Berlei Shock Absorber B517

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Berlei Shock Absorber B517

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Concealed seams and double lining, made from wicking Coolmax.

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Not enough support. Continue reading...
i love it, no fiddly racer back or multi way straps, just a good basic design that feels great against the skin and supports medium sized breasts very well. Continue reading...
Good bra but need to take precautionary steps to prevent rubbing! Continue reading...
Very comfey, doesn't look obviously like sports bra under clothing although still does the job. Continue reading...
Overall this is a fantastic piece of kit. They no longer make it in my size though 32(?!) which is majorly disappointing!! Continue reading...


Has anyone else ruptured their plantar facia? This does not seem to be a common problem. I started off with a small heal spur, had a cortisone injection and 8 weeks later ruptured my plantar facia. Now arch is falling, foot feels numb, pain down from little toe to heel and toes are starting to claw. We are tring to support arch with orthotics but any other useful info would help.

Posted: 27/08/2006 at 10:38

I've "just" got plantar fasciitis so I really feel for you. Has your doc suggested the possibility of an operation? I've had PF for over 2 years and the specialist said an op was a last resort but as your injury sounds much worse, maybe it's an option?

Much sympathy sent your way...

Posted: 28/08/2006 at 19:12

Thanks for your sympathy poorly feet. My problem does not seem to be repairable but orthotics should help still on my temporary ones but any exercise is painful. Good luck with your PF.

Posted: 24/09/2006 at 17:52

The American Journal of Sports Medicine 32:662-665 (2004) Plantar Fascia Rupture in Athletes - seems fairly upbeat. In fact the athletes in the study seem to have gotten on much better than your average pf sufferer!

Posted: 27/09/2006 at 10:39

not sure but
if you rupture anywhere else it has to be imobilised for a short time to allow healing to take place - so i would have thought an aircast boot or P.O.P. would be initial treatment

Posted: 27/09/2006 at 10:45

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