PowerBar Performance Bar

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PowerBar Performance Bar

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Oat-based bar, with high levels of fructose and low levels of fat.

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Nom-a-licious and full of energy. I put it down to tell my wife how great it was and it stuck fast to my newly opened letters, and then stuck to my clothes - but still, it was yum, and helped knock 90 seconds o Continue reading...
I really good energy bar but try the different varieties.....some I love and some I can't stand.......but should be something for everyone. got me around an ironman Continue reading...
Only tried the vanilla flavour. Its very sweet, chewy and sticky. Nice after before a workout with a cup of tea. Not sure if I feel anything good bar eating it. But wish the wrapper would be easy to open. Continue reading...


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  • Price: £1.35
  • Year: from 2006

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