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  • Price: £35.99
  • Year: from 2010

Shock Absorber RUN bra

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Shock Absorber's new sport-specific RUN bra packs a hefty technological punch. The encapsulated design (each breast is supported in its own cup) features targeted Infinity-8 support - devised to significantly reduce the figure-of-eight movement (up and down and side-to-side) made by the breasts when running. And despite a number of structured seams on the cup on the outer fabric, a soft inner lining prevents these from causing any discomfort on the move.

Breathable mesh fabric on all key hotspots (between and under the breasts, and beneath the armpit) provides good wicking, while an elasticated chest band (as well as concealed elastic under the arms) helps minimise chafing in common problem areas.

Wide, padded straps make for a comfortable fit (even when wearing a rucksack) and are easily adjustable thanks to a non-elasticised hook-slot mechanism (undoubtedly increasing the wear-life of the bra). However, the full back opening (butterfly clasp at the top, hook and eye below) caused some minor difficulties at first - with a bit of perseverance though, our tester soon became more adept at fitting the bra on correctly.

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