Sportjock Super Sportbra - Supplex Coolmax

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Sportjock Super Sportbra - Supplex Coolmax

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Racer-back crop top, moulded inner cups and reinforced shoulder straps, Coolmax fabric.

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I will continue to use this but am worried about the marking left. I am a 32A, had this confirmed by John Lewis and chose a Medium size so it shouldn't be too small. Continue reading...
I use these sports bra's all the time for everyday short to medium length runs in good conditions. Can get a bit 'heavy' if the rain is pouring down. I find them a useful, functional and good priced bra I wou Continue reading...
I think this is a good value bra, I have one in black and one in white. It doesn't feel over structured but supports very well. Doesn't involve a physics degree to fasten it, which is good! Continue reading...
A functional item which does what is should. Great for ladies with larger bust looking for a reliable bra that will keep you supported and neat looking. Looks good as well and comes in loads of colours which Continue reading...
I bought one as an alternative to my M&S sports bras. Very comfy, but seems to spread my chest out to the sides (and I'm not particularly big)! Not really a problem if I'm wearing a baggy top. Continue reading...


Any one got hints on how to avoid and treat IBS please? I've rested, applied ice and had 2 lots of expensive physio treatment.thanks

Posted: 23/12/2006 at 16:56

thought this was going to be a post about irritable bowel syndrome.....

ice and physio would be an interesting approach.

Do you mean ITBS?

Posted: 23/12/2006 at 19:08

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