Navman R300

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Navman R300

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Great for people with a small budget and not so serious about getting a very accurate distance reading. Continue reading...
Had mine for 2 1/2 years.
Mainly use for recording length of long runs.
Don't really notice it once into run.
This year the display started playing up, but it seems to working OK again. Continue reading...
more hastle than it was worth - now simply use Nike+ and the Runstoppable site Continue reading...
I bought this when i started running and loved it. have now been using it for a year and it has only given me real trouble on about 3 runs where it lost signal and gave me no alert.
Overall, a fantastic tool f Continue reading...
A worthwile investment, affordable and easy to use.You will learn a lot about pace and distance using this equipment Continue reading...


I'm looking get a GPS system and am thinking about the Navaman x300 (skiing/running) and the Garmin 201.

Which is better?

I like the idea of the virtual partner (garmin) but also it would be quite cool for my skiing as well (Navman). Although I run every week and only ski once or twice a year.

Any advice much appreciated!!

Posted: 11/12/2005 at 17:18

No experience of the Navman range, but my Garmin 201 is everything I need. It is uncannily accurate, even though I run through some wooded areas it still sees enough satellites to get positional data on most occasions. Some excellent freeware available as well to allow you to get most out of the data - I use sportracks.

Posted: 11/12/2005 at 18:07

what features would the navman give you for skiing that the garmin doesnt have?

Posted: 11/12/2005 at 19:01

does the garmin give altitude diferences? This is what impressed me with the Navman.

Posted: 11/12/2005 at 19:38

well it has altitude from GPS which isn't fantastic, not too bad in the mountains tho.

if that's all the navman has then no great difference, if it has barometric altimeter then that may be a plus if you'll actually need it for skiing.

Posted: 11/12/2005 at 20:04

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