Lucozade Energy Gel

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Lucozade Energy Gel

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Orange-flavoured gel with 30g of concentrated carbohydrates and sodium to enhance absorption.

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Tastes absolutely vile. Would risk taking it suring a race due to the possibility of vomiting. Also leave mouth feel dry... Continue reading...
They are cheap and easily accessable, I tried one 20 mins before my first 10k race, I never felt wanting for energy and I sprinted like a madman the last 1k and finished 39.52, whether it was the training or th Continue reading...


Hi Folks
I went to the London Marathon Expo and took the opportunity to purchase a blue Lucozade Sport Gel Belt (with Pouch) at cost of £5.00.(See advert on London Marathon News Page 12)
Silly me, I had to pay for the six free Energy Gels as I was informed by the salesgirl that I needed the voucher from the magazine.
I was not the only one caught out by this sharp practice as a fellow runner behind me voiced the same complaint.
Never the less I purchased the belt and gels.
Having viewed the advert again as I write this article I have noticed that the only indication that a voucher is required is the dotted line round the offer and a small pair of scissors which are cleverly positioned at the spine of the magazine.

Nice one Lucozade!

Now what is a pouch for?
In my mind I thought it would be an excellent place to stash my mobile phone whilst taking part in the Marathon, silly me.
It was only at about the 6/7 mile mark that I discovered that the bottom of the pouch had given way and my phone was no longer with me.
At the end of the race I could see that the Nylon material at the bottom of the pouch had given way from the stitching.
So be warned these pouches are useless for carrying anything beyond some paperhankies or a key.

Thankfully a fellow runner, Norman Trebilcock from Bodmin in Cornwall, picked up my badly damaged phone, but Sim card intact, and forwarded it to my home address.

Lucozade I'm not impressed.

Posted: 30/04/2007 at 15:57

I think someone else had complained about the pouch giving way on here.

I'd write a strong letter to Lucozade - clearly they have problems with their products.

Posted: 30/04/2007 at 16:01

Thanks, pal
I intend to do this tomorrow

All the best

Posted: 30/04/2007 at 18:08

The runners world bum bag is a nice one!!!! And they had a lots of goodies in the 5-Pound-Pouch-Package.

Posted: 30/04/2007 at 21:05

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