Maxim Gel

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Maxim Gel

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Glucose gel for fast energy release. Very acceptable, with a genuinely convenient re-sealable top. Eye-wateringly sweet, as you'd expect from glucose syrup. Nonetheless, not hard to swallow. Flavours quite strong and sharp.

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Have tried lots of different Gels and these are the best for me. Continue reading...
I use this for my London marathon build up and also for London itself too.
The pouch contains more than the others so would rather less to take. However, when using one, if you take it whole with water (please Continue reading...
Great value and ticks all the right boxes for convenience Continue reading...
I shall continue to use it as my preferred choice. Continue reading...
Good gel, fast acting Continue reading...


This week I bought a water bottle belt and got a free maxim energy gel with it. All well and good apart from the best before date being about 2 weeks ago.

The supplier has been great at sorting this out but it mught be worth you just casting your eyes over any of these you may have just in case!

Posted: 01/06/2007 at 10:44

I can't help but being reminded of the WARNING thread :)

Posted: 01/06/2007 at 16:05

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  • Price: £1.50
  • Year: from 2006

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