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Polar F6

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I was bought this HRM by a friend who said he wanted to repay me for a kindness i'd done for him.After a couple of months it went back in its box and stayed there ever since Continue reading...
Really pleased with it for the price & has helped my training Continue reading...
we used these at uni for physiology and they were great - easy to use and light - does the job Continue reading...
A good basic HRM, but I will probably grow out of it quite soon. A usable stopwatch/ timer would significantly improve the usefulness of it Continue reading...
Great but strictly for heart rate monitoring. Continue reading...


I know that the strap has to be sent back to Polar for a change of battery, is it the same for the watch?

I opened it up and it all looks a bit complicated compared to a normal watch and the last thing I want to do is break it and have to pay for a new one.

Do I have to send it to Polar or should I attempt to change it myself?

Thanks in advance

Posted: 27/12/2005 at 16:58

Dunno about the F6 model itself, but I have always replaced the battery in my older Polar myself.

Posted: 27/12/2005 at 17:09

ok Thanx Dan, I'll give it a go!

Posted: 27/12/2005 at 17:32

How old is yours? Youngish I imagine?

I'm sure someone will tell you about voiding warranties and stuff....but it worked for me, anyhow!

Posted: 27/12/2005 at 17:33

Just be careful with the waterproof band

Posted: 27/12/2005 at 17:47

Yeah I bought mine in April.

I bought it in Australia so maybe they won't fix it in this country anyway!!!

Posted: 27/12/2005 at 18:10

Go for it then! Nowt to lose!

Posted: 27/12/2005 at 18:22

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