Polar S120

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Polar S120

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A value for money HRM with numerous functions. Easy to use, either as a basic HRM, or for the more dedicated runner, enough functions to allow you to analyse your performance. Could have done with a pc interfac Continue reading...
My first HRM and worked really well. Great for a first HRM but I'd like to upgrade soon. Continue reading...
See previous reviews: all have the essential points covered. I bought mine for £30 ! Continue reading...
In my oppinion the best choice of basic HRM's for the beginer to learn what HRM training is all about without having to much information all at once Continue reading...
When I bought my first heart rate monitor I didn't know alot about any of them and advicxe was lacking from the spotty teenager selling me it, so take heed of my advice. Great for beginners this is, not too ex Continue reading...


Have been using the S120 for just under a year and now in the normal clock mode, the date is replaced by "S120". If i go into the page for the date then it is still displayed.

I've looked in the manual but it makes no mention of this. Also can I safely ask any watch shop to replace the battery?


Posted: 05/03/2006 at 11:35

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