor

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The Looniness of the Long Distance Runner is one comparatively unfit 39-year-old Londoner's humorous account of his attempt to run the New York marathon from scratch. Inspired by the charity running of his friends, Russell Taylor decided to spare himself the post-event trauma of trying to extract money from reluctant ...  Continue reading

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The book wasn't funny, wasn't interesting and taught me very little. There are plenty of enjoyable running books out there - this isn't one of them. Continue reading...
This book is a thoroughly enjoyable read that runners of all levels will be able to relate to. As long as you are not expecting a book that will improve your PB's by giving you a million and one training tips Continue reading...
really enjoyed it and could relate to much..... Continue reading...
there are better ones out there! Continue reading...
A really enjoyable read - light-hearted and full of anecdotes that most runners will identify with. Continue reading...


Having had a gait analysis at my local running shop after having a few knee problems I have happily been running in Asics GT2110's for a couple of years. However I want to do some more trail running/racing and have tried on the inov8 terroc which seem really comfy, and the staff at the same running shop assure me I will be fine with them.

Do you think they will be alright for me given that I over-pronate?

Thanks very much for reading!!!

Posted: 23/09/2006 at 19:15

I wear them with my orthotics and they are great shoes.

Posted: 23/09/2006 at 20:39

I think pronating is less of a problem off-road. The ground is uneven anyway! I get on fine with flyrocs off-road.

Posted: 24/09/2006 at 09:02

inov8 are more of a fell running shoe plus they are not as good as i first thought.Great grip but cushion is poor plus blisters all over i have to wear two pairs of socks plus plasters on two heals.

Posted: 24/09/2006 at 10:44

I've certainly had problems with the Mudroc (the studded soled fell shoe) - the heel counter is just too low for me and I've never got used to the rounded profile heel - seems to make them very unstable.

However I am a great fan of the Flyroc and Terroc - probably preferring the Flyroc as they have better grip. I use stability shoes (Saucony Omnis etc) on tarmac and have had no problems with the Inov-8s off roa

Posted: 24/09/2006 at 11:52

Inov-8 make some great shoes that many people find really comfortable and supportive, but (and it's a big but) they seem to be massively unreliable. Mine fell apart after 50 easy miles, and I hear that it's not uncommon at all.

I loved them, but won't go back until they sort the reliability.

Posted: 25/09/2006 at 13:28

I've had no trouble with my Inov8s apart from an irksome inability to get my wide feet into those nice red Roclite 285s.

I find the Terrocs over-generous around the heel and they tend to rub a little on my ankles when I'm on steep slippery hillsides, and I wouldn't like to wear them for scrambling in conditions that weren't bone dry. I definitely prefer Flyrocs.

Terrocs would be my first choice from the range if I was a significant overpronator.

Posted: 25/09/2006 at 14:07

Thanks very much for all your info, I think the terrocs will be what I go for!

Posted: 25/09/2006 at 15:58

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