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I am wanting to get back into running (post children) and want to get myself a good deal on a HRM.

I like the look of the F11 by Polar and the cheapest I can see on the web is £78.99 - does anyone know of anything better?

Any advice welcome as I know nothing about HRM but do have the book by John Parker.



Posted: 31/12/2006 at 01:17

It all depends on what functions you want. If You have a Decathlon store near you they sell heart rate monitors for about £15

I'm not sure of the functions but it will let you know your heart rate as you run. You pay more for more features like something that cab handle more split times, record max / min / average heart rate. Ones that have fitness tests built in & top end watches that sync with your PC to make all manner of pretty graphs.

If you have specific features you need / want in mind then I would match up watch specs & go on that.

Personally, I think it's best to get a cheap "throw away" heart rate monitor to get you startd so you can see what features you need. You might be happy with just the basics & the extra £50+ could go on something else.

I started out with a £10 heart rate monitor from Lidl. All it did was tell me my heart rate as i ran which was fine for me. I would have liked one tat recorded my max & average HR too though & I think thats all I need.

Currently I have a Polar RS800sd which I believe is their top of range product. It was my reward for helping to beta test them. I don't think I'd ever pay that sort of money for one (£300+) especially as I don't have the knowledge to make full use of all it's features

Posted: 31/12/2006 at 12:31

Thanks, good advice.

I need to make sure I am in the fat burning zone and I can do this with just the cheap HRM so I will get one of those first and then review it later.



Posted: 31/12/2006 at 17:28

I bought a cheapie off wiggle which has lots of functions I don't use but the one thing I did wish I had on it was a backlit screen (as I was doing a lot of running in the mornings).

I now have a GPS with HRM built in, but still really only use the current, average and max HR functions (though being able to see average HR for each mile is interesting too.... though of little use to me!). Definately start basic though. And then wonder how you lived without it!

Posted: 31/12/2006 at 17:36

Boots are selling this for under £50 just now

Posted: 08/07/2007 at 01:57

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