Science in Sport Go Bar

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Science in Sport Go Bar

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A chewy, moist texture with real fruit bits and high levels of protein. You're bound to be able to find these chewy and moist bars in a flavour you'll like. They're nutritionally excellent, but some tasters felt they were an effort to eat on the run. Nutritional values given refer ...  Continue reading

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Good energy bar, tastes good too. Continue reading...
No better (or worse) in terms of energy boosting than kellogg's rice krispy squares, which are a fraction of the price. I will stick to my chocolate and caramel flavour square for before hand, and marshmallow f Continue reading...
Pre or Post run I'll give it another shot due to the macro-nutrient profile being decent. However I won't be taking one on a run again. Probably won't buy another as for the price there are other more flexible Continue reading...
good and tast great Continue reading...
Very good post run, if you can get the packet open. Suggest pair of scissors if hands cold.
Not as tasty as the Powerbar Harvest range. Continue reading...


Anyone recommend a decent one - something thats comfortable to wear on a run but could also carry waterproof trousers and a kagool.

Posted: 04/12/2006 at 21:13

The Walsh PB bumbag is tried and tested by generations of fell runners. Mine is still going strong (although reinforced with duct tape inside since 1985. Pete Bland Sports in Kendal is the place to get them.

However, I have since moved on to the Lowe Alpine Fjellrunner - it has a broader waist strap and the bag is a bit more capacious and fits better without bouncing. I can easily fit in waterproof top and bottoms, supply of Mars bars, mobile phone, plus the dog's flexilead and it also has a clip to hitch your keys onto. Up and Under seem to stock them, but I've never used this store so couldn't vouch for them.

Nathan make a couple of models but I think these would be too small for your requirements.

I would suggest that as well as looking for a bag with a reasonably wide waist belt, you get one with side compression straps to minimise bounce - the more flattened, sausage shaped bags also seem better in this regard. I've always found the squarer bags (eg Camelback Flashflow) tend to give me a bit of chafing in the lower back.

Posted: 04/12/2006 at 22:04


First paragraph should read "mine is still going strong (although now reinforced with duct tape) since I got it in 1985"

Should add that I use my Lowe Alpine on a daily basis - need to carry sugary stuff with me as I have diabetes, so it's my portable larder! It also has a mesh back which reduces the sweatiness factor.

And yes, I would recommend it! :-))

Posted: 04/12/2006 at 22:07

I got this one from an independent outdoor shop for use on short fell races. Fits kagoul and trousers fine and has a psadded mesh back for comfort. They come in a few sizes. Only cost me £5.99 i think.

Posted: 04/12/2006 at 22:32

try they have a couple of Lowe Alpin bum a fair boit of other outdoor kit.

this is the link to the backpacks page

Ive used these before adn they normally deliver in a couple of days

Posted: 05/12/2006 at 09:24

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