Proper shoes may be all you need to start training, but investing in some technical clothing will mean you can run in comfort in all conditions. You don't need a whole new wardrobe - just a few well-chosen items so you're ready to run whatever the weather.

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Sports bras  12 products

Wearing the right sports bra is just as important as running in the right pair of shoes, and it's just as individual too - the model that works for your friend won't necessarily suit you. Use these reviews to help you find the perfect mix of fit, function and fashion.

Men's T-shirts  17 products

Even a basic running tee will be made from light wicking material (to draw moisture from your skin and dry quickly) and have flat-locked seams to prevent chafing, with a generous cut around rubbing hotspots like the armholes and neck.

Women's T-shirts  8 products

Female tees are designed to offer a more flattering cut than their male counterparts, and are more fitted. As with any kit, the more you pay, the more technical features you get.

Socks  13 products

When it comes to protecting your feet from injury and strain, a good pair of socks is almost as important as the right running shoes. Sport-specific socks help wick sweat away, promote air circulation, offer a snug fit and often feature special cushioning features for an extra plush ride.

Men's Bottoms  4 products

Women's Shorts  5 products

Women's Tights  1 products

Men's Compression  12 products

Compression wear is close-fitting clothing – from socks to base layers and T-shirts – with a high Lycra (or other elasticated material) content that squeezes and hugs the muscles that are key to efficient running. The kit promises to help you train more efficiently, avoid common injuries and recover faster.

Men's Layers  0 products

Women's Layers  0 products

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