Timex 50 lap Ironman Sleek - T5B721

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Timex 50 lap Ironman Sleek - T5B721

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Great innovation from Timex and Apple and you will not be disappointed with your purchase. Continue reading...
A great stylish, strong and simple running / sports watch at a good price. Continue reading...
A sturdy, reliable watch which has beeb "tested to destruction" by me (and I still can't destroy it!)

While it's not a HRM or SDM, a good running watch is an invaluable item for every runner - it's not alway Continue reading...
A reliable, waterproof sports watch for those into long runs and who need to keep a log of their times/laps. I believe a new version (but not oversized one) has just been released that works with iPods as well, Continue reading...


I'm a run/walker and would like to be able to programme a watch to beep at the required times. Is there a technical name for that?

I'm looking at this one from Natterjack and will it do what I want?

Thank you in advance.

Posted: 20/07/2006 at 09:22

Yes, that one will do what you want and it comes in a range of pastel colours. Mrs W has one and she thinks it's brilliant. If you want something a little less girlie (sorry, impossible to tell from your forum name if you're a girl or a guy) then try the standard Timex Ironman range.

Posted: 20/07/2006 at 10:51

Yes, I am a girl.

Thank you for your help.

Posted: 20/07/2006 at 10:58


I have just broken my second one of these.....  They are meant to be triathlon watches but they don't seem to be waterproof.  I did get a free replacement the first time around but I'm not sure it's worth the hassle of sending this one back as well.  Lovely watch but not reliable....

Posted: 24/09/2007 at 10:39

"but they don't seem to be waterproof"

sounds like you've had either some dodgy ones, or if the battery's been replaced it's not been sealed properly as all Timex Ironamn watches are good in water - most are waterproof to 100m. I have 2 of them (albeit not the Sleek version) and they are fine for swimming - never a problem and always reliable - even the timekeeping is good and to within a couple of seconds compared to chip times over a marathon.

Posted: 24/09/2007 at 12:50


I've got one of these or maybe the model up (I paid Sweatshop about £50 for mine) and it's great.  Mine is the black and yellow one and is not the easiest to read as the watch face is black with grey numerals (and I've got 43 year old eyes that need help to read normally), but for all that it is totally waterproof (never take mine off so it survives swims/showers/baths/washing up etc), is light and comfy, with easy to use buttons (although htey need a firm push), great back light for those early morning/late evening sessions and is easy to interogate. 

Would say it's a good buy.

Posted: 24/09/2007 at 13:15

Oh, no mine were both pretty new when they broke, neither had had the battery replaced.  Maybe I've just been unlucky.  I do really like the watch and I hadn't been doing anything other than swimming in a pool or the sea and not going deeper than 1.5m.  Maybe I'll try again.....

Posted: 27/09/2007 at 12:23

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