D+ Max Sports Bra Top

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 D+ Max Sports Bra Top

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Amazing Bra. Life changing even!

Don't know how I got this far through life without it. I am a small framed woman with a D cup and have struggled with standard department store sports bra, always buying the best quality they had there, but I wish I had known about shockabsorber earlier. I actually have scars under my bra line from using these bras for the longer runs, but not knowing that there was any better options besides using lots of leukoplast! And with a D cup, standard crop top support bras were completely inappropriate for me for any impact exercise. Went for my first 20km run in this baby yesterday and it was heaven. Minimal movement, oh so comfortable, and I really felt secure. I just wanted to keep running and running, hugely improved the experience.

I would recommend this to anyone, pricey, but worth every penny and more! I'm saving up for my second one already.

Posted: 13/10/2010 at 21:20

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  • Year: from 2009

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